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The Nefadon Retrenchment!

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2/19/2011 9:55:15   
Bu Kek Siansu

The Nefadon Retrenchment!
Quest Location: Hangar Deck > General Leet Stormfront > Missions > Mission Select > RETURN OF THE NEFADON
Quest Given From: General Leet Stormfront
Requirements: Level 45, Rank 7 (completion of Time Anomaly)


Stormfront: Well, well! Look who's ready to risk life and limb once again for the glory of the WarpForce! I'm almost proud of you! This mission is going to be a little dicey, so I won't beat around the bush.
Stormfront: There's a Virin scientist named Th'rix Na'thaar who once tried to go around the Network and Dark Madder and made his own army... Big creatures called Nefadon that are supposedly perfect symbiotes for Virin.
Stormfront: We defeated him when he first attacked, but intelligence sources indicate that he's rebuilt a large portion of his Nefadon force. We need to know more, and there's no way around it: We need someone on the ground.
Stormfront: On the ground on the Virin homeworld of Zirrix. It's ugly there. Nothing lives there that the Virin haven't bio-engineered themselves at this point. The atmosphere is acidic and the ocean is poisonous.
Stormfront: Th'rix is holding some kind of meeting for the major players in the Network. We've captured a Virin ship and can help you sneak to the surface, but you are going to be on your own to gather more intel once you're down.
Stormfront: Do you think you can get into this meeting, find out what Th'rix is up to, and get back to us in one piece?
  • To Zirrix!
  • Back

    «Scene: Your warpfighter flies from the Alteon and docks onto the captured Virin ship.»

    «You»: Docking with the captured Virin ship now...

    «Scene changes to the interior of the Virin ship.»

    «You»: Okay, Alteon, the Virin warp engines are warming up.
    Stormfront: Remember, «You», try to get in and out without getting into trouble.
    «You»: ... Trouble? What's that?

    «Scene shows Zirrix and a multitude of Network/Autarch ships flying toward it. Erith's ship also flies in stealthily and at a distance.»

    «You»: Wow... Look's like Th'rix's meeting is drawing a big crowd...
    «You»: I hope I can find a way to spy on them with so many eyes down there.

    «Scene: Zirrix»

    «You»: «You» to General Stormfront... Do you read me?
    Stormfront: (on radio) zzz... zzzttt...
    «You»: Aw, no. Encrypted signal seems to be encountering too much interference. Either that-- or all signals are being blocked.
    «You»: I wish Stormfront' intelligence operatives would have been a little BETTER at their jobs and found out about this little kink...
    Stormfront: (on radio) zzttt-- I heard that, WarpForcer!
    «You»: Oh, uh, SORRY, sir!
    Stormfront: (on radio) My intelligence officers knew about the jamming and your radio was re-engineered to get around it. We think it's just interference from the ion-ridden acidic atmosphere.
    Stormfront: If you aren't indoors yet, you might want to hurry. Don't forget to activate your holographic disguise.
    «You»: Right... I-- did that right away, Sir. Over and out!

    ««You» activate your disguise and appear to become a Nefadon (specifically one of the Darkness Element without the Claw).»

    «You»: Hmmmm... tingly!
    «You»: Now to walk nonchalantly into Th'rix's grand meeting hall.
  • Enter!

    «Scene: Grand meeting hall filled with Nefadon, Virin, Exos, and Defilers.»

    «You»: ... So... Does anyone know if there are any hors d'oeuvres? I had a long flight.
    «You»: Finger foods? Punch? Anyone?

    «Th'rix enters.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: Friends! Network members! Countrymen! Lend me your ears! Your antennae! Your rotogills!

    «Scene zooms in on Th'rix on the stage.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: Most of you know me. Most of you, indeed, were MADE by me. You know that I tried to show this entire world that I, a Virin who could not bond with a symbiote, could indeed be useful.
    Th'rix Na'thaar: Well, I succeeded, and proved my worth! My Nefadon army's attacks across the galaxy will never be forgotten. But, alas, I was unable to complete my victory--
    Th'rix Na'thaar: -- due to the interference of the WARPFORCE! I managed to create a super-symbiote to which I WAS able to bond, however. And I escaped-- Lived to fight another day!
    Th'rix Na'thaar: TODAY is that day! I have invited you all here, representatives of various Network species, so that you could be witness to the dawn of a new age!

    «Scene zooms out.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: I have PERFECTED the Nefadon at last, giving them the ability to reproduce! The Nefadon are now a true species unto themselves! And-- they want their own world!
    Th'rix Na'thaar: I hearby announce my secession from the Virin Confederation and the formation of a NEW government under my rule: THE NEFADON EMPIRE!
    Th'rix Na'thaar: TODAY, we Nefadon TAKE ZIRRIX FOR OUR OWN!!
    «You»: ... Seriously?
    Th'rix Na'thaar: Yes, seriously! Hey-- I don't recognize you. Who are you?
    «You»: What? All of us Nefadon look the same!
    Th'rix Na'thaar: No Nefadon is intelligent enough to actually SPEAK coherently. That is a dead giveaway!
    «You»: Okay, I guess your "superior Virin intellect" has me all figured out.

