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RE: =MQ= Feedback about raising MQ to another level

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1/18/2013 11:47:32   

Andy is still here, just under another name :P
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 51
1/18/2013 12:20:47   

My activity has clearly not been what I thought it was :P
DF MQ  Post #: 52
1/18/2013 19:19:57   
madman 13

∑ What your favorite type of quests were

The kind that you don't need to repeat. Repeating once or twice maybe, but when you keep going back over something to extinction just to advance the plot, it kills it for me. DF works because you only need to grind when you're trying to get a certain item to drop, and that's usually a merge item to rank up a class. In those cases, the grinding is fine because you get a reward each iteration, and every time you do it brings something new. in AQW's reputation quests, on the other hand, I have only ever reached rank 10 once. The repetition of the same things without any changes for a long time gets to me quite quick.

So in short, you want quests which take longer than one battle to do, but don't need repeating. AND DEFINITELY NO RNG. Even with the persistance bonus, that thing is one of m y most hated enemies

Favourite type of Mecha

the kind with specials that complement each other, or mechanics which add more depth to battles. The EHMs became favorites very quickly for their unique features.

Also, ones which can be customised in all kinds of ways for different things, easily.

Animation wise, Dynamic movement. I like mecha which feel like they're not just standing there when they fight. also Animations that are fun to watch and have a lot of detail

In terms of looks, metal and complex is better. I like the way they tend to be themed, but would prefer them to look like mechanical versions of whatever they represent. like on Westion, the mecha looked almost too cowboy and not enough machine (J6 like mecha would have felt in place there), whereas on Zargon, the Superbots felt much better, because they were more obviously robots (). However, this does have exceptions; the vampire mechs felt just right because the organic or mystic elements felt like they were due to the mecha being merged or linked to their pilots, and the way Runehawk seems to get more glowy and aetheric with each passing design feels more like an evolution of them than industrial would. In short, make the mecha look like futuristic versions of whatever stereotype they represent

Not doing mecha with beards, I must stress, is important, as well.

And on a side note, April/maypril fools mecha should look like fools. I dearly regret not getting the first one. The second I loved. Third and forth just feel like silly jokes rather than actual April Fools celebrations (an old toy and an internet meme?). Loki as a cosmic prankster was a step back in the right direction, but not quite. Oddly, none of the other holiday releases have had this trouble except Halloween, which seems to have also graduated to unrelated characters that just look a bit scary (I don't mind the mecha themselves, just this odd loose theme.)

Storyline wise

The Setting needs develloping, The shadowscythe just seem to be monsters falling from the sky and roaming before retreating, when you could have infected planets with bits of bio-mechanical SHS corruption growing out of them in territory they have taken over already, or the like, to give an impression of them consuming rather than merely wrecking. Also, more factions; It seems unrealistic that every single planet is on your side, when there could be worlds which are looking out for themselves, or fighting both, or trying to profit from it in some way, or even groups that almost religiously wish for the Shadowscythe to assimilate them, and try and call it a good thing. Only right now, it feels like everybody already had deals or trades with each other, and you just asked them for help, which seems unrealistic. Gark was a step the right way then, but not far enough. And maybe have more unusual species and less humans.

More memorable and deep NPCS, would be a big plus, especially doing something other than giving orders. Lisa aboard the starship is a good example, because whenever she appeared she seemed to be offering ways to help out, not just giving instructions or selling stuff. More of her would be nice for that reason, and she could possibly keep track of a list of storyline goals for you, to help keep it on course and less confusing. And there could be more like her, who act as though they're your equal partner or assistant, instead of always superior. On Necryptos, Han just ranted from a safe distance, whereas Safira, when she appeared, never made demands, she just helped you because you had a common goal (eg "I'll send you a device to merge the bloodstones. That might help if you plan on dealing with Myracinya"). Having your character doing things for their own ends with the help of allies (even off screen), rather than just acting as the bottom rung of the ladder doing all the work for everyone, feels better.

