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Sibling Rivalry

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4/17/2011 14:15:47   
  In Media Res
 Pride Cake of Order

Sibling Rivalry
Quest Location: The Bridge > Celestra > What's Going on down on Novus?
Quest Given From: Celestra
Requirements: Level 82


Celestra: Novus, the new sister world to Lore, is populated by a wide array of life forms, more than one being rather intelligent species. But the most strange creature of all that we've found--
Celestra: -- seems to be a CLONE of Dark Madder! She calls herself Rubia, and she doesn't seem to have any memories of a previous life, and she is worshipped and protected by the major sentient race of Novus--
Celestra: -- the Greetle, a race of creatures we're terming ''sectilians''. We also know that the Network wants Rubia for some reason. We thought we were getting close totaking Rubia with us--
Celestra: -- but she thought the WarpForce and the Network were working together, and now considers us both her enemies. So much so, in fact, that she's trapped us in a tunnel with a river of magma flowing towards us ...

<< Time to run! >>
<< Back >>

<< Scene: Admiral Amada aboard the Alteon contacts you to find out how the mission is going. >>

Admiral Amada: << Character Name >>, how is everything going down there?

<< Scene: Back to the the tunnels of Novus, the magma is approaching your party. >>

You: ................
You: I think it's safe to say our goose is about to be cooked.
Vogenvuld: What is this ''goose'' you speak of?
Captain Daian: Enough chit-chat-- We need to get outta here! But where to??
You: Follow me!
    Escape the Magma!
    Magma is pouring from several holes in the cavern's ceiling! Can you choose the safest route to get out of its path?
    Difficulty: 75
    Stat: Intelligence

If you win the roll:
    << Scene: You made it to a safer section of the tunnels. >>

    You: Whew! Looks like we made it!!

    << Scene: You seem to have outrun the magma when you suddenly hear a voice. >>

    ???: You cannot evade me!

    << Fight with Captain Daian's help! >>
    << Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
    << Fight with Veritos' help! >>
    << Fight with Celestra's help! >>
    << Fight by yourself! >>

    Regardless of choice:

    1 BATTLE

    Celestra: We still need to get out of these caverns. I'm going to try to teleport all of us to the surface. Don't blame me if some of you get stuck in the rock.
    You: How comforting ...

    << Teleport! >>
If you fail the roll:
    << Scene: You made it to a safer section of the tunnels. >>

    You: Whew! Looks like we made it!!

    << Scene: The magma enters the tunnels again. >>

    Veritos: Can we get a second option next time you make a choice, hm?
    Vogenvuld: I could try drilling into the ceiling so we can climb out of here!
    Celestra: --Or I could attempt to teleport us all out of here. I'm not sure I could get us ALL out, though ... I could just teleport MYSELF out but that wouldn't help all of you much ...

    • << Let Vogenvuld drill up! >>

      Vogenvuld: Hup!!

      << Vogenvuld jumps up and drills into the ceiling. >>

      Vogenvuld: Aye, THAT should do it!

      << Scene: More magma starts dripping from the drilled hole. >>

      You: Hmmm ... How about we go with option two?

    • << Let Celestra try to teleport everyone! >>

<< Scene: Celestra succesfully transports everyone to the surface of Novus. >>

Celestra: That-- was hard. Remind me to just teleport ONE person out at a time, next time. If there ever is a next time.
Veritos: We need to find Rubia. The Network still has their reinforcements out here, somewhere, and she seemed very intent on protecting her Greetle friends from both them AND us.
You: Where do you think she is?
Celestra: When we found the injured Greetle Mremmit, who we had taken up to the Alteon, the tracks of the Network hunters who hurt him came from the east.
You: East it is! Alteon, do you copy?
Admiral Amada: (on radio) We do! So you made it out of the tunnels?
You: Yes indeed-- by the skin of our teeth! I'd like to request a couple of squadrons to be put on standby. We have intel that there could be a number of Network ships nearby.
Admiral Amada: (on radio) Consider that request granted.
You: Thank you, Sir. How is our Greetle patient doing?
Admiral Amada: (on radio) Dr. Mendas had a steep learning curve with the alien physiology. Different than anything she's ever seen. The Greetle is still in critical condition.
You: Thanks for the update, Sir. Over and out!
Vogenvuld: Let's get going now-- My feet are gettin' tired just standin' here!

