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RE: =MQ= Feedback about raising MQ to another level

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4/22/2011 18:07:27   
Killing time softly

What your favorite type of quests were
I don't have one favorite type of quest, what I like about MQ is the diversity of quests. I like many of the minigames (e.g. Braddock Steele Arcade, Fireworks Arcade, Alien Autopsy ...), but I also like the common "walk around and beat up other Mechs" quest as long as it's not too repetitive. I would like if energy blade fighting was used more often in quests, especially if there were more blades that had special attacks like the ninja blade from Yokai. Also, cutscenes! I know they take a lot of time to make, but I think it's worth it. They add a lot to the game.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
Most of my favorites are Mechs with a "theme" for lack of a better word. For example, the Viking. First of all it looks awesome, and I really like how all of its weapons are related to ice and/or Norse mythology. The Liberty Mecha is another example of this. I also like it when the weapons of one Mech have effects that complement each other. And I like it when they have unique abilities. For example, it was really amazing when I saw the Skullcrusher actually beating another Mech with its own arm for the first time. :)

I can't say too much about things I dislike, because when I'm not happy with a certain Mech I just stop using it, there are so many nice ones :). One thing that I find frustrating about opponents though is when they have abilities that make the fight take unnecessarily long. For example, when I fight Runehawks in the GEARS Games, I frown whenever they use that energy shield ability. It does not make them challenging in the sense that they are harder to defeat, but it just takes forever to take them down.

How you feel about the plot
Generally I like the plot, it just needs to move forward :).
But sometimes I think tragic events should have more noticable impact. Some of the things I mean by that have been mentioned already. On Necryptos, it was really a pity that Han Velsing just got replaced by an identical looking brother after his death. NPC deaths should not be taken so lightly IMO, there should be some emotion attached to something like this. The end of Westion is another example - I second what Stormwarden wrote above, it would be nice to see someone outside of Westion react to this. An entire planet being destroyed is pretty severe, it should impact the people who are on the same side in some way.
DF MQ  Post #: 26
4/23/2011 11:41:17   

also for plot purposes, there are plot points important to the main story that are rare.

Clearly the biggest is "The gift"

The frostval backstory isn't available to the people who hear about it on Lagos
AQ MQ  Post #: 27
4/23/2011 11:59:43   

This thread fills me with hope.
What your favorite type of quests were
Story based, obviously. Story based tasks have an objective with consequences, while being set in stones, it was always fun to see the ending cutscenes after we defeated the missions boss. But, on the subject that particular formula should not be the only one used, of tearing through 2 minions, being healed, 2 minions, being healed, and so on before the boss. This was very overused in the Yokai saga, and I note that Yokai was the point in game history where, in my opinion, the game started to lose it's interest. No, keeping gameplay different in these story based missions is also ideal. Such as the prime Soluna saga. As basic as it was, having a sudden driving level in which we had to Escape the BloodHound ShadowScythe Mecha was interesting and the premise of it was fun.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
Personally I didn't think there was anything wrong with the Mecha's in this game, untill recently. The artwork, designs and attacks were all fantastic, I think a prime example of this is with all of the Mecha's released during the Pirate war Saga. But no, recently the desins have only been standard, and the shading on them rather poor. Also one thing that really upset me as time went on, at the begining of the game, the Mecha's defeated explosion sequences were fantastic. Very detailed and different. This isn't a new thing for me to moan about but, quite late into the game the Mecha's were just disappearing, and turning into three freeform drawn black, crude looking pieces with the generic explosion animation in the middle of where it was. If MQ is trying to redeem itself, I really think fixing this would be fantastic.

How you feel about the plot.
I have no issue with the plot in MQ. The events that driove it were always interesting (again, up untill the Yokai saga where it was just tiresome, generic fight sequences), there's nothing wrong with the plot in truth in fact I actually admire it. It's basic, yes but it doesn't treat the players like idiots. If they ever do pick the Dracolich saga back up, I'd just like to put it out there, if the basic idea of this saga is that we'll be jumping from world to world, spending saga like timed events there, then I really would like to beg MQ to make sure they don't do the same thing they did with Yokai. Take a look at your older saga's, such as the Primal Soluna one, the Second half of the Westion Saga and the Pirate War saga and try to base future releases off of those.

I really hope the MQ team is taking our thoughts in to serious regard with this thread, as the only thing that's kept me clinging to this game for the past year is the desperate hope that it get's back on it's feet. I just never understood why the AE team took so many staff members from the MQ section when it was so popular.
DF  Post #: 28
4/23/2011 16:53:51   

Favorite quests:
Braddock's mission with 50 shadowscythe, it's fun. The werewolf quests for the soluna police, simple yet the plot was hard to guess at the time. Mobile Base quest from the westion war, large amounts of consecutive fights, no walking.

