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Engine of Resurrection

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12/29/2010 17:36:14   
More than a Game


Engine of Resurrection!
Quest Location: The Bridge > Queen Pra'Mithia > WarpForce Saga! > Engine of Resurrection
Quest Given From: Queen Pra'Mithia
Requirements: Level 75


Queen Pra'Mithia: After your daring rescue of Veritos, Dark Madder's brother, from the prison on Purgos, we learned about the history of the Engine of Creation--
Queen Pra'Mithia: --and how we can reverse its transformation using the Hand of Creation! But there is little time remaining, because Dark Madder has brought the Engine to LORE!
Queen Pra'Mithia: It has already activated, but Lore's magical core is preventing the planet from being uncreated. You and Veritos must get inside the Engine and stop it!

Queen Pra'Mithia:

<< I'm ready! >>
<< Back >>

<< Scene: Aboard the Alteon. The Engine is unleashing its forces on Lore, trying to uncreate the planet. >>

Admiral Amada: << Character Name >>, we're going to cover you as soon as you take off. Gravlax, ready in Engineering?
Gravlax: Shields are at maximum! We're ready. Glabbus jibly, << Character Name >>!

<< Scene: You and Veritos head towards the Engine in a fighter ship. >>

You: Are you ready for this, Veritos?
Veritos: I am ... But first it appears we have some Nechron fighters to deal with!

<< Let the Nechrons board-- and then attack them! >>
<< Take evasive action and fight the Nechron ships! >>

<< Take evasive action and fight the Nechron ships! >>

Choosing this path will bring up the fighter ship mini-game.

''This is the most important fighter mission of your life! You and Veritos have to get on board the Engine of Destruction no matter what!

Use your mouse to dodge the Nechron ships and click to shoot at them with your ship's laser cannons! The enemy ships are quite resistant to laser fire, so don't rely solely on shooting them.''

  • If your health reaches zero:

    ''You failed''

    << Try again >>
    << Give up >>

    Giving up will result in the quest proceeding via the first option, thus fighting the enemies.

  • If you complete the mini-game:


    NOTE: The mini-game is currently bugged and cannot be won. The lasers are not functional. Even if you sneak past all the ships, you still have to take out the boss which can only be done by shooting it.

<< Let the Nechrons board-- and then attack them! >>

Full Heal
Full Heal

<< Scene: You and Veritos approach the Engine in your fighter ship and manage to board it. >>

Veritos: This way is all clear, << Character Name >>.
You: You might want to stay back with the ship, Veritos. I'm sure Dark Madder has placed guards inside the Engine. This could get pretty ugly ...
Veritos: My sister kept me locked up in that prison tower for 10 years. I'm done with waiting around. Where you go, I go.
You: So I have the Hand of Creation-- Which you say is the key to turning off the Engine of Destruction. But where do we go to use it?
Veritos: We need to make our way to the center of the Engine. We flew most of the way, but there's still some ground to cover. Hopefully we won't meet much resistance.
???: There! Intruders! Get them!!!
You: Hopefully there won't be much resistance after we take care of THIS resistance.

<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal
Full Heal
Full Heal

Veritos: This is going to be hard going if every guard in the Engine is coming after us. Can your friends do anything else?
You: Alteon, I need you to do whatever you can to get the enemy's attention off of us and on defending the Engine!

<< Scene: The Alteon responds, hitting the Engine with full power. >>

Stormfront: We read you loud and clear. We're hitting them with all we've got!
Celestra: Not a scratch, Admiral ...
Queen Pra'Mithia: General, contact Captain Ge'Thrak. We need to buy << Character Name >> some time!

<< Scene: Aboard the WG Tower. >>

Temura: Sergeant Gibbs, I need you for a special mission of the highest importance!
Sgt. Lucky: You got it, Captain Ge'Thrak! Whatever you need, I'm your man!
Temura: Right now, << Character Name >> and Veritos, Dark Madder's twin brother, are on board the Engine of Destruction!
Sgt. Lucky: OMG! TSITICHBI!!! *** (*** That's So Incredible That I Can Hardly Believe It!)
Temura: The Alteon and the WarpGuardian Tower are busy assaulting the Engine from a distance and fending off Dark Madder's Nechron fighters--
Temura: -- but we need ONE pilot to fly as close to the surface of the Engine as possible and drop an Electromagnetic Pulse device onto its hull to see if we can disrupt its defenses further!
Sgt. Lucky: That sounds ridiculously risky!
Sgt. Lucky: ..........
Sgt. Lucky: I'll do it!

