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Omnus Warning

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12/13/2010 17:51:26   
Bu Kek Siansu

Omnus Warning
Quest Location: The Bridge > Queen Pra'Mithia > WARPFORCE SAGA! > OMNUS
Quest Given By: Queen Pra'Mithia
Requirements: Level 60

Queen Pra'Mithia: With your help, we rescued dozens of Dwarf asteroid miners from the asteroid base Haven, including their leader Vogenvuld--
Queen Pra'Mithia: -- and learned the location where Dark Madder transported the Engine of Creation: The Defiler homeworld of Omnus!
Queen Pra'Mithia: We must warp there next, and try our best to retake the Engine before Dark Madder gets on step closer to transforming it into an Engine of Destruction!
  • To Omnus!
  • Back

    «Scene: The LSS Alteon flies along. The Scene then changes to the Bridge, where Amada, Celestra, Temura, Vogenvuld, Garavin, Stormfront, and Pra'Mithia are gathered with «You».»

    General Stormfront: Thanks for getting up here double-time, «You».
    «You»: I wasn't about to take my time, General. This is one of our most important missions so far!
    Temura: We're going to reach Omnus in just minutes. I'll be coordinating the warpfighter squadron from the Tower while the General commands the Alteon's fighters.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: We've all decided that YOU should be the one to recon Omnus and look for the Engine of Creation while the Alteon's fighters cover for you.
    «You»: I'm honored.
    General Stormfront: Your chances of survival are roughly 50 - 50.
    «You»: I think I'm coming down with something... Maybe I should go see Dr. Mendas...
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Really? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. We'll have to choose someone else. I hope you feel better soon.
    «You»: Hehe... sorry. That was a joke. I'm prepared to risk my life to save the universe!
    Temura: Good. A sense of humor always helps when you're facing the possibility of death.
    «You»: What would REALLY help is a HUMOR BATTLESUIT. Ha! Ha... ha. Okay. So, uh, the Defilers invented cloaking tech. How can I get past them with their own tech?
    «You»: Don't they have a way to detect us even when cloaked?
    Temura: Many Defiler ships do not, but there will be some on Omnus that can detect their own cloaking tech. Which is why I worked with Gravlax to invent a NEW cloaking device!
    Temura: I've had it installed in a warpfighter just for you. It differs enough from the Defilers' original cloaking tech that it SHOULD work and keep your ship invisible to them.
    The Eternal: Before you go, I wanted to appear and make sure you were all aware of something...
    Celestra: What's that, father?
    The Eternal: The Engine of Creation was made by an advanced race that existed long before any existing race came to be. It was made so that the power to build a foundation for life would carry on--
    The Eternal: -- even after the universe that existed BEFORE OUR OWN ceased to be. That is where its greatest potential lies. But Dark Madder-- ANYONE alive today, in fact-- cannot fully comprehend its design.
    The Eternal: She could never hope to control its creation powers to any useful degree. And so her only option is to turn it into a WEAPON. An Engine of Destruction.
    The Eternal: She took it to Omnus because the entire world is essentially a vast computer.
    The Eternal: Only on Omnus could she hope to have it analyzed thoroughly enough to learn enough about it in order to turn its power to a destructive use.
    The Eternal: I think you will have to find the nexus of all Omnus's computational power-- its CORE-- in order to find the Engine.
    Admiral Amada: And when you find it, send us the coordinates. Then we'll figure out the next step!
    The Eternal: Good luck to you all. I will be watching-- from beyond...

    «Garavin disappears.»

    General Stormfront: One minute to Omnus. Everyone, to your stations!
    «You»: Let's go save the universe!
  • Omnus!

    «Scene: Above planet Omnus, the WarpForce flies. A battle with two Defiler ships is shown. The Scene then changes to the Engineering Deck.»