What i like/dislike about the mechs:
I like the weapons, the animation just to expand on that the only problem i find with weapons is that they are slower the original weapons are fast and direct these new weapons have animation that takes a couple seconds more. I really like the werewolf mech and pupperoni they kinda look alike. I don't like the the fact that body weapons can't be changed, i understand that it probably wouldnt be possible to have the ice harvester body on a Drakel armor(but maybe some weapon that has no specific, mech related animation?) I believe the shadowsythe mech make no sense, i agree that they probably wouldn't be modified with other weapons, but what about the weapons that are shadowscythe related for example the E1 D4727ZB From the bomb squad shop in westion?

How i Feel about the plot:
It went from solid to confusing in a couple of planets. I vaguely remember the first war and the plan to forge alliances with other planets due to the large size of the shadowscythe army, but how many alliances have we made? I believe the plot has potential as well as the ability to expand, given that aliens are our enemy there are numerous ways to expand the plot. An example is Sys zero's assimilation, it was fun, solid and direct, nevertheless i was kinda hoping that the shadowsycthe would have made a clone of Sys zero after he returned, the clone could have turned into a shadowcythe due to a difference in DNA (kinda like when Lex luthor cloned superman but failed due to his "alien" DNA), or the dragonoid plot, due to time travel (or the traveler) couldn't they find Dragonfable's XXL-304 (he's the closest to a dragon robot hybrid).What i am trying to say is that most of what has happened seems to be treated like a closed book, there are limitless possibilities but once something is done it seems to remain that way.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 29
4/25/2011 6:23:21   

What your favorite type of quests were
Like most people here, the quests that didn't take 3-4 minutes to complete. The quests that took a while to complete with varied battles and ending with a cutscene. And, the ones that had challenging fights, not the one that took a couple seconds to anyone with an SCMM.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
Like -
The mechs all have varied specials, not with all of them having high damage or all of them having DoTs and stuff. And there's a good variety of them in the game.
Dislike -
A lot of the good ones are rare, or upgrade only. This goes for the equipment as well.

How you feel about the plot.
It needs some improvements. Most of the quests are too linear, telling you to move there, kill that guy, finish the quest, pick up the next one and repeat. And also, like turtledude, I agree that it should be updated more frequently.
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
4/25/2011 9:05:26   

What your favorite type of quests were
I would say the quest which requires a bit more time (e.g. Necryptos quests) and the quests which cannot be beaten by all default mechas (e.g. the new SC challenge)

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
1) Let's take a look at the original Werewolf mechas:
A healing HD and FA weapon with a EP healing BA, along with high damaging shoulders and buffing/nerfing BD. That's awesome.
2) The Liberty series:
100% Dot mecha with awesome effects, completed by the awesome animations. That is really good.
3) The Bunzilla mechas. Completely original with great animations. That's one of the best examples.
4) Okay, look at Steve Skyripper.
Original, but 100% balanced. Nothing special about it apart from the design and attack animations. Not good.

How you feel about the plot.
Everything is great apart from the fact that some of the holiday back story (e.g. the gift) should be added as permanent content so new players can understand. Also the Yokai "Assault" quests are a bit repetitive, so I would suggest to decrease the amount of "Assault" quests for each Shrine Master.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
4/25/2011 10:56:59   

Time to get serious *cracks knuckles*

What your favorite type of quests were:

Well first off, in my opinion the best kinds of quests are those which are (as stated before me) straightforward and sequential. The kind where the several quest chains don't stray off from the main objective, but at the same time are varied enough to catch and keep player interest. Too much mecha 1-on-1s like the 100 mob elevator quest feels too dragging, we need more variety. Think about the museum quests with a little bit of westion train shootout (the one against J6) . Just as long as it has a healthy mix of mech and pilot walkaround, reasonable number of mech battles (with a few enemies that could make us rethink our battle strategies XD, just don't make them unwinnably hard), a few sword battles here and there (yet again, not too much, maybe around 3-4 and hopefully not sequential to break the monotony), a few puzzles to keep the mind sharp, and a dash of minigames to keep the reflexes alert.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game:

Well, i liked the mechs which look rather militaristic while being pretty stylistic at the same time (warbear, strider, most of the starter mechs like the nubatron, katana and hammerhead). They add a certain organized feel and the weapons at the time seemed to fit whichever mech they were on without looking like a fashion disaster when customized to perfection (no offense). It's just I dislike mechs who's design and weapons look too goofy to pose a serious threat and doesn't synch in with the appearance of most of the available chassis out there.

