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Braving a New World

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12/30/2010 18:32:25   
More than a Game


Braving a New World
Quest Location: The Bridge > Celestra > What’s going on down on Novus? > Braving a new world
Quest Giver: Celestra
Quest Requirements: Level 76


Celestra: By the power of the creator Lorithia! A new world has been born! No, no by Her power … but by the power of the ancient race that build the Engine of Creation!
Celestra: Thanks to you and Veritos, Dark Madder has been defeated, and her plan to use the Engine as a weapon to control the galaxy halted forever.
Celestra: Miraculously, when you reverted the Engine to its original state using the Hand of Creation, it released a massive contained force that immediately congealed into an entire new planet!
Celestra: Queen Pra’Mithia, the highest ranking officials of the WarpForce, and I have decided to call this world Novus.
Celestra: And now one of the most amazing duties falls to us: exploring this newborn world for the first time. Are you ready?

<< Explore Novus! >>
<< Back >>

<< Scene: Outside, you see the Engine and Lore’s new sister planet, Novus. Inside, in the SickBay.>>

Captain Daian: What brings you to SickBay, << Character Name >> ? Bored of going off and being a hero of the WarpForce, are you?
You: Ha. Thank you for your vote of confidence, Captain. I wanted to ask Dr. Mendas something.
Dr. Mendas: Feel free, friend! And call me Milly while you’re at it.
You: We’re planning a mission to the surface of Novus, and I was wondering what precautions we should take.
Dr. Mendas: Well, it’s good you came to me about that. Our studies so far shown that the gravity and atmosphere are exact copies of Lore.
Dr. Mendas: Therefore, you should be safe to walk and breathe on the surface as you would normally. But the lifeforms on Novus so far appear to be completely different from Lore’s native life …
Dr. Mendas: You will need to exercise extreme caution when interacting with whatever creatures and plant life you may find.
You: We most definitely will! I’ll be sure we’ll bring you some samples to test as well. Thanks, Milly!
Captain Daian: Okay, okay, back to the Bridge with you. I’m busy picking up the pieces from the space battle we just barely survived, and you’re in my way.
You: Always a pleasure, Captain.

<< Scene: Back on the Bridge. >>

Lt. LaForge: So far so good, Admiral. No signs of technological activity on Novus. It appears to be a completely primitive world.
Queen Pra’Mithia: I wouldn’t expect a new planet to be advanced. Though I also wouldn’t expect it to contain such a variety of life …
You: I was just talking to Dr. Mendas and it looks like we’re a go for the mission as far as basic safety.
Admiral Amada: << Character Name >>, we have some concerns regarding some … inconsistencies.
Celestra: Despite the lack of technology, the life on Novus is so developed that it looks more like a world that has existed for several billion years than a world that was only just created.
Celestra: It makes me suspicious that Novus is not just another new world built by the Engine of Creation.
You: Of course it isn’t. It was in the middle of destroying Lore when I reversed its functioning, and it ended up making something like a clone of Lore. Definitely not something it normally does.
Queen Pra’Mithia: You should go down to the surface with Celestra and Veritos. Their expertise with the Engine’s functioning should help in identifying any other anomalies.
You: I will, Queen. Ready to go, Huntress?
Celestra: I’m always ready.

<< Scene: You, Veritos and Celestra head for the surface of Novus in a fighter plane. >>

You: Alteon, Fighter 14 on approach vector to Novus. Wish us luck!

<< Scene: You arrive at Novus. The surface is full of plant and animal life. A bug is sitting in the background. >>

Veritos: So, << Character Name >>, what do you make of this place?
You: I’ve never seen any of these plants on Lore. And that-- huge bug—is new to me, as well.
Celestra: It appears the Engine made a world that matches Lore on a planetary scale, but the geological and biological features were just as random as on any other new world.
Veritos: So Novus is not a copy of Lore … that much is obvious.

<< Scene: A weird flying creature suddenly appears. >>

You: Whoa! What is that?
Celestra: Strange! It seems to incorporate some traits I recognize from Lorian creatures. I think we’ll call it a Crat.
You: It looks … hungry. I hope it’s alone.

<< Scene: Another Crat appears. >>

Veritos: Maybe you should keep your hopes to yourself from now on …

<< Fight with Veritos’ help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra’s help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal

You: Look! The big bug didn’t move the whole time! Nothing seems to scare it.