<< Scene: Sgt. Lucky heads towards the Engine to drop off the EMP. >>

Temura: Good luck, Sergeant!
Sgt. Lucky: Approaching the Engine--
Sgt. Lucky: Heavy defenses! I don't think I'm going to make it!!!
Sgt. Lucky: ... YES! I made it!!!! Launching the EMP!

<< Scene: Back aboard the Engine, after it got hit by the EMP. >>

You: Queen Nasseria!!
Nasseria: Your FRIENDS just detonated an EMP device on the Engine's surface. They didn't damage it, but they managed to deactivate half of our fighters.
You: Good for them. So Dark Madder is having you do her dirty work, then?
Nasseria: No-- I just happened to be aboard researching the inner workings of the Engine. My Exo mind is quite good at deciphering biological machinery.
Nasseria: For instance, you may be interested to know that the origins of life on new worlds are contained in the green slime flowing throughout the Engine.
You: I may be. If I wasn't so busy KICKING YOUR #&$!!!

  • Fight with Veritos' help
  • Fight by yourself!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Veritos: We're getting close, I can feel it. Hmm ... I think the recent attacks the Alteon made on the Engine DID have an effect. It appears some of the pipes are loose!

    << Scene: The broken pipe is leaking fluid. The fluid transforms into a monster. >>

    You: !!! That's not good!
    You: The ''creation slime'' just formed itself into some aberration!
    Veritos: Some form of defense mechanism, no doubt. As long as you have nice high pressure showerheads back on the Alteon, I say we take these things on!

  • Fight with Veritos' help!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Full Heal

    Veritos: I see it! The control receptacle is directly ahead. Be ready with the Hand of Creation!
    You: Oh, I was born ready! Watch my back-- I'm going in.

    << Scene: Dark Madder appears. >>

    You: Dark Madder!
    Dark Madder: <<Character Name >>! So we meet again! I see you managed to survive my Leviathan on Satiren ...
    You: I'm a lot tougher than you've been giving me credit for.
    Veritos: Sister.
    Dark Madder: Brother.
    Veritos: It's been a very long time. You left me in the dark on Purgos. All I had to listen to were the howling storms outside and my own thoughts.
    Dark Madder: The WarpForce has proven to be quite resourceful. They've been nipping at my heels for months. And now they've got YOU on their side.
    Dark Madder: It's too bad you're not a master of the dark arts. You spent your time THINKING, I spent my time becoming more POWERFUL then you could ever imagine.
    You: We don't need power to defeat your plans. All we've ever needed is the truth. And Veritos here has been kind enough to provide it.
    Dark Madder: Then my brother will just have to be the first to die ...

    << Scene: Veritos attacks Dark Madder with his gun, but is blasted away. >>

    You: Veritos!!
    Dark Madder: So now, << Character Name >>, where were we? Ah yes-- You were going to defeat me with the TRUTH.
    Dark Madder: Let's see just how that stacks up to ME!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Veritos: Farewell, sister ...
    Veritos: Lore's magic is nearly depleted! You have to deactivate the Engine of Destruction now!
    You: Time to save the world ...

    << Scene: You run up to the Engine's core and plug in the Hand of Creation which causes the Engine to revert back to normal. >>

    Warlic: .........
    Warlic: It appears that the WarpForce has turned off the Engine of Destruction in the nick of time!

    Admiral Amada: They did it!! The attack on Lore is over!
    Queen Pra'Mithia: So much more has happened ... so much more!

    You: Alteon, Veritos and I are returning to Hangar Deck now. Am I seeing things, or did I just REVERSE the Engine and make a new planet??

    Mission Debriefing

    You have just done something that will go down in history-- for many reasons! Not only did you defeat Dark Madder and save Lore from destruction, you've also-- inadvertently-- created a SISTER WORLD to Lore through your valiant actions!

    The coming days and months will be challenging as we try to find a way to return the Engine of Creation to its proper place in the universe, and also explore this new world, but I know that all will be well so long as YOU continue on this journey with us!

    << Play again! >>
    << WarpGuardian Tower! >>
    << Exit >>


    Veritos's Gun
    Veritos's Gun Z
    Dark Madder's Staff
    Dark Madder's Staff Z
    Dark Madder's Staff
    Veritos's Gun
    Dark Madder's Staff
    Veritos's Gun
    Dark Madder's Staff
    Veritos's Gun
    Dark Madder's Staff

    Thanks to Technomancer

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