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(HS) The Tale of Lady Zafara

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5/12/2011 16:55:08   

First, I must say something.
I am not human.
At least...not completely.
I am a vampire.

My tale of vampirism begins when I am but a small girl, in 1582. I was traveling, going to my mother, who is a pirate. I always looked up to her, and she always treated me very well. She probably started my fancy with jewelry and the like. Anyways, I was traveling to her ship when I noticed a small glowing orb. It actually looked like a bright red spider, but I tried not to pay attention to that. I never did like spiders. I continued on my journey. I saw her ship in the distance. I began running to it in excitement. I climbed up the ropes, my long hair dangling. The crew greeted me, but something seemed wrong. I continued to my mothers cabin. Wiiman, who was standing outside her cabin, looking very pale, told me she was not feeling well. Of course I would have none of this, I had to tell her about the glowing rock, see? I moved him aside and proceeded in. I never knew that decision would change my life.
I walked in. "Mother, I..." I stopped. She was laying down, her back to me. "Mother? Is everything alright?" I walked close to her. I noticed she much paler than usual. Was she sick? "Mother?" I walked around so I could see her face. I gasped. "Mother! Mother!" I cried. She wasn't moving. Then she coughed. She slowly opened her eyes. "Mother?! Are you alright?!" I was sobbing now. She looked like she...was dying. But how?
"My dear...Zafara...You see me now...dying...No,no, please don't cry little one...I have something for you..." I looked up. She was smiling, and reaching under herself. She pulled out her sword, known to the humans in their stories as Excalibur. It glowed blue. I gasped.
"Mother! No! It is yours!"
"No...It is yours now...Think not badly of me..."
"Why would I think badly of you?" I cried.
"I have kept a secret from you...it's about your father..." My father? I had never known about my father. She never spoke of him. I had to hear this.
"What about him, mother?"
"He was a..." She was began to cough violently. I knew her next word would be her last. I had to savor it, no matter what the word. "...a vampire." Then she sighed. A long, final sigh. I knew that now, she was dead. She left me in this world...right after telling me that I was a vampire. I had known already that she herself was a vampire. But I thought I was just a simple damphir...I couldn't believe it.
I took the sword and held it, then rushed to the door. I ran past Wiiman, ran past the crew. I ran and ran. And never looked back. No one should ever see a vampire cry.

That seemed to be how life worked for me. Nothing good happened for a long time. Then, I turned 116. Being immortal, this meant i was...16(?) in human years.
The next story is how I became the Queen of Arachnoclan.

I never forgot about that rock. Many times I went back to where I had found it, but it was never there. Until my 116th birthday. I was walking along the path where I had found it some 100 or so years ago, when I noticed a glowing. I turned and walked toward it. it seemed to glow brighter as I approached. I wondered if this could be the rock...I climbed over a rock blocking my view from whatever the glow was coming from. And then I saw it. The rock. And I was right all those years ago...It looked like a large glowing red spider. I walked towards it and picked it up. Suddenly, everything went black. Then I could see agin...but it wasn't the path where I was a second ago...It looked like an ancient battleground. Then, I heard a voice. It spoke,
"Long ago, in a time before time...
Spiders ruled the earth.
There were giants spiders, larger than sky scrapers.
Others were smaller than flies.
But all were ruled by one Spider Queen.

The Spider Queen was a goddess.
But she was not a tyrant.
She loved all of her subjects.
But then came the Clan of the Shadows.
A mythical clan that many thought to be gone forever.
A clan of death and destruction.
They murdered the Spider Queen.

After the Spider Queen's Death, many mourned her.
But sadness soon changed to hatred and rage.
There was a great war between the Arachnids and the Shadows.
Nobody won.
Most were destroyed.
The war continues.

The war began because of the Spider Queen's scythe.
The weapon that made the Spider Queen who she was.
It controlled all.
If ever destroyed, it would bring about the end of the Spider Queen.
From fear of the Clan of the Shadows' capturing it, the spiders hid it away somewhere secret and hidden.
To this day, no one knows where the scythe is...Or what its power is.

Eight is a sacred number to spiders.
Eight legs.
Eight eyes.
Eight souls.
The Spider Queen was murdered, but she was reborn...over...and over...and over.
It is said that on her eighth life, she and her clan will have enough power to destroy the Clan of the Shadows once and for all,
And save the world of spiders forever.
She is on her eighth life.
May Arachne save us all."

And then I blacked out once more.

This was the prophecy of Arachnoclan. Only the chosen leader would hear it, and assemble the clan together to fight the Clan of the Shadows. Apparently, I was the chosen leader, but I sure didn't feel like it.

March 11th, Brick St. 11:45 pm- Following Gray Silhouette
Small building, few windows, two doors, a fire escape I think. A few detectives. News said a murder was here, but I know better. And I think someone else does too. I quickly glance at Gray, thinking he's invisible. But it doesn't matter to me. I'm here to see Clown. I wait. The detectives get in their car and drive away. I notice Gray getting up and walking to the door. He pulls out a strange looking key, opens the door, and walks in. Heh. That makes things easier doesn't it? I follow him. He's quick. He already opened another door. Does he know that it's Clown yet? He walks on. He turns on a flashlight. Why? The light switch is right there...I decide not to flip it. I am supposed to be hidden after all. He's searching the room...seems like he's trying to construct the murder in his mind. I hold back a giggle. I've noticed he's quite a genius, though slightly crazy. He turns and look at some footprints. I panic when I realize that they're mine. He doesn't seem to notice. Probably the extra weight of my sword messed him up. He begins to walk away, but stops. Did he notice me? No...he sees a cloth...looks like from Clown. I think he realizes this. "No!" He says, clenching his fist. Yeah...I think he realized it. He walks briskly away, rather noisily, and locks the door. Great. I open a window and fall to the ground, rather ungracefully. I'd been watching Gray for a while, I knew where he'd go next. To the Truck Raider hideout. Undoubtably.

