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Super Top Secret!

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4/20/2011 19:21:50   
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 Likes the Wine, Not the Label

Super Top Secret!
Time AfteretrA emiT

Location: Engineering > Gravlax > Missions
Level Requirement: 25

Gravlax: Kebbuk hubberling, fellow WarpForcer! I've found you to be a very reliable and trustworthy assistant in the past, and I have a very top-secret project I am working on that requires just such a person as you!
Gravlax: It's so top secret that I can't even give you the slightest hint about it. In fact, almost no one on Lore or in the WarpForce knows I am working on this. It will pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, and-- OOPS.
Gravlax: I've said too much already. So, will you help me test my ultra-special top-secret eyes-only experimental prototype??
  • Optay Ecretsay Issionmay!

    «Scene: Engineering. You, Ensign Fisher, Zorboz and Gravlax are standing around some kind of machine»

    Gravlax: Jabboo! I'm so happy you decided to help, «Player»!
    «You»: No problem, Gravlax! Well, not yet, anyway. So, is this it??
    Gravlax: Indeed! This is -- now remember, don't tell ANYONE -- my TIME MACHINE!
    «Player»: ..........
    Ensign Fisher: I know what you're thinking, «Player». I'm not so sure he knows exactly what it is, though.
    Gravlax: Hey! I-- well, I am one hundred percent positive that it is *A* machine. ...Of some kind.
    Zorboz: Meh-heh-heh... So, my green-skinned engineer, you know it's a machine? But you don't know EXACTLY what kind of machine it is?
    Gravlax: Right. I am almost 68 percent sure that it IS indeed a TIME machine, however.
    Zorboz: If I were a betting robot, I might take those odds. However, I am not, so I won't. Have fun experimenting...

    «Zorboz leaves»

    «Player»: Maybe if the robot leaves... the one of us that is NOT alive... that's a sign that you and I should take off, too, Fisher.
    Gravlax: NO! Please, stay! I need witnesses! I am about to make HISTORY here, people!
    «Player»: Well... I'll stay if you will, Fisher.
    Ensign Fisher: Okay, «Player». But I'm warning you ahead of time: If Gravlax's machine kills me, I'm coming after YOU.
    «Player»: It looks harmless enough. Okay, Gravlax, now what?
    Gravlax: The way I, uh, THINK it works is that the warpcrystal creates a perfect vacuum in which antimatter is created, which then interacts with a steady stream of tachyons--
    Gravlax: -- to invert a pinpoint area in spacetime by using the antimatter-tachyon destruction as a kind of scalpel, and--
    «Player»: Sounds more dangerous than just about anything I've ever been near. Doesn't antimatter create a massive explosion when it touches matter?
    Gravlax: The explosion is only equivalent to the energy inherent in the amount of antimatter and the amount of matter that is in contact.
    Gravlax: In this case, it's such a small amount at any given time that an EXPLOSION is one thing we needn't worry about.
    «Player»: Oh, good! So nothing should go BOOM. Excellent. Let's get started.
    Gravlax: Rabbelnums!! Okay, first we just select specific coordinates in spacetime, what I call a 'chronolocation.' Then we... uh, YOU... simply flip the switch!
    Ensign Fisher: Remember what I said.
    «Player»: No worries, Fisher. Nothing will go BOOM, right?

    Gravlax: Choose a chronolocation!
  • 45 Femtoseconds x -13 Leap Years
  • 72x10-8th Centuries x 9 Picoseconds
  • 2 Lunar Months x -158 Millenia

    45 Femtoseconds x -13 Leap Years

    «The gears spin, turning Fisher into a skeleton!»

    «Player»: !!!!
    Gravlax: Vamus Kridd!!!
    Gravlax: It appears that specific chronolocation was Ensign Fisher herself... and it moved her a number of years forward in time.
    «Player»: This is bad. This is worse than a BOOM, Gravlax!
    Gravlax: We can fix this. Let's just enter the exact reverse of the previous chronolocation...
  • Do it!

    «The gears spin backwards, turning Fisher back to normal!»

    «Player»: *whew* Fisher, are you okay?
    Ensign Fisher: «Player», you are sooo dead!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Ensign Fisher: You're lucky I still have to flush 14 miles of Jeffersons' Tubes, or I'd fight you again!
    «Player»: I don't suppose a simple apology is enough? How about a discount coupon for a vacation on Satiren? No?
    Ensign Fisher: My birthday's in 2 weeks. Keep thinking.

    Gravlax: Choose a chronolocation!
  • 45 Femtoseconds x -13 Leap Years
  • 72x10-8th Centuries x 9 Picoseconds
  • 2 Lunar Months x -158 Millenia

    72x10-8th Centuries x 9 Picoseconds

    «The gears spin...»

    Gravlax: Everything is quiet--
    «Player»: -- TOO quiet.

    «Red lights start flashing!»

