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(HS) Thunder's Might

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5/18/2011 20:12:35   

Part One: Origins

Olympium has been called many names by the few people who've witnessed it. Heaven, Nirvana, Olympus, Arcadion, Valhalla, and many others. It is home to the many otherworldy, celestial beings that become mistaken as gods. The "gods" of this plane have lived for thousands of years, and have been prone to visit other realms, such as Lore, whenever they become bored. It is on Lore that one of the greatest heroes of all realities was born.

Ultima, king of Olympium once, and only once fell in love with a Lorian. This Lorian, Dawn, gave to Ultima his only son, Aerith. Even from his birth, Aerith was not a typical child. When he was born, instead of crying like most babies do, he was dead silent, his barely open eyes slowly scanning his environment, almost as if he was assessing the situation.

"Mighty fine focus, this lad has!" Ultima cried gaily.

"Yes, he gets it from you of course," Dawn replied softly, still rocking her precious newborn, unaware of his dangerous destiny.


As Aerith grew older, he became more and more adventurous, with a hint of mischief. On several occasions, he would play mild mannered pranks on his father and the other gods of Olympium, such as buckets of water over the doors, magical lifting powders on the chairs, and one time he even filled the Messenger Phoenix's bowl with a Potion of Glaciers, causing the phoenix to freeze every single letter it delivered!

On Aerith's 15th Birthday, Ultima decided it was time for Aerith to learn the truth about his past. Up til then, Ultima had told Aerith he was the son of two deceased frost elves, since relations between gods and Lorians were strictly forbidden. Ultima felt that taking Aerith to see the Seers of Eternal would help Aerith accept the revelation.

"Aerith, you know how I've always told you how you were destined to do great things?" Ultima said, slightly nervous, and reluctant to go on.

"Yes, Dad, you tell me that like every other day. It's not something new!" Aerith snarkly replied, wondering what was wrong with Ultima.

"Well, I brought you to the Seers so you can gain a little guidance as to what those great things actually are. However before you go consel with them, there is something I want you to know." Ultima slowly said, the words more falling out of his mouth than him consciously speaking them.

"What, you decided to finally let me get a flaming chariot and matching pegasi?" Aerith sarcastically remarked.

"Your parents weren't actually frost elves. I never told you the truth in part of my cowardice to face my actions, and partly because I didn't want to see what would happen to you." Ultima blubbered.

"What.. What are you saying?!?" Aeith exclaimed, anger building in him like a geyser, his normally gray eyes growing a startling blue.

"Aerith, I am your father. Your mother was a beautiful woman from Lore named Dawn. Since Olympites aren't allowed to have relations with Lorians, I tried to keep your origins a secret for as long as possible, but I felt you needed to learn the truth."

" HOW. COULD. YOU. DO THIS!!! I trusