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(HS) Cyan Eagle Ramix, Taking Flight!

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5/5/2011 19:44:08   
Ramix The Red Ace

The short backstory for my HeroSMASH character, which seemed too long to put in the character discussion thread. Enjoy. There is some mild violence in this and toning it down anymore than I already did would reduce it's quality to a point I would be unhappy with. Thou hast been warned.

EDIT: Revised with the creating of the feedback thread which I made after receiving the notification that one was necessary. In this one the grammar and vocabulary is better, the flow is nicer, it displays Ramix more clearly, and showcases all his powers. Well atleast that was the idea, I hope I got it right.
Re-Edited for the same reasons as the first edit. It turns out I didn't get it right, hopefully I didn't do as badly this time around. I will soon be expanding this into a full story with this as the prologue, thank you for reading. Feedback here.

As a child, young Ramix was bullied and tortured by his fellow classmates, his parents abused and ignored him, he had few friends, and his only relief was reading stories about great heroes. One day, during a school field trip to the mountains, Mr. Purple and his robotic machines attacked, while everyone ran, weak little Ramix fell behind, just as he thought he was going to meet his end, Pandora swooped down and saved his life, an act that he is and always will be grateful for.
As an adult he was unable to find a steady job, and his life saw little to no improvement. As he walked home one night he ran into four drunken men, he soon realized these men were the four worst bullies from his school days. They recognized Ramix and started insulting him, a fight soon broke out. They cornered him in an alley and at that moment he cracked. All the pain he had endured over the years, all the abuse, all the hatred, burst out. Ramix decided he wasn't going to take it anymore. He grabbed a nearby stick and fought back, he beat one of the bullies to death and soon impaled the second one, he proceeded to beat the third with it but the stick broke in the process. With his weapon left unusable, the fourth bully, by far the worst of the lot, beat him to near death. Ramix was left for dead in the alleyway. His attacker walked up to him and taunted him, slurring about how Ramix was weak and worthless. When he finished, he leaned down, and whispered into Ramix's ears.

I win and you lose, just like always, you'll never succeed at anything, you're trash, you're scum, you're worthless, your parents didn't want you, no one at school wanted you, and now no employer wants you, you wouldn't be missed if I killed you right now..." The bully said. "...but better yet, I'll just go to the police and tell them how you came up to us and started attacking us, and how my three friends gave their life to stop you while I tried to get help."

He laughed a drunken cackle and kicked him in the ribs. Before turning around to walk away, he gave Ramix one last taunt.
"You'll never survive in the real world, you're nothing but trash, there's no place for you, except maybe in a cell to rot. Just face it, idiot, you were always weak and stupid. People like me survive, and people like you die, that's how the world works."

At that point a cyan colored sculpture of an eagle fell out of a trash can, it fell right into Ramix's hand and began to glow, and just like that, everything changed, events were put in motion that nothing would be able to stop. Unfortunately for the bully, these events began with his demise. The bully heard a strange noise and turned around to a horrifying sight, and a bone chilling whisper.
Ramix was standing, and he was speaking to him in the most menacing tone the man had ever heard.

"No...you're...wrong...you monster, I will survive, but you will not."

While he was saying this, his body began to change. He grew larger, his arms were longer, his legs were growing longer, his hands and feet grew bigger to match, his body grew muscular and the formerly puny Ramix, was now at least half a head taller than the bully who looked down at him before, and was at least twice as muscular. His skin turned unimaginably pale, and then started taking a blueish hue. His eyes turned yellow and began to resemble the eyes of an eagle. Ramix's hands turned into something resembling claws, or perhaps talons, and his fingernails turned a cyan color. Then, an armor made of something that resembled steel, but appeared to be, and was, far stronger began to cover his body, a sapphire appeared in the middle of his chestplate and two wings made of the same material as the armor grew out of the back. Gauntlets that perfectly matched the shape of Ramix's new hands covered them, as if his mutation has been a preparation for this new armor. The midriff of his armor was covered in something that looked like feathers, but were made of the same material as the rest of the new suit of armor. A majestic, cyan aura surrounded his body, it's ephemeral beauty did not make it any less threatening, if anything the paradoxical combination of beauty and the horror of imminent doom made it even more horrifying. The bully tried to turn tail and run, but before he could even move his body, Ramix's newly armored right claw had cut his shirt to ribbons and left a horrifying gash on his torso in one fell swipe. Before the man could fall onto the ground and scream about how much it hurt, he was caught by Ramix's left claw, which began strangulating him.

