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(HS) The doctor

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5/15/2011 2:53:53   

I decided to post my characters backstory, most of it consists of flashbacks that call back to a darker time in my characters past.

Chapter 1: memories

Doctor's Journal.

It has been several years since the incident, people have been popping up with weird, superhuman powers. Just this afternoon, a woman came in and complained about a burning sensation in her eyes. As one of my nurses came over to check up on her, lasers shot out of her eyes, horribly burning my last volunteer nurse. The patient didn't seem any worse for wear though. We had to make her wear specialized eyewear until she could control the rate of her powers, but after a few days she seems to have mastered using them. Other superhumans were luckier, some mastered them immediately after obtaining them, others were not so lucky. As I look at the rest of my patients waiting in line, a horrible thought forced it's wait into my head.

"Doctor, please make it stop" A man tied to a table screamed in agony. My hands were shaking, my thoughts were a mess, but I was determined to finish the operation. "Just a little more doctor, Imagine what the world would benefit from what we will learn here" A tall man in a military uniform told me. Just a few days ago, an alien ship crash landed into a nearby desert. The locals who lived in the rural village nearby started developing strange growths. Though no extraterrestrials were spotted on the crash site, The government sector dedicated to pursuing "foreign affairs" insisted that the locals in close proximity to the ship contracted some alien illness of sorts. I was hired by this shadowy sector of the government to perform experiments on these poor individuals....

"Doc? your next patient is waiting" one of my medi-droids reminded me. I quickly snapped back to my senses, trying to forget a dark past i tried ever so desperately to bury. "Tell him to go ahead inside, I'll meet him there shortly" I told the droid. It's been a long time since the laser burn incident and the number of nurses and interns applying for a job at my clinic has dwindled greatly. To compensate for my lack of manpower, I decided to reprogram a few construction droids left behind after an old construction project got discontinued. The owner of the project left the droids for me to use to repay the time i saved his life after he accidentally impaled himself on the job. These droids may lack the natural nurturing skill of a human being, but they make all the menial tasks a lot easier to deal with. Plus, i also installed tranquilized guns and poison grenade launchers in them should there ever be a need for heavy security.

I walk inside to meet my patient, A man who's arm got dismembered as he was caught in the crossfire of two supers fighting. "Hey doc, What's with the moniker? Blackshock doesn't sound to comforting as a name." he asked me. I was quite surprised he was able to keep calm after losing an arm. "Long story bub, I suggest you worry about your arm first. But if it makes you feel better, i keep this name as a reminder of a past. That and I've been using this name for so long, I forgot my real name" I tell him as I measure his intact arm and search for suitable replacement prosthetics. The day draws closer to the end, the kind man waved goodbye to me with his new artificial arm. I warn him not to strain it for the first few weeks of grafting, but he seemed quite stubborn. All the other patients for today have been treated with. I let all my droids handle the small details like cuts and scrapes, gets the job done faster. As I hang my lab gown and call it a day, I start to get the feeling that the next day is gonna be a long one...

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5/15/2011 10:44:11   

Chapter 2: The Journey

Doctor's Journal:

One door...One door separates me from freedom. Between me and that door is a long corridor lined with many different jail cells of different kinds. My mind was a blur at the moment, the only thing i could feel was the urge to escape. I take a step, but the gap seems to widen. I try to run, but the faster i run, the farther the door is. I was too distracted running to notice the horrors that the cells contained. People from all walks of life, heavily mutilated, groaning inhumane screams for mercy. Of all these horrors, the most shocking one is of a little girl. Remembering my initial goal of escape, i continued running. After what felt like days of running, enduring the site of these arcane horrors i finally reach the door. As take a quick rest to catch my breath, i was shocked to see the door turn into a mirror. Behind my reflection, i see the horrors that have been recently haunting me. It was only then that i realized what their pitiful cries meant. "Save me doctor....stop, it hurts....no more..." these cries were cries of mercy...from those I was forced to experiment on...Overcome by the surging feeling of guilt, i smashed the mirror with my fists.

"Wake up doctor, you're gonna be late for our trip" said a nearby medi-droid. "God, another nightmare" I think to myself. These nightmares have been hounding me lately, pulling me back to a past I never want to be part of. I put up this small clinic to get away from it all and to do a little good in my life, I can't believe I'm gonna be leaving it again. The recent smasher activity has come to my full attention. With my current experience on these super beings, also being one myself, it is common logic for me to believe that where there are many smashers (as media slang calls them these days), there will be much collateral damage and many civilians will be hurt. I decided to relocate my services to Super City, leaving behind a few droids and my brightest pupil to tend to any remaining patients in my clinic. I can't believe I'll be leaving this small town I've grown to love, But duty calls and my services are needed elsewhere.

