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RE: Varium Pricing Discussion

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1/26/2011 8:28:03   

I'm sorry but who could possibly have more say in this game than its creators?


Hey there guy/girl, buy varium to be cool and powerful."

Funny, this is exactly what the promo page on my battle on account says. XD

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AQ MQ  Post #: 26
1/26/2011 14:54:15   


I don't regret my purchases whatsoever as I own some of the most powerful weapons in the game at this current moment, however, my concerns are for the company and not solely for the players.
AQW Epic  Post #: 27
1/26/2011 15:15:24   

@FrostLich:You have a point indeed, but take this into consideration most of us were raised knowing hard work earns good things. These hard workers of EpicDuel buy varium and know that it's not worth it (Why I said good point). On the same token, "Hard Work" really doesn't get you much in ED unless you wanna work yourself to being broke.

@xX Lotus Xx:I agree to your first post.

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Legion > Exile
Post #: 28
1/26/2011 16:18:44   

I totally agree that something needs to be done to address the varium issue.

I also agree that it is not just for the players benefit to review the costs but for the game in general.

I do believe that Artix Entertainment is responsible for the money hungry climate and it is not solely our admins decision.

What I do not understand is that Artix Entertainment has now made this game the most aggressively marketed money game of all their games. It appears that they are deliberately sabotaging it.

The failure to recognise that they are deterring the paying customers will eventually lead to the games demise.

Perhaps contact Artix Entertainment to voice your concerns.

DF AQW Epic  Post #: 29
1/26/2011 19:47:31   
Bladestar X

Hey everyone, just giving a little heads up, this is turning into a petition thread, which, if getting to many of these type of posts, will be deleated or locked. Tnx for reading... :P


Greetings Fellow EpicDuelists,

I love making games. It's fun and incredibly rewarding to see others enjoying what I create. In a perfect world, I could make games for free without charging a dime. However, the world is not perfect and game development is expensive. Server hosting, advertisements, software licenses, staff--it all adds up very quickly. Everyone who plays EpicDuel is supporting the game by providing an exciting social environment for everyone to enjoy, and we are extremely grateful for that. Those who support us by spending Varium do so in an additional way, and we are extremely grateful for that support as well. By offering rewards to Varium players, we create an inevitable rift in the community for numerous reasons, and I will address as many as I can here. Obviously, this is a sensitive issue, so I will try my best to honestly address the concerns without hurting anyone's feelings.

I would like to start by discussing Varium as it pertains to balance. We always walk a fine line between rewarding those who purchase Varium with cool features and powerful weapons and maintaining a fair play environment for those who do not. It's a constant tightrope to please everyone and we factor it into every new release. Sometimes we even have to release a feature that benefits no one directly, but improves the game in necessary but imperceptible ways to the players. There are a lot of voices to process, and we listen when we can, but there will always be times when we have to move forward with our own intuition as game developers.

There are players that get upset when we release content for new players, but not everyone who plays EpicDuel is level 32. We are constantly pressed with the task of balancing content across all levels for the casual players while providing enough incentive for those diligent enough to reach the level cap. It is important to remember that everyone starts at level 1.

Features like class and name change are priced to make players really look before they leap. Changing class is a major commitment and should not be taken lightly. If class change were priced more like retraining, you would see massive class changes occurring at all times with zero loyalty to any particular class. By the same token, we don't want players to use name change to buy hundreds of names and limit the opportunities of other players.

Furthermore, balance updates are not a conspiracy to force class changes. Some updates help certain classes while some nerf others. Balance is a constant experiment and there will never be a magic bullet to perfectly balance all classes. There are some good ideas out there that have yet to be tried, but you must remember that the process is ongoing as we proceed through game development.

Another hot issue is Varium sellback, which has been suggested for a long time, and we are aware that other games have a similar feature. The challenge is that if we implemented such a feature, players who sold items back prior to its existence would feel cheated since there would be no way of retroactively compensating everyone who ever sold a Varium item. I'm not saying we will never implement this, but there are challenges to overcome and other features to build before this feature could be implemented.

Price creep is another concern that has existed since the beginning of the game. Even before Varium, players were concerned that items would eventually cost millions of credits by level 50 or so. I can assure you this is not a reality. Sure, more powerful weapons at the level cap will be at the high end of the pricing scale, but likely no more than those you see now. Just as balancing is ongoing and tricky, so is pricing.

