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3/22/2011 3:25:25   

DragonFable & MechQuest


Location: Lucky Day - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge -> Battle the boss to Find the fairies!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: March 21st, 2011

Objective: It's time to meet the thief who absconded with the Princess and her friends. Meet him... somewhere over the DOOMbow!
Objective completed: Somewhere over the DOOMbow, way up high... You won! Queen Maeve and King Sneevrick are both in your debt.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Arrrghus - Boss

King Sneevrick


Access to Maeve's Shop and Sneevrick's Shop.

King Sneevrick: This do fine. You do good, hero.
Maeve: Yes, we thank all of those who helped. Now if only my daughter and her friends...
Fionn: They WILL be returned to us, my love!
Fionn: WON'T THEY, Sneevrick? *glare*
King Sneevrick: You no need get angry. We on same side.
King Sneevrick: I help. You help. We get faeriebabies back.
King Sneevrick: And we find mindpoisoned sneevilchaun who do this.
King Sneevrick: Hero. You help more, yes?
King Sneevrick: I do Aural Reconstruction. You go over rainbow somewhere.
King Sneevrick: Not know where. But no singing. Sneevrick HATE singing!
<Character>: I will do whatever I can to aid you, Your Highnesses.
King Sneevrick: Magic time, boxy.
King Sneevrick: Alakabinky!

Rainbow appears

King Sneevrick: There. That badgood. Bad it still tainted, but good it workful. Hero, you go!
<Character>: That was... special?
Maeve: Our thoughts go with you, <Character>. Please! Find my child, my- OUR heart!

Fionn nodds

<Character>: Double rainbow all the way across the sky! Aaaaah!
King Sneevrick: Hero see things. Only ONE rainbow.
King Sneevrick: But 'least you is appreciative. I like you, Hero. Go safe. Return fast.

While travelling to the other side of the rainbow:
<Character>: Birds fly over the rainbow...
<Character>: Why can't I?
<Character>: Walking is SO inefficient!

On the other side, the fairies were trapped in a cardboard box

Anjana: HEELLLPP!!
<Character>: Are you all here? Are any of you hurt?
Anjana: *sob* H-he said the dark man was going to- to- to-
Anjana: I w-want m-my MOMMMAAA!
Maavari: Having our magic leeched from us is NOT worth sunshine swirls OR nectar drops!
Adora: We are so glad to see yo-

A sudden wind blows

<Character>: I think I hear the one I'm looking for.
<Character>: I'll let you out, then take care of th-
???: Who talking? Faerybabies shut UP!
???: Pointyhair coming with word from Dark One!
???: I come out. Make you ready. Then you go 'way. Not bother Arrrghus with faerybaby babblings!
<Character>: Come out, come out, whoever you are!
<Character>: I'm fairy-ly vexed with you, and I'd like to see your face before I throw it off the mountain!

Arrrghus appears

Arrrghus: Faerybabies, I call Pointyhair! Now you in for it- YOU NO BELONG HERE!
Arrrghus: Who you? Get out! You no match for Arrrghus' new powers!
<Character>: Well, hello to you, too. What exemplary manners you have.
Arrrghus: Uglyone will shut up, too! Babble more, more yapyapyap, than faerybabies!
Arrrghus: Arrrghus shoot DOOMbows at you and you be quiet for GOOD!
<Character>: Hunh. With that kind of well-thought out strategy, I'm surprised you haven't taken over from King Sneevrick yet.
Mag: *whisper* Don't cry, Princess! He is not the brightest Sneevilchaun, I don't think.
Arrrghus: Sneevrick not KING for long! Arrrghus BETTER King! Dark One promise!
Arrrghus: Pointyhair coming. He tell you!

A dark ball of magic appears...

Arrrghus: See? Here comes Pointyhair! NOW you in for it!

Drakath or "Pointyhair" returns

<Character>: Of course! Hah, Pointyhair is a GOOD name for you, Drakath!
<Character>: How've you been? Is "Dark One" still using you to fetch and carry?
Drakath: *sneer* You puny peasant! You know NOTHING.
Drakath: Certainly not what passes between me and-
Arrrghus: 'Nough talk! So much BABBLING! Arrrghus liked mountain QUIET!
Arrrghus: Pointyhair yaps at Uglyone, faerybabies crywhinescreech alla time, and Arrrghus must yell at all!
Arrrghus: Is time for all to go 'WAY! Arrrghus take care of Uglyone, then Pointyhair take faerybabies off mountain.

Arrrghus uses Doomed-rainbow magic and cast on hero

<Character>: So dark! So intense!

  • Battle Arrrghus!
  • Extreme Arrrghus!

    <Character>: That takes care of THAT mind-numbed minion of yours. Where DO you find them all?
    <Character>: Anyways, how about it, Pointyhair? Your minion and your plot have failed.
    <Character>: Ready to pit your sword against mine and put your gold where your mouth is?
    Drakath (thinking): <Character> must not die. Nor can he/she know the plans.
    Drakath (thinking): Pity, because he/she has NO idea what is in store for him/her.
    Drakath: I do not have time to soil my blade with your blood.
    Drakath: We will meet again. For now, take those pitiful flying brats back to their parents.
    Drakath: They are not necessary, but the distraction they provided has been MOST useful.
    Drakath: Almost as useful as all the time we gained by the distraction with that metallic morass of a war.
    Drakath: Pity that pig-headed treasurer didn't prove more useful in the long run. Ah well!
    Drakath: See you soon, "Uglyone"! Hahahah, I will have to share that name.
    Drakath: It is MOST appropriate!

    Drakath disappears, back to fairy forest

    Maeve: Oh my daughter!
    <Character>: I am happy to have helped, Your Highness!
    <Character>: If ever I can be of service in the future...
    Maeve: What can I do to repay you?
    <Character>: Maybe if you kept your Minx Fairy children from wandering across the paths of adventurers... maybe? ...Please?
    Fionn: Oh, we can't do that!
    Fionn: The heroes of Lore make EXCELLENT practice for our children!
    Fionn: Truly, we are grateful for all the free battle training you all provide!
    Maeve: Oh my, yes! Our thanks go out to you for THAT, as well!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Drat.
    King Sneevrick: Not be sad, hero. You friend of Faeries AND Sneevilchaun King now!
    King Sneevrick: That be ver' lucky for you in future, Sneevrick thinks.
    King Sneevrick: And Sneevrick knows from lucky!

  • Maeve's Shop - Opens Maeve's Shop
  • Sneevrick's Shop - Opens Sneevrick's Shop
  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Voodoo Master for corrections.

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