    «Scene shows «You» deactivating the disguise and zooms in on «You» afterward.»

    «You»: Alteon, my cover's no longer intact. Time for plan B: getting out before my life is in the same shape.

    «Scene shifts to Th'rix.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: BRING ME THAT BEING'S HEAD!!!
  • Get out!

    2 BATTLES: Nefadons (see below for tiers)
    Full Heal

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «Scene: A different part of Zirrix»

    Erith Kesai: Ugh... thanks, I think... where am-- YOU!
    «You»: I'm surprised to see you again, Erith. I figured that last confrontation with the WarpForce did you in.
    «You»: That was a pretty big explosion when the Alteon warped right INSIDE of Arty Dedeux's mega-ship-cannon thing.
    Erith Kesai: Yeah, well, I was hurt pretty badly, and unfortunately, instead of just letting me die, the Virin named Th'rix found me and bonded me with one of his friends.
    Erith Kesai: It's no fun being mind-controlled by a squid. So thanks for helping me get rid of that thing. I suppose I-- owe you.
    Erith Kesai: Look, we may have been on opposing sides before, but that was business, and I'm not on a bounty right now.
    Erith Kesai: I just want to get out of here in one piece and maybe kill as many of these Nefadon things as I can on my way. You game?
    «You»: Sounds good to me. I'm a big fan of getting out of here in one piece.
  • Battle the enemy with Erith's help! -- The bounty hunter Erith (and her Very Big Gun) will now battle by your side!
  • Battle the enemy by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    Erith Kesai: Oh, by the way. Arty's still out there, and he's mad. Just so you know.

    3 BATTLES: Nefadon (see below for tiers)
    Full heal after the first and third battles

    «You»: The Nefadon seem to have let up on attacking us. Something must be going on inside Th'rix's meeting hall. We should get back there and find out what it is.
    Erith Kesai: Lead the way.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Back in the hall. Dark Madder appears on-stage.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: D-- Dark Madder!

    «Scene zooms in on the stage.»

    Dark Madder: Yes, yes... Th'rix, is it? I've heard of your exploits. What you have done is-- admirable, really. Rising above a once-unconquerable handicap...
    Dark Madder: However, it does not help my efforts to keep the Autarchs as strong as possible.
    Dark Madder: The Virin, Exos, Defilers, and Nechrons must not only be united across planets, but also upon their OWN world.
    Dark Madder: I cannot have you splitting the power of the Virin in half. Or WORSE, taking over Zirrix with your race of mindless brutes!
    Th'rix Na'thaar: You-- you will respect me! ALL of you will respect me! I WILL have my due!!
    Dark Madder: Yes... you will.
    Dark Madder: You may be a brilliant scientist, but your science cannot defend you from my MAGIC. And with my magic, I CURSE you to be just as mindless as your Nefadon!!

    «Dark Madder strikes the ground at Th'rix's feet with her staff and then disappears just as Th'rix attacks her. «You» then enter the scene.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: --uuuhh--- ugh-- uhhggg--- AAARRRRR!!!!
    «You»: Oh wow-- Poor Th'rix. Dark Madder can be quite a--
    Th'rix Na'thaar: RRRAWWWGGGHHHH!!!
  • Fight!

  • Battle the enemy with Erith's help! -- The bounty hunter Erith (and her Very Big Gun) will now battle by your side!
  • Battle the enemy by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «Scene: Th'rix's Nefadon is crumpled on the ground.»

    Th'rix Na'thaar: Yy--- yyerrrhhkkk--- uhhhhhhhhh.......

    «Th'rix floats away.»

    Erith Kesai: Ironic, considering that 30% of a Virin's body mass is neural tissue. What a pity.
    «You»: Yes indeed.
    Erith Kesai: Hey, there's something you need to see outside. You may need to call in some help from the Alteon. And... double-check the capacity on your ship's daycare deck--

    «Scene shows the outside, where there are many baby Nefadon.»

    Erith Kesai: -- There are a few hundred Nefadon toddlers out there who no longer have an intelligent father-figure to teach them how not to smash everything in their path...
  • !!!

  • Return to the LSS Alteon!
    Mission Debriefing:

    Well, well-- That outcome was not expected. It's good you managed to stay hidden when Dark Madder teleported in, at least, or you might not have made it back.

    With Th'rix out of the way, we won't have to worry about having yet ANOTHER enemy to contend with if the Virin were split into two nations. But now we have all of these Nefadon juveniles to take care of. I hope you're ready for that!

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Nefadon Whip-Mace (45)
    Nefadon Whip-Mace Z
    Nefadon Whip-Mace (65)
    Nefadon Whip-Mace (85)
    Guardian Nefadon Whip-Mace

    Juvenile Nefadon (55)
    Guardian Juvenile Nefadon
    Juvenile Nefadon Z
    Juvenile Nefadon (95)

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

    Monster list - Nefadons

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