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The Search for Rubia

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1/22/2011 19:00:00   
More than a Game


The Search for Rubia
Quest Location: The Bridge > Celestra > What's going on down on Novus? > The Search for Rubia
Quest Given From: Celestra
Requirements: Level 79


Celestra: It's quite clear now that Novus holds far more secrets than any of us could've guessed!
Celestra: It is a twin of Lore geologically, though biologically it is home to a completely alien ecology. However, somehow a CLONE of Dark Madder seems to exist on the planet--
Celestra: --a woman called Rubia. She seems at the moment to be worshipped and protected by a race of creatures called the Greetle. We should try to find Rubia and learn more about her.
Celestra: And let's try to avoid starting an interplanetary war with the Greetle. We have enough enemies in the universe as it stands …

<< Find Rubia! >>
<< Back >>

<< Scene: Aboard the Alteon. >>

Queen Pra'Mithia: << Character Name >>, Celestra, Veritos-- What is the situation on the surface?
You (on radio) Well, Queen, right now we're trying to track the Greetle and Rubia, but--
Celestra: (on radio) --it's proving much harder than I'd hoped. The Greetle fly, and even though Rubia was traveling on foot when we saw her, I've lost her trail.
Celestra: It may be that the terrain’s molecular makeup is so different from Lore’s that tracking just doesn't WORK here.
You: (on radio) We've been lucky for the past few hours though, and haven't encountered any more violent native organisms …
Veritos: (on radio) Uhhhh … What IS that crashing through the underbrush towards us?!?
Vogenvuld: Whatever it is, it sounds hungry.
Admiral Amada: Captain Daian, can you make ready for Novus? Take Vogenvuld with you. This isn't going to be easy.

<< Scene: Back on Novus, you're face to face with a weird looking creature. >>

You: … He's … big. Celestra, can you, uh, sing at all?
Celestra: SING!?!
You: You know … Soothe the savage beast, and all that?
Veritos: I thinks he's going to charge--
Celestra: I am NOT going to sing, so I guess we'll just have to let him charge us!!

<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra's help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Full Heal

???: ………
You: Is it just me or does that thing look like it wants to be friends now?

<< Scene: The Squidaphant walks aways. >>

Celestra: Guess not. At least I won't have to listen to anyone ask me to SING again …
You: So, would you say we totally lost the trail?
Celestra: At this point … Yes. I'm not sure where to go next. There is no sign at all.

<< Scene: The Squidaphant suddenly returns. >>

???: *sniff sniff sniff*
Veritos: It's-- sniffing me!

<< Scene: The Squidaphant walks away again. >>

You: This is going to sound weird, but-- I think it wants us to FOLLOW it!
Celestra: After your singing suggestion I'd be inclined to disagree-- except that I actually think you're right this time. Let's go.

<< Scene: The Three Network creatures enter elsewhere on Novus. >>

Rizix: How far out are we from the epicenter now, Rahon?
Rahon: Only a hundred meters. Our ship's sensor picked up the digging vibrations 15 minutes ago.
Rahon: I already called for two Drillbots to be sent from the ship, and we have reinforcements standing by as well.

<< Scene: A Greetle enters. >>

Krassor: Uurr? Green fly!!!!!
Greetle: No, we are Greetle.
Rizix: So … you're a Greetle. How many of you are there? Our scans didn't show many creatures of your size.
Greetle: I am not A Greetle. I am Greetle. We are many and we prefer the dark.
Rahon: Ah, yes! The digging! It was YOU! You are subterranean. THAT must be where the female is. You're keeping here, aren’t you?
Greetle: You, too, are here looking for our dear Rubia! WHY DON'T YOU ALL JUST LEAVE!?!
Rizix: Rahon, Krassor, let's interrogate our new friend here …
Greetle: You will not touch our dear Rubia! I will return with many Greetle and we will send you away from here!

<< Scene: The Greetle starts digging a hole, but is tackled by Krassor before it can complete it. >>

Rahon: Krassor, if you'll squeeze him that tight he'll pop! Hahaha ...

<< Scene: Back in space, the WG Tower is preparing to tow the Engine away. >>

Temura : Alteon, we're ready to engage the Engine of Creation with the tractor beam now.
Admiral Amada Engage, Captain! And good luck!
Temura: Thank you, Admiral. We'll need it!

<< Scene: Back on Novus, you're still following the Squidaphant. >>

Veritos: I'm questioning your judgement, you two. We've been hiking forever. This beast doesn't strike me as being as intelligent as you both seem to think it is.
You: Aw, c'mon Veritos … Have a little faith.
Celestra: Alteon, come in.

Admiral Amada: (on radio) This is Admiral Amada. How is the search progressing?
Celestra: At the moment we're following a giant animal with a very large nose. We believe it is leading us somewhere based on a scent it recognized.
Admiral Amada: (on radio) Well, many things have been done right because of instinct! By the way, the WarpGuardian Tower just left with the Engine of Creation in tow.
You: Where are they taking it?
Admiral Amada: (on radio) Back to the Cryptic Veil. The Engine was interrupted in the process of making a new world there, so it seems right.
Celestra: Hm … We're signing out for now, Admiral. It looks like our monstrous new friend is stopping up ahead-- I think it found something!

<< Scene: You find that the Squidaphant stopped by the wounded Greetle. >>

You: !!! It's one of the Greetles!
Greetle: G-- Greetle will not -- let you take--- dear Rubia--
You: We're not here to harm her in any way. Listen, just hold still and maybe we can help you. Celestra, can you call up Dr. Mendas?
???: Mremmit!!!