Since the packing would take quite a while before finished, i tried to practice the powers I gained from the event. I grab a nearby pair of scissors ang jab them deep into my left arm. Just as I removed the scissors, the wound instantly patched it up. Experience has taught me that these powers only take effect as long as i actively think about It, but when I set my mind to it, i can outheal any form of damage. After a few stabs later to check consistency, it failed to come to my attention that a young boy witnessed my little experiment. Shocked by what he had just seen, the little lad ran as fast as his feet could take him. I try to come over to him to explain, but before i could come close to him a truck passed by as he was crossing and slammed into the poor boy breaking most of his bones. I approached the poor soul to examine the damage. "Hmm...this will take more than a few stitches to heal" I said as I put my hand over him. Focusing my thoughts, I channel whatever mysterious energies circulating my body into the child and his wounds healed just like mine. His scars patched up and his bones snapped back into place. Thankful and confused, the boy gave me a little paper swan he was carrying and made his way back home. The ordeal left me a bit tired, but just in time for the packing to finish. I bade the townspeople farewell and told my pupil to take good care of them as my truck left the town. I look towards the horizon and wonder what will be in store for me in Super City.
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5/25/2011 13:16:42   

Chapter 3: Prologue to Hospitality

Doctor's Journal

It's been a day since we left our quiet little village, so far we've seen nothing but barren landscape on our way to super city. Our trip was further delayed when we stopped to aid the survivors of a recent clash between two smashers. Apparently mortal enemies, the battle between the two supers caused devastating damage in the town. Buildings knocked down, signposts thrown around. If I didn't know any better, I'd suspect super powered children are behind this. We did our best to tend to all the wounded in the area. The civilians still have no idea on the identity of the beings who besieged them, but they were sure one of them was riding a rather large machine.

Day two of the journey. I'm feeling rather excited since we're almost there, but my excitement soon faded after I heard a large explosion and our truck went tumbling. After taking a quick breath and replacing my broken eyeglasses with the spares I keep in my labgown, i quickly asses my current situation. Apparently, our truck was blasted by a rocket. Near the trashed truck, I can hear the sound of machinery operated and a rather Irritated individual growling.

"Junk, junk, junk, ooh a stethoscope, junk, junk. Man, I thought this was a bank truck, I guess the big red cross kinda gave it away." he said as he ruffled through our cargo.

"Excuse me, that's expensive medical equipment you're throwing around. If you don't want to stay in a hospital for the rest of your life, I suggest you put them down and apologize." I said to him while helping myself back to my feet.

"Expensive you say? Well, I guess I can sell some of this junk to the eggheads in skulldeep. As for you, you should consider yourself lucky to even be standing. Do you know who you are talking to??" He told me as he revved up the drill on his machine.

"An egolomaniacal idiot who just happened to tick off the wrong doctor." I said as a scalpel slid out of my sleeve.

"Oh seriously Are you gonna take me on with that little thing? HA! And you said I was crazy! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am Mr. Purple, and for the sake of irony, I am gonna put YOU in a hospital doc." He taunted as his machine's drill arm lunged at me. At that split second, i dodged to my right and thrust the scalpel i was holding into one of his drill's gears, effectively jamming it.

"Hmm, exposed gears, what a structural flaw." I said as i kicked the scalpel even deeper into the dril's gears.

"Great, now you busted my baby" Mr. purple said as he swung the other arm at me. I was fast enough to jump over it, but was caught off guard by his second attack. He stabbed me in midair with his nonfunctional drill, Impaling me with it.

"How does it feel now doc? Does it hurt? HAHAHAHAHA" He laughed as he threw me aside.

"You should really check when someone's really dead you know? Saves you the trouble of putting them out again." I said as i stood up again. Focusing my mind on the gaping hole in my stomach, the fibers of my body quickly stitched themselves together. Within a few seconds, it looked like nothing ever happened.. "Great, you ruined my favorite coat. Do you know how hard to wash off blood is?" I said as I dusted off my shoulder and pulled out a whole fan of scalpels.

"W-W-WH-WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU?!?!?!" The villain screamed in disbelief. He was dumbstruck, so it was now my turn to counter attack. Jumping over his mech and throwing my scalpels into the joints of his mech, Mr. Purple's robot started to freeze up with it's joints locked in by the scalpels. I then concentrated my fire into what looked like his mech's exhaust fan.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? SHE'S GONNA BLOW!!" He panicked. It was against my code to kill someone in cold blood, so i punched a hole through the glass cockpit, knocked him out with sleeping gas and got him out before his mech blew up.

I tied him up and brought him in my van, planning to turn him in to the local authorities when we get to Super City. Without his mech and stripped of his gadgets, he won't be much trouble as of now. Luckily for me, all my equipment survived the attack. As I finished making the final repairs to the droids who took the brunt of the attack, I start the van's engine and continued my journey to Super city.
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