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Rainbow Shatters, The

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3/14/2011 18:49:11   

The Rainbow Shatters

Other name: A rainbow appears!

Location: Lucky Day - Rainbow Bridge War -> Introduction: A rainbow appears!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 14th, 2011

Objective: Search throughout Lore to find the Rainbow Shards and complete the Rainbow Bridge!
Objective completed: Search throughout Lore to find the Rainbow Shards and complete the Rainbow Bridge!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


King Sneevrick


Adora: Come back here!!!

Anjana: Hahaha!
Anjana: You're too slow, Adora! Heehee!
Adora: Heehee! We'll catch you some day!
Magyari: Hey, look!

A rainbow appears

Anjana: Oh, how lovely!
Anjana: Adora, Magyari, isn't it the prettiest thing you've ever seen?
Adora: Yes, Princess! Prettier than dewdrops sparkling in sunlight!
Magyari: I think it's nicer than strawberries and cream!
Lodan: Well, I like it better than sunsets!

Anjana touches rainbow

Anjana: It's- it's SOLID!
Anjana: I wonder... if we could CLIMB it!
Lodan: An adventure! A quest! We NEVER get to go on those!
Adora: I wonder what lies...
Anjana: Somewhere over the rainbow? We'll never find out if we don't GO!
Anjana: Someone- like Mother- will be sure to stop us.
Anjana: We can always come back if there's nothing at the end!
Lodan: But rainbows usually have GOLD at the end!
Lodan: Think of all the sweets we could buy! Daffodil lollies and candied cherry blossoms!
Magyari: Nectar drops!
Adora: Sunshine swirls!
Anjana: What are we waiting for?

Children faeries climb the rainbow

Maeve: Anjana! Come back!
Courtier: Lodan, you are grounded! Get back here this instance!!
Courtier: No more flying for a month, Adora!!! COME BACK HERE NOW!

Rainbow shatters...

Maeve: NO!!
Maeve: Anjaaaaaaana! My daughter! Where has she gone?!
Maeve: Oh someone, bring her BACK!

Back in the fairy palace...

Advisor: My Lady, we fear... the rainbow. It was not... natural.
Advisor: Rainbows do not SHATTER. They are creations of mist and light.
Fionn: Someone- or someTHING- sent it with malicious intent.
Fionn: They wanted our CHILDREN!
Maeve: *(deadly quiet)* They will NOT keep our children.
Maeve: Rainbows, as you should all remember, are the source of Sneevilchaun magic.
Maeve: It follows, then, that it was Sneevrick-
Advisor: The Sneevilchaun King! Of course!
Advisor: But why? What cause would he have to invade our lands and steal our children?
Fionn: It does not matter! We WILL get the princess and her companions back!
Maeve: Think hard, my advisors. What do we value most?
Advisor: Our young ones, most assuredly.
Maeve: And what do SNEEVILCHAUNS love best?
Fionn: Their gold, of course.
Maeve: Yes. They have taken our children, so we will take their gold.
Maeve: Perhaps then they will be willing to parlay and discuss returning what they have taken.
Fionn: Send out the raiding parties! They will have to strike in the night.
Fionn: Have them return to me in the morning. Go!
Advisor (both): Yes, my Lord!

Csarnen (1): Take it.
Csarnen (2): Aye.

Maeve: *frostily* What can I do for you, my Lord?
King Sneevrick: You can return gold!
King Sneevrick: I know your people take it. ALL of it! One of my sneevilchauns smell Fairy on a piece of gold left behind.
King Sneevrick: Give gold back!
Maeve: Give US our children back, you misbegotten son of a one-eyed ogre!
Fionn: *snicker*
King Sneevrick: *gasp* Insults and lies! That is all you give!
King Sneevrick: I come here peacefully... good intentions...
Maeve: *scornfully* Just like you PEACEFULLY sent that rainbow into my lands to entice my children onto it?
King Sneevrick: But- ... what... We have no Auroral Working in weeks!
King Sneevrick: We not needed to-
King Sneevrick: We not do this thing you think we did!

Return to fairy forest

King Sneevrick: This... tainted. Sad for such pretty thing. But... is poisoned behind pretty colors.
King Sneevrick: Bad magic. NOT mine. But like mine.

Lady Maeve places her hands onto the crown of King Sneevrick

King Sneevrick: H-Hey, lady--
Maeve: You speak the truth! *surprised*
Maeve: This is MOST disturbing. If it was not you, or your followers...
King Sneevrick: One of my Sneevilchauns do this. But NOT with permission.
King Sneevrick: Still... somewhat my fault, since it was one of my people.
King Sneevrick: We help you find children.
King Sneevrick: But we need to re-build bridge in order to follow it to Maker.
Maeve: We will need the help of ALL our peoples.
Maeve: Of all of Lore! I will pay whatever price the heroes and adventurers ask.
King Sneevrick: They smear my name. Name of all Sneevilchauns, whoever do this. We share cost of recovery.
Maeve: Fionn, send a message out to all the human towns. Offer a bounty for each shard of this corrupted rainbow they bring to us.
King Sneevrick: Offer too that we Sneevilchauns use untainted part of shards for them.
King Sneevrick: Still has wish magic in it. We use to help them. Make all of Lore better!
King Sneevrick: Maybe that make them look harder.

The Princess of the Minx Faeries, Queen Maeve's daughter Anjana, plays with her companions in a secluded clearing in the Faery Lowlands.

A rainbow appears in the clear blue sky and touches down in the clearing. The Princess is overcome by its beauty!

The Princess and her friends found that the rainbow was solid! As their parents came into the clearing, they rushed up and over it.

The Queen called for her daughter in vain. To her horror, the faery children began to fade out and the rainbow bridge shattered into pieces!

Queen Maeve called together her husband, Prince Fionn, and their counselors. All knew that rainbow magic was the province of the Sneevilchauns, led by King Sneevrick. Retaliation was planned! Sneevilchaun gold for Faery children. In the night, bands of Faery warriors stole into Sneevilchaun territory and stripped them of their gold hoards. Sneevrick, outraged, met with Maeve and her counselors and disavowed all knowledge of the plot. To clear his name, he agreed to help search for the children, saying that to find them, the bridge must be rebuilt. Queen Maeve, distraught, called out to all the heroes of Lore for help!

Now it is up to you and your fellow heroes to quest throughout Lore to find the Rainbow Shards! As you fight battles and find loot, you're likely to come across Shards, as well! Each shard will automatically be added into the remains of the Rainbow Bridge as they are found. And the more Shards you find, the more Wish Magic will be unlocked, which will give Maeve the power to channel it into improvements for the heroes of Lore! (Feeling helpless, she will do anything to keep her mind off this tragedy.) Go now, Hero, and seek out the Shards to help recover the Faery children!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Stephen Nix for correction.

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