<< Take the big bug! >>
<< Leave the big bug alone! >>

<< Take the big bug! >>

You: Here, little buggy-bug, here boy--

<< Scene: The bug flies at you. Celestra and Veritos ready their weapons, but it flies away. >>

You: A little jumpy, are we?
Celestra: Please don’t try to pick up any 2-foot long insects again, << Character Name >>.
Celestra: For all we know, they could be so poisonous as to result in immediate death if they so much as touch you.
You: Right … I guess I should’ve brought the metal tongs from the ship. Let’s just keep looking around …

<< Leave the big bug alone! >>

You: But I think I’m going to have to disappoint Milly this time. For all we know it could be so poisonous that I could die just by touching it!
You: Though if I had remembered to bring the metal tongs from the ship, I would definitely grab that little guy up! Let’s just keep looking around …

Regardless of what choice you picked:

<< Scene: A Nechron fighter is seen leaving Lore’s moon. Back on Novus, you discover some new creatures.>>

Celestra: Hmmmm … now these creatures are more to my liking. A nice little bird and a cute rodent …
You: I wouldn’t have taken you for a lover of cute critters, Huntress. Let me have a closer look …

<< Scene: You take a closer look at the creatures, then move on to explore further. You come across some more of those bugs. >>

Celestra: Alright, alright … Not quite as cute as I thought. But still … You have to admit those two were a lot cuddlier than these bugs.
You: Should I start calling you Aria?
Veritos: Who’s "Aria"?
You: Pet shopkeeper in Battleon on Lore.
Celestra: Grrr …
Veritos: Hold there-- I think something is coming.

<< Scene: A floating creature appears. >>

You: O _ O
Celestra: I really don’t need to see any more bugs at this point …
Veritos: Remain still. Perhaps it will just float away.

You: It’s not going anywhere.
Greetle: And Greetle shall not, unless Greetle decides it best.
You: !!! You’re talking! But-- you don’t even have a mouth!
Greetle: What is this … mouth you speak of? I communicate by vibrating my air-gills.
Celestra: This answers the question about whether there are intelligent being on Novus, I suppose.
You: How can you even speak our language?
Greetle: Greetle watch you when you comes, and experience your speaking and thought. Together, Greetle understand you fully now.
You: What do you mean … together?
Greetle: Greetle is many, and many is one.
Veritos: There must be a lot of them out there, watching us. And they must be telepathic, at least among themselves. And very smart.
Greetle: Greetle are pleased if you leave here now. We have one like you already, and need no others.
You: One … Like us? A Lorian?? Where?
Celestra: I’d like to know HOW, myself.
Greetle: Will you leave now?
You: Uhh … no. We need to see this other Lorian.
Greetle: Greetle is saddened that you do not leave. So saddened …

<< Scene: Greetle flies away. >>

You: Ooookay. Let’s move ahead faster-- I’m a little concerned. He said he was sad, right? Did he sound MAD to you at all?
Celestra: These Greetle are very, very alien. Who knows what sad means to them?

<< Scene: You explore further. >>

You: No signs of that Greetle or any others anywhere.
Celestra: Do not let yourself become too confident, friend.

<< Scene: A Dark Madder lookalike suddenly appears. >>

You: Who--?? That must be the Lorian that the Greetle was talking about!
Veritos: ……. By the creator!
You: What’s wrong, Veritos?
Veritos: She-- she looks just like-- my SISTER!
Celestra: Your sister!? You mean …
Celestra: -- DARK MADDER!?!
You: That’s ridiculous! Hmm … Now that you mention it, though, yeah-- She DOES kind of look like her.

<< Scene: A Greetle appears again. >>

Greetle: Greetle are so sad that you did not leave when we asked you to. Greetle wish you had never found our dear Rubia.
You: We couldn’t just leave and abandon a Lorian on Novus. We had to find her. Don’t you understand?
Greetle: Dear Rubia is not of Lore. Dear Rubia is of Novus. This is her home.
Greetle: And now Greetle must make you go.

<< Scene: Rubia leaves, while more Greetle appear. >>

Celestra: Bugs …

<< Fight with Veritos’ help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra’s help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal

Greetle: Greetle will hide dear Rubia and protect her. You will not find her again!

<< Scene: Greetle leaves. >>

Veritos: If you two need to leave, I must stay. I need to find this ‘’Rubia’’ and speak to her …
You: We’re not going to leave you, Veritos. We’ll find Rubia again, Greetle or no Greetle!

<< Scene: The Nechron ship from before lands on Novus. A Nechron Exo, Nechron Dicero and a Virin set foot upon the surface. >>

Krassor: ……. Foooooods?
Rahon: Disgusting little things!! Don’t even try to eat them, Krassor. I’m sure they’d make you ill.
Rizix: Pay no heed to them. Remember why we are here … Destroy the WarpForcers and take the humanoid that is being guarded by the smart bugs!

Mission Debriefing

Your first explorations on Novus have proven to be very interesting. The planet was created when you stopped the Engine of Destruction from trying to destroy Lore and reset it back to its original function of creation. Novus may be a physical copy of Lore, but its surface geography and life seem to have evolved along a completely different path.

The Greetle appear to be an intelligent race on par with many other alien beings we’ve encountered. We need to find out just who, or what, this Rubia is that they’re protecting …

<< Play again! >>
<< WarpGuardian Tower! >>
<< Exit >>


Peculiar Crat
Odd Crat Z
Guardian Strange Crat

Thanks to Technomancer

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