"What's with the scared look all of a sudden?"

Ramix was an entirely different person, his voice had changed, it was deeper, but that wasn't all, there was now a menace in his tone that could make even the most horrible of villains, and the most stalwart of heroes cringe. There was a confidence that did not belong to a puny,unemployed, unloved, weak little nerd, this was not a confidence of a man who was threatening someone either, it was the confidence that belonged to a man who was stating facts. It seemed to the bully, through the haze of pain and terror, that the worst part was that his voice now held a stability that did not belong to man who had just been beaten to near death. Of course, the bully was more worried about how this weak, little, near-dead nerd had somehow been able to move like someone from The Matrix, leave him with a horrifying wound, and begin strangling the life out of him within seconds of being beaten to near death. He tried to beg for mercy but no sound came out. Ramix, or whatever demon had taken over his body, smirked and chuckled at the helplessness of the former tormentor.

"What you feel now is not even close to a fraction of all the pain I've felt over the years, and nothing compared to the pain you've caused me and all the other people you decided were inferior to you. I can assure you, I will make it out of this..." His smirk turned into a ferocious snarl, and his confident tone turned into a murderous one.
"...I WILL survive, but you, you stupid miserable worm, you will not survive!!!"

With an inhuman roar that sounded as if two different beings were shouting, the cyan aura around his body expanded and took the shape of a gigantic eagle, it consumed everything in the alleyway, and took flight while Ramix blacked out.

He awoke near the park with his armor gone and the Cyan Eagle Sculpture a few feet away from him. Next morning, the memories of what had happened poured into him as soon as he regained clarity, but he did not regret a second of it. While he was unconscious, or in whatever state the sculpture had left him in while he was transformed, all the knowledge of the sculpture had flowed into him. It had been created as a weapon for the forces of good, and it had belonged to two different masters, but when the last Cyan Eagle was felled, it was lost, and now he had found it, he smirked. He knew all it's secrets, all it's power, and it was all his to command. He suddenly had perfect knowledge of how to use it, as if he had been using it his whole life, like basic math, two plus two is four, a thought plus a movement of hand is laser beam. He walked forward to pick it up and embrace his destiny, but as if it had a mind of it's own (and it probably did), it begin to float. It went from a solid state to an energy form similar to his aura, although it retained it's shape. It flew forward and entered his body, he embraced it as it did and felt a rush of power and joy. Ramix was covered in a cyan glow, when it faded he had undergone the same transformation as the previous night, but this time, it was different, it was complete.. The first thing he noticed about this transformation was that it was much less gruesome, it did not come with the pain of having his body go through an unnatural growth spurt over a few seconds, and this time, the transformation was near instantaneous. He also donned a helmet now, it was made of the same material as the rest of his armor and sported cyan spikes in a Mohawk design on the top. Ramix began walking over to a lake to examine himself, and then remembered he didn't need to walk. He flew towards it at incredible speed and stared at his reflection. After a few seconds, he smiled, e now had power, his whole life he had been treated as, had been, a weakling, and now he was powerful, so how would he use these new found powers?

"Besides murder those bullies" Ramix muttered to himself, a bit happier about it than he probably should have been.

A group of robots gave him the answer as to what the second thing he would do was going to be. Fueled by an adrenaline rush, he dashed forward and began annihilating them. A swipe of his claws decapitated one, a swift kick cut another in half, an incredibly fast flurry of punches reduced one to rubble, and a laser blast made of the same energy as his aura (which he would later dub "Cyan Energy") reduced one to ashes. He took to the skies and began firing Cyan Energy laser beams from his eyes, destroying more of his opponents. The robots took to the skies and soon realized their mistake, or maybe they didn't, they didn't have much time to think about it, after all. Ramix's powers of flight were a sight to behold, on the ground he had speed, but in the air, he was speed, in less than a minute he had ripped half of his adversaries to shreds, and rammed the others, impaling them on his helmet at top speed, reducing them to rubble. However, they still had time to call for backup. Ramix only shrugged, he needed the practice anyway.

