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Truphma Saga 3 - Truphma World Jumping!

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12/16/2010 0:39:39   
Times Silent Keeper

Truphma World Jumping!

Location: Battleon » Robina's Shop » Truphma Saga » 1: Introductions » Truphma World Jumping

«Scene: You and Eukara stand in front of a portal.»

«You»: .....................
«You»: After you, I insist!
Eukara Vox: Why are you so interested in me jumping through first, «You»?
«You»: Well, it seems that this portal doesn't always lead straight to Archanius. And since you are the more seasoned traveler, I thought that, well, perhaps you could do the honors.
Eukara Vox: Just because I have more experience in this portal of his does not mean I can just cast the right combination of runes and have us whisked directly to his chambers!
«You»: You... can't?!
Eukara Vox: No... and even if I could, his own portal has a mind of its own. It would probably deposit us on a world where we would have some strange fire weapons aimed at us by soldiers in weird head gear.
«You»: .....................
Eukara Vox: All I have to say is that when he wanted me to experience every world, his portal didn't hold back.
«You»: His portal didn't hold back? Don't you mean --
Eukara Vox: Nope, I said exactly what I meant to.
«You»: ... A sentient portal. What is this world coming to? *sigh* Well... I was taught to respect my elders. So, after you.
Eukara Vox: ............
«You»: I probably should have just jumped through, right?
Eukara Vox: *sigh*
Eukara Vox: Let's just do this.
  • Enter!

    ««You» and Eukara enter the portal, and then a Truphma enters.»

    Truphma: Her devotion to Archanius will be her downfall.

    «More Truphma enter the scene and then they all enter the portal.»

    «A portal opens in Ancient Greece and Eukara and «You» exit.»

    Eukara Vox: This isn't right! Why are we in Ancient Greece?
    «You»: What's ANCIENT GREECE??
    Eukara Vox: Oh-- It's a place on Terra. The "ancient" period of Greek history refers to roughly the 8th through 1st centuries BC.
  • Fight with Eukara's help! (Loads the Eukara Vox Guest)
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    Eukara Vox: The ancient Greek civilization was known for fostering art, learning, and culture.
    «You»: And monsters, apparently.

    «Truphma enters.»

    Truphma: Such an incredible horrid notion. Good to know that such things don't last.
    Eukara Vox: Their ideals endured.
    Truphma: But their creative works seem to have lost the will to survive...
    «You»: .......... You like being a pain in our sides, eh?
  • Fight!

    «You»: Truphma just don't know when to quit, do they?

    «The portal opens again.»

    Eukara Vox: What do you say we continue this little tour?
  • Go in!

    ««You» and Eukara enter the portal.»

    «The portal opens in a depressing town.»

    «You»: This is depressing.
    Eukara Vox: It is... but something is not right.
  • Fight with Eukara's help! (Loads the Eukara Vox Guest)
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    «You»: What? Everything being dead isn't good enough for you?
    Eukara Vox: No, no, that is not what I am talking about. Just look around. There is something wrong with the coloring.
    «You»: Well, I guess the abandoned buildings do look a bit paler than they should.

    «A Truphma enters.»

    Truphma: But this is how it should be, Eukara Vox. Washed out, drained... it's perfect. Nothing to scream at the brain when too many colors are employed--
    Truphma: -- nothing to distract the mind when working. This town succumbed to our power and now look at its glorious facade! And this... this is what we want to spread.
    Eukara Vox: Not while I am around. It is my duty and desire to make sure that creativity, color, and expression are spread and encouraged, that the world is full of this wonder.
    Truphma: And that is why you must be stopped.
  • Fight!

    Eukara Vox: This is bad, even for Archanius.
    «You»: The Truphma must have a way to mess with portals. Why else would they be here every time?
    Eukara Vox: The next time, I say we shove a Truphma through the portal in front of us. If anything, it will satisfy my need to send him... her... um, it packing.

    «The portal opens again.»

