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RE: Zooka and Gun Enhancements

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4/20/2011 13:08:53   

Nobody is even thinking of how much this update will magnify the problem of Stat Inflation. >.>

This'll bite us back in the butt later, like in the next 2-4 updates.
AQ MQ  Post #: 26
4/20/2011 13:09:04   

@turkish they are only examples. im sure the same will be done to the str bounties
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 27
4/20/2011 13:11:20   


Skills will face similar diminishing returns beginning friday!

Not to seem stupid but, what does he mean by this o.O?
Post #: 28
4/20/2011 13:11:56   

@ Cookie

actualy Titan said % based skills won't be affected due to being affected by the Stats cap allready...
Like I said, Imo a Nerf for all skills except % based attacks...


Having a Signature is too mainstream
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 29
4/20/2011 13:17:06   


Skills will face similar diminishing returns beginning friday!

Not to seem stupid but, what does he mean by this o.O?

It means that along with stats skills will also be diminished in power if you invest more than X number of points into a stat, Titan has listed multiple examples in the life-spawn of the first page of this thread.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 30
4/20/2011 13:19:04   

Ahh, just realized this is going to be somewhat of a Buff for TM. Deadly Aim + Enhancements.
Epic  Post #: 31
4/20/2011 13:19:59   

super buff for bounties. their massacre wont be affected
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 32
4/20/2011 13:22:52   

Okay, awesome. I only have 6k Varium Titan. So don't make me waste it!

Also, will stats be affected?

Like I have 27-33 defense now.

Will that decrease?
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 33
4/20/2011 13:22:58   

@Titan so you explained how its gonna work,now explain how much its going to cost.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 34
4/20/2011 13:24:03   


Nope this will be a nerf for mages , Mages DM-Malf-Heal will reduce but Hunters and Mercs % skills will not effect and DA related with only guns dmg so it will not change


If Enhance's varium prices remain same it will cost extrem values of varium to change weps , we need enhancement sell back :S

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Epic  Post #: 35
4/20/2011 13:24:27   
Vick Vega

Ok so you nerf stats to be basically pointless at high levels and then you're going to sell stats for aux and gun? Ummmm?

Or here is a better enigma. You dumbed everyone down stat whise, now you nerf skills thus weakening everyone and sell stats to make us pay to compensate for losses that were inflicted by you? Wow. Clap Clap Clap....

It would be like AQW saying "Everyone is way to strong and defeating bosses too easily so we are going to lower attack by 5 to "balance" the game. But guess what guys! Super $50 sale on +5 attack at the cash shop!!!

< Message edited by Vick Vega -- 4/20/2011 13:25:24 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 36
4/20/2011 13:24:51   

I'd like to know the answer to helloguy's question too.
Post #: 37
4/20/2011 13:27:57   


Everyone is being nerfed in SOME regard. But for a TM, DA plus gun enhancements will buff them. Gun damage would become stronger with the enhancements...especially if it's an energy-damaging gun in a follow-up to Malfunction.
Epic  Post #: 38
4/20/2011 13:29:55   

^enhancement is in stat wise not in dmg , everybody will get same enhancements it will not change anything so My str will increase which means my primary dmg will increase too + i can use strike everytime but mages caneed to wait 2 turns for using it twice

< Message edited by TurkishIncubus -- 4/20/2011 13:32:26 >
Epic  Post #: 39
4/20/2011 13:32:22   


Yep, but generally, TMs have low strength. I would take a guess that TMs have below 55 strength, so the nerf wouldn't affect them. So adding some enhancement will make them stronger nonetheless.
Epic  Post #: 40
4/20/2011 13:36:58   
Deadly PoisoN

@Vick Vega,EXACTLY!So you guys introduced diminishing returns,but now the guns and aux's will make up for it but it's going to cost varium?Diminishing returns was said to be introduced to target the I STAT builds.Now titan comes in here and says that they want people to have more freedom and make more fun builds basically and that's why these are being introduced?How can this NOT be to make money out of the players and pull a fast one on them by saying it was for ''balances'' sake?

