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MogBusters! - Where do Xyfrags come from??

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3/2/2011 10:39:27   
Oh Bother.

Mogbusters: Where do Xyfrags come from??

Today's Event > Where do Xyfrags Come From? (New Mogbusters quest) OR Travel Map > Travel South > MogBusters! > Visit the Set! > Xyfrag Origin!

«Scene: Edge of Greenguard Forest»

«You»: Hey! It's the Mogbusters! what are you guys up to?
Jamog: Hello, «You»! We're just getting ready to start Season II of MogBusters.
Jamog: For this episode, we're dipping into our mailbag to find out what myths Lore's heroes want to be busted! Adamog, if you will?
«You»: Well, uh, I'm not sure. Twig was a little traumatized by the last episode...
Twig: Twig's nightmares have gone away!
Jamog: Adamog, would you do the honors and see what the next letter says?

«Adamog comes up with a letter.»

Adamog: This one is from Vivi, Jamog. He wants to know if it's true that several blecchs, smushed together, will unite to form one Xyfrag?
Jamog: Interesting!
«You»: I've heard that one before - but how will you smush them together?
Adamog: Hmm. We could try freezing them together.
Jamog: First, though, we need a bunch of blecchs to experiment on.
«You»: Where are you going to get those?

«Scene zooms in on Jamog, who smiles slowly and creepily. Scene changes to a basement.»

«You»: Aria said there are a bunch of blecchs down here in this creepy old basement. The quicker I find them, the quicker I can get out of here!
  • Go!

    Blecch Encounter List
    Level 0-18: Blecch (8)
    Level 19-38: Blecch (28)
    Level 39-58: Blecch (48)
    Level 59-78: Blecch (68)
    Level 79-98: Blecch (88)
    Level 99-118: Blecch (108)
    Level 119+: Blecch (128)

    After getting to the rightmost screen:

    «Scene: Back at the stairs of the basement»

    «You»: Okay, I rounded up the blecchs. Now what?
    Jamog; Ice?
    Twig: Did he say-- ICE? *shivers*
    «You»: Twig, why are you shivering already?
    Twig: Pwacticing!

    «Scene: Icy, mountainous area»

    «You»: This should be easy. Just grab enough ice to chill out those blecchs, and...
    Twig: Oh noes! Monstews!!!!
  • Battle with Twig's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES: RA Ice Monsters
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE: RA Ice Monster
      Full Heal

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest, where the Blecchs and some ice cream are tied together on top of ice.»

    «You»: How long before you know whether it's working or not?
    Adamog: Oh, long enough for this ice cream to finish getting hard, I think!
    Twig: Ooh! Ice cweam!

    «Twig moves toward the ice.»

    «You»: !!! Someone stop him!!

    «Scene zooms in Twig tied to a rock, staring hypnotized at the ice.»

    Twig: Iiiiiiiiiice cweeeeeaaaaam...

    «Scene zooms out and the ice cream is next to Adamog.»

    Adamog: Yep! Ice cweam is ready!
    Jamog: Let's see if we can say the same thing about the Blecchs!

    «Jamog takes scissors and cuts the strings.»

    «You»: Twig! Twig! Are you okay?
    Twig: Ohhhh... Twig isn't feewing good. Is there ice cweam?
    Adamog: Sorry, Twig, we ate it all while we were waiting for you to regain consciousness.
    Jamog: And since the freezing failed, we need to find another way to test this myth!
    Adamog: How about using incredibly high pressure created by firing them at one another and see if they fuse?
    Jamog: I like it! Get out the cannon!
    Adamog: It was pulling a little to the left the last time we used it. We should probably fire a few test shots, first.

    «Jamog moves and then the cannon comes on-screen.»

    Twig: Scawy! Don't want to get in there! Too dark!
    Adamog: Listen! Do you hear that?
    Twig: ... Hear what?
    Adamog: I hear FISH splashing around down there!
    Twig: Fish? For sures?

    «Twig looks into the cannon and then Adamog shoves him all the way in.»

    Jamog: Well, what are you waiting for, «You»??
    «You»: Y'know, I feel kind of bad tricking him like this...
    Adamog: He's indestructible.
    «You»: Oh yeah!
  • FIRE!

    «The cannon fires and Twig flies through the sky.»