    Ensign Fisher: Gravlax, «You» is taking the Cloak Warpfighter into Omnus airspace now! Opening a channel now...
    «You»: (on radio) Hey Gravlax! I'm going in. What do I need to know?
    Gravlax: Plapfh to hear you, WarpForcer! You'll want to cloak as soon as you enter the atmosphere. ... Actually, there isn't much atmosphere left on Omnus.
    Gravlax: Omnus started as a life-filled world millions of years ago. But after a long time, its inhabitants allowed their robotic assistants to take over every facet of life.
    Gravlax: Eventually, the race that created the machines uploaded their own minds into their computers. After that, the process began to transform ALL life on Omnus into machinekind.
    Gravlax: EVERYTHING now on Omnus is artificial. Its entire biosphere has been used as raw material and fuel to recreate Omnus as a machine world--
    Gravlax: -- with its race of robots-- the Defilers-- as its new masters.
    «You»: That's the most grim and depressing planetary history I've heard.
    Gravlax: The Defilers are so advanced that it can be argued that they themselves are a form of life. But what REAL life was once like on Omnus, no one may ever know.
    Gravlax: There's no time to discuss this further-- just cloak and get to the planet's core as fast as you can!! You'll find cooling vents all over the place, all of them will eventually lead to the core.

    «Your warpfighter flies through Omnus, cloaking just before going among the buildings.»

    «You»: Alteon, I hope your assault is going well. I'm not sure how much longer this will take...
    «You»: I flew into some sort of geothermal vent, and am proceeding at full impulse speed!
    «You»: Uh-oh-- There seem to be pieces breaking off the walls! They look like they could be some kind of MINES. They're not homing in on me, so the cloak must be working--
    «You»: -- but there are so many of them that I'll have to weave through them to stay alive!
  • Go!

    A minigame in which you must dodge mines for 60 seconds ensues.

    After the minigame is won:

    «Scene: The Engine is linked to the Core. «You» exit the vent.»

    «You»: I've reached the core of Omnus!
    «You»: I see the Engine-- and-- this is crazy! It looks like it's CONNECTED to the core!

    «Three Defiler fighters uncloak and surround your ship. Several Defilers jump onto your warpfighter and break in.»

    «You»: You think you can just break into MY warpfighter and get away with it?!
    Z29K: Of course not, Lorian. But just in case you haven't noticed, you are outnumbered. Surrounded... by an ENTIRE PLANET.
    «You»: I fought you before and won. If it wasn't for your sneaky disguised "Screechers" you would STILL be in the Alteon's brig.
    Z29K: Perhaps. You are quite resilient for flesh creatures. You will find, however, that we are MORE SO...

    «Another Z29K enters.»

    «You»: !!!!
    Z29K (2): I'm sure you are familiar how it is to copy data and place it into a different computer. It makes CLONING MACHINES very simple for our kind!
    Z29K (1): You can say that again, ME! Hahahaha!
    «You»: I don't care HOW many of you there are, Z! You won't stop me from completing this mission!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «Scene: A Nechron ship enters the Core.»

    «You»: Alteon, the coordinates are-- Whoa!
    «You»: It's Dark Madder!!

    «The Nechron ship takes the Engine away. As it leaves, Z29K jumps on your ship.»

    «You»: Hold on, Alteon... I have an itch I have to scratch!

    «You slam Z29K into a wall and he breaks. You then fly away and off Omnus as the planet destabilizes. Scene changes to above the planet, where the Alteon flies.»

    Gravlax: The planet is destabilizing! We have to go-- now!
    Admiral Amada: Shields to maximum!

    «The Alteon enters warpspace as its shields go up. The planet explodes, and pieces hit the Alteon, breaking its shields and damaging it.»
    Mission Debriefing:

    Thank you for risking life and limb to try and recover the Engine of Creation! We tried as hard as we could, but it was impossible to know what Dark Madder's plans were. It is truly the mark of a madwoman-- Dark Madder actually sacrificed her Defiler allies in order to try and destroy the Alteon! She may indeed have learned enough on Omnus to turn the Engine of Creation into an "Engine of Destruction." We will have to start all over again to find her, though.

    And we will have to track her down with the Alteon handicapped by some fragments of Omnus that blasted through into warpspace with us...

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Cyborg Battlearmor
    Cyborg Battlearmor Z
    Greater Cyborg Battlearmor
    Superior Cyborg Battlearmor Z
    Elite CyborGuardian Battlearmor

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

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