<< Scene: Rubia rushes to the wounded Greetle. >>

Rubia: Mremmit, what happened??
Mremmit: You should not-- be above-- dear Rubia! Go below! They want to take-- you-- away!
Rubia: But Mremmit-- I do not want to leave you.
Mremmit: Go, before-- before these humanoids take you, or the ones with claws and tentacles return!
You: Wait-- claws and tentacles? Exos and Virin?!?
Mremmit: That-- is what they called themselves …
Dr. Mendas says that the Admiral is sending down another ship with Captain Daian and Vogenvuld aboard. The Greetle can go up to the Alteon on the ship.
Rubia: What are you going to do with Mremmit?!?
You: We can help make him better with our medicine, Rubia. Then we'll bring him back here, okay?
Rubia: I-- Yes. Okay, I will allow you. But I am not going with you. I must find whoever did this to Mremmit.
Veritos: Wait-- Do you recognize me at all? You look like someone I knew-- My SISTER, in fact.
Rubia: You? You-- I do not.

<< Scene: Rubia flies away. >>

You: Great. So she can fly. … Just about EVERYTHING here can fly.
You: Right, except for you. Sorry.
???: MRUMP.
Celestra: The other ship will be here any minute. Too bad that now we need to worry about running into some of Dark Madder's goons, though.
Veritos: Right. They obviously want Rubia as well. But I'm afraid their reasons are not compatible with ours …

<< Scene: Back to the three Network creatures. >>

Rizix: Where ARE those blasted Drillbots?! We're at the epicenter before them!

<< Scene: A Drillbot enters. >>

Drillbot 5743: Drillbot 5743 reporting for duty!
Rahon:Take us down, Drillbot, and make it snappy!

<< Scene: Back to your group. The other ship has arrived. >>

You: Welcome to Novus!
Captain Daian: Nice of you to have us, << Character Name >>! So, do you have anything good to drink here?
Vogenvuld: Our ship's already heading back to the Alteon with the big green insect. Anyone have an idea where we need to be lookin' for this Rubia next?
You: According to the Greetle, they live in colonies underground. And that's where they've been keeping Rubia.
You: Right here we're lined up with where the Greetle had been starting to dig.
Vogenvuld: Aye. Gravlax and I hit the area with some ground-penetrating radar and we saw a massive network of tunnels extending hundreds of square miles around this area.
Vogenvuld: You all want to just get down there and look around, I suppose?
You: Let's do it.
Vogenvuld: Let me get Gravlax to lend us a helping hand …

Gravlax: We're ready up here, Vogenvuld! Here it comes!

<< Scene: Gravlax blasts the earth with a laser from the Alteon. >>

You: ……….
You: I suppose that's ONE way to do it.
Vogenvuld: Looks … safe. Uhh-- Ladies first!
Captain Daian: I don't think so, Mr. Miner.
Vogenvuld: *grumble*

<< Scene: You enter the massive network of tunnels. >>

You: Weird-- It was pretty warm on the surface, but down here it's actually warmer. I thought underground, especially this far, it's usually COOLER.
Vogenvuld: Aye, it IS. The fact that it's warmer means we're near something generating geothermal heat. Which usually means--

<< Scene: Some Drillbots and the Network Agents enter. >>

Rizix: Ah!! What do we have here?!?
You: I think we're all looking for the same thing, Virin. Mind telling us just what you want with the girl?
Rizix: Why would I tell you that? Then you might be able to gain some kind of advantage over us. As it stands, it looks like we're about even in numbers.
Rizix: But we have reinforcements coming soon. Trust me when I say that you'd be better off either surrendering now or trying to escape this planet as quickly as possible.
Veritos: Rubia looks just like my sister. Just like your former master, Dark Madder. Do you know WHAT she is?
Rizix: Ha! You won't get anything out of me. Especially not since you and your friends KILLED Dark Madder! If you're not going to get out of our way, then it's time we end this!

<< Fight with Captain Daian's help! >>
<< Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra's help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal

Full Heal

1 BATTLE: Virin (83)

Full Heal

You: Well, so much for all of their bluster. We'd better hurry, though-- I believed him when he said they have reinforcements coming.

<< Scene: You meet Rubia in the tunnels. >>

Veritos: Rubia!
Rubia: I saw what you have done. You defeated those who hurt Mrimmit.
You: We couldn't let them take you. All we want is to know more about you. If you don't want to go with us, that's fine-- Just allow us to stay here for a while to learn more.

<< Scene: Rizix bumps into Rubia. >>

Rizix: I'VE FOUND YOU! The Network will bathe me in riches! They might even gift me with an entire solar system!!
Rubia: What's this deception?!? You have fooled my eyes into seeing what never happened!
You: No,we really DID fight them off! This one just escaped--
Rubia: You are ALL my enemies!! You cannot have Mrimmit!! I will get him back!!

<< Scene: Rubia blasts Rizix away. >>

You: Please, Rubia, give us a chance to--

<< Scene: Rubia is blasted away by a sudden beam. >>

<< Scene: ''Several lightyears distant from Lore...'', the Void Moon awakens. >>

Mission Debriefing

So the remnants of Dark Madder's followers are still active, but apparently without much leadership. They seem to be acting as bounty hunters in searching out this Rubia person on Novus. We need to try and find out just who it is that really wants here and why--

But enough talk. You and the others should probably escape those tunnels before you're swallowed by a sea of magma!

<< Play again! >>
<< WarpGuardian Tower! >>
<< Exit >>


Laser Satellite
ModerniZed Laser Satellite

Hungry Squidephant Z
Ravenous Squidephant

Thanks to Technomancer

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