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(HS)The Origin of Fire,Secret of The Blaze

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5/13/2011 3:32:33   

Chapter 1: Origins
It was a time of peace. Evil and Good alike thrived under a new treaty that was sure to sustain the peace. But, unknown to both factions, force mighty enough to destroy countless worlds, universes, and the like would soon come to rupture that "peace". Chaos.

Out in the depths of space and time, there is a great entity, an entity of chaos. The legends name him Azathoth. The great creator of discord and destruction. that, my foolish friends, is not I. I, while being a Chaos entity myself, am simply a creation of Azathoth. I am only one of three beings that were created by the great Azathoth. The other two, The Jester and Delta, were created to serve different purposes than I. I represent the Chaos that resides in Evil. Delta, on the other side of that spectrum, represents the underlying Chaos that resides in Good. The Jester, in the middle of that spectrum, represents the Chaos that resides in Insanity.

Now that I have introduced them, I think it's time I shared with you my own name. I am called Inferno.

Chapter 2: The Disappearance

Our reign of terror began with a four phase plan that the great Azathoth came up with. i was to go down to the Earth and make it seem to the villains that they had a powerful ally. Phase two of that plan was that Delta was to go down and do the same to Good. Phase 3 was that The Jester would come down and wreak havok, just like the little lunatic does, on both factions. finally, phase four was that Delta and I would join with The Jester and reveal what we truly were.

the plan worked. flawless, almost....perfect, not that we Chaos beings know what perfect truly is. We then started to wreak havok on both factions and we were then to go into a slumber of two thousand years so that Azathoth could make his appearance. Fashionably late as he, my father, likes to call it.

When i awoke and called out to my brothers through mind rays, The Jester woke up and i sensed his presence. but i didn't sense Delta's presense. I went to the place he had gone into his slumber. everything i saw was destoyed. all i found was a note... Somehow he had wrote a note.... Anyways, the note read:

"My brothers, i apoligize for leaving you like this, but i have found a new purpose. Redemption. While you slept, i woke up and something had changed about me. something horrible has happened to my soul. It's gone. I tried to call for you and only sent out a beam of negative energy. I stopped because i didn't want you hurt. I am sorry. Goodbye."

Chapter 3: Azathoth's Arrival

Losing Delta was a stab to the heart. My evil, black chaotic soul couldn't take it. I broke down in tears at my loss. The Jester started laughing nervously, his form of crying. The Jester calmed down and tried to console me. Delta was a brother to me, a great friend, an ally. i could never replace him. But like clown says, the show must go on, no matter what.

finally, Azathoth arrived, one month later than he said he'd come, as usual. "where's Delta?," he asked."i don't know," i replied. Azathoth looked concerned for a bit, "Delta's fine, he just has to find his own path, make a new start," he told us.

Chapter 4: An Angry Clown

The show must go on, and it did. Everything went well, except for Delta's part. I had to create a clone of Delta to help. It didn't feel right.

We started wreaking havok on the city, and I noticed something weird about The Jester. He didnt seem to enjoy the chaos he ensued, like he usually does. I tried to ask him what was wrong, but he jst moved to another area and began torturing a group of heroes.

Later that day, I asked The jester what was wrong. "This is your fault, Delta leaving us is all your fault!," he said. "Hey, i don't make choices for Delta, nor am i his keeper," i replied. That's when he exploded. He started going insane, "you didn't look after Delta, making you the one responsible!," he yelled. I didn't blame him, i just knew that he was extremely upset. Yet the way he yelled at me....it just made me as angry as he was.

We went into a whole argument, his eyes turning from their brilliant purple to black, his hair turning into downward spikes, getting more and more angry. My own eyes turning white my cape turning into the wings of my ultimate form, he turning into his.

Finally, when we were both about to turn into our ultimate forms, Azathoth stopped us. "Your petty banter would be better used on the pitiful inhabitants of this city," he scolded. That's when The Jester and I went on our own paths, still following Azathoth, but more or less on our own paths.

Chapter 5: Enter Jae

Things began to get out of hand. The Jester was starting to purposely try to attack me. "This is it. i can't take this anymore," I said to myself. I started doing the same thing.

Suddenly, this voice yells, "i am Ancient Darkness, and I am here to destroy you!". "Silence, you self-righteous fool," I retorted. I then proceeded to pick him up by his throat, fly upwards, throw him into the air like a sporting clay, and give him a blast of fire energy to the face, effectively killing him and sending his carcass about three hundred miles away from my current position.

Then i met met this hero who went by the name of Jae. She seemed pretty young, around the age of sixteen. A mind reader, she was. I sent her flying for about two or three miles. she comes back, hitting me with a punch that knocks out of the sky and into the ground. from the feel of that punch i could tell she enhanced it with her powers. Bring it on, i thought to myself, and launched at her.

Chapter 6: A Formiddable Enemy

This hero, this...Jae, was stronger than i had expected, most of her attacks sending me yards away from her. She sent a wave of psychic energy at me, which i easily dodged. "You're going to have to do better than that," I told her with a grit to my voice."don't think that was all i had in me, you infernal lunatic!," she replied, surrounding herself with psychic energy. "Banter gets you nowhere, my dear," i laughingly replied, and pulled out my sword, Zafaros.

I slashed at her, aiming for her abdomen. she retaliated by slamming my back with a psychic push. i flew into a building, breaking at least five walls. I flew back out of the building, a gash in my right shoulder. "Hah, merely a scratch," i said as the wound healed over. "i'm not done with you yet, ya overgrown box of matches!," she replied. "Again with the banter! Really, my dear, this is beginning to get boring!," I said, thrusting myself forward, my diamond-sharp infernal sword in front of me. she dodged to my right, enough with swordplay, I decided. I charged my aura around me, and released. I hit her with such force that she flew through a building. she lay there, unconsious. "Finally, someone who's actually a challenge," I thought to myself as I moved on, sparing her. I don't know why I spared her on that day, guess it was for the best that i did.

Chapter 7: Delta's Return

At that point, things were getting tense between myself and Azathoth. he began telling me to do things that were jst sick. mostly killiing children in horrible ways. Even as a being of Chaos, nearly insane, with a desire to destroy, hurting children the way he was telling me to just went against my beliefs.

That's when Delta returned. he was different, his eyes emotionless when i greeted him, his soul seemingly drained. but then again, he didn't have a soul anymore. he didn't even crack a smile when he saw The Jester like he usually did. "what happened to you, Delta, ya really let yourself go," i said, laughing. he laughed as well, but it seemed hollow. He didn't smile when he laughed...it was strange.

" Did you find what you needed?," i heard The Jester say when they were talking. "No, i didn't," Delta replied "My quest to retrieve my soul has ended in complete failure. i'm not sure how I can go on like this," he said sadly.

Chapter 8: Darkness Returns

I sat upon a throne that i had one of my minions make. As I stared out into the skies near where my brothers had made their thrones, one on top of a mental hospital and one over Herospire, I saw a flash of dark energy through the sky. I decided to investigate. when I arrived where it landed, I was shocked to see Ancient Darkness. "miss me?," he said, a smirk on his face. "not in the least," I replied. I pulled out my spiked chain whip, one of my many lethal weapons and really one of my favorites other than Zafaros. The battle began.

Chapter 9: Spiraling Into Madnesss

He struck first. sending a dark colored blast towards me, he knocked me down. "Looks like you've learned a thing or two," i said, smirking. "Yes," he said,"it seems I have." i launched up into the air, spinning my whip, and struck him in the side. blood burst out of his abdomen. pulling back my chain, I looked at the bloodstains on my whip. "aw, so much for stainless steel; no matter," i said, laughing. he recovered, having stopped the flow, and sliced at me with his fiery scythe. "You'll have to try harder than that, reaaahahahahaaaaaa!!!!" I yelled. "Oh, dont worry, I'm just warming up!" he said. "well ya better warm a faster, or you'll end up in a body bag!" i replied. i swung my chain over my head and at my evil foe and hit him in the leg, the chain wrapping around it and throwing him into the ground. I landed and as my feet hit the ground he sent his scythe towards my head. i wrapped my chain around it and sent it back. he caught his scythe and shot a fireball towards me. "hey, that's my trick, you meanie," i said as the fireball hit me and threw me into a building. i lay there unconsious and he stood over me. "I should kill you right now," he said, "but there is a bigger threat to you than me," he said as he walked away. That was the first time i had ever been defeated. It would not be the last.

Chapter 10: Things Start to Heat Up

I woke up with a terrible headache. As I looked around, i saw a section of my chain whip laying where my head was, and that explained alot.

later, as i waited for my wounds to heal over, a new face turned up. or should i say new faces. In front of me i saw a group of four Smashers, Drakkoniss, Grey Silhouette, Jae, and Lady Zafara. they attacked. "Can't you let a guy nurse his wounds?" i yelled as i leaped into the air. "not while you're still alive!" Drakkoniss yelled. "now that just makes no sense! MUAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" i shrieked as i hit him in he side, throwing him into a building so hard it collapsed. unli=uckily, he wasn't crushed. Jae attacked from behind with a psychic punch. i was thrown into a building and began to become enraged. i pulled out another chain whip and leaped into the air, the whips spinning behind me like afterburners. i hit her in the leg, effectively bruising her femur. sadly, she didn't have to use the ground, she could fly. Velmur hit me from my left with Horror. Immediately i saw a picture of a little girl with a flame aura around her being killed by a shadowed figure. i didn't recognize the girl, yet i pushed myself away from Velmur, a bad move, as Lady Zafara was waiting behind me to scratch my side. i screamed in pain. By that time, Jae had gotten Drakkoniss out of the rubble and threw the rubble at me. as the rubble hit, Drakonniss slashed my shoulder open. as i fell, i managed to released a thermal burst, hitting them all, but just hard enough to buy me some time. i landed in a building, my anger setting it on fire, and fell unconsious for a few minutes.

by the time i came back, they were ready to attack again, and they brought friends. Ancient Darkness was there, Delta surprisingly enough, The Jester. i mean it was like everyone and their uncle was there. i stood up as they surrounded me, my stature making me look like a zombie. as i sized them up, my eyes turned bright white. i began to grow larger. my cape was replaced by wings. my armor turned into scales. my head turned into theat of a dragon. i had become my ultimate form. i was about twice the size of the buildings around me, meaning i wasn't using my full power. they attacked with their most powerful attacks in their normal form. Ancient Darkness unleashed a barrage of darkness, while delta hit me with uncountable negative energy beams. The Jester pulled out a giant chainsaw and started wacking me with the blade, looking ablsolutely frustrated. Drakkoniss fired off his L.A.S.E.R.S. and Velmur hit me with a barrage of light. Arachnid started biting me repeatedly with her fangs she had empowered with the power of the undead and jae ht me with psychic bursts. all enough to stagger me, but not enough to knock me down. i hit them all with a move I like to call Nova. it blasted them about 12 miles out of the city limits, in a half dead state. it also left a fourth of the city a lifeless smoldering crater, and buildings surrounding the crater destroyed. i flew off.

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