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1/28/2011 22:47:11   

I woke up, the dream I had been having was slipping from my mind, and I opened my eyes. I saw the gray ceiling above me, and sighed. Painting it that color had been my choice, but in recent weeks, it plagued me. Colors mean more than you think. Sometimes they can spell out your doom.

Black was a good color, it was powerful. It protected you, it hid you. White was a good color too. It made everything bright, and you could see. But gray...gray was an abomination. It was a mix that was not natural. The darkness was constantly trying to separate from the light, and the light from the dark. They chased each other trying to find order in the chaos that is gray. If you stare at the color for a long time, you can see the swirls. You can see the black and the white boiling and moving, becoming something else as times goes on. I ripped my eyes from the wretched color, and got up.

The dark circles under my eyes were a bruised purple color. I hadn't been sleeping well, and more than once I woke up with a wet pillow. The liquid was salty, as if I had been crying in my sleep. My brown hair was still in a messy pony tail. I was skinny. My cheeks were gaunt. My eyes screamed with insanity. I didn't like it when they did that. Bad eyes.

My room kept changing, and I knew he was coming. He was supposed to be okay, because he was white and black. But that was a lie. On the inside, he was gray. In fact, in recent weeks, I believe he made them gray. I run from the room, and outside into the white snow before he comes. He liked to make my brain fuzzy, like the little fuzzies on the wrong TV station.

The snow is cold under my feet, and across the street, I see the old snow is gray. He makes everything gray. If there is no gray, he can't come. Actually, I think he was the one who made me paint my room gray. That sounds right. The TV in my mind started to fuzz up, and there was some ringing in my ears. My feet were turning red from the snow, and I ran inside. Red is bad.

My mom looks up at me, and I look back. She has that worried look, and she keeps asking me what's wrong. I don't say anything, because he turned the top part of my tongue gray, but you can't see it. If I talk, he will come. Instead I cough, over and over. Red comes out, but my mom is busy calling the people in white again.

I go back to my room, and see it is changing again. This scares me, and I bite on my tongue. I spit the red on the walls, because red is better than gray. He can't come with red. I try to paint the red from her mouth, and it won't work. She is crying, and the clear comes out of her eyes. I am okay.

I am away from her, inside the blue stool. Blue is water, and blue is life. I go inside the stool so He can get her instead of me. But then I start crying too. I forgot for a second that I am her. I can't get into the blue stool, because I can' melt like he can. He is lucky. But sometimes he is sad too. Those are the days when there are those people lumps in the trees, twisty like ropes.

He comes out of my ceiling, and I look at him. He is nice and tall, and wears those black and white clothes. His face is always changing. Sometimes it looks like there is no face at all. But I hug him. If I don't, maybe he will hurt her and I like her. She likes to write with me sometimes when my brain isn't all fuzzy like now.

He smells like red and french toast. Sometimes he has some red on his hands, but only on days when there are people lumps in the trees. Other days his hands are soft and cold, and I hold them. He is nice sometimes, and other times he likes to make my head hurt, and he likes to make my ears go buzz.

But I have no go now, because the people at the big place are knocking at the door...


He let me fly out of the big building with me, when he went in through the metal window and made their head buzz. Red came out of them, and we left. I'm in some weird gray woods, and it's scary here. I wonder if I an separate the white from the black and make things normal again. No..wait that wouldn't work. He would just mix it together and make it gray again.

I'm sitting on the only brown stump, and keeping my feet off the gray snow. I don't know why the snow is gray here, but I think it is because it is his forest, and he put the stump here so I could hide in it. But the problem is, is that it won't melt. I can't get inside it. He did that on purpose, so I could not hide from him.

I cough up more red, and m head buzzes. He is mad today. There are no people in the trees, but I think it's because this is his woods, and I'm the only real person in it. Do you know how some people are real, and others aren't? Like the people out in the store aren't real, but your mom and dad are? Well the people in the trees and the people who are all twisty on the ground are fake. Real people can see the colors and make sure that doesn't happen to them. Like me.

He walks all slow to me, and he gets all stretchy and tall. He looks down on me, and makes himself into his other form. His other form is like a bunch of colors, but mostly gray, and it has all the scary and fear in it. I think it was what made my brain fuzzy in the first place, back when I didn't see the colors as well. But sometimes I think I was always like this, and he just made me think I didn't see the colors.

Well he's taking my somewhere else now.

I'm still in his woods, sitting on my special tree stump. I like it here, sometimes. Other times there are those kids who are yelling and scared. They make me sad, but then I remember nothing is real but me and him. He told me that the other day. He doesn't lie, but sometimes the truth is just harder to find in the things he said.

He wants me to work for him, like the people who wear the masks and write in the codes. There is something not right about them, because I'm pretty sure they do not know how to talk. I told him I didn't want to be like them, and that I didn't have a good enough mask anyway. He told me that he didn't have to completely hollow me. I asked what hollowing was, but then he went away.

Now he says he is bringing me to a house, in a different woods. I told him that houses weren't supposed to be in woods. He didn't do anything. Maybe if he had a proper face, he would be frowning.


The house in the woods is bad. There is Red on the walls, and the entire thing is gray. It looks like it is shaking...and maybe changing. When I walked in, I was wondering if it was really a house inside, or something else. I started crying, because for a second I though maybe it was the place where he came from inside. I don't know where he came from, but I think it is a bad place. He's not a person, you know. He's far too tall, and he has those arms that come from him...he's too skinny.

So, I got in, and there were the Red hand prints on the walls, and little (X) written everywhere in Red. There were some people standing around and lying down, sometimes i think they were dead because they didn't even move. But then they got up and moved. They were all wearing masks, and most of them had knives. When he came in, they all snapped up, like puppets who had their strings yanked.

The inside was dirty, and the floor was sticky with Red. There was cans of spray paint everywhere. The people who took their masks off looked like dead, but moving. They were all dirty, and the house smelled really bad. Like sweat and old food.

I yanked on his arm and told him I didn't want to be there anymore, because I knew the people were bad. I was crying, and the tears were clear instead of blue like Real water. Suddenly, he grabbed me off the ground, and we left to somewhere.


So, he did that thing where everything gets all like flat and stuff, and suddenly we were popped up in some place. I could tell he was angry, 'cause I've known him for a while, and I should know. I wondered if he was going to kill me, like he does with pretty much everyone else, but then I laughed.

He can't kill me because we're both real. Real like the colors and stuff.

He started getting mad, maybe at me I think. His voice was in my head, screaming really high pitched. My head started to hurt, and I grabbed on to the pants of his suit as I fell. He got angry, and started too kick me off with his too long legs. I told him I never wanted to see him again, and that he was a mean guy.

Suddenly, he unraveled himself, and the fear of ages came and the color gray seeped into the city around us. No one noticed that their entire body was gray.

He laughed, and said something about the foolishness of the blind, and left, saying he would never be around.

Then i was back home, and the people were still knocking at the door. I know he did this. He can do time. I bet he can.

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