    Twig: FISHIIIEEESSS!!!!!!
    Adamog: Hey! It's working fine! My mistake. Now to get down to the test.
    Adamog: We've set up one blecch out in the distance. We'll need to fire the others at it at high speed to see if the impacts will break down whatever barrier keeps each blecch independent.
    Adamog: Line it up in the crosshairs and see what you can do!
  • Great!

    «The scene shows a screen in which you must click when the crosshairs are lined up with the barrel of Blecch. After doing so, the scene shows four blecchs flying at high speed toward the barrel. Scene: At the barrel»

    Twig: Fish?

    «Adamog takes the shoe Twig is holding.»

    Adamog: If you want the shoe - I mean, fish - you have to help us with another experiment.
    Twig: What expewiment?
    Adamog: We want you to take this lightning rod and go stand on that hill over there. Okay?
    «You»: *groan*

    «Scene: The hill under a stormy sky»

    Twig: Will this take long? I'm getting more hungwier.
    Jamog: Oh, I don't think so, Twig. As a matter of fact, you should be done any second now...

    «Lightning strikes the barrel.»

    «You»: Yow!!!

    «Adamog goes up to poke the barrle.»

    Adamog: No Xyfrag...
    Jamog: Okay, no luck this time. Let's try one more experiment before we declare this myth - Busted!
    «You»: What are you going to use for your last try?
    Adamog: Duck tape?
    Jamog: Too many feathers. Besides, I think the ducks have all gone south.

    «Question marks appear above each head. Then, a lightbulb appears over Jamog's.»

    Jamog: I've got it! Gumn!
    «You»: Gum?
    Jamog: No - gumn! Warlic's Everlasting Gumn!
    «You»: How are we going to get Warlic to get us that?

    «Scene zooms in on Jamog, who smiles slowly and creepily.»

    «You»: *groan*

    «Scene: Warlic's Shop»

    Warlic: Let me get this straight. You want me to trade this... What did you call it? For a batch of Everlasting Gumn?
    «You»: A rare, magnificent reanimated moglin mummy.
    Warlic: Riiiight...
    ???: Mummf!
    «You»: All in the name of science!

    «Warlic pokes Twig with his staff.»

    Warlic: Well, I may be able to do something with it. Does it do anything, besides say "mummf?"
    «You»: It can jump!
    Warlic: Jump?
    ???: Ommph?

    «Twig jumps.»

    Warlic: Hmm. I think I'll pass on the... mummy right now. I'm fresh out of fish. But there IS something you could help me with.
    Warlic: Some bookworms are setting up a nest, and I'd really rather they didn't do it so close to Battleon, with all my books here. I could provide a stable sample of gumn if you would relocate them.
    «You»: Eviction, you say? I can do eviction!
  • Battle with Mummy Twig's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest»

    «You»: Okay, I've got the Everlasting Gumn.
    Adamog: Now, all we have to do is spread a little on each blecch, then find a way to bind them together until the gumn has time to set.
    «You»: How long do we have to wait this time?
    Jamog: A few minutes should do it. We just need to give the gumn time to solidify.
    Jamog: Any minute now...

    «The pile of blecchs starts to shake.»

    «You»: Hey, I think something's happening!
    Twig: Uh-ohs!!!

    «The pile explodes and a Super Xyfrag with Twig inside results.»

    Jamog: Uh-oh! This worked a little better than I anticipated!
    Adamog: And it looks really, really mad! Run!
  • !!!

    «Jamog and Adamog leave.»

    Super Xyfrag: Gurruhhhmmbbbuuhhggg...
  • Fight!

    Adamog: Well, I'd have to say that's one myth that's definitely proven!
    Jamog: Who would've thought? A bunch of blecchs can combine to make one giant Xyfrag under the right conditions.
    Adamog: Thanks for helping with that one, «You»! You, too, Twig!
    Twig: Twig get reward? Nice fishies and ice cweam?
    Jamog: Well, now that you mention eating...
    Adamog: ... We have another letter from our mailbag...
    Jamog: ... And we could really use your help with that one, Twig. How'd you like to own your own ice cweam maker.

    Shop Spells
  • Twig's Ewectwic Swide Z
  • Twig's Ewectwic Spawkiness
  • Twig's Ewectwic Stwike
  • Twig's Ewectwic Bolt
  • Twig's Ewectwic Dischawge
  • Twig's Ewectwic Zappiness
  • Guardian Twig's Ewectwic Boogawoo
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write up from ArchMagus Orodalf. Monster list from In Media Res.

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