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(HS)The Dark Assasin

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5/13/2011 0:10:25   

(I revised my story to make it longer and more....interesting. Oh and this is the new and improved version, so enjoy The new version of The Dark Assasin)
Heres the Commentary for it: Commentary
Saga One: Light

Part One: A Hero's Destiny

I stared at the home shelter for abondened beings. It was lonely there and the kids didnít respect me. I was abadoned for only one reason. War. I could tell you the story now:
My parents stood in their house, watching the news and cooking dinner. They acted like normal human beings. They had took the forms of the Mayor and Secretary. No one had known they were married. Anyways, I was just watching TV with my father, when a huge News Report interrupted us. News Report had never interrupted us, ever.
ďAs you can see here, a major meteor has landed and crashed into the Town Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Light didnít see that coming! It seems now that the meteor is bein gopened up by few storng civilians. I cannot believe it! Itís a rare malachite, the one we have been researching about for years! For all of you who want to see, come to Liberty Square!Ē the new reporter blared on the TV, with proudness in his job. My parents got on their trench coats and human clothing and patted my head,ĒSon, Weíre going to see the malachite..To research about our abadoned race heritage. Some thing tells me we are connected to it....Somehow. But anyhow, once we research this I will take it home and see how you will interact with it.Ē my Dad said. I stared at my parents blankly. I just hoped they would be safe. My parents left the room in a hurry, getting into the car and zooming away. I put my hands on the windows, leaving my fingerprints on the windows mirror surface. I stared at SuperCity, bustling with excitement and other fun things. I was too young to leave the house, and I agreed with my family rules(but still never knew why, I saw other boys my age go though.). My family knew one thing about their history and thats they were Light Beings. They were destined to get married in their birthhood, but were sent to SuperCity anyways. They met later and fell in love, I guess they were really meant for each other. They found out their history after a mysterious fortune teller gives them a free reading. Thatís how they know, just to keep you informed. My parents had never returned that night. I walked towards the TV and turned it on, only to see my parents death. My eyes started to swell up. Donít cry, just donít cry! Youíll make a fool out of your self! I thought. I began to cry, this was waaay to sad. I trusted the news when it came on, and now it was time to trust my wits. I opened the door and slowly walked out, trying to find Liberty Square. No one looked at me, but just stared past me. Why were they? I wondered. I just still walked slowly past the kids and towards Liberty Square. When I arrived, no one was left alive. My parentís car had been half gone and half here. ďBut...how,Ē I said, noticing the malachite missing.Ē That mustíve of been it. The malachite attacked everyone with something. Something I must figure out....Ē I looked at my parentís car. That was my story.
Thatís why Iím here. Now you know, and now I plan my escape from this prison!

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5/20/2011 20:24:10   

Part Two: Eascape from Death

I sat on my chair in the deathly imprisonment. The rooms were just pure metal, they were cold as I sat in my chair. Only few kids were trusted and allowed to play. I had just came here so I wasn't trusted.
"Next." one of the cell people said, holding a clipboard checking off names. I stayed in my seat.
"Next." he said again, with great anger in his voice. I crossed my arms and sat in the cold metal seat. I slowly cocked my head towards him and giggled.
"You, kid. Come with me!" he said, holding a ball of fire in his hand. I sighed, and got up. I trudged towards him, making squeking noises, other kids laughed at me. I smirked, and walked towards the angered man, and growled. "I bite." I whispered towards him. The man laughed and put off the fireball. He guided me through a small tunnel way, leading towards an energy ball. He pushed me towards it. I fell into it. It zapped me and continued to zapp me. I cringed as I felt pain like no one ever felt before. This tiem the zapping got stronger and made me drop. The pain was making bleed. The bleeding came out of my mouth as I laid there, helplessly. I tried to get up, but it's force was too powerful. Then it realized me, "You guys...Are monsters! Trying to suck out our powers? How dare you!" I tried to say, but the force was to strong, I couldn't do anything. I slowly tried to move my arm forward. No use.., I thought,I'm going to die here... The force began to lower and I could freely move my arms. I moved my arms forward, trying to crawl away. No one was watching so I had the perfect thing to do. My hands were bleeding as I tried to escape the orb's powers. My torn shirt hung loose, as I tried to crawl away. Just a few moments away. I thought, hoping for victory. I reached my hand for outside the orb. A foot stepped infront of my hand. Another foot stepped on it. "LET GO! lET GO OF ME!" I shouted, yelling my lungs out. I reached another hand, pulling my self out to see the same man stepping on my hands. The man that I though he could be trusted but not.
*flash back*
"Who are you?"
"I'm a superhero. You can trust me."
"Okay, so what do I do?"
He punched me in the face and used his powers to knock me out. That's how I arrived how, shortly after witnessing my parents death.
*flash back over*
"You, want to escape us? Well, I guess I have to deduct your trust points. Hehe.." the man said, pulling a cigar out of his mouth.
"CHILD ABUSER! How dare you try to hurt us, how dare you!" I shouted, pulling my hand from beneath his foot. I slowly got up, but he tripped me before I could fully stand. The man laughed with evil laughter, other people did too. This was how I would end? I thought, Just like this, I'm wiped out by this guy? No I can beat him, I'm a light being...Right? There was a choice here, find out my abilities or die. I took choice one and got up, as quick as I could. I swiped my hand at the man, he growled at me. "Coem back for another taste of punch? Well this tiem I got some cherry punch for you!" he shouted at me, cackling with laughter. I growled at him, and punched him. He looked at me, his power dying down a bit from my hits. I grabbed his shirt, barely got it because of my height, and punched his belly. The man dropped down, I knew it was a chance to escape this prison. I ran straight to the nearest opening, there I met up with more people. They had guns and pointed them at me. I sighed and launched a punch. I missed, but luckily another boy popped out and blasted them with fire. "Nice shot!" I exclaimed.
"Yea, well I wanan escape this place too. My name is Guru." he said towards me.
"Just Guru, huh?" I asked him as we walked down the hall.
"Yea, well I'm a luck being. I bring luck to those near me," he said, joyfully, "I only have one power that gives me any power randomly."
"Nice, dude." I said in a cool tone. We walked around a curve to see a door. It had red paint on it and said: EXIT. I had never seen those doors before, but I trusted it. I had luck with me. I ran towards the door to see a man in elegant robes. He glared at me, angered. His hands had an energy orb full of darkness. He shot one at me. I fell down, I was frozen like a statue. The darkness surged around, creating another half of me. It had took control of me. I got up and looked at the villanous man. I shot dark lightning at him and he disappeared. I fell back again, blacking out.
Next thing I remeber is arrving back in my hometown. I saw Guru there, eating a bag of chips. "Hey pal! I just brought you back here, this is a secret hideout where we can stay and have fun!" shouted Guru, sitting on a white couch.
"Super cool. But what about Liberty Square?" I asked, rembering my parents death.
"That? Oh thats nothing. I just walked past it fine, without no harm done." he said. I nodded my head. I wanted to check it out again. It had secrets and those secrets could be unlocked.

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5/23/2011 22:41:55   

Parent's Murderer

I walked on the sidewalk of SuperCity. I had left the secret base to buy some more food. But then, I decided to take a stop. I took a left curve on Main Street and walked towards Liberty Square, I wanted to check it out some more. I halted at the scene of it. It looked like nothing happened. It looked as if someone just cleaned it up. I took a deep breath and exhaled. The wind blew silently as I just stood there, awaiting something. Something that would never come: my parents. Tears dropped fro my staring eyes, but they just felt like nothing. BAM! I was whacked right on the head by a large malachite mace. I looked behind me to see an elgant woman, with a princess tiara. Her clear blue hair flowed side to side.
"You gonna stare at my crime scene or what?" she said, with a nasty tone.
"Ummm, yours?" I said with a questioning face.
"Hah...You didn't know? i slaughtered the people here. Oh wait! You look like Mr. and Mrs. Light! They were sooo brave...But I killed them with my little mace here." she said, throwing her mace around like it was nothing.
"YOU VILLAIN!" I shouted. She scoffed, "I'm actually chaotic, I kill villains to. Because of them in my way of this world's disposal!" I growled at here and blasted her with a beam of light. She delfected it like it was nothing. She hit me with her mace , making me thud into Cysero's Left Sock Theatre. Blood coughedout of my lips, that was a hard hit. i wiped it off onto my sleeve and got off. I just shook off the blood and zoomed right towards her. WHAM! She left her mace infront of my direction, making my face fall right into it. "Yawn...I'm going to find a real hero." she said. i growled and punched her in the face. I did it once, but then I started to do it more. I couldn't stop. "I won't lose! THIS IS FOR MY PARENTS!" I shouted, turning my body into more light. As I punched, my force got stronger making me push her as I punched.
"WAHAHAHAHAHA! You think you can beat Pandora the 3rd? Wahahaha! Malachtie, PWOER ME UP!" she shouted, gorwing larger. "Kicky!" she shouted, with a funny tone. She got ready for a kick and blasted me ,with her big toe, in the air. I had gotten a wedgie on the Yergen Bacon Gum billboard, my will had not make me give up yet. "Light's Split! Ancient Darkness, Ancient Light! Come help Light!" I whispered to myself, hoping to find my two split selves. They came immediately and grabbed me off the billboard. We flew down towards the ground and landed with a thud. Pandora backed away, in fear. "Heh...Boys, we can be nice now. Let's all play Good guys and save the day. Don't make a fool out of youself!" she shouted, in fear still as we came closer towards her. "Ancient Darkness, Keep her in that spot. Ancient Light, hold her sould. I'll do the beating!" I shouted. My split selves nodded. I cried a little bit too, because killing her wouldn't do anything to my parents. I went up towards Pandora and shot a beam of light towards her, wrapping her in a priosn of light. I lauched a punch at her, as fast as I could. She held my fist as I did and launched me away. My splits had returned in my body already.
"Now, now, boys. LET ME RETURN THE FAVOR!" Pandora shouted, easily snapping the light prison. She slamemd me into a wall, giving me a bloody nose. She dusted off all the dirt on her made by our battle. I sat besdies the wall in defeat. I never knew what chaos was and is. But I thought it was some type of evil that must be feared. Then I rembered the potato chips and hopped back up towards the grocery store in the Market Place.
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5/24/2011 0:41:36   