May 12 12:01 A.M.- Waiting for Clown the Jester
Clown's lair...creepy place if I do say so myself. Chaotic, however, which is undoubtably what he wants. I see his newest victim, a man named Sam Oliver. Poor sap. He's about to die, and not in a very fun way either. He's definitely freaking out, looking at the writing on the walls. He's scared. He knows it's Clown's base that he's at. I almost want to help him. Almost. But when Clown is in his mood, it's hard to talk to him. KA-BOOOM! An explosion? I dart out of the way, as a piece of brick nearly thumps my head. That would have been lovely. Probably attract attention to me, too. Clown walks in with a lot of supplies. Oh, boy. He's got a lot prepared for Sam. He's talking to him. Freakin' him out. He really shouldn't play with his food, so to speak. He laughs. Gawd! I hate that laugh. Especially when he laughs a lot. And it's creepy. Scissors? No...he threw them across the room. They land at my feet. I'll just put these away...I walk over to his pile of gadgets in his cart, and quietly place it back in. He doesn't notice. Sam looks at me, terrified. I run before Clown turns around, after beating him with a chicken. A rubber chicken. Yeah, he's nuts. He picks up a gun and starts talking. Might as well load it for him. I walk up and start putting bullets in the gun. Sam notices, but he looks as terrified as before. I walk back to my hiding spot. He's talking about David...I probably shouldn't tell him that I talk to him too...Talkin' about thousands of killings to get even. I could help with that. Need some blood anyway. I'll probably drain Sam when Clown is done with 'em. He shoots Sam in the leg, and he screams. Blood drips out. I struggle to control myself from attacking Sam right then and there. He shot Sam's arm. I was about to faint from my efforts not to attack Sam. He throws the gun back. Again towards me. I run and grab it. No need to waste a perfectly good weapon. I keep it for him, I can't stand any more blood coming out of Sam. Now Clown pulls out a chainsaw. Great. He saws Sam. I hold myself back. Clown laughs. Sam is dead. Clown walks away. I wait until I can sense that he's a mile away. And then I unleash my fangs on Sam.

January 1 00:00 am-Time before creation Delta Blitz
The poor boy was delusional. My father had gone insane, and absorbed his parents. he was filled with fury. I couldn't stop him. he flew off to destroy him. With him gone I could think. What was i going to do? What was he going to do? What would i do without a father? What would he do without any parents? I reached a decision. I would allow him to be my "bodyguard", as if i needed guarding. I needed to watch over the boy, drive him in the correct path. He came back. He said he had killed my father. I just stood and stared. And I hugged him. He was my child now. Years passed. He was a good bodyguard, but evil and chaos was seeping into him. He was becoming irritable, always looking for a fight. I told him his parents were in a better place, but he wouldn't let them go. He couldn't. Then an evil being came to hurt me. Delta scared him off, but I told him to follow it. He did. I had seen what would happen. He would go to a new planet, and see the beings. Maybe they could make him good. He returned after much waiting. I greeted him, but I saw his soulless eyes. I thought he had been completely corrupted by evil and chaos. he told me he had killed people, good and bad. He begged me to forgive him. All I could say was, "What ever happened to the hero who wanted to protect everyone?" He replied, "How can I be a hero when I can't even save myself?" This brought me much sadness. I told him what a hero is. I said, "A hero isn't someone who always does good, but rather a hero is someone who does what is right." And in that instant, I saw the evil and chaos go from his eyes. His souls had returned. He began to cry, and thanked me for helping him. He said he would redeem himself and capture the dark being. I let him go. I sincerely hope that can find a friend. No hero deserves to be lonely, no matter what his previous deeds were. I see someone who doesn't judge people based on their deeds on the planet he's going to. She's not human, like the rest. i hope she finds him. Because my Delta needs a friend.

March 11th, Brick St. 12:07 am- Following Gray Silhouette
I followed him. Wasn't hard after all. I knew where he'd go. I was watching from outside the window. He burst in the door, demanding where Clown was. As if these fools knew. He started to get cornered by thugs. Bad idea on there part. He fought back, rather good. He was about to smash the boss' fingers when..."Trying to be sneaky are we?"
"Hrm?" I turned around. "Drakkoniss. Is this really the time?"
"But of course. I need to help him."
"You know he won't like that."
"Probably not." He smirked.
"Don't say I didn't warn you" I said as he walked toward the door. I sighed. I turned to look through the window. I nearly busted in. The blood...so much blood...I nearly fainted. I felt drunk. The temptation was great. Drakkoniss entered, and killed all the guards. Then they talked...See? I knew he'd be mad, but nooo...He flies off...I start wobbling. The blood was making me think things I shouldn't have. Then..."Just because I do not have time to bother with you does not mean I do not know you are there" Gray said. I wobbled again, barely conscious. “Only someone deaf could not hear your fall out of King’s Apartment window. I would suggest waiting for me to leave the street before you try to follow. I don’t know who or what you are, but you obviously know something about this crime. You do not match Clown the Jester’s type of Chaos Maniacs, but don’t try to find the Clown" He continued, "If I detected you, then that Paranoid Harlequin would know in a second you are watching him. If he finds you, he will kill you without a second thought. I have little time to worry about someone following me, or another person dieing at the Clown's hands. If you ever try to follow me again, I will deal with you myself." Pft. As if. Then I walk back to my home, thinking to myself. No one can harm me, he just doesn't know it. But Clown does. He tried to kill me the first time he met me. Friendly fellow. Couldn't understand why his chainsaw broke on my skin, or why the grenade didn't phase me. Then I told him I was a vampire. We've been...allies ever since. Probably just because he can't kill me. But I still had to follow Gray. I needed to find out more about his fast. But not now. Now I needed blood. And I knew where to get it. At least he's helpful in that way right?