How you feel about the plot.:

Well first off, we'd all like it if the plot didn't stray too far from the main goal. I remember nearing the end of the yokai quest thread until i asked myself why was i here in the first place (to get the parts of warlic's stolen thingamabob). I appreciated the change in scenery, but sometimes we just lose track of what we were pursuing. Like most of the people here, What I'd like would be if the staff focused more on the main story and less on the filler content (reminds me of a few manga i read). Perhaps if we were given actual choices that impacted the story somewhere near the climax of a mission (except we don't get a game over).

I may have more to say, but for now it seems i have forgotten. Well, that's all i gotta say for now. Maybe I'll add more when the thoughts come back to me.

PS. please revise the gears games system next year, this year's games just feel so broken. XD

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 32
4/25/2011 12:19:00   

Favorite Types Of Quests:
My favorite types of quests are foot based energy blade quests and quests like at the begining of the game where where u go into the the buildings and rank up.

Likes And Dislikes About the Mechs:
I really like lots of the SCMM but i just wish that there was a store that made it so we could get older ones again.

Id like the plot if it ever went anywhere. I mean come one when was the last time anyone can really remembers a new plot line release. More plot and less holiday missions please. Also make the Gears Games shorter please it takes for ever to finish them.


Find Your Own Insanity I Found Mine
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 33
4/25/2011 13:23:51   
yoyoboy X

Favorite Types Of Quests:
My favorites are the ones with a good cutscene to move the plot like the one you do to save char.

Likes And Dislikes About the Mechs:
I find the SCMM are not neccecary. The part of the game about customizing is taken away by SCMM. They also take time away from workning on the main storyline.

THE PLOT: I find that the plot should progress more on Jemini and who is she.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 34
4/28/2011 15:13:51   
entity azirius

Favourite Quests:
Ones with actual lasting meaning, a challenge and a decent cut scene. I don't like a quest just for the sake of a quest.

Mecha Pros and Cons:
I, personally, find that the quality for the latest Mecha's being released has declined. Not so much so that it's God awful, but, noticeably. Most SCMM (which aren't so much Monthly any more :P) are all very 'samey' and lack any real distinguishing features. Things like the Dark Lord Mechula and Viking are so different looking.

There also seems to be a lack of creativity with new types of attack and status effects. There used to be new ideas all the time, not so much now, though.

The plot direction seems fine, just needs to actual get up and go in that direction, at the moment the only releases are event shops :/ Maybe I'm just being selective in what I can remember ^_^'

I know all this creativity is difficult, but that's part and parcel of creating a game. I guess it comes down to the lack of team members for MechQuest that effects the amount of production.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 35
4/28/2011 18:27:50   

MQ has a plot ? I never noticed
AQ MQ  Post #: 36
4/29/2011 20:19:51   

What your favorite type of quests were: Other than the elevator quests, I pretty much like all of them.
Likes And Dislikes About the Mechs: When mechquest first started, all the mechs/parts were were unique, but still kept a consistent enough art style to be customized. Now, not only does your mech look retarded when you do customize, but standalone mechs are too powerful. I think there should be much more quantity and quality (in terms of power) in individual parts. That way it would encourage customization and make it a much more interesting game in general. Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon at this point, but the newbatron/house mech art style beats the crap out of the Imbiber one anyway. That unique and intricate rounded type of shading is one of the things that drew me into the game in the first place. That said, keeping things too uniform would get pretty boring after a while. I suggest, having groups of "technologies" that each have their own aesthetics and supporting group of parts and bases.
How you feel about the plot.: As I said, I like most of the quests and mini-plotlines individually, but the order is confusing, especially if you don't use the forums. I agree with those above me that unlocking the planets one by one would be much better. Also, this game really needs some lovable NPCs that actually do things with you! NPCs as of now just hand out missions.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 37
5/3/2011 3:42:07   
Pasin Thru