<< Scene: You get moving east, towards the location of the Network hunters. >>

Celestra: We're getting close now. Their landing zone can't be much further based on how quickly they caught up to us. I'm going to run ahead-- The rest of you should take cover here just in case.
Captain Daian: Really? I think I should go ahead to scout. It's kind of what I do ...
Celestra: Yes, but you're a sniper, right? Wouldn't your skill be best utilized if you were to keep a distance?
Veritos: Ladies, please-- We should ALL just go. They know we're here-- best to take them as quickly as we can.

<< Scene: A Crat drops in. >>

You: It looks like all of our talking drew some unwanted attention ...

<< Fight with Captain Daian's help! >>
<< Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra's help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal

Celestra: Okay, Veritos ... Let's do this as a group. ''Safety in numbers'' has held true for us on this world so far.

<< Scene: We see Rubia talking to another Greetle, Yrnuhm. >>

Yrnuhm: Dear Rubia, the Greetle has come to you to beg you to return to our protection. Stay with us where you are safe--
Rubia: I cannot, Yrnuhm! I am not safe, but more importantly, the Greetle are not safe, if I don't face our enemies directly.
Yrnuhm: You are not immortal, dear Rubia! You are flesh, just as Greetle are flesh!
Rubia: I know. But we must show them that they must fear us. It is the only way we will get them to return Mremmit to our hive.

<< Scene: You arrive at Rubia's location. >>

Rubia: They are here, Yrnuhm! Fly back and tell the others to remain hidden!
Yrnuhm: But dear--
Rubia: Fly now!!

<< Scene: Yrnuhm flies away. >>

You: Rubia! Listen to us-- we are NOT working with those others-- the Network! We're just here to learn, and to help anyone who needs it.
Rubia: All I know for certain is that ALL of you are not of our world! You have taken my friend Mremmit, and I want you to bring him back.
Veritos: TRUST us, Rubia ... Trust ME. I recognize someone in you-- and I think you might recognise someone in me. Do you? In another life, I was your brother.

<< Scene: Rubia has a faint memory of a locked up Veritos. >>

Rubia: .............
Rubia: You-- you are just using some kind of magic on me. Trying to control my thoughts. I cannot even trust my own actions when you are around! So-- you must be made to leave!!

<< Fight with Captain Daian's help! >>
<< Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra's help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal

Rubia: The struggle underground weakened me ... and now this ... I need time to heal ...
Veritos: Let us help you. We have much to learn from each other.
Rubia: N--no-- NO!

<< Scene: Rubia flies away. >>

You: She really, really doesn't like us.

Captain Daian: Do you all hear that??
Veritos: It's them! The Network must have a lock on Rubia! They're taking off from their camp.
Vogenvuld: We were too late--!

You: Maybe not. Alteon! Where are those sqaudrons?!

<< Scene: The WarpForce ships decimate all but one of the Network ships. >>

Admiral Amada: (on radio) One of the Network ships evaded our strike, but the rest are down or disabled!
You: Thank you, Admiral!
Captain Daian: We need to hurry and catch up to Rubia, before any stragglers have a chance to regroup!
You: Okay-- Let's move in together ...

2.7 Lightyears away ...

<< Scene: The WG Tower is still towing the Engine back to the Veil. >>

Temura: All hands-- this is Captain Ge'Thrak. Something is approaching at high speed to starboard!

<< Scene: The Void Moon comes to a stop next to the WG Tower. >>

Temura: If our data is correct, that thing outside is a physical manifestation of the Devourer.
Temura: Sergeant Gibbs, you are the best pilot we brought with us on this mission. And we only have one WarpFighter ...
''Lucky'' Gibbs: You don't have to say another word, Captain. I'll get its attention so that you can stay on route to take the Engine of Creation back to where it belongs.
Temura: Do what you can, try to hurt it, then warp back to us-- Okay, Sergeant?
''Lucky'' Gibbs: You can count on me!!