March 14 9:07 am- in Clown the Jester's lair
I wake up. I looked around. Looks like Clown's lair...Is he really trying to kill me? Good luck with that. I must admit, the lair seems much creepier when you're in the chains. I really should just break them, but why spoil his fun? KABOOM! Explosion. He really needs some new tricks... He walks forward with a wild grin on his face. "Like the new..heh heh..look?" He asks.
"Makes you look more chaotic, I'll give you that."
"Well thats..heh heh..FUNNY!"
"Get on with it, Clown. What's the torture today?"
"Oh no...heh heh...torture. I just think you should get some..heh heh...SUN!" He pushes a big red button on the wall. The ceiling starts to open. Light starts coming in. "WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The ceiling fully opens. He turns around, to see me staring at him with a bored expression.
"Really CLown? Is this the best you have?" Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gun.
"Silver bullets my dear! HAHAHAHAHA!" He shoots. It makes a hole in my skin.
"That wasn't very nice." My skin closes up the hole. He stops laughing.
"WHAT CAN HURT YOU?!" He shouts.
"Only one thing can hurt me. But it isn't physical. You can't kill me." He steps back, twitching in anger.
"Wait...heh heh...You're a vampire...and vampire like BLOOD!" He shouts.
"I'm glad you have some intelligence my friend," I replied. Then he shoots himself in the foot. He cringes in pain, but only for a millisecond. I however, cringe much longer.
"Would you..heh heh..like some?" He says waving his foot. My fangs get longer. My eyes dilate. The chains begin to strain to hold me back.
"Don't do this Clown..." I say," It's not a good idea."
"Good thing i'm not a..heh heh...good person!" He shoots his other foot. I scream. "WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE!" The chains break. Clown begins to run, trying to play a very deadly game of hide-n-seek, laughing all the while with his corrupt laugh.I'm a predator now, I have no sense but to hunt the blood. I've never stopped The Hunt before.
"COME ON LITTLE VAMPIRE!" He shouts, "COME AND PLAY WITH ME!" I'm panting now, trying not to hurt Clown. I need him alive. I need him alive. I need him alive, I keep telling myself. Calm thoughts...
"DON'T YOU WANT BLOOD?!" He shouts. Screw it. I run up the wall, cat like, and run through the hole in the ceiling. I have to find someone to help me...I need to know how to stop The Hunt... But I know of only one doctor capable...Dr. Blackshock.

March 14 12:42 pm- Doctor Blackshock's office
I never did like doctor's offices. It was worse in the 17th century, but it isn't much better today. I always thought doctors were creepy. But I had heard that Doctor Blackshock was phenomenal at is job. Let's hope so. I wonder if he does vampire patients? "Miss Zafara" The nurse called. My turn... I follow the nurse through the hallway. I swear, it seemed to get longer and longer. Finally we arrived at the doctor. He had a doctors outfit, and black hair. He had freckles and his eyes were pure white. I walked into the room.
"Evening" he said. I was nervous, so I didn't reply. "Let's see..." he said, beginning to inspect me. "Open" he commanded. I opened my mouth. His eyes widened. He walked to the door and locked it. "Madam, is there something you would like to tell me?" he inquired.
"Erm...About the fangs?"
"I'm kind of a vampire..."
"I thought as much. Well, what did you come here for? You can't be sick?"
"No,no. I need help controlling my appetite."
"Ah. I've been approached by many vampire asking for this. Sadly, I cannot help you. This is something that you will find out in time." I was disappointed. Not surprised though. I began to think another vampire would be able to help me..."Come in." What? Who was he talking too? Suddenly, the window shattered open, and a figure stepped inside.
"Evening..heh heh...Doctor"