If you refuse to buy or spend Varium, that's your choice. We cannot force anyone to buy anything and have no desire to do so. We want people to have fun and enjoy the features we create and the atmosphere we all contribute to. If you never spend another dollar on the game, your character will remain, still completely able to battle players, NPCs, and participate in Factions. In fact, there are many players who duel all the way up to the level cap without spending a single penny on the game. However, when you incite other players to stop buying, that's when we have an issue.

Boycotts are against the Terms of Service you agreed , specifically section 4-k: "You agree not to disrupt the normal flow of the games and dialogue, or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other people’s ability to use the Service;" By urging others not to support the game in any way, you are deliberately attempting to disrupt development and affect other users who are attempting to use the service. As much as I love the First Amendment, it does not apply to the policies of private companies.

To those of you who are perfectly happy to play EpicDuel and enjoy it in spite of its flaws, I thank you for your steady support.

To those of you who read this and still have doubts, rallying other players behind rumors and conspiracies will NOT allow the features you want to become a reality any faster. Remember, just because we didn't respond to your topic, doesn't mean we didn't read it. By all means, voice concerns and offer suggestions, but if you have an axe to grind, we'll see right through it.

To those of you who read this and are still committed to the belief than Titan and myself are completely out of touch with the EpicDuel community and only interested in money, all I can say is if EpicDuel makes you so unhappy, maybe you should stop playing. Life is too short to get worked up over a browser game that you evidently stopped enjoying a long time ago. If you decide to change your mind, your characters will still be waiting for you.

Thanks and Duel ON!


A little something for the thread starter.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 30
1/26/2011 20:56:35   

You guys do not understand how much work it takes the Staff to make releases. Do you realize that the awe-inspiring FrostBane was HANDDRAWN by NightWraith? Or the fact that Titan MADE the whole game? Making the game=Tons of programming. I, for one, know how to program and it is hard work. Making a game, is about three to four months of making and editing. Alos they need to spend another week or so debugging, and inputting NW's handiwork. RESPECT THAT PEOPLE! And no one forced you to buy Varium, I look to it as a way to support the staff. This is a free country, no one forced you to spend your money. But it IS a way to support hard work.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 31
1/26/2011 21:06:00   

Well im not complaining on the prices if you ask me i think they give enough for what they give i was thinking they should give less lol like 995 var for 10$ , But the way there going is great 1250 Var for 10$ and you guys are complaining this is better then most games charging anywhere from 10-50 dollars a month and on this you only have to spend around 50 dollars to become pro other games spending around 200-500 a year so i think the prices are reasonable especially from what you get from the 50 dollar varium pack is awesome so stop complaining and thank ED staff for what there doing some of you may be complaining about how they charge varium for every update but that's not true some of the updates have more var items then cred items but they also add in a new system to which is pretty awesome if you ask me so stop complaining and give a thanks for there hardwork.

Sincerely , SugahBaby.
Post #: 32
1/26/2011 21:10:28   

Love the idea of a slight increase! Actuly fixes alot price wise. Though I doubt the staff are going to listen...


When a prince turns into a frog, he just sits around and waits for a princess to come and kiss him. When Glenn turns into a frog, he cuts a freaking mountain in half.
Epic  Post #: 33
1/26/2011 23:01:45   

Did you not see the siickied thread on the very top? It was a response to many posts like this.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 34
1/27/2011 20:16:37   

@Bladestar X

I have something for you... next time, link it, don't clutter my thread.

@Lord Sinastr

Your argument comes to no avail I have stated time and time again that we are happy with what Titan and NightWraith does, WE ARE NOT happy with the direction this game is going.


What games do you play? Last time I checked games don't cost that much. Even subscription games. I could pay for a year's worth of ToonTown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online for $200 and those are 3D games. Do I though? No. Why? Because I have faith in the developers and AE to make the players happy. That's why I stay.


Your name sounds fitting... I did happen to see it and that does not effect my stance on my opinion. Your only purpose was to incite an argument I suggest you leave now as your comments will not deter our ambitions.
AQW Epic  Post #: 35
1/27/2011 20:31:27   

@Lotus: Uh..You did? When?

All we can do is to provide a positive community. If you don't like the game, then QUIT! It is up to you.

I am enjoying the game. I don't know about you.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 36
1/27/2011 20:58:56   

@above did you just ignore what I wrote?

I said I was happy with what titan and nightwraith does... just because I don't like where the game's direction is going doesn't mean I'm going to 86 the whole thing.

I find it fun until a release happens where my weapons are posed as weaker.
AQW Epic  Post #: 37
1/27/2011 22:26:18   

I do feel that players arguing that this game is not costly is most questionable.
One word ... gullible.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 38
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