Also, side strands would be nice. Not as in "the war effort sends you here to do this", or "Warlic has a bad feeling about this". More just doing things because you want to do them. Necryptos was good because you just went there and got a goal, but you didn't feel like doing this was to advance some greater cause, it was just for the sake of doing it.

One possiblity would be finding a bounty hunter (J6, or maybe the minigun wielding cyborg on Gark, or the like) who offered to teach you the tricks of the trade, and sold you stuff for bringing in bounties

And loosen up on the liniarity a lot. Locking all the planets until a suitable story line point avoids plot holes, but it's driven me away from this game so often, and I really think it does more harm than good. I don't have the patience to keep fighting my way to Slugwrath just to send new characters into space, and every time I've started playing since the planets were locked, the fact that they were locked led me to quit.

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MQ  Post #: 53
1/21/2013 9:06:29   

I hope we could do more job-like quests to further NPCs backstories or bring in more creativity in MQ.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 54
1/22/2013 4:32:26   
Runic Lord

Favorite types of quests
The Yokai Scavenger hunt. That was my all time favorite quest. Jumping around from planet to planet and doing an older quest at each one was very fun. Grinding quests are not that bad either as long as they don't start out hard and get harder. If they start out easy and get progressively harder that is fine. I am used to grinding as I play this game that requires you to grind for over 50 hours to even start to hit the level cap.

∑ What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
Mechs that can be used in many different builds. The ERH makes a great healer. EP drainer, and defensive build. the ERH makes a good crit and nerfer build. The Falcon and Dharmap are AMAZING because they can be turned into almost every build in the book. I hate mechs that encourage you to use the defaults. I never want to use all the defaults of a mech. Customizing a mech is where I get my enjoyment. Also any mech without a useful body attack I never use. The wrapped nubertron in my eyes is a useless mech because no good builds can be made off it and its lack of a body.

How you feel about the plot

Well seeing it updated more frequently would be nice. More NPC back stories would be really fun. I also would like more planets such as Yokai and Liath that really sets them apart from other planets and makes them feel unique. After finishing the main story I would like to see planets with more side quests instead of just a main storyline. Most of all though I am into bosses. The greatest fun I find is getting killed repeatedly by a boss on meltface+extreme and changing builds frequently to try and beat it

MQ  Post #: 55
1/28/2013 7:56:09   

What I dont like

Having to do 20 rolls to achieve 1 of many goals e.g. getting the 20 keys in Liath! I hate grinding!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 56
1/30/2013 15:00:50   

∑ What your favorite type of quests were
Frankly as long as I have a shot or doesn't require some fancy build, I'll play it. I like ones that have a energy blade fight in them, simple variation and speeds up play. I just wish there was more content or content was longer. I prefer to level up more so just by playing through several quest chains, grinding dead last. And MQ is a lot of grinding. I know the support team does what they can, but it needs some more stuff

∑ What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game
The only thing I dislike is long attack animations, they look cool but waste so much time and sometimes teh damage isn't even worth it. Other than that, the spread is really nice and makes you play around

∑ How you feel about the plot.
I can follow it works at times, but writing could be smoothed out some
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 57
2/2/2013 16:57:35   

What your favorite type of quests were:

The guests that are actually based around some sort of plot; regardless of whether its a plot to find out who's been stealing cookies from the kitchen or who's been scheming to overthrow the government, quests that are actually about characters and their involvement and impact on their environment are the most interesting. Of course I'm not suggesting that these quests shouldn't have additional incentives: such as combat, loot, and exp. But that those should feel like bonuses, not the main focus of every quest. Of course, I don't have any objection to quests that also serve as a pure 'gameplay' experience, such as the challenge zones, mini-games, or areas designed for grinding.