March 14 1:00 pm- Doctor Blackshock's office
Clown. I should have known. He had a bazooka with him, aiming it straight at us. I wasn't worried. Not for me, at least. “What do you want?” Dr. BlackShock demanded, helping me up. Clown adjusted his aim to Doctor Blackshock.
“JUST HERE FOR A CHECK UP DOC!” He exclaimed. “I WANTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS STILL INSANE! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” The Doctor pulled out two scalpels. And people wonder why doctors freak me out.
“I will not tolerate such destruction in my office,” the Doctor stated, his eyes locked on Clown.
“Not to worry Egghead…Hee Hee Hee,” Clown the Jester giggled. I’M NOT HERE TO SCRAMBLE ANYONE’S BRAIN! UNLESS YA GIVE ME REASON TO! And I thought Doctors were suppose to help those poor Chickens who’s minds have…heh heh heh…crossed the road.” Sometimes, Clown's jokes don't make any sense at all...
“My office is open for anyone, but not for someone who does not control himself and puts others at risk,” BlackShock said pointing a scalpel at the Clown. I think he meant me too...
“Relax I’M JUST HERE FOR THE PRETTY LADY!” Clown exclaimed motioning his heavy Bazooka at the Vampire. “We have some unfinished business to discuss.” Clown the Jester started to advance toward the two, giggling.
“I won’t let you threaten my patients!” BlackShock exclaimed.
“You should have that mouth of yours, checked out, Doc. Too much whining and moaning can’t be healthy. Better pipe down…or I’ll have to treat you myself…and I’ve got quite a treatment,” Clown snarled.
BlackShock leapt at Clown the Jester, knives raised. Before the doctor could touch the Clown, the Harliquin squeezed the trigger to his fire arm.
A large white object shot out of the Bazooka’s gun barrel and slammed into Blackshock’s chest, the force knocking him to the ground. The white ball unfolded and began to wrap around the dazed Doctor’s arm and neck. A strait jacket. Blackshock struggled as strait jacket wrapped around him. Straps buckling themselves, sleeves tugging his arms under his armpits, a gag wrapping itself around the doctor’s mouth. Dr.Blackshock was bound, at the mercy of Clown.
The doctor angrily thrashed at his bonds, his curses muffled by his gag. The Clown crouched over Blackshock, forcing Blackshock to look into the his wild eyes.
“Ya just couldn’t calm down could ya!?!….don’t worry…Doctor Clown’s got just the cure!” Clown the Jester exclaimed.
The Clown struck BlackShock’s head with his bazooka, swinging it like a club.
All I could do was watch in silence as Clown the Jester, wildly, swung again at the doctor hitting him hard in the side.
“THAT SANITY CONIDION YOU HAVE IS QUIET SERIOUS!” Clown screamed, smashing the heavy weapon into the Doctor’s chest. The doctor let out a muffled moan.
“VERY LIFE THREATENING! VERY DANGEROUS FOR ANY ONE! VERY RARE NOWADAYS!” Clown shrieked hitting BlackShock over and over.
“WHAT’S THE TREATMENT? YOU MAY ASK. THE ANSWER….SIMPLE…GO CRAZY! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” the Clown screamed, laughing like a Hyena.
After a final wack, BlackShock went limp. His face bleeding, his glasses shattered. The Clown dropped the heavy Bazooka to the ground. Blood...so much blood. My fangs began to grow. “Poor Old Boy,” he said solemnly, turning to face me. “Couldn’t take the treatment.”
“What do you want from me?” I demanded, staring hungrily at the bleeding BlackShock.
“Well the first thing I want,” the Clown said, his grin back on his face, pulling out a small whoopee cushion. “Is to test out my brand new toy!” A whoopee cushion?
And everything went black.

May 14 11:00 pm- Watching Lady Zafara
This is the first time I'd seen her. I'd heard legends of her years ago, but I never thought the Clown would have her. Much less unconscious. What? You want to know about me? You don't know who I am? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am Shadow Rapter! Leader of the Clan of the Shadows! Rival to Arachnoclan! Ah. I see that look of surprise on your face. Awe-inspiring isn't it? Who would dare challenge an immortal, invincible vampire? A shadow deity. I am worshipped by those in the anti-world, a world opposite of this pathetic one! Sadly, because I am anti-matter, I only have limited powers. No, no. That doesn't mean I am weak to normal matter. What are my powers you say? My, my your nosy. But I'll tell you. I have all the powers of darkness. Stealth, cunning. I can freeze you solid, or destroy you with darkness. I can infect you with fear so great, that you might perish. Frightening isn't it? Look, look! She moved! Ah, but she is not awake. Simple vampire sleep serum, very easy to create. If you have the correct material of course. Ah. Midnight. Pardon me, I must go. I do hope we meet again. You were very pleasurable. Evening.

May 15 5:07 am- Outside the police station
I was shocked Clown had asked me to do this. I mean, I had no problem killing the police, but framing Gray...I wondered what could make Clown hate Gray so much. Ah, but no matter now. I pulled the mask down over my face. Did I mention Gray has no fashion? Just gray and black. Ugh. Oh well. It won't take long. I walked in. The police were shocked. Gray wasn't viewed as a hero to the police. They surrounded me quickly. "What are you doing here Mr. Silhouette?" they asked, "You know you've broken the law many times." I figured it was assault charges on the thugs he's beaten. I grinned. Not that they could see it.
"It's okay officer. This won't take long." I said, as deep as I could. Then I lunged at him, my fangs instantly piercing his neck. He was drained of blood instantly. The rest of the police pulled out guns.
"FREEZE!" they shouted.
"Good idea," I replied. I used my frost breath, freezing the closest police. The rest started firing. "Tsk, tsk," I said. I ran towards the frozen cops, punching their frozen forms. They shattered into ice. I laughed. My eyes began to glow. The power of the cop's blood was taking over. I was becoming much more powerful. Eight cops left. My hands instantly burst into flames. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I shouted, launching fireballs at three of them. They burst into flames, and began to run around, screaming. Five left. I had to keep one alive, so everyone would know it was Gray. They began to run outside. Very bad idea. I followed them, my body crackling with electricity. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky. It connected with one cop, traveling to two others. Now I had to kill one more. And keep one alive. Suddenly, a bright flash of light blinded me. "Ack!" A glowing form stood between me and the cops.
"Madam! Madam!" the voice said. Definitely feminine.
"WHO ARE YOU?!" I shouted. My blood lust was making me angry. The cops were escaping.
"Madam! It is me!" I looked at the glowing form.
"You...I haven't seen you in years..." My eyes stopped glowing, and my fangs shrank. "Arachnid..."
"Ay, madam. What are you doing? Why are you killing these innocent people?" she asked.
"The...the Clown...He asked me too...I was hungry, and..."
"No, madam. You need to come with me" She said. She began to float away. I followed. I thought I had lost her...In the first war...My Second Lieutenant, Arachnid.