    «Player»: Uh-oh! There goes the alarm!
    Ensign Fisher: The alarm is coming from Hangar Deck!
    «Player»: I'd better get up there and see what's happening.
  • Go!

    «Scene: The hangar deck. General Stormfront is standing in the upper story»

    «Player»: General Stormfront! Why are you up in the control tower? Are we launching a squadron??
    «Player»: And-- woah-- what's wrong with that warpfighter?? It's huge!
    General Stormfront: «Player»! I suggest you talk to your PARTNER. Kessaurus is disobeying a direct order!
    General Stormfront: AGAIN!
    «Player»: My partner? Kessaurus? Who's that? I don't have a partner!
    General Stormfront: What are you talking about? Everyone has a partner! The first thing every WarpForcer does is get assigned an Akkrosaurian partner!
    «Player»: What's an Akkrosaurian?!

    «An ... Akkrosaurian, I guess?... walks in»

    «Player»: !!!
    Kessaurus: Ah, «Player»! I'm glad to see you. Maybe you can talk some sense into your commander.
    General Stormfront: Kessaurus, I'm your commander, too!
    «Player»: I'm sorry -- no, really, I am, especially since you could bite me in half and your teeth look very very sharp -- but I don't know you!
    Kessaurus: I don't believe this!! We've been partners for almost a year! We've fought the forces of the Network across the galaxy together!
    Kessaurus: Rrrr.... You're just taking the General's side because you're jealous of me! Well, I'll show you. I AM the better warrior!
    «Player»: You're... a highly-evolved... dinosaur. With cybernetic implants. ...Wow. I'm, um, just going to go reverse my time machine now.
    General Stormfront: Huh?! You're not leaving here until you set your partner straight!
    «Player»: Do I... do I have to?
    General Stormfront: That's an order!
    Kessaurus: Bring it on, partner! Let's see who the better warrior IS, after all!
  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal
    General Stormfront: Thanks for calming your partner down. I was worried there for a minute.
    «Player»:Any time, Sir. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going back to Engineering to undo that last chronolocation.
    General Stormfront: Keep those big words stowed on the Engineering Deck, WarpForcer.

    Gravlax: Choose a chronolocation!
  • 45 Femtoseconds x -13 Leap Years
  • 72x10-8th Centuries x 9 Picoseconds
  • 2 Lunar Months x -158 Millenia

    2 Lunar Months x -158 Millenia

    «The gears spin...»

    «Player»: Well, nothing seems to have happened!
    Gravlax: Here.
    Gravlax: Nothing happened HERE, in our immediate chronolocation. But something could have happened somewhere else!
    «Player»: Oh-- So-- what now?
    Gravlax: We wait. Maybe we can try another chronolocation while we're waiting, too--
    «Player»: Hmm... let me think about that. Okay, I thought, and the answer is let's NOT do that. We just don't know what we're dealing with yet.
    Ensign Fisher: How do we even know if ANYTHING happened? This machine might not be working properly...
    Admiral Amada: (over intercom) «Player», please report immediately to the Bridge!
    Gravlax: !! Remember, this is TOP SECRET!
    «Player»: Sorry, Gravlax. If the Admiral wants to know what you've been up to, I'm going to tell him.
    Gravlax: *....grobble rymmit dergin....*

    «Scene: The bridge. Amada and Capt. Daian are waiting for you»

    «Player»: Admiral, I got here as fast as I could. What's going on?
    Admiral Amada: I appreciate it. Captain Daian will explain everything.
    Captain Daian: Yes Sir. «Player», we're having some extensive new problems with the Gibbins.
    «Player»: Gibbins?? What's a Gibbin?
    Captain Daian: Ha. That's funny. YOU don't know what Gibbins are. The Hero of Battleonia, who saved the entire continent from the Gibbin Empire.
    «Player»: ... Heh, yeah. Like I don't know Gibbins. Okay, so what's the problem?
    Captain Daian: The Gibbin Empire has launched a new offensive against the colonies of the Outer Rim. You need to get to the front right away to instill fear into the enemy!
    «Player»: Right! The Hero of Battleonia showing up at the front will definitely lower the Gibbins' morale.
    Admiral Amada: You'd better go now before the hostilities spread much farther. Captain Daian will accompany you.

    «The two of you zoom across space in a ship»

    Soon you arrive at the Outer Rim colonies with Captain Daian...
  • Battle with Captain Daian's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Captain Daian: Alright, we're at the edge of the nearest Gibbin headquarters. Be prepared for anything...
    «Player»: Right-- and how will I know a Gibbin when I see one?
    Captain Daian: ...You ARE the Hero of Battleonia, right??

    «Two ... Gibbins, I guess?... walk in»

    «Player»: GIBBINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gibbin: Nyuk nyuk nyuk!! The Hero of Battleonia!!
    Gibbin: We heard you were leading a direct assault against this stronghold, but didn't believe it!
    Big Gibbin: I'm-- I don't think I can do it! I don't think I can fight the Hero of Battleonia!!
    Gibbin: Think of the GLORY this will bring us! We will be champions of the Gibbin Empire!
    Big Gibbin: Only if we LIVE!
    Gibbin: I can't defeat the Hero of Battleonia by myself! I need you!
    «Player»: Daian, why do they LOOK like that?!? They're so-- so primitive!
    Gibbin: Hey! I RESEMBLE that remark!
    Captain Daian: You don't remember? The Gibbins were once a small clan of Greenguard Elves on Lore, until a powerful magic engulfed their tree village.
    Captain Daian: When the magic subsided, the Gibbins had changed, evolving into a different physical form and also suddenly coming into possession of advanced technology.
    Gibbin: That's right! We conquered most of Lore, and locked the Drakel in their domes so they could never leave! And then we joined the Network.
    Captain Daian: When the Devourer arrived Lore was mostly a Network world, all except for the continent of Battleonia-- which YOU had saved from the Gibbin onslaught!
    «Player»: Wow... So they look like that because they're from the time before the Drakel even emerged from their domes.
    Captain Daian: HOW can you not possibly know all this already??
    Gibbin: Wait-- I know! The Hero of Battleonia isn't really the Hero of Battleonia! The Hero-- is a CLONE!
    Big Gibbin: Hear that, big guy? A clone! Not the real one! We'll definitely win a fight against this one!! Nyuk nyuk!
    Big Gibbin: Oh yeah!! Okay! Let's get 'em!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «Player»: Thanks, Captain. I've got to hurry back to the Alteon and see Gravlax.
    Captain Daian: You may want to see Dr. Mendas, too, since it seems you're having a good bit of amnesia.
    «Player»: Good advice. I just might do that.

    «Scene: Back at Engineering»

    Gravlax: --so my time machine selected an Elven population from, what, at least 6 years ago, and moved them possibly hundreds of years into the future!
    «Player»: Right! And everyone outside of this room acted like this is the way it's always been! Ugh, the Gibbins' art was so bad!!
    Gravlax: What did you expect for over 6 years ago? What happened was, you changed the past, so of course everyone would think that's the way everything's always been.
    «Player»: Wait-- I changed the past? ME? This isn't my fault!
    Gravlax: YOU flipped the switch...
    «Player»: *grumbles*
    Gravlax: Now if you just flip that switch AGAIN we can reverse the effects.
  • Flip it!

    «The gears spin backwards»

    Ensign Fisher: Are you two done yet? I'm missing lunch for this...

    Gravlax: Choose a chronolocation!
  • 45 Femtoseconds x -13 Leap Years
  • 72x10-8th Centuries x 9 Picoseconds
  • 2 Lunar Months x -158 Millenia

    You have tried everything you can think of!

    «Player»: Well, I think we've established that your time machine IS actually a time machine, and that it works.
    Gravlax: Gyrrbel lummly! Yes we have!
    «Player»: I think you can safely say that you've ALSO proven that the time machine is WAY TOO DANGEROUS to ever use again.
    Gravlax: Well, I don't know about tha--
    Ensign Fisher: No arguing with your assistant that you caused to age 100 years in an instant!
    «Player»: So, what's best? Disassemble it or destroy it?
    Gravlax: Ug. I hate either option, But I suppose you're both right. At least I can say it worked!
    «Player»: Well, you can tell yourself that, but remember: It's top secret. So nobody besides US will ever know it worked.
    Gravlax: Fibble gubbets! .......... Fine. I'll disassemble it. Maybe I can localize the effects and make something smaller and useful out of the idea.
    «Player»: Oh, before I forget. Did you test the machine AT ALL before I showed up?
    Gravlax: Um... bibnel glammis, it's getting warm in here, isn't it? I think the environmental controls might have been hit with an antimatter stream.
    Gravlax: Um, I definitely did not use this machine! That would have been-- irresponsible. Ahem. Uh, yeah... didn't touch it, no sir-ee...
    «Player»: Good. Wouldn't want to have something unexpected to pop up out of nowhere.

    23 Hours Ago
    Planet Gerendor, Helas Binary Star System

    «Scene: A shiny metallic city slowly disintegrates into a rusty wasteland. The camera zooms out, showing Gerendor (formerly blue-green) now red and desert-like»

    Mission Debriefing
    Thank you for helping me test my time machine! With your help, we've shown that my invention works, and that controlled travel through the spacetime continuum is possible!!
    Unfortunately, its disadvantages have proven to outweigh its benefits. As of now, there is no way to know exactly when, where or how the time machine's effects will take place. Perhaps with a few more weeks of testing I could fully understand it... but I could also accidentally cause the universe to have never existed!

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Shop: Time Machine
    Time Gauntlet (25, 45, 85, 105)
    WarpGuardian Time Gauntlet (65)
    Time Gauntlet Z (65)

    Antimatter Sprinkle
    Antimatter Splash Z
    WarpGuardian Antimatter Splatter
    Antimatter Spray
    Antimatter Shower

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