I want some clarification on this,please anyone?Are you players going to allow this to happen?If this is what i think it is then i'll be forced to quit epicduel,not because i'm greedy or rude.But why?Because then i won't be able to afford the game any more.Do you guys have just an OUNCE of good in you that cares for the players?If yes,then i beg you don't make these enhancements varium,don't display such greed.I'm asking this as nice as possible,despite all the rudeness iv'e displayed i just can't see how this is justified.
AQ Epic  Post #: 41
4/20/2011 13:37:20   
Lord GaGa

Alot of F2P's don't have bots...
What kind of builds can they use to survive..?
I think this is just utterly stupid
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 42
4/20/2011 13:38:20   

Yeh sure what next? Enhance on bots? or on bikes?
On Primary and Armor its allready enough.
Instead of making this pointless balance why dont make other battle mods? or just release new weps.
I prefer to buy a horde of new weps than enhancing my old ones.
I think that even the other ppl would prefer the same thing.
Im a full varium guy and i allready PWN f2p. I will enhance my guns and my auxes (i dont wanna lose) but what would f2p do? They allready lose enough...
They have to stick to Npcs? Dont think so!

As Vick said: ''Clap Clap Clap''

*Time to buy membership on aqw oncemore till ed calms down a bit''

< Message edited by tzantzy -- 4/20/2011 13:39:00 >
Post #: 43
4/20/2011 13:42:10   

i guess they were running low on funds. this is ridiculous. we already pay 20 to buy an armor or primary weapon and now we will have to do the same for aux's and guns. i cant believe how money hungry this game is. i love ED but idk how long i can keep playing if all that keeps coming out is more money grubbing ideas crappy fame things.
Epic  Post #: 44
4/20/2011 13:43:40   

Titan, I love you an all, but this is retarded. You know good and well that 95% of f2p players only have an average 5k credits in their inventory. Not to mention, varium enhancement prices are ludicrous enough already, you expect f2p player to pay 500,000 credits? Are you nuts? Only the major hardcore VARIUM players have that kind of money.

1,700 for 10 enhancements, are you nuts? A weapon only costs 995(with 14-18 stat mods) and you want to force us to pay 1,700 on a bazooka and gun? You're kidding me right? I understand that you all have this "quota" you all have to fulfill which you've been evasive in sharing with your players. I like what you guys do, but there is a need to draw the line somewhere and it's not bad enough that I run on a 1.25k monthly income for varium and yet you still force us to pay twice the amount of a primary?



This improvement is good news for everyone, both f2p players and upgraded players.

Starting Friday, with the addition of Zooka and Gun enhancements, a new system of diminishing returns will go into effect for skill improvements as well! Similar to how diminishing returns currently work for primary, secondary, zooka, and robot damages, these change will apply diminishing returns on the improvement rates of skills after the player has reached medium (55 stat points) and heavy (85 stat points) investments in the stat that improves the skill.

This means for example that if a skill previously improved with every 4 points of a stat investment, once the player invests stat points beyond a certain amount, the skill improvement rate may increase to 4.5 points, or 5 points (these rates will vary).

A player that has invested 40 points of Support into their build will see no change in Artillery Strike
A player that has invested 50 points of Dexterity into their build will see no change in Technician
A player that has invested 70 points of Technology into their build may notice a very minor damage reduction in Plasma Bolt (maybe 1-2 points)
A player that has invested 130 points of Support into their build will see a significant reduction in the damage of Artillery Strike (maybe 4-6 points)

The objective of this change is to discourage boring one-way builds, while promoting exciting strategic play.
AQW Epic  Post #: 45
4/20/2011 13:46:21   

Devs are climbing:D money for ticket of Dubai in SUmmer!! or other cool Place in the world!!!
Epic  Post #: 46
4/20/2011 13:51:09   
One Winged Angel1357

@Soliqe maybe your the crazy one only the really good F2P members have that kind of coinage most of use blow all of our credits trying to get gear that doesnt make us patheticly weak

heck i only have under 1k credits from buying new gear and retraining to get a working build

< Message edited by One Winged Angel1357 -- 4/20/2011 13:52:09 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 47
4/20/2011 13:54:34   
Vick Vega

Rock, Paper, Scissors... Very strategic...
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 48
4/20/2011 13:56:21   

Post #: 49
4/20/2011 13:57:47   

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"
In this case;
"A money-hungry team gathers no happy players"
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 50
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