May 16 1:12 pm- Following Gray
I thought I should warn him of what I did. After all, the blame was going to him. I could see him. He was only a few feet away. I was starting to feel bad about what I had done. Arachnid had guilted me into feeling bad. She never thought I could do anything wrong. Tch. She was clearly very wrong. I was behind him now. Should I say “Hello?” Or just tap him on the shoulder? Should I immediately start to apologize? So many questions…I might as well get it over with. I was about to tap him, when Drakkonnis appeared. What was he doing here?
“Evening, Gray” he said.
“Drakkonnis.” Gray acknowledged. “I appreciate your help with Clown, but this is my job. If you don’t mind, I want to be left to my job.”
“He’s my responsibility too.” He replied. “I have to fight Clown as much as you do.” I decided this would be a good time to hide. I began to slowly tip-toe to a nearby bush.
“What are you doin’ there Zafara?” Great. Delta. He always just pops out of nowhere.
“What do you want Delta?” I replied, sighing.
“I want to know why you’re sneaking around.” I looked over. Gray and Drakkonnis hadn’t noticed me yet. Was he trying to keep it that way?
“I killed…a few people…” I replied. He had a surprised look on his face. Why? Didn’t he know how easy it was for me to kill?
“I…I’m shocked,” he said,” I always thought you had so much control…” He looked genuinely hurt at my irresponsibility. I didn’t need more guilt now.
“And…I kinda’ blamed it on Gray…” Now he looked mad.
“YOU BLAMED SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR OWN IRRESPONSIBILITY?!” he shouted. His eyes filled with fire. “WHY?!”
“Clown told me to…” I replied. His fire instantly subsided.
“Clown?” he inquired.
“Yes…” I replied. I was getting nervous now. Having clown mad at me wasn’t a great idea, but having Gray against me would also be bad…I was stuck.
“Zafara, it isn’t your fault. Clown is an excellent persuader.” He said, trying to reassure me. But I didn’t need reassured. I just wanted to apologize to Gray. Until I saw Drakkonnis…Were they forming some kind of alliance? “Are you going to go apologize?” Delta asked. It was like he could read my mind.
“Yes…” I replied, sighing.
“Then go.” He said, slightly forcefully. I began to approach Gray. Then I saw a figure behind Drakkonnis. No, no. It was just his shadow…Then it moved. But Drakkonnis didn’t.
“No…” I breathed. It couldn’t be…But here it was, in front of me. Shadow Rapter was back. And I knew his first target.
I took a step back. I turned around to face Delta, but he was already gone. I ran. That's all I could think of doing. I'd have to apologize to Gray another way...

May 16 9:57 pm- Following Gray
He entered Doctor Blackshock's office. I didn't know what to do...Follow? No...That'd be weird...Then again, why was he here in the first place? he didn't look injured at all. Was he thanking him for helping him? I guess I'd have to find out...I got up from my seat, and started to walk through the hallway.
I could only guess it was Clown this time. I quietly walked to the Doctor's door, opening it quietly, and just enough to not be noticed.
"WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" It was just a smasher. But his powers seemed to have affected him differently than everyone else...He was huge. When I say huge, I mean muscly huge.
"Do you mind? I'm dealing with a patient." the Doctor said, calmly. The smasher roared, smashing a table between him and the Doctor. Gray leaped up, ready to fight. The smasher grabbed the chair Gray had been sitting on, and smashed it down on Gray's head. He fell, dazed. "You hurt my patient," the doctor said, "Now I'm going to hurt you." He drew two scalpels. The smasher balled his fists, preparing to strike.
"NO!" I shouted, running in. The smasher was surprised, but only momentarily. I got in front of the doctor. "You want him?" I said," Then you're going to have to get through me!" The smasher laughed. I din't see the attack coming. He smashed me on the head, knocking me to the ground. Everything got blurry. I laid there, dazed. Gray got up.
"You really shouldn't hit girls." he said. "Not too polite" The smasher laughed, and tried to crush Gray, but he was fast. He jumped on the smasher's head, and proceeded to shove his shoe in the smasher's back.
"RAAAAAWWWRRR!" the smasher yelled. Everything was slowly coming in to focus. The smasher grabbed Gray by the leg, and began to swing him in circles. I stood up. The smasher threw Gray across the room. I ran as fast as I could, and caught Gray.
"I'm sorry!" I shouted.
"What?!" Gray replied "You killed a whole police station disguised as me!"
"I didn't mean it! Clown said it was just a joke..."
"RAWWRRR!" the smasher roared, preparing to smash me and Gray. I was losing it. I couldn't apologize to Gray. I'd have to say I was sorry another way. I put Gray down, and turned to the smasher.
"YOU WANT SOME?!" I demanded, "THEN COME AND GET ME!" I burst into flames, electricity cackling around me, ice growing in my palms. My eyes turned to fire, and I began to hover. The smasher stared, then charged me. He pulled back his arm to punch, instantly I grabbed his arm. It burst into flames.
"AAUUGGHH!" the smasher shouted. He pulled back his other fist, preparing to punch yet again. I grabbed that arm, ice instantly encasing it. The smasher was getting more and more angry. Then he looked at the doctor. He charged him.
"NO!" I shouted. I was too late. The charger punched the Doctor square in the chest, knocking him back a few feet. The smasher turned and laughed. "GRAY. GET THE DOCTOR AND GO!" I demanded. He ran behind the charger, grabbed the Doctor and ran through the hole made by the explosion. "You hurt my friends...You hurt the Doctor...and most importantly...YOU RUINED MY APOLOGY!" I shouted. Then I screamed, releasing all of my energy. A giant lightning bolt enveloped both of us. The light blinded me. Then it was gone. I landed on my knees, exhausted. The smasher was on the ground, smoke coming off of him.
"SORRY..." he said in his deep voice, coughing, "THE SHADOW MADE ME..." He coughed one more time. And stopped breathing. Shadow Rapter had controlled him...And I hurt an innocent citizen...
And then I blacked out.

