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Shadows of Purgos!

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12/29/2010 14:06:07   
Bu Kek Siansu

Shadows of Purgos!
Quest Location: The Bridge > Queen Pra'Mithia > WF Saga > Shadows of Purgos
Quests Given From: Queen Pra'Mithia
Requirements: Level 70


Queen Pra'Mithia: We are still in shock from the destruction of Protus by Dark Madder, using the Engine of Destruction she has created ...
Queen Pra'Mithia: You witnessed Dark Madder and her Autarchs break away from the overall organization of the Network, and declare war on them.
Queen Pra'Mithia: With the Engine of Desctruction at her disposal, Dark Madder possess what might be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy.
Queen Pra'Mithia: In fact, it is a weapon that even the Devourer might fear. Our only hope is to somehow find a weakness that will allow us to turn it BACK into the Engine of Creation.
Queen Pra'Mithia: Our problem now is that we have no idea where Dark Madder might reappear with the Engine ...

<< So ... now what? >>
<< Back >>

<< Scene: You meet with Vogenvuld, Queen Pra'Mithia and Admiral Amada on the bridge. >>

You: Hello again, Vogenvuld. I'm sure you know what's been happening.
Vogenvuld: Indeed I do, friends. It's quite a shame. Madder seems to have a distinct upper hand.
Vogenvuld: I wanted to talk to all of you here because I think we forgot what our next step should really be. VERITOS.
Admiral Amada: ???
You: Dark Madder's brother! Imprisoned on Purgos!
Vogenvuld: Aye. Even if we somehow found the Engine again, we still need to know it's secrets. How to STOP it. Only Veritos knows those secrets anymore ... Veritos and Dark Madder, of course.
Vogenvuld: But somehow I don't think Dark Madder will be offering us much help.
Queen Pra'Mithia: Then we have no choice but to raid Purgos and free Veritos.
You: Purgos. Dark Madder's homeworld. Full of Nechrons and who knows WHAT else? Hmmm ... Sounds like something I'm just crazy enough to do!!
  • To Purgos!

  • Battle alongside Vogenvuld
  • Battle alongside Captain Daian
  • Battle alongside Ken Benobi
  • Battle alongside Sgt. Lucky
  • Battle alongside General Stormfront
  • Go by Yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    << Scene: You land on Purgos with your fighter plane, ready to infiltrate the tower where Veritos is being kept prisoner. >>

    You: Alteon, this is << Character Name >>. We're going in using some tunnels Aguilos Prison ...
    You: It looks like we're going to experience some resistance from the locals!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You: ......... Hello?
    Veritos: H--how did you find me??
    You: It was easy once we found Aguilos. This is the ONLY prison cell here! I'm << Character Name >>, with the WarpForce.
    You: We've been ... going against your sister, Dark Madder, lately. She's left the Network and turned the Engine of Creation into a weapon of unimaginable power.
    Veritos: Ohhh ... no. She actually succeeded. Poor, poor Vanatia. I told her that her quest would only end in devastation.
    You: Oh, it has. Two planets blasted to atoms so far. Omnus and Protus. And we don't know where she'll show up next.
    Veritos: I don't know what to say. I am so sorry, << Character Name >>. I could have prevented this ...
    You: From what I understand, you tried. Very hard. But you were going up against an entire world by yourself. Now, friend, you have the WarpForce on your side.
    You: How about we get out of here and figure out what to do next?!
    Veritos: Mind getting these manacles off of me?

    1 BATTLE
      Level 70-74: Ice Noctherezza (55)
      Level 75-94: Ice Noctherezza (75)
      Level 95+: Ice Noctherezza (95)
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You: !!!!!!
    You: What is THAT !?!
    Veritos: Marionelle. She is one of my sister's primary Nechron commanders. Marionelle created the patchwork Noctherezza creatures ...
    Marionelle: Yoouuuuu will nooottt leeeaaave Aguiloooossss yoouuur liiiives ...
    You: I have a few words to say to that. But I'll let my weapons do the talking ...

    1 BATTLE

    You: Alteon, we have Veritos and we're headed home!

    << Scene: You take Veritos and leave Purgos. >>

    << Scene (''Meanwhile''): A Nechron ship jumps out of warpspace. >>

    Dark Madder: Stop here, pilot. Nechron reports that my brother has been taken from Aguilos by the WarpForce. We must alter my plans accordingly. Set our heading --
    Dark Madder: -- for LORE.