<< Scene: Sergeant Gibbs engages the Moon in his WarpFighter. >>

''Lucky'' Gibbs: Take THIS, you big red lump!
''Lucky'' Gibbs: ....... Uh-oh ... It looks like it's doing something--

<< Scene: Sergeant Gibbs is enveloped by a weird cloud while the WG Tower tries to escape. >>

Temura: Alteon, we have a situation. It seems that Sergeant Gibbs was ... unable to stall the Devourer's manifestation. It's now pursuing us.

<< Scene: Back on Novus, Rubia, while trying to escape, has been caught by a strange creature. >>

Rubia: Free me, creature, or I will be forced to harm you--

<< Scene: A Squidephant runs up and destroys the spikes which kept Rubia restrained, making the weird creatures retreat. >>

Rubia: Thank you, Squidephant!

<< Scene: You catch up to Rubia again. >>

You: Rubia! Please don't run off-- or blast us-- again. Just listen to us. We're not part of the Network. We're only here to learn more about this world, not to harm it.
Rubia: You have been persistent. After some thought I have come to the conclusion that I can believe your words ... At least, most of them.
Rubia: And you ... The one they call ''Veritos'' ... I DO remember you. Though ... remember is not the right word.
Veritos: We will talk more, soon. But first, we need to get you off of Novus. We'll take you to our ship so you can see your friend Mremmit again--
Rubia: No. FIRST you must help me rempve the remainder of the Network from my world!
You: I don't have a problem with that. Their camp is just over that ridge!
Rubia: I was just attacked by a creature called a Novus Greetletrap. It scuttled in the same direction we're headed. We'll need to fight our way through THAT on our way.
Vogenvuld: Ha! Sounds like some kind of PLANT! How hard could THAT be??

<< Fight with Captain Daian's help! >>
<< Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra's help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal
You: Everybody ready to go kick some ALIENS?

<< Fight with Captain Daian's help! >>
<< Fight with Vogenvuld's help! >>
<< Fight with Veritos' help! >>
<< Fight with Celestra's help! >>
<< Fight by yourself! >>

Regardless of choice:

Full Heal after every other battle

<< Scene: Back aboard the Alteon, on the Bridge. >>

Queen Pra'Mithia: Welcome back, everyone! You've done well in securing Novus from the Network. Celestra, what do you think of our surprise guest?
Celestra: I--- I--
Galrick: Just say ''Nice to see you, darling,'' or something, okay?
Celestra: ...........
Celestra: Something.

<< Scene: Celestra and Galrick hug eachother. >>

You: This is ... touching and all ... but I think I should check up on Rubia. Where is she now?
Veritos: She's in Sickbay with Mremmit the Greetle.

<< Scene: Rubia is checking how her friend Mremmit is doing in the Sickbay. >>

Mremmit: The soft-skinned creature have taken good care of this one, dear Rubia. Have no fears ...
Rubia: That is comforting to hear, my friend.

You: Hello again, Rubia. I hope Mremmit's shown you that we don't mean any harm?
Rubia: Yes ... Yes, thank you.

Admiral Amada: (on loudspeaker) Attention all hands! Prepare to go to warp! The WarpGuardian Tower is under attack! We just received an SOS from them ... And the news is bad.
Admiral Amada: Their attacker is-- THE DEVOURER.

You: Did the Admiral just say-- we're going to fight the DEVOURER in a spaceship?!?

<< Scene: The Alteon warps to help the WG Tower fend off the Devourer. >>

Mission Debriefing

Thank you for risking your life in our initial exporation of Novus and in securing the mysterious 'clone' named Rubia! We have much to learn from both her and her protective race of intelligent insectoids the Greetle.

However, right now an emergency calls us away toward the Cryptic Veil once more. The WarpGuardian Tower, charged with taking the Engine of Creation back there so that it could finish building a new world, has met with the Devourer The'Galin himself. This is unprecedented, but me may have to pit the best of our technology against a-- god!

<< Play again! >>
<< WarpGuardian Tower! >>
<< Exit >>


Heat Lightning Z
Heat Lightning
Heat Lightning

Drill Gauntlet
Drill Gauntlet

Drill Gauntlet Z

Thanks to Technomancer

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