May 17 11:17am- Liberty
I never gave a thought to how I'd die. Being a vampire, I never thought I would. But, alas...
Madness. Pure madness.
That described Liberty. Criminals running amok, fires started, people screaming, violence, robbery. It was so much chaos. And I hated it. A criminal ran past me. Then another. Another began to run towards me, yelling and waving a knife at me. I smirked. I let him run towards me, thinking he was going to stab me. He ran, waving his knife, and stabbed me in the stomach. He looked at my face. Then screamed. I grabbed him, then took the knife out of my stomach, placing at his neck.
"WHO LET YOU FREE?!" I screamed at his face.
"The Chaos Carnival! They had orders from Clown! P...Please! Let me go!" I dropped him, and let him run. I turned around, and threw the knife behind me. If it hit him, it hit him.
Now...About Clown...I knew he loved Chaos...But this? This was so much. I couldn't let him hurt more people...Thousands were already dead. Thousands more injured...I had to stop him. But first...I needed a weapon.
I had used the scythe only one other time, in dire emergency. But now, I must use it once again.
A purple explosion goes off in the distance. Clown. I needed to get there, and fast, before he caused any more trouble. But how? I was one of the few smashers that couldn't fly...
"Hello, Madam" Well isn't that a coincidence?
"Arachnid. I took your advice. It's time we started hunting Clown. But first...I need a ride."

We got there in about five minutes. Boy, can she fly fast! I always joked that she could fly around the world in a day. We never tested it though...shame.
We landed close to Clown's hideout.
"Arachnid. If I need help, help. But don't get killed. You know what happened to...You know..."
"Yes, Madam..."
I walked in. It was dark, but I noticed a purple light on the other side of the room. I walked toward it.
"WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HELLO MY DEAR!" Clown shouted. "HOW YOU DOIN'?!" He was crazy. His hair looked like he was electrocuted, his eyes sparked with purple energy, and his hands glowed an odd mix of green and purple.
"Clown? What happened? What's wrong with you?"
"JUST A WEE BIT OF MALACHITE MY DEAR! WAHAHAHAAHAHA!" Malachite? wasn't that the thing that made people into smashers? From Pandora?
"Clown...Take it easy...You're a little hyped up on this "malachite" stuff..."
"HYPED UP?! I HAVE ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD!" He laughed. Then he got very serious. "SADLY, MY DEAR, THIS IS THE PART WHERE I DOUBLE-CROSS YOU!" I could only blink before he grabbed my scythe. "WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He aimed my scythe at me, then released an enormous blast of chaos energy, destroying the scythe, and blasting me.
Everything went blurry. Clown was laughing. He made a blast in the wall, then flew threw, laughing all the way. I saw a bright light come towards me...And carry me into the sky. Is this what dying was like? Maybe death wasn't so bad. I closed my eyes.

May 17 12:02pm- Following Lady Zafara
The only thing I could think was, NO!
After ALL of my hard work! And CLOWN destroys her!
I couldn't accept it! IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE!
All of my anger surged through me the moment he destroyed the Arachnoscythe.
He laughed, while she lay there, dying. My anger...My intense, burning anger...
Clown blasted a hole in the wall.
He began to fly extremely fast, going out the hole. I flew, increasing my speed until i was directly over him, then I went blindingly fast, straight down onto his spine. We flew to the ground. I landed on top of him.
"You FOOL!" I yelled. "How dare you kill MY enemy!" Clown was shocked.
"WHO ARE YOU?" He asked. His voice was very loud, probably from the malachite. His hands glowed purple. He laughed, blasting me with an enormous chaos blast. He looked at me. I wasn't phased. "FINE THEN!" Hey yelled, pulling out spiked gloves. He punched me rapidly, blindingly fast. All of his blows went through me. "WHAT...WHAT ARE YOU?" He asked.
"I'm your worst nightmare." I reached my hand into his stomach, my hand passing through him. He started to scream. I pulled my hand out, a glowing green ooze in my hands. It burned, acid on my skin. I cursed, dropping the malachite power back inside of him. He stopped screaming, anger in his eyes. But he knew he couldn't touch me. I flew away. I couldn't lose against him. He needed Lady Zafara to help him for that. Too bad she was dead. I would remove that malachite somehow...But I needed a partner...And I knew where to find one.

May 18 7:43pm- Arachoclan base
I put the Lady down. I had seen her get blasted, the scythe vaporizing instantly. She was in bad condition. No heartbeat. Then again, she vas a vampire. Vampire's don't have heartbeats. I looked at the Lady. WE had a long history, not much of it glorious. My whole life when I joined the clan had been about survival. Trying to win against the Clan of the Shadows. Their leader, Shadow Rapter, was a monster. He could easily control anyone and anything. No one could even touch him if they tried. He was unstoppable. I needed his help. He was the only one that could help me get revenge on that...CLOWN!
Lady Zafara's death would not be in vain. I was going to destroy that Clown. I didn't care if the world was going to be destroyed anyway. When he destroyed the scythe...Didn't he realize it would destroy the world? I always though the scythe was harder to destroy...
"Evening." I turned around, a knife instantly at Shadow's throat.
"What do you want?" I asked through gritted teeth.
"I want to help." He responded. Why would he want to help?
"Why?" I asked.
"I know what you're thinking. I can't be trusted. That's probably true. But that...MONSTER, Clown. He killed Lady Zafara. NO ONE kills my mortal enemy except ME!" I didn't want him to help. But I had no choice. I could use raw power like his.
"Fine. You can help" He began to smile. "On ONE condition! If you so much as come within three feet of Lady Zafara, I'll have your head!" He smirked. We both knew I couldn't hurt him. But I sure would make an effort to try.
"I accept. Now. Let's go kill us a Clown, shall we?" Then we flew off towards Liberty.

June 2 1:17pm- Liberty
The wreckage of liberty was amazing. Everything was destroyed. Smashers, civilians, bots, and...was that Demolicious over there?
"Shadow, is that Demolicious?" I asked, pointing to her motionless body.
"It looks like it..." He replied, flying over to her body. "Yep, it's her. Wait...Arachnid! She's alive!"
"What?!" I flew over to Shadow. She was alive! She was barely moving though, her eyes half closed. She coughed.
"Are...are you a...hero?" She asked weakly. Shadow sure wasn't, but I was.
"Yes" I replied.
"Take this..." she held up some demo diva armor, "It's what I use for my divas...This one has special powers..." She coughed violently. "Use it...wisely..."
And she died. Shadow stood there silently. I picked up the armor. It was a simple design, with a definite "teen" look... I would wear it. WE'll have to see about those "powers" later... But now, we had to find Gray. We had some...eh...information to tell him. Explosions went off in the distance.
"I'll be back" Shadow said, vanishing. He instantly reappeared, but he looked troubled. "Delta Blitz is dead." He sternly said. "We must find Gray, or Super Clown will rule this city." For once, I knew he was right. I closed my eyes. Gray Silhouette was five miles from here. We could fly there quickly.
"Gray is nearby" I said.
"At Aurora park. Five miles from here. C'mon, let's fly." And with that, we took off. I never trusted Shadow Rapter. He was my enemy. He was all of Arachnoclan's enemy. Just because of a legend. But he had killed the Arachnoqueen in the past, seven times. Who was to say he wouldn't this time? Then again...
"There he is." Shadow said, pointing to Gray Silhouette. We flew down behind him.
"Gray Silhouette," I said. He turned around to face me. "We have some information for you.

June 8 1:26 pm- Overlook
Teleported?! ME?! I will destroy that clown! But first, I had to find out how to get out of this...wormhole? It was just a black abyss. I blended in perfectly. What? Over there, a speck of light. I drifted toward it. There seemed to be a current drawing me in...


Overlook. I was dumped off into overlook. What? What is that? In the distance...A cloud? No...A swarm of locusts? No...Wait...Are they...Airplanes? Small remote controlled airplanes? And on their underside...Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no...Bombs. Nuclear bombs. A group of smashers was trying to stop them, carefully removing the bombs before destroying them. War Pro, Ancient Darkness, Velmur, ThunderSmite, Blue Gear, and Drakkoniss. Where were Jae and Arachnid? Cowards! I flew over to the group.
"How can I help?" I ask.
"Just destroy them!" Drakkoniss shouted back. Not being very friendly...But it's acceptable when there are thousands of planes with bombs coming to destroy a city. I flew into the sky, dismantling planes in seconds. Dismantle. Dismantle. Dismantle. Dismantle. Dismantle. Systematically dismantling. I stopped. I realized it had been two hours that had passed. And there were still thousands of planes. Luckily, they flew very slowly. But they were undoubtably getting closer to their destination, wherever it may be.
"We can't dismantle them all!" I shouted down to Drakkoniss.
"We have to try!" he shouted back. Suddenly the planes stopped moving. They just hovered there...ominously...Then one plane dropped a bomb. Then another. And another. Soon, thousands of bombs were falling to the ground.
"NO! RUN! EVERYONE RUN!" I shouted, flying away.




Explosions. But...no heat. No atomic destruction...What? I turned around. And then I laughed. In a giant pirate ship, was Arachnid, Jae, Wiiman, and...
"Well, well, well! I thought you'd need help!" Lady Zafara said, smirking.
"I thought you were dead!" I laughed.
You of all people should know how hard it is to kill me! Decoy scythes are rather helpful aren't they?" She replied.
"How did you destroy the planes and stop the bombs?"
"That would be me!" Wiiman said. Wiiman was the Lieutenant of Arachnoclan. "Being a time mage is very useful sometimes, eh?"
"That's great and all, but what about Clown? Gray is trying to fight him by his self!"
"He's crazy! We have to help him! Everyone, get on the ship! We have a friend to help!"