    << Scene: Back aboard the Alteon. >>

    Queen Pra'Mithia: Welcome aboard the LSS Alteon, Veritos. I trust << Character Name >> has brought you to us unscathed?
    Veritos: Yes, I am very grateful for the rescue. Although I cannot say I am unscathed from my captivity. Years trapped inside Aguilos have scarred me in many ways.
    Veritos: I never knew the extent to which my sister has carried out her mission. I was quite distressed upon learning was has come to pass.
    Admiral Amada: We were told that you might know how we can actually STOP the Engine of Destruction -- Is that true?
    Veritos: I hope it is true. Only my sister and I know the full story. The Engine of Creation, as you know it, was build by the most advanced race of beings that evolved ...
    Veritos: ... in the universe that existed BEFORE our current universe was born. The Engine was meant to only do GOOD ... helping life expand through the cosmos.
    Veritos: The Engine itself was build ot be eternal, to never fail or break. Only those who could understand it's workings would ever be able to alter its function.
    Veritos: But as advanced as they were, the Builders of the Engine knew that everything needed some kind of failsafe. And so they made one. And THAT ... that one thing --
    Veritos: -- lost to the ages -- is the ONLY way to shut down the Engine.
    You: What is it, Veritos??
    Lt. LaForge: Admiral!! Distress beacons have been detected emanating from -- Lore!
    Admiral Amada: What--? What message is being relayed?
    Lt. LaForge: It's from V'eld Valkan. ''Nechrons'' is all the message says before it was cut off!
    You: Well-- now we know were Dark Madder is taking the Engine of Destruction next!
    Admiral Amada: Engineering! Full power! Get us to LORE now! Prepare to switch power to shields as soon as we come out of warp!

    << Scene: The Alteon deploys its fighter ships, which defeat the Nechron ships attacking V'eld Valkan. >>

    You: Reports coming in that some Nechrons managed to board the V'eld before we showed up. I'm going down there to clean house!
    Admiral Amada: Good luck, << Character Name >>. No sign of Dark Madder yet. Gravlax thinks she's circling Lore INSIDE warpspace ...
    Veritos: Yes ... yes, she would. It's a Nechron technique. Nearly perfect protection. She would be able to tow the Engine endlessly without expanding any more energy.
    You: I'll be back as soon as Valkan is safe!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    << Scene: The Engine leaves warpspace ands starts destroying Lore. >>

    Aquella: What a beautiful day! I think I'll visit my cousin in Lolosia today and go for a nice long swim!

    << Scene: Back aboard the Alteon, after you've cleared the V'eld. >>

    LaForge: The Engine of Destruction has started destabilizing Lore's core! The planet's magnetic field is already vacillating--
    You: No, no, no-- This isn't going to happen! This CAN'T happen!
    Queen Pra'Mithia: ...........
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Lore's core is pure elemental magic. From our readings it appears that is is repelling much of the Engine's destructive force! It won't be able to do so for much longer, however.
    Admiral Amada: Gravlax!! I need weapons online NOW!!!!
    Veritos: << Character Name >>, I think you and me need to get INSIDE the Engine ...
    You: But-- we still don't know how to shut it down!
    Veritos: Sorry, there was no time to finish sharing my knowledge. We need an artifact known as the Auric Key.
    Veritos: The Builders of the Engine made this Key solely for the purpose of stopping the Engine's function if it ever became necessary.
    You: Auric Key? What does this thing look like? Where is it? Do we even have TIME to get it ?!?
    Veritos: It took the form of a GOLDEN GAUNTLET ... but I have no idea where it might be after so many eons.
    You: .........
    You: I do. We call it the Hand of Creation. And I have it! We took it from Protus to protect it from Dark Madder!!!
    You: I have the KEY to shutting it down-- We need to find the lock!! Let's go, Veritos!!

    Mission Debriefing

    Saving Veritos from his Nechron prison has proven to be our only hope of stopping Dark Madder on her mission to take over the galaxy!

    She has made Lore, the homeworld of the WarpForce, her next target, after destroying the planets Omnus and Protus! You must take the Hand of Creation into the depths of the Engine of Destruction itself and use it to shut down Dark Madder's ultimate weapon.

    This is it, my friend-- my HERO --This will be our final stand against Dark Madder!

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>


    Clouds of Purgos
    Clouds of Purgos Z
    Clouds of Purgos
    WarpGuardian Clouds of Purgos

    Thanks to Technomancer

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