What you like and do not like about the Mechs in the game:

From a thematic standpoint, I love the combination of nature and technology as seen with most of the Arthurian mechs. Or the combination of past and future, or supernatural with science of the werewolves, vampires, and zombies. What I don't like, and maybe this is more true of equipment, is that there's too many of them. And in an attempt to make each one different, MQ's team quickly burned through most of the 'abilities' or 'special effects' that would distinguish them from one another. Which meant they quickly started to fall into a seemingly endless cycle of repetition.

How you feel about the plot:

I'll be honest, MQ had some cool ideas: the concept that Evilcorp really was just a massive, unscrupulous company that backed whoever had the most money or power was a nice contrast to the simply 'Evil because we're evil Shadowscythe.' But it really jumped the shark once it became Ebilcorp; it simply became an annoying, incompetent organization that served the mere purpose of providing slapstick humor.

And I was really looking forward to learning more about the Dragonoids and the Shadowscythe; in fact, despite having taken a hiatus from MQ when I heard that the 'Dragonoid Saga' was starting I began to look forward to MQ releases again. Only to be extremely disappointed with the first planet to be involved in that arc. To the point where I stopped playing and didn't contribute in any way until now.

However, the pacing is really bad: If GEARS and Soluna are really so important more time should have been spent developing their story arcs; right now, the departure into space for allies against the Shadowscythe feels like a rushed attempt to demonstrate what makes MQ different from the other Ae games. the idea of exploring other planets. Soluna would have greatly benefited from several years of plot development, during which we get to know the characters of not only the town but also GEARS and other locations on Lore. That way when events, such as the house leader kidnapping occured, players could actually feel something about the character, because they believe they've gotten to know them. Which provides motivation for them to complete the quests that save the character. Or at least discover what happens to them. And provides incentive for them to keep logging in or checking back every week.

Back on the subject of planets: one of the problems with them is that they never feel like an entire planet; instead, they feel like a set location which could just have easily been a part of the first planet. Part of this might be that the amount of time actually spent on each planet is relatively short. (I mean in terms of locations visited and things accomplished not how long it takes for the staff to release it.) And in some cases, once an plot arc has been completed the game's story simply moves to some filler planet for awhile and then the next 'main planet.' The total lack of recognition or closure in any form really doesn't leave me with the impression that anything I did had any merit.

I also think MQ needs to pick a tone: is the game serious with lighthearted moments, or lighthearted with serious moments. Right now MQ seems to flip-flop between them too freely; on the one hand, you have planets like Westion or Lagos, which were fairly serious but then the rest of the planets are not so much. The ending to the Westion War part 2 was a good dramatic moment, right up until Korin appeared and undermined the entire thing. On the other hand, Korin appearing as an optional encounter in the GEARS classroom is totally acceptable.

Also, what is MQ's theme? I know some will say: "It's about the players and their allies fighting the Shadowscythe, duh." But that's merely what happens, or is supposed to happen. What is MQ actually about? Most obviously, it appears to be about Good (players and NPC allies) VS Evil (Shadowscythe and a collection of planetary antagonists). The problem with it merely being Good versus Evil is that: one it's done constantly and two it's not really any different than the rest of Ae's games. So from that perspective, what incentive do I have to play MQ over any of the better supported games?
MQ  Post #: 58
2/8/2013 21:14:27   

Iím going to start out by saying that MechQuest is one of my favorite games ever. Even when it was just starting out after I joined, I feared the day the servers would shut down because I wanted what I felt was a really good game to be playable forever. I still feel the same way and my passion for MechQuest has remained through all the so-called ďdark timesĒ where leadership was changing, releases became less frequent/substantial, and several interesting plot moves were made (Necryptos, thereís no point in not being blunt here).

However, MechQuest has always felt like MechQuest to me. Iíve never seen a release that felt out of place or like a betrayal of the story. Even the completely unexpected planet of Necryptos is something I accept as canon. Itís perfectly alright for people to have different feelings about the themes of planets, but Iíve found myself not having any of those feelings. I love each planet for what it is, what it does or doesnít contribute to the story, and for what it does or doesnít contribute to the game because it always contributes something. Whether itís a unique form of gameplay, even if impractical like Necryptos mechs or the Westion Part IIís ice element weapons, awesome mechs, or advances in the story.