He tested out all of his powers on the reinforcements. He transformed into a tornado of Cyan Energy and consumed and/or ripped apart everything in his path. He fired laser beams from his hands,and used his ability to infuse enemies with his Cyan Energy and manipulate it from inside to blow up a few of the robots. He discovered that he was not invulnerable, but could heal wounds, he also discovered that his energy was not unlimited, but he could create more and replenish it by infusing other energies with his own to transform it into more Cyan Energy and absorb it into his body. After destroying every one of the robots, he found their leader. Judging by his suit and weaponry, he could tell that the villain was one of Davinci's assistants. The villain pulled out a gigantic blaster and began firing it. The laser attack actually hurt Ramix, catching him by surprise, but each subsequent blast was dodged with little to no effort until Ramix decided to go on the offensive. He flew towards his enemy, zig-zagging, twirling, and showing off his skill while effortlessly dodging the slow attacks. As soon as he hit the ground, a quick swipe from his claw destroyed the laser cannon, prompting Davinci's assistant to brandish his energy sword weapon. Ramix easily dodged the attacks, the villain's skill was obviously not in combat. When he got bored, Ramix decided to send The Assistant flying with a swift kick, and summoned his Eagle Blade. The Eagle Blade was made of the same material as the rest Ramix's armor, it had two decorative wings on the hilt and a hole at the beginning of the blade, with blue trimmings. The Cyan Eagle leaped forward and met The Assistant's blade with his own. Neither of them were amazing with a sword, but Ramix had speed, and much more strength than the villain, plus he had the muscle memory of the previous Eagle to help him. With these advantages Ramix used quick attacks to injure his opponent, destroy his weapon, and beat his Davinci's Assistant to the ground. He grabbed the villain with his "talons" and threw him against a tree. Before the villain could recover, Ramix was on him and pulling his hair with such strength that decapitation seemed inevitable. With a sadistic laugh Ramix prepared to finish the job when he heard a voice that stopped him cold.

"Come on, finish him!" The voice sounded malicious and smug. Ramix instantly decided he didn't like whoever the voice belonged to.

Ramix threw the villain away and growled as he realized what was happening. Something inside the Eagle was manipulating him. That was not going to be allowed. Before Ramix could initiate in a mental struggle a second voice did the job for him.
"There's no need, he's down and he won't be getting back up. Just let him go." This second voice surprised Ramix, it sounded, gentle, fatherly, and older than the first voice. It's tone reminded Ramix of an old Holier-than-thou priest he had met once. He didn't much care for this voice either. He was even more surprised when a third voice gave it's opinion.

"Just leave him there, if he's stupid enough to attack you, finish him, if not leave and hope he's learned his lesson." Ramix wasn't sure what this voice sounded like because it sounded less like a voice and more like a thought. He decided that he liked this one better.

Ramix decided to follow the words of the third voice and flew away as Davinci's assistant was not stupid enough to attack. Consequently, he looked back on his life and decided to change himself. He has reformed and is currently working as a farmer.

As he flew, Ramix thought about the voices he heard, they were still bickering in his head.
Humans are worthless, just kill them all, you know it's true, those bullies are proof.
Not everyone is like them, there are a lot of people in this world with kind hearts! We should work to help those people!
Or we could just live out our lives and let these people solve their problems.
As Ramix continued to agree with the third voice, he found that the other voices seemed to become irritated, and they began giving him a headache.
Follow your own path, don't follow the laws of others, Heroes are too restrained, and Villains are destructive fools who are always used by someone higher on the food chain.
As Ramix found himself agreeing more and more with the third voice, the first two became more aggressive.
Human's are flawed, there's nothing you can do about that, you can't hope to change everyone. But there are good people. Heroes follow those morals and laws because it gives people hope. But there are must be people who do what needs to be done. Follow your own path, don't stick yourself to a group, be only yourself. Follow a life where the laws are your own, where the limits are only your own. Do what needs to be done, and when you find good people, help them.
Ramix agreed with the third voice, and after that, the voices went away, only his own thoughts remained. He took this opportunity to think and flew to a building in order to reflect.
He liked the third voice's opinions, and after analysis, he found them to be true. So he decided to do what the third voice said.

"Anti-heroes were always cooler anyway." Ramix said with a chuckle and a smirk.

And so from that day on he decided his path. Cyan Eagle Ramix, was an Anti-Hero. True Neutral. He would not allow anyone or anything to control him. However, he has not forgotten Pandora.He has not forgotten all the good she did, and he has not forgotten how she saved his life. The attack on Pandora's statue by Davinci has awakened those memories. Determined to protect the memory of one of the few people he respects, he now destroys any of Davinci's robots that dare to threaten the statue. While soaring through the sky and annihilating his enemies, he shouts four words that are always true.

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