July 2 9:24pm- Remains of Overlook
Before the Smashers could gather onto the ship, something underwater collided against the bottom of the ship, nearly capsizing the boat.
“What was that?” Velmur called out.
Nobody answered, their eyes scanning the water, searching for the cause of the collision.
The water in front of the ship began to bubble, rising into the air. The thing was gigantic. Possibly two hundred feet high.
“Is that a…?” ThunderStrike began to ask, to shocked to finish his question.
“Yes,” Drakkoniss replied. “It’s a giant mechanical Rubber Ducky.”
“COME ON!” Velmur cried out in frustration. “First an army of clones, then a never ending air force with nukes now a Duck-zilla? When will this end?”
“FIRE!” Wiiman ordered, the ship’s cannon’s launched their cannons at the Titanic Duck.
The Cannon balls bounced harmlessly off the Duck’s thick armor. The giant fowl swung one of his powerful wings, knocking the ship out of the water, flying fifty feet until it plummeted back into the river, sinking like a stone.
War Pro fired a ball of dark energy, pushing the floating duck back. Thunder Strike casted down a bolt of lightning, hitting the Mechanical Fowl’s beak.
Drakkoniss raised his axe, about to join the fight, when his head snapped behind him, as if he saw a horrific sight.
“Grey’s in trouble,” he whispered. “Clown the Jester is killing him.”
“What?” Ancient Darkness asked, trying to confine the colossal duck in a mass of darkness.
“Can you take care of this?” Drakkoniss asked the Shadow being, motioning at the Mechanical Fowl.
The Duck launched a dozen heat seeking missiles out of it’s beak, blasting Thunder Strike and War Pro out of the air, and into the water.
“Sure,” Ancient Darkness scoffed. “What will you be doing?”
“I’ve got to help Grey,” Drakkoniss replied.
He zoomed back towards Super City, his speed increasing to the point where he turned into a blur.
"I don't have time for this!" I yelled, pulling out the Arachnoscythe.
I held it up, chanting in a foreign language, complicated clicking noises. A spider spell. The only spell that requires the Arachnoscythe to use.
My eyes glowed red. My dress change to the ceremonial Arachnomancer robes. Spider legs sprouted from my back. My scythe rose into the air. The duck and the smashers stared in awe at the scythe.
A giant spider, three times as large as the duck appeared behind the ship.
The spider lunged, It's fangs puncturing the rubber duck. The duck screeched, forcing me and the other Smashers to cover our ears. The duck began to glow green, slowly melting until it was finally a glowing green puddle in the river. Everyone was silent.
I turned to face the smashers. My voice echoed.
"Gray Silhouette is dead. I am going to go pay him a favor that I owe him." The truth was, it wasn't a favor. It was the only thing I could do to make Gray happy. To maybe...Make him my friend. I disappeared, teleporting to Death's pitch back domain. Death was standing in front of me, a solemn look on his face.
"I need a favor."

“All for you,” Gray whispered. “For without you I would be nothing. I love you Rachel.”

“I love you too,” Rachel’s voice whispered back.

The deed...Was done.
Gray Silhouette was dead. He was reunited with Rachel, as I had promised.
I was standing in the eternal darkness that was Death's domain. I turned to face Death.
"The deal is done. Thank you Death. Gray will forever be happy. He can watch his son take his place. Thank you."
Death nodded, always silent. He held out his skeletal hand. Tears welled in my eyes. I pushed his hand away. He only had time to look at me with a confused look before I could get my arms around him, hugging him.
"Thank you...Father."


4-16-11 Back on from a while. Trip to Europe for funeral and all. Noticed a new game called HeroSmash. Might play.
4-22-11 Back from Ohio vacation. Gonna play HeroSmash tommorrow...probbably :P
4-23-11Playin' HeroSmash. In beta. Naturally I missed the Alpha by barely. Ugh. Seems fun...probbly gonna get a memship.
4-27-11 Memship got. lol Lvl 8. Gonna get back on forums in a few days.
5-4-11 Back on forums. Noticed Clans in HS. Remember my clan. Heh. They all seem so sure of themselves. And they're all small clans...hmm...
5-5-11 This "Clown the Jester" Character is interesting...Even though chaos isn't a side, he sure makes it seem like it. Seems nice to me. Chaos and all.
5-6-11 Delta blitz is also interseting...seems like a rivalry betweeen clown and him? Looking in to it.
5-7-11 Fireblaze 300 seems a lot like another guy back in AQW who was annoying...tryin' not to let that bug me.
5-8-11 Gray Silhouette? Interesting person..watchin' him >.>
5-11-11 Need another siggy. Read clown's story. Liked it...maybe I should show mine?
5-12-11 About to show my story...gettin link and just gonna let em see it. They can comment on mah journal if they want.
5-14-11 Hmm...maybe I should write the story first instead of countering Gray and Clown's stories...Drakkoniss is definitely getting a bigger role, as well as delta. Possibly as allies...
5-14-11 Partnership between me, Gray, and Clown. ^^ Yay! Story writing trio! We all seem to be getting better at these stories, adding more characters, more details, etc.
5-16-11 Stories definitely getting better...Looks like jae is joining our stories, along with fireblaze...This story is just going to get better and better...
6-8-11 Two chapters left in the story...Sigh...Gonna miss writing with Clown and Gray. If you guys are reading this, you're the greatest! ^^
7-2-11 Back from Orlando vacation... Feels like it was forever... Just finished reading C&T...It's over. D= I might continue it somehow...
11-13-11Who knew I'd be such a success here? Everyone likes my stories. I'll never be better than Clown and Gray, but I'm thinking of a possible career of story writing.

Lady Zafara's Bio

Name: Lady Zafara.
Race: Vampire, Mermaid, possibly more.
Allegiance: I lie with the highest bidder.
Powers: Unknown. Always has a trick up my sleeve.

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The Beginning of the End

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