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(HS) The Apprentices

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5/14/2011 20:19:45   
13 Souls

(HS) The Apprentices:
If you see a HeroSmash name, or your own, I did NOT intend to use that name. I'm not very good at making up names, so you might see a friend's or your own. If you do, do not think I actually wanted it to look like you did something in the story...

Chapter 1: The Welcome

He was running towards the dock, and almost knocked over 4 people while running. He was a hero, and his name was Minlo. His partner, Nylee, was very diligent and graceful, but was not very fast. She had planned to trap Mr. Purple at the docks, and Minlo was chasing him directly into the docks. It was perfect. She was hiding underwater and was ready to throw a large net on Mr. Purple, and save the victim who was trapped in Mr. Purple's machine-like robot.

"NOW, NYLEE!" Bladen yelled as he was chasing Mr. Purple directly to the spot Nylee was designated to throw the net at. She threw it in a heartbeat as soon as she heard her name, and then leaped out of the water, to make sure the trap worked, and to point and laugh at Mr. Purple while he struggled at the net. It worked. Bladen started kicking the robot, and Mylee started slapshing water on the robot. It suddenly exploded, and Mr. Purple was sent flying into the sky, and he landed on a citizen's boat. He was knocked off by the citizen, who was not happy to see Mr. Purple on his boat.

Bladen high-fived Nylee. They had trapped Mr. Purple once more. They had already trapped him about 14 times. Suddenly, two figures started walking towards them. It was getting dark, so Nylee and Bladen couldn't see them from a distance. Finally, the saw bright-blue hair in a ponytail, and brown hair in a very appealing style. At this point, Bladen and Nylee didn't need to get closer to the two. It was Pandora and Martial Artix!

"P-P...PANDORA?!" asked jaw-dropped Nylee. Pandora was Nylee's hero. And Nylee was Pandora's Number 1 Fan. She had painted her room with Pandora doing different poses, she had all the items that were Pandora based, and she even dressed up EXACTLY like Pandora on Halloween!

"MARTIAL ARTIX?!" asked slightly less jaw-dropped Bladen. He liked Martial Artix, but not in the same way Nylee liked Pandora. He had learned Martial Arts, and dressed up as Martial Artix (not exactly like) on Halloween!

"That's right, it's us!" Pandora answered, she tried to put Nylee's dropped jaw up, but even Martial Artix couldn't lift it up. Eventually, Minlo knocked Nylee in the back of her head, and she lifted the dropped jaw.

"Look, we need you to do something. Ever since we heard you two always fight Mr. Purple and other crime, we decided to ask you to join something." Martial Artix told them quietly, "We want you to be our apprentices! I mean Pandora's gonna be WAYY old in a few years! I mean look at the age she is right now!" Artix added. H epointed to Pandora's face and at this point, Pandora slapped him.

"Anywho..." Pandora started, acting like nothing just happened, "We want you to be our Apprentices! You can fight crime with us! We'll show you our techniques, and maybe, just maybe, instead of Pandora and Artix, it's gonna be Nylee and Bladen!" she finished doing a little dance. "So, are you up to it?" she asked to the two.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" the two said in unison. The four all went down to Liberty for some pizza, as celebration of the two newcomers that were soon to be known Heroes all over Lore!

In the City...

ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! Went the lasers of two villains that had recently entered the city. They shot windows of shops and houses, trees, causing them to fall on innocent citizens, and even random people. There names were Melltazo and Neileka. They were always causing trouble for others, and always doing the worst for people.

"GIMME YOUR SMASHCOINS, YOU FREAK!" Melltazo yelled to a rich chef from a pizza place. "Help! Help, please!" he yelled. Melltazo zapped the pizzeria 5 times. Suddenly, everyone started running out of the pizzeria, and only 4 people didn't run, and those people were Pandora, Bladen, Martial Artix, and Nylee. As Bladen rescued many people who were falling from houses, Pandora was making sure everyone was okay, and healing those who needed it. Martial Artix was fighting Melltazo, and Nylee was rescuing the poor chef.

"NEILEKA! HELP!" yelled Melltazo, he wanted to have a 2vs.1, but Pandora was done healing, Bladen was certain everyone was safe now, and Nylee had got the chef to his feet. They all dashed to Martial Artix, who was battling Melltazo using his Martial Arts Powers. Pandora and Nylee decided that they could take care of Neileka, and that Bladen should help Martial Artix.

Suddenly, two figures appeared in the sky. Mr. Purple, and Rocker, from Skull Deep.

"Come with us!" hissed Rocker, and then Melltazo and Neileka flew towards Rocker, and the 4 made it back to Skull Deep...