What your favorite type of quests were
Like: Diverse, various opponents, different strategies required during a single mission, creative storytelling, fresh scenery. Minigames are fun if not overused or too demanding.
Dislike: Grinds, monotony, random number rolls to advance, lots of empty screens, lots of backtracking to repair, lots of repetition.
I like a sense of progression. Defending the same location 10 times isn't more fun than defending it three. I don't want to keep harvesting the same random drop for 30 battles before the plot continues.
The best part of the game is coming up with ways to defeat new opponents with different mechs and weapons. Too often it degenerates into clicking the same weapons in the same order every time. Grinds and filler content make that more noticeable. Areas like Bug War 2 force us to adapt our strategies more than usual, but they still become monotonous too quickly.
What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
Like: Creative silliness, creative animation.
Dislike: Slow animation, excessive randomness, enemies that cheat by hiding all their limbs, difficult fights that give normal rewards.
A lot of the game's appeal wore off when I learned the enemies are more rewarding if you have higher level mechs and weapons equipped. It's too artificial. Instead of using a lower level mech to beat tough enemies for big rewards, you end up using a higher level mech to beat same level enemies. Often it's a higher level version of a mech you've used before.
On the other hand, there are too many gaps between levels. There's no incentive to buy a level 17 weapon series for a level 19 mech, and even less incentive to use a level 21 weapon on an ordinary level 19 mech, so interesting weapons often go unused. I like the scaling on some mechs and weapons, but it would be nicer if there was a steady progression of equipment to discover at every level.
Limbless opponents with only 2 attacks and no cooldown get boring or frustrating very quickly. Evil Sam Rye can shut down most mechs endlessly if he uses his -60% accuracy stick every turn. Hulk mech on Zargon can do huge damage every turn if he wants to. Most ShS can be beaten with a single straightforward routine. It's a lot more interesting to fight enemies with 3 or more cooldown attacks, especially if they have abilities that interrupt our default strategies. We can anticipate and plan ahead rather than hope that the -60% stick skips a round.
How you feel about the plot.
Fun when it takes insane concepts seriously. Not very focused. Very difficult to navigate many of the more recent quests. It's not always obvious when further content or past content is available.
MQ  Post #: 38
5/3/2011 5:36:38   

My favourite type of quests:

Ones where I don't have to repeatedly do the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to reach the next checkpoint to do a different thing over and over and over...

A little more variety would be nice. Also, please get rid of the random number rolls, the timed quests and quests with bosses that are next to impossible to beat in a high level mecha.

What I like/dislike about the Mechs:

Like: Enemy designs, especially ShS mechas.

Dislike: Recent playable mecha designs. It feels like they've been steadily getting worse/more formulaic and end up looking very "flat". Better art and more detail would be nice. The shading is pretty poor on some of the new mechas (lol Imbiber).

Dislike: Standardized enemy scaling. Just about all the normal enemy mechas have the same HP and EP due to level scaling. This takes a lot of the fun out of fighting different enemies when they all end up pretty much the same just with slightly different weapon specials. Combat feels very monotonous because of this. Especially during grind quests.

Dislike: Lack of ingame information on weapons and special effects. Would really like to have more detailed information on all the different aspects of mecha combat presented in-game. Instead of "has chance to do extra damage", I'd love to see something like "30% chance to do +15 damage". This is important in the Shop menus as well, I'd like to know exactly what I'm spending my hard earned credits on.

Dislike: Drawn out animations. Please tighten them up. Combat feels like I'm playing in slow motion. Make them snappy! Half the game is waiting for animations to finish playing.

How I feel about the plot:

Plot? What plot?

Seriously though, I would like to have a way to tell exactly what I have/haven't done (story missions, optional quests etc.) without having to go and check each NPC in every location.

As you can probably tell by now, I rate user-friendliness very highly.

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MQ  Post #: 39
5/3/2011 22:31:42   

What your favorite type of quests were:
Honestly I didn't like many of the quests since there wasn't much in the quests until the second part of it was released like Yokai, 'fight waves of enemies, do boss battle, wait until next release.' Probably my "favorite type of quest" is probably involving some mech walking, finding like levers to open doors, and somewhat of a challenge for a boss fight. I would also like to see the maze quest from your house be updated with higher level enemies. ;).

What I like/dislike about the Mechs:
I like themed mechs and most of the SCMM, well not monthly but could be more silly/never-saw-it-coming mech and could also be a bit more... designed, don't get me wrong I like the mechs, but some seem kinda plain to me. The only thing I dislike about mechs when I battle them is just their effects like the Advanced Runehawk's body attack and things that just make you miss or stun you for like 2 turns.

How I feel about the plot:
I remember when I was still in the starship for a couple months trying to get Lore and battling SS. Then when we landed I was so surprised when I saw all the the buildings like the hospital, Tek's Meks, and the pizza place, but now there is no storyline as of now at least with new releases not related to it. I could understand how it feels to make new releases, but for me to feel interested every week is too at least make some new weapons/mechs. I would love to see the storyline progress, but right now I just can't see it... :l

MQ AQW  Post #: 40
5/4/2011 0:13:40   

1. The one like the quest on the dropship where there were mecha enemies in a walkaround map... or like "There" on Westion... or like the search for the map in Sekali or the hunt for the key in Morrowood. My least favorite is the elevator style... Where you have to battle, then wait... Then battle, and wait...

2. I like the variety of playing styles and specials. I do not like that battles are so short. Buff the mechas HP a bit (and Credit and EXP rewards) and that would be cool.

3. Excellent. Except for a few corny places like Yokai... It's overall very good.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 41
5/4/2011 0:32:29   

What your favorite type of quests were

I loved the Westion Planet quests (It's a shame it got blown up), The Job quests were fun as well as well as The Vampire Planet.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game

I like the old mechs mostly like the ones before Zargon. The new ones I haven't liked so much.

How you feel about the plot.

The plot is good. I like it how every planet had a different story line so far as well as different environments. The only planet I have not liked was Yokai. It kinda bored me but it did in AQW as well. Something just annoyed me about it.
DF MQ  Post #: 42
5/15/2011 7:21:09   

What your favorite type of quests were

I like war-based quests like the Pirate VS Arthurian War, and the 3010 St.Patty's Day Leprechaun Invasion. Because during war there are the most special rewards and valor badges to be earned. Now that the GEARS games is over I resort to go to the Inn on Westion just to play the Shadowscythe War again and again. I like quests where you have to fight multiple enemies in a row(with healing), and a roll at the end to find something. The exception to this is the Elevator quest on Bloodrock Mountain. I will explain why in a bit. I disliked timed quests like the rescue Xaria (Pft, I am not even from Wolfblade. Wolfblade owes me their lives for rescuing their leader -_-) and bossfights(I leave each battle with each vampire lord with myself shaking each time). Firstly, the time limit is annoying as most powerful weapons may not necessary be fast(Derp Yawp) and as for bosses, sometimes they are just overpowered. I would look forward to another Shadowscythe VS Everyone Else war where we get to choose our alliances like the Pirates War. We can be either with the Shadowscythe, Everyone Else, or mercenary fighters working for both sides.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game

1. The designs are okay with me. I do not mind the designs as long as they are simple and do not lag the game. Same with the attacks. Speaking of which, one example is the ShS Devastator's "Stunnin' Crush!". That attack is really laggy and slow.

2. The power of both enemy and the mechas that we use leave much to be desired. Recently the mecha I have been seeing and buying(because I have nothing else for my level, which brings me to point 3 later on) are all based on random themes. Each mecha has no focus at all. The RH Gears Edition mecha was one example of this error. What has energy reduction (Mana Cannon) got to do with dealing critical hits(Crystal Cannon) and lowering your enemy's damage(Serpent Eyes) as well as doing random EP/HP DoTs(GEARS Orb)? I wanted the mecha like the Lucky Nubertron of 3010's St.Patty Day. It had a specific theme to it, in which case it was dealing large amounts of critical damage. To summarise my point, here is what I mean:

Mecha 1:

Body: Nerf enemy damage by 30
FA: Deal HP DoT
BA: Deal EP DoT
FS: 50% Chance for extra shot
BS 50% Chance for Crit
Head: Increase defense by 30

This in my opinion is bad as it does not have a specific theme or combo to use the weapons to obtain the fastest kill.

Mecha 2:

Body: Purge all active effects on own mecha
FA: 1.5x HP DoT
BA: 1.5x EP DoT
FS: HP DoT, recovers health for damage dealt
BS: EP DoT, recovers energy for damage dealt
Head: Target Lock-On +50 to hit

(+50 to hit so the weapons can have more accuracy and inflict DoT on the enemy) This mecha is exactly what I feel should be used. It has a specific theme, in which case it is dealing multiple HP and EP DoTs to the enemy and can be used to counter an enemy which uses damage reduction tactics.

Also, the power of other mechas are sometime even stronger than the player. Yes, I agree some are challenging, but sometimes it goes too far. Taking myself as an example, I find it hard to kill Evil Sam-Rye with the Makinaga simply because its version of the weapon has 0 cooldown and it allows it to use the weapon repeatedly. This wasn't like the old mechas. WHen I was on the SDF reliant, the Hoverscythe Model A did not keep using its Nether Pulse and rather kept using the Nether Shot even though the Nether Pulse was more useful in that it could reduce immobility resist and stun. I have had, on the other hand, found Evil Sam-Ryes who only use their Makinaga for the entire battle. Also, the Vladic Knight in the Elevator Mission (Which I never beat) is overpowered. The only mecha I could use was my V-Hunter and it doesn't have any way to counter the Vladic Knight's attacks. Using any other mecha results in a swift death. So I think the difficulty should be brought down.

3. The last point for this section: One thing I ask about the mechas in shops is: Where is the level 40 version? Most mechas being sold are usually for people around level 20 to 35. There are almost no choices for anyone who is above level 40 other than scalable event mechs.

How you feel about the plot.

Ok. I like the whole main storyline but I hate Necryptos. I have one question to ask about Necryptos, whether you can read between the lines to uncover the true meaning of the statement:

"Was Necryptos a Star-Captain feature accidentally released for all? I didn't MEAN to do the missions. It was an accident! So was I NOT supposed to do the missions?"
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 43
5/15/2011 13:28:22   

What your favorite type of quests were I have only completed one saga, which is Necrytops, because I thought it looked fun. Kept me occupied for at least 5 hours. Although personally, I like DF more, the releases each week for them are ~15 minutes, minus the farming for item drops. In MQ, big releases (Like this Friday the 13th) took me 1 hr, I loved it. (Although this week in DF there is a war, which cannot quite be beat...its end of Chapter 1 of DF!!!). But then again, last week, it took me a couple log-ins to find that the release was a measly shop. With 3 items. 1 NG, 1 SC, 1 NSC. The NSC pipe was worse than Ultraviolet. So last week's release was like...lolwut? In general, if we have a MQ release, and its a SUBSTANTIAL one, it keeps me occupied for around 30 minutes. If its not, it might take me 2 minutes to check out the new shop. That's it.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game I like the fact that we have variety, 6 slots, 5 equippiple (minus body), and almost each wep has a effect/special, so it adds to variety in the game. This part-the "skills" I think MQ is way better. I can "create" my own "skill set". What I do not like, is that after almost every battle, I must go back and heal. The most i've lasted before having to go back and heal was...3 battles. In DF, I don't need to heal! Granted, MQ battles are like 3-4 enemies that do just about the same amount of damage as you do, in a quest, while DF has around like 20-one hit killables. Still, what drives me nuts (and also what kinda dropped me out of MQ) was the fact that I had to go back and heal after every single battle...

How you feel about the plot. As I said, I've only gotten through Necrytops, I'm taking a break and then finishing Zargon or Westion, but I loved the variety and plot in Necrytops. When I had to stop playing (for a break, lunch, class ended...XD) I was really sad...and couldn't wait for the next time I could play.

Overall, I'm excited for the new overhaul, and I wish you guys luck! Thanks for listenting to my opinion!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 44
1/17/2013 16:40:22   
jayk the pikachu

What your favorite type of quests were
Particularly I like ones involving variety.I like quests with some Mecha Fights then Walking Around.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
What I like, is how all of the mechs pre-Steve Skysplitter looked. Incredible artwork,and the SCMM of the time were Good Looking and powerful.They were incredibly detailed.My personal favorite was the Mohawk, large and powerful while also very detailed and good looking.

Recently, I reeeeally disliked the new art style. The Nemesis used it well but overall it turns out kind of...cheap looking to me. It's a lot less detailed than mechs from the beginning of the game which is weird. Also, they mess up the colors and th Shading looks Wierd

Another problem is that there's a lack of permanent powerful mechs, most of the reeeally good stuff has gone rare causing a severe power inflation while the game should be catering to newer players Which is one of two reasons that most of my RL Friends who played MQ quit.

How you feel about the plot.
In the beginning, I loved it. Gave a good feeling that we were fighting a war that we were vastly Numbered in. Recently, it's been...sort of blah. I can barely keep my head around the plot and i'ma Major DW fan and i keep my head round DW's plots.Also,the fact that you have to do certain parts of plot to unlock other planets.I liked when we could hop on Yokai or Westion without doing story requirements.It feels too Linear,it should be more like AQW's plot which allows to play any section you like.The fact that the plot is linear is the 2nd reason some of My RL Friends quit MQ.
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1/17/2013 19:31:09   

Dear Korin,

I will answer these questions to help you and the MQ team, I do hope you will take your time and read them.


What your favorite type of quests were

Well, my favorite types of quests were ones that were like Romero. It was a very nice mix of quests I've seen before and newer ones like the satellite defense. I haven't finished a few but yeah. If there is one thing I will say that was bad about the quests is this: Energy Blade Battles get really boring. It would be nice to have a sidearm or even more skills to use. Also, the 100 floor battles.....*shudders*


What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game

I like most mechas, but come on, give us players (SC and NSC alike) more permanent mechas. Also you guys should give more low level love, it really stunk that I couldn't even get most of the cool mechs until I was level 20+ and that NSCs are really limited in their choices in mechas unlike SCs. Everytime when I look at the Encyclopedia, it makes me wince! I see 'rare' tags EVERYWHERE, any mechas that aren't rare isn't the best and the ones that are, there are so few of them. Also, the art style of the mechs seem to be downgrading abit. For example, when I saw the Advanced WB I thought, "Wow! It looks so awesome!" But, as I see newer mechas like the Elite Wolfblade mech and art recycled for the Rebel mechas (from the EBILcorp War) I saw that the MQ team is too small, and could use alot more help. MQ team needs more people helping on their art, storyline, and coding (a few cutscenes had my character facing the wrong way).


How you feel about the plot.

I feel that it's great, but it is too "linear" I see posts above me that said that we used to be able to play on any planet we could, it would be nice if we had a few areas to be retouched like Yokai, a few building aren't even open yet! We should have a few side quests like AQW or DF, that would also give players more time to have fun to grab awesome equipment and stuff. I know that you guys try to do your best (or I hope so) so thanks for looking at this post. I do believe that by doing these things I have said can bring in more players and bring back old ones.


Hijinks The Warrior
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What your favorite type of quests were

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game

How you feel about the plot.

How fun! Again. XD

1. Generally, the quests with minimal walkaround were best. Preferably, these quests shouldn't have to be repeated multiple times as well, or if so, they ought to have varied enemies each time. If accompanied by a minigame, even better.
Though there are almost no quests that fit all 3 criteria that I can remember, ones that stick out to me are Thunderhammer, the RT-RT trap, and the 100 Floors.

2. I'll go generic and say specs and animations. Initial looks are also important, of course, which is why the EHMs are kinda iffy to me.
What I don't like is when mecha (or even non-default weapons) have specs that are basically rehashed versions of previous weps. Weps that try to be powerful by taking a whole buncha different specs and cramming them onto the same wep generally also have that problem, but at least they're hilarious to use due to their sheer power.

3. It has potential, but the NPCs need more character development and personality, and the quests need less repetition. Liath is an example of a place with almost nil character development, only minor personality (Zeke), and ridiculous amounts of repetition (as if we needed more rolls @_@).
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What your favorite type of quests were : My questing I enjoyed was variety, a mech fight here or there, an energyblade battle, some minigames, something that felt fun, and not that repetitive. Usually unlocking a few shops or rewards along the way. I did like quests that took extra steps to beat, and preparation(Westions fire boss for example), or that hammerhead that was resistant, added a bit of challenge, and strategizing. My favorite are ones when I feel I really made an impact, whether it's saving my house leader, or getting an artifact,or even watching a planets destruction...it makes you think, if only you did more...
What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game: I like the mechs that had a certain...uniqueness, whether it was a special cool looking style with semi powerful attacks that fit, or a trash talking mech, to the shrinking steam-punk, they seemed fresh, however, I dislike that some mechs that seem strong, but take awhile to finish the animation...make it seem monotonous when there are multiple enemies
How you feel about the plot: Could use more shadowscythe acting as a threat, character interactions and development, more choices, even if you end up getting a game over, and side missions with sub-plots, like those artifacts, or necryptos, though it is never explained why we went there and what we gained from it ally-wise it was fun, other than having to buy that mech to have any hope of winning...
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What your favorite type of quests were:

My favorite is quest focused on fight and I dont like walk much around labyrinth maps.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game:

I like animations and designs about several Mechs as Falcon, Star Captain, Golden, I play Mechquest for see mechs weapons and powers. I love Star Captain attacks as Solar Flare and Meteor Crash its awesome. I wish that Mechquest Team and Artix put an offer with all SC Monthly Mechas for all players that missed and I want SC Monthly Mechas again.
I dont like too human/animal design mechas and freaks mechas too.

How you feel about the plot:

I like plot but it needs more updates and I want to see more bosses.

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I had made a post yesterday, before I realized this was an old thread (should've figured, given how long it's been since Andy was here :P)
And also...apparently my answers back then were more or less the same, just written more...ecstatically, which is a bit embarrassing.

So I'm gonna examine it and see what I would like changed, as there's a big difference then and now.

Thanks Andy, a legitimate chance to...actually do something...now to the topic.

What your favorite type of quests were
Particularly I like ones involving walkaround and end with a good cutscene. MQ's first story mission with the Tibattleonia thing was a fantastic example of this.
Besides that, Braddock's minigame was great, I'd like to see something like that implemented in the future.

Ok so here I didn't think it through at all.
What I like more than any of this is quests where you do not need to repeat them. It's boring, which is the opposite of what a game should be. I don't mind it OCCASIONALLY but it makes up 70% of MQ's quests as it is. Yokai is the biggest offender, as it doesn't even bother telling you how many times you need to complete each mission.

Things like Lagos' Island exploration is preferable even, as at least it has some nice walkaround and other things to do.


What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game

What I like, is how all of the mechs pre-Steve Skysplitter looked. Awesome artwork and style, and the monthly mechs of the time were fantastic and powerful. Specifically the early monthlies. They had a very consistent military look, were incredibly detailed and very powerful. The look in general was my favorite appearance for any mech style in the game. My personal favorite was the Mohawk, large and powerful while also very detailed and good looking.

The Pirate series also looked fantastic. They were a good combination of themed (which I usually hate) and still keeping a decently realistic (but not boring) military appearance. They also had a great color scheme. I just wish the Sniper had different legs, its own didn't fit it well at all.

As for early mechs, art's always been great. The Shadow E series has amazing detail and I'd love to see more like that. The SDF were also good, but one I particularly loved was the HammerHead. It was the first real war based mech of the time because it was said to be used by soldiers. Either way, it looked great and was pretty strong for the time. Actually, it would make sense to make more military mechs. The SDF is supposed to defend the planet so they should be elite, their last mechs are quite outdated then.

Recently, I reeeeally disliked the new art style. The Nemesis used it well but overall it turns out kind of...cheap looking to me. It's a lot less detailed than mechs from the beginning of the game which is weird. Also, they mess up the colors, compare the Imbiber on the same color as a HammerHead, if you use dark purple like I do, Imbiber instead has a weird bright pinkish hue to it. The new style just lacks quality. Shading is off and it's just less detailed overall, they look out of place in the game as they're less advanced than even the Newbatron in art.

Another problem is that there's a lack of permanent powerful mechs, most of the reeeally good stuff has gone rare causing a severe power inflation while the game should be catering to newer players.

My views haven't changed much on this. The art's been on weird wave lately. Often, it's just too simplistic to mesh with MQ's established art-style. Imbiber being the worst example as it looked like it belonged in HeroSmash. I shouldn't have to explain why that makes it stick out.

Now that's not to say the simple style hasn't worked before. GlaDERP is an example where it worked, and to a lesser degree Mechatron. Nemesis was also detailed, but then it ran into issues with color and shading.

Also another glaring problem (which I seem to have briefly touched on) is lack of permanent Mechs. Now this has always been an issue but my views have changed slightly. What if the Mechs were used to give an area atmosphere, thus adding to the story? Just as a random example, say we're on some abandoned Desert world and we come across an outpost of soldiers willing to sell us a Mech that fits that type of scenery. Coolness is an important factor too, which is why it disappoints me some of the better looking Mechs (Mohawk, and most old SCMMs) that actually looked like realistic war-machines. SDF could even use it.

They are after all, supposed to be elite warriors. It makes sense that our Military would have better equipment than the average pilot.


How you feel about the plot.
In the beginning, I loved it. Gave a good feeling that we were entering a war that we were vastly outmatched in. Recently, it's been...sort of blah. I think the main reason is unlike DF, MQ lacks any sort of cool NPCs, the most it has is Braddock and J6. There's no-one besides us who really even does anything. If MQ got back to the war theme, for example maybe having us go to some ShadowScythe conquered areas since they are stronger than mostly everyone, it could be more interesting.

Whooo...have a lot to add here.

Like before, the lack of memorable NPCs is one of the downsides when comparing this and DF, which has a ton of characters even if some of them don't do much.
Look at the IrisMancer. Used to move the plot forward even though he was a minor enemy. If MQ did this more often, like it did on Necryptos, we'd have more enemies that could be notable.

Barbarossa was one who could've been interesting, but then he just sort of disappeared. He even had his own custom (and nice looking) Mech. He's still alive even, so why not continue that?

ShadowScythe are also poorly developed. Valoth has pretty much done nothing but summarize events for the player, and while Medeia does some interesting things she's seen so rarely it loses its touch. I'd be inclined to say even Sepulchure (who I think is a pretty bad character) is far better than any ShadowScythe shown so far.
Gameplay-wise, they don't feel intimidating. They're so below us on the powerscale that whereas Vampires came off as powerful pillars to be smashed, ShadowScythe are just fodder that elicits a resounded "Eh."

Necryptos in general was a good example of a nice small plot (it had its problems but overall the good outweighs the bad) with mini-bosses who were somewhat unique. Yeah they didn't get amazing development, but they were memorable and had some semblance of personality.

This applies to good guys as well. We're in an army, yet there's no other Ace Pilots besides Sys? mechanics? Engineers? Bounty Hunters Mercenaries SOMETHING. J6 was memorable...and then he stopped being important at all.

"And that's all I have to say, about that"
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