    «You»: Time to see what's on the other side... again...
  • Enter!

    ««You» and Eukara enter the portal.»

    «The portal opens in a bizarrely colored world.»

    «You»: What world is this?
    Eukara Vox: It looks like a world out of one of my students' imaginations...

  • Fight with Eukara's help! (Loads the Eukara Vox Guest)
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    «The scenery dulls.»

    «You»: What just happened?? Everything to -- duller!

    «Another Truphma enters.»

    Truphma: Can't have that, now can we? I believe that you are indeed in a child's mind, specifically the one that sits right in front of your desk.
    Eukara Vox: You monster! How dare you invade a child's mind and try to ruin it!
    Truphma: But, my dear Vox, this is what we do. If we start early enough, we can kill all their drive to make the world excitable, interesting, desirable.
    Truphma: And then, once they give in, they become like us... to spread our message around.
    «You»: I... can't believe there are... things like you in our world... in our universe.
    Truphma: Believe it. And we grow stronger every day.
    Eukara Vox: I will never allow this. Never!
  • Fight!

    «The portal opens again.»

    Eukara Vox: Follow me. We're going back to Master Archanius now.

    «Eukara shoves the Truphma in with her, and «You» follow.»

    «The portal opens in Master Archanius's office and «You» and Eukara exit with the Truphma in a cage.»

    Archanius: Well, well, my dear Eukara... I see you got my letter.
    Eukara Vox: I did, Master. But... The journey here was difficult.
    «You»: As all journeys must be for you to learn correctly.
    Archanius: Fascinating. You are very learned, «You».
    «You»: I wish someone in town would have heard you say that... Don't suppose you could put it in writing?
    Eukara Vox: What was this letter about? You were cryptic.
    Archanius: Eukara, you have learned much in your time. You have traveled to many worlds, spoken to many people, studied under very distinguished individuals.
    Archanius: I have watched you grow in that knowledge and have now come to the conclusion that you are ready.
    «You»: Ready? Ready for what?
    Archanius: Ready to take my place. My time has come to move on to another plane of life. But I could not do that until I had a replacement.
    Archanius: And Eukara Vox has been my choice these last twenty-four years. I am old. Older than you can imagine--
    Archanius: -- And I am weary in heart and spirit. It is now Eukara's turn to guard the library.
    Eukara Vox: Guard, Master Archanius?
    Archanius: Yes, guard. What, do you think all I do is sit up here and read all day long? No, no, my dear.
    Archanius: I receive the literary contributions of people all over the universe, but that is only a part of my job. I am also a guardian of imagination, creativity, learning, and thinking.
    Archanius: It is my job to make sure that children and adults everywhere learn and treasure these things and to fight against those... who oppose them.
    «You»: And the Truphma?
    Archanius: Well, this one will be sent onwards to those more powerful than I for observation.
    Archanius: As for who they are and where they come from, well, it's a sad story, but one you will have to learn on your own. I must go.
    Eukara Vox: Please don't! How do you know I am ready to succeed you?
    Archanius: Because, my child, I have faith in your ability, your heart, and your mind... I always have and now you must as well...

    «Archanius and the cage containing the Truphma vanish.»

    «You»: So you are not the guardian of imagination, creativity, learning, and thinking?
    Eukara Vox: I.............
    Eukara Vox: I guess so.
    «You»: Good luck with that.
    «You»: Seriously, though, I'll be here for you if you ever need help again.
    Eukara: Unfortunately, I believe the proper word you are looking for is "when" and not "if"...
    Truphma World Jumping

    Shop Spells:
  • Summon Eukara Vox II Z
  • Billowing Biology Blast
  • Summon Eukara Vox I
  • Caustic Calculus Cloud Z
  • Caustic Calculus Cloud
  • Summon Eukara Vox III
  • History's Guardian Chalk of Chagrin
  • Summon Eukara Vox IV
  • Deadly Dunce Dust
  • Guardian Summon Eukara Vox V

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