So, why is it that I like MechQuest so much? There are plenty of games with just as much variety (and I like a lot of these games too). The thing is, the spirit of MechQuest has never been violated as I mentioned earlier. MechQuest is MechQuest at all points. The game is about going to new planets with distinct storylines while slowly building up the main storyline. Now that the main story is coming to an end, I have to say it was effective. Iím sure there were many deviations from the original plot, like the Dragonoid Saga, but they were well integrated and felt like MechQuest. Some people complained about deus ex machina when Korin appeared and acted (it wasn't), but I think it was a bold move and more importantly it was an effective move. Just as bold as the super awesome Crystal Asteroid release which hit us with a ton of awesome unexpected lore developments at its conclusion. If thereís anything about the story that I didnít like, it would be that the term DragonHeart Shards never made it into the game even though the plot is still there.

Even though not all of the plots will be concluded in the end of the main story, I think itís important that they were there. Everything new and unexpected remained tied to what was happening and added a lot of variety and potential. Even after the original main story is concluded Iíll look fondly upon everything else. Realistically, Iím not expecting the next installment of MechQuestís plot to appear after the first part ends (in the past I advocated to call each part a Volume and that will always be the term in my head-canon).

In terms of gameplay, there were a lot of experiments as I mentioned earlier. For a long time, energy blade fighting was very simple and mech combat grew impractical at times. It would be nice if these things could be fixed up, but they arenít much of a detriment. Outside of combat, MechQuest also integrated some minigames and unique features that expanded upon the options available for quests. Being able to play in another mech was really awesome and the shooting sequence in the Battleship mission for this release was a minigame I had completely forgotten about that I loved to see getting used again.

I could go on and on about how much I love MechQuest, but Iím not sure I can say what makes it great. Perhaps it was because of some miracle that I feel MechQuest has never betrayed itself and maybe itís good that itís ending now before such an opportunity could arise. Whatever the future is, Iím happy that I got to experience the game this far and that AE is willing to support it by keeping it online.

Everyone who has worked on this game really cared about it and Iím very glad I got to see it grow to this point. I really do want to thank everyone who has worked on it from beginning to end, especially the Game Leads: Artix, Warlic, Korin, and Maegwyn. This post may sound more like thanks than feedback, but I think it does count as feedback and advice about improving MechQuest. Keeping the spirit of MechQuest is all that is necessary to improve the game. As difficult as it is, I know that the people who work on MQ know how to do it.

As a message to other players like myself, Iíd like to remind everyone that MechQuest is not only living right now (you can play the game whenever you want!) but that it can continue to grow even after updates stop someday. Whether through fan fiction or fan art or pure discussion. As long as there is a community, MechQuest can never die.
AQ AQW  Post #: 59
2/10/2013 12:43:31   

I'm a player that started playing mechquest almost 7 years ago, back then I was a DF player who saw MQ being launched and I joined in and to put it short, I got hooked even though I only had the university shuttle to play with. However real life got in the way for the past 6 years and only recently have I found mechquest again and upgraded to SC because I felt that this game had so much potential, and in many ways I want to support this game so that my kids will eventually have the chance to play this game because I think AE is capable of creating ridiculously humorous but also morally decent entertainment (especially compared to what other forms of games/entertainment are present in our current world). I really would like to see MQ develop and I will try my best to support this endeavour.

Favorite types of quests:
Necryptos was really challenging and yet it gave this sense of accomplishment while remaining extremely concise and well packaged. I enjoy a good grind for missions though I fear (though not dislike) the mission timers.

As a returning player to MQ, may I say that is was also extremely confusing to locate different missions and to play out a coherent storyline. Many things have been added but I see no clear way of progressing and revisiting earlier mission areas.

Likes and dislikes about Mechs:
Weapons bought from shops are mostly useless and hence there is not a functional purpose for many weapon shops. Most of the time I merely rely on using the default weapons. I think the recent House Elite mechs are trending towards a very interesting direction in that there is a passive effect for each mech and also the SC exclusive effect which makes it truly a good model for mechs to come (I actually upgraded for WBE, even without the functional thick skin and my oddly lowered HP)

How do you feel about the plot
I somehow think that MQ is branching out a lot without the branches linking back together and it has created this sense of incomplete design to MQ. I think that MQ could benefit more from an approach used in Mass Effect 3 where there was a coherent storyline about the hero gathering forces from around the galaxy for a final battle (sounds familiar?). I understand the differences between a single player RPG and MQ but it is truly very confusing to navigate around MQ and the planets really do seem like towns.

It has taken me quite a lot of effort reading through the forums to get a concrete understanding of what exactly is going on in MQ (rather than understanding through the missions).

Also, I echo the view of many others in thinking that we should have more memorable NPCs.

Oh and please more university classes/exams!

Please do not double-post, it is considered spam and only clutters the page. Next time use the button to add in any additional information to your post. If you do accidentally make an extra post then use the button to delete that extra post. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior. ~Balu ArchKnight

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2/10/2013 15:35:57   

Favorite plot

Favorite mecha

Favorite type of quests

will we still even have these things in their formal glory when they were actually were worked to perfection after the finale? o.o
MQ  Post #: 61
2/15/2013 4:45:42   

You guys do realise that none of the true feedback is listened to.

Nythera pretty much said, they will continue taking resources away from all the games for AQ3D and mobile games until they can't do weekly releases (although that doesn't happen in MQ anyway)


Weekly vs monthly releases is a very sticky issue...and quality vs quantity. We always strive to put out the highest quality releases we can.

Due to so much time and effort that is going into AQ3D and mobile, eventually we may have to go to non weekly releases, but nothing has been decided or set in stone. AQW still has huge releases and a lot of the time more than one release a week. They are always working on ways to improve current content, all of our games have always been a work in progress, none of them have been "finished" yet, which does make our games quite unique versus other games that are finished and get boring after awhile. The idea of weekly releases and new content every week is awesome and has usually has worked for us. Unfortunately, things change and must evolve, so we are always looking to the future to see how to make our games and company better, keep our players happy and bring in new players. Our smaller and older games will always be available to play and live, but may eventually have to go to a different release schedule depending on staff and time. We have so many wonderful long time dedicated staff that they would just keep releasing stuff for our games forever if they could. :)

ED didn't release much for almost 2 months due to Omega, and now it has been released and is amazing, the whole team worked so hard to redo the whole game and make it better - so it also depends on the game. We will always do what is best for each game and its players!
AQ MQ  Post #: 62
2/18/2013 0:14:02   

Favorite Quests
I don't really have any on my list, same for quests I hate.

What I like about the mechs is that most of them have weapons that come along with a mech every now and then(Like the Frankenmecha) and I would LOVE more of those.

What I hate is also the variety. Since what mostly varies between the mechs are the level requirements. And some designs like the lolderpmechxD doesn't really fit into the game. April Fools could use some more mechs that are like the Clown one which is along the April Fools theme yet, serious and deadly at the same time. Mechs could also use different animations on swords because when I found out that the Sepulchure of Doom's FA wasn't as I hoped to be, I was really disappointed that it was just a silly looking flashy attack :c.
The variety of mechs on the early levels is kinda lacking too. And it's not that I hate seasonal mechs/items but...we could really use more 'military' stuff especially for the non-SCs.
Also, some stuff could be added in like two-handed weapons :3c

For me, the plot went downhill almost to the point of no return. But I think it can be improved on heavily depending on how the Finale will be done.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 63
4/7/2013 20:01:51   

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
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