Part 4: A Hero's Death & A Villains Birth

After that battle with Pandora, there were many to come. She won a few of them, but I mostly won most of them. I unlocked more of my pwoers. They had devolped fully. Me and Guru were best friends for years until I got a college degree at Professer Smash's Academy. Guru had already unlocked his full potiental, before I did, and became some super hero's Sidekick. I stayed at the College for 3 more eyars. I am now 23 years old and a full fledged hero. I walked from the Grocery store, missing my best friend. I sighed and walked slowly away from Market Place. As I walekd away, I saw Pandora again. She was running in the direction of the park saying, "I'm gonna be a hero. maybe then they can remeber those years trapped in that monster Clown's mind. Maybe they'll understand me after I save them!" I looked at her as she ran past me. She left a huge chunk of her malachite behind her. Her mace was chipping away...I stared at her run, then picked up the huge chunk she left. She had changed, and I knew it. I held the large piece of malachtie in my hands tightly andran towards her.
"Pandora! Pandora!" I cried out towards her, watching her run in the distance.
"What? Light, can't you see I'm busy here trying to save Super city!" she shouted, as she stopped.
"Well, why are you trying to save the day? Aren't you chaotic?" I asked as I caught up to her.
"That was Clown taking control of me. He's this psycho path reailty bender. He's suuuper chaotic. But he's powerful enough to destroy Super City. HE'S UNLEASHED AN ARMY OF MUTANT MONEKYS!" she exlained towards me.
"What? We gotta go there now. Even though it's obvious since we're heroes." I said at Pandora.
"Yeah. Initiate Mission: Destroy Crazy Monkey Army." she said, speaking to a earchip. We got up and ran straight towards Aurora Park.
"OH MY GAWD! IT'S LIGHT!" shouted the mayor, in a geeky tone. I smirked, I was a real hero now and days. "Mayor, where are the monkeys?" I asked. He pointed to the right. I went that way to see robotic evil monekys with brains of a human. They had a laugh of a maniac. Clown.. I thought. I reconized his laugh in Pandora's body form our first fight. I launched a fist at the first monkey, making it's arm fall off. The monkey looked towards me and started throwing exploding poop bombs at me. I deflected them, by punching them towards the monkey just in time. The monkey blew up, triggering a reaction near the ones next to it.
"Nice, Light. But being a hero dosen't mean tricks. We have to find the one named Clown and lock him up."
"Does Clown have a large pod ship that has Clown paint all over it?"
"Umm....Yeah... Light, I'm sorry I ahd to do this. But to save SueprCity..I have to betray you. I'm not letting you unleash those twin devils like you did in our first fight." Pandora said, grabbing me by the neck and throwing me into the air. I landed flat down in a hole, randomly dug by somebody. The escape pod stopped and went backwards. Pandora smirked at me and froze me.The ice prickled across me, making my body bleed with pain. Pandora walked away, leaving me alone. Very Heroic I thought sarcasticly. I had been alone. Left alone in the deepest part of my body. My heart.


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5/26/2011 23:41:17   

Saga Two: Ancient Light

Part One:A Hero's Death(Countinued)

Ugh...My eyes opened. I was staring at me...Only darker. His eyes were closed. GoodI thought, hoping not to fight the other version of me. I felt different though. I felt changed. My body was freezing as I looked below me. I saw an icicle below me, I was laying on the smooth side of it. At the end of long icicle, I could see the dead body of me. I stared at it, for the horror I was a ghost, for atleast a hour. I floated towards the top of the pitfall. "What had happened? Why is this covered? So many questions and no answer." I said to mysef, I was the only one there. I tried pushing the dirt but I just floated through. "Hmm...I guess ghost can really float through things. Wait! How am I still here? Shouldnt I be transported first?" I said to myself. I stared at Aurora Park. All I say were villains and heroes clashing together. "Why are there so many villains and heroes? Whats going on.." I said to myself, as I floated away from the fighting. I tried to speed up my pace and zoomed towards Liberty Square. The whole palce was different than I had seen. What year was it? Something was going on, but first..I needed answers about me being a ghost that dosen't appear. Did I have some buisenss undone? I needed answers, but of course no one could see me. "It's time to stir some trouble. WRITE A MESSAGE!" I shouted, hoping I could atleast hold a pencil. It was time to warn civilians about me. Tell them there was a new hope on the horizon. Ancient Light has come back from the dead and Light has died!
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5/29/2011 22:38:31   

Part Two: Kevin LoringStar

"Well, well. Citizens of SuperCity. I found this letter on my desk. It seems like it should be read out loud to you and dosen't seem very important at all." the mayor of SuperCity said, placing a parchment on a podium. He walked up to it and tapped on the microphone. "It says: 'Hello Citizens of SuperCity, my name is Ancient Light. I used to be a hero anmed Ligth bt he died due to Pandora's wraith. I now wander your city as a ghost of light. I will only restart my life if you sacrifice a human for me, as I learned, while wandering your museum at night, that if you sacrafice a human being I would take, I will become human again. And possibly, more stronger. So please, if anyone wants to become a superhero. Step forward." A young man stepped forward. He had rock clothes on, and his jeans were ripped alot. The man had held a guitar behind his back, "I'll accept the offer. Whatever I can do for the fate of SuperCity." More people stepped up as they heard this man talk. "Your'e really gonna let Kevin LoringStar become the hero of this city? Remeber what he used to do when he was a teenager!" shouted a man in the crowd. The mayor stumbled as he spoke, "N-now now p-people w-we c-could a-all agree on this. Now can we? We could all brawl to see who is the strongest." Kevin LoringStar stepped up again, determination in his eyes. "I accept thsi brawl."
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6/5/2011 18:21:58   

Kevin LoringStar got his battle stance ready. His oppenet had been the sushi chef of SuperCity, the man had a sharp glance. "Like an eagle." Kevin murmered to himself. The whistle was blown and Kevin charged towards his oppenet. The sushi chef's fist tightened and waited for the oppenet to strike. Kevin stopped and just bounced on his feet. "Heh..." Kevin whispered to himself, attacking the man with a round house kick, then round kicking him twice in one hit. The shusi chef fell down in defeat. "Piece of cake. I could take more of these guys." bragged Kevin. He looked to his side, his eyes seemed to meet my gaze. I looked at him, had he seen me? "No...There wasn't a ghost just there..." Kevin said to himself. I looked down and hovered down towards Kevin. His determination showed his power strongly. The next person was not a human at all, but a strong beast. His strature wwas huge. The monster person charged at Kevin, launching an attack at him. The blow had bounced back Kevin. Blood came every where, "No...This isn't my day..." The monster charged again, slowly applying more pwoer onto this next hit. SMACK! Kevin's face started to bleed more. "NO YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HIM!" people shouted. Kevin closed his eyes, hoping for another chance to live. It was over....

"Look! The monster has stepped back in....pain?" someone cried out in the audience. I stared back at the fight to see Kevin's eyes open.
"You wanna know what I love in movies?" Kevin said, smirking."I love it when the super heroes 'die' and coem back alive to strike back at the villain. Heh. AND HERE COMES THE FINAL BLOW!" Kevin lanched his fist and blasted the life out of the monster. Kevin got up and trudged towards the mayor.
"You know we have to kill you right?" the mayor said towards Kevin. Kevin laughed, "I don't care. Just make me a hero now. all I want is to make my dad proud again. And my mom."
That day, I had felt another man's pain. Kevin was like me, his parent's both died...

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