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5/15/2011 15:35:47   
13 Souls

(HS) The Apprentices

Chapter 2: The Kidnapped Hero

It was a week after the day Nylee and Bladen had started becoming known heroes...Pandora was teaching Nylee some great defensive techniques, and Martial Artix was teaching Bladen how to punch things in different ways. In Skull Deep, Rocker, Mr. Purple, Melltazo, and Neileka were being taught how to confuse opponents and then attack from behind, and defeating them. Neileka burned 6 of the manequins, her power was very unfortunate. Her power was to shoot fire at anything she stared at. Whenever she would daydream, she would stare at something, and that item would burst into flames. Melltazo had Mental Powers, which weren't worth much, but he could give his opponent some bad thoughts, distracting them, and stopping them in their tracks. Nylee was diligent and graceful, only she was bad at offense, and agility. Her ability was defense, she had learned how to defend herself at strong puches, and always carried an iron shield in her backpack. Bladen was amazing at offense, and hiding, his power: He was as fast as a ninja. Ninja Marksmen was distantly related to Bladen, and Bladen could do most of the things Ninja Marksmen could do.

"Neileka, you've burned another mannequin..." sighed Mr. Purple. He had many more mannequins, but unfortunately, Neileka wasn't learning a thing. She always ended up accidently staring at the mannequin. Rocker told Mr. Purple that he couldn't blame her. The mannequin had a horribly-drawn face of Martial Artix in crayon on the face of the mannequin. Someone messed up and drew Pandora's outfit on the body in crayon, as well. Melltazo was praciticing moving objects up and down, left and right, but he was bored in the training room, watching Neileka fail, fail, and fail because of her unfortunate ability. Eventually, Neileka learned that she was gonna have to take of this powe ronce and for all. Before one of the mannequins could be burned, she flew out of the training room, and ran to Main Street East...

"Hmm...I guess you're going to get a headstart on our studies, Melltazo." Rocker told Melltazo, who, at this point, was sleeping and had drooled all over the chair he was sleeping in. Mr. Purple got his robot, picked Melltazo up with the crane, and dropped him from 10 feet above the floor. He woke up, looking around and yawning.

"What now!?" the irritated Melltazo asked. He suddenly heard a BANG!, followed by some girlish screams, and then it stopped. Probably some little girl who dropped something...he thought.

Mr. Purple heard the bang too, along with Rocker. "What was that?" the two said in unison. The 3 all flew out of the training room, and followed some fires that were on the sidewalk, and they all knew who it was: Neileka. They saw Martial Artix, Bladen, and Nylee and followed their eyes. They couldn't believe it. They saw Neileka with a blindfold on her eyes, and a weird device on her ears...but they were paying attention more to the girl who was screaming in Neileka's arm's. It was Pandora.
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6/13/2011 16:52:55   
13 Souls

Chapter 3: Extra! Extra!

As Martial Artix saw Neileka run with the awkward gear on her face, along with Pandora, he started running as fast as he could. He didn't even see that fact that he left behind Nylee and Bladen, who were sweating while trying to catch up to Martial Artix. Martial Artix finally saw Neileka make way into SkullDeep. He dug right into Skull Deep even faster than Melltazo, Mr. Purple and Rocker, who were desperately trying to catch up to Neileka and Pandora. Soon Bladen started to attempt to tell Martial Artix a plan...

"We go faster than Neileka, hide in an alley, and jump out at her at the right time! We grab Pandora, and that...weird gear and RUN!" Bladen explained to Martial Artix. Nylee was shocked. Martial Artix was actually listening. She didn't think he's listen to Bladen's plan. But Nylee already had a net, and Bladen could be the bait. It was the perfect last-minute plan.

"Ok..." Martial Artix replied to one of Bladen's brilliant plans, he started panting. Nylee and Martial Artix dashed to an alley, while Bladen stopped Neileka, and started to say things about her...some nice, and others...maybe not

In a mocking voice, Bladen said: "Oh look! I'm Neileka and I think I'M so pretty because I have Red Hair! Te he he he! I'm beautiful, and--Oh LOOK! I can blow up stuff just by staring at them!". In his real voice, he started laughing, and started to run. And then, Neileka blew it. She tore the blindfold off, and stared at Bladen.

"DUCK!" Nylee and Martial Artix yelled in unison, Bladen didn't need to duck, he ran faster, and turned into the alley before it could shoot him. But, Neileka wasn't done just yet, she chased Bladen into the alley, which wasn't supposed to happen, but the good thing was Nylee threw the net, and Martial Artix grabbed Pandora before the net trapped Neileka.

"Let go! Let go you FOOLS!" Neileka started to struggle, she tried shooting out fire, but Martial Artix, Nylee, Bladen, and Pandora ran to Main Street East before Neileka could go after them.

The Next Day...

'EXTRA! EXTRA!' were the two big black words printed at the top of the Super City Newspaper. Below it was a short summary of what happened.

'Greatest Heroes in Super City hired 2 Apprentices! Pandora was trapped in the clutches of a new Villain, when the 2 Hero Apprentices came up with a brilliant plan, and saved Pandora!' It read...

In Skull Deep...

'Wish our 2 Newest soon-to-be Villains in SkullDeep!'
Neileka and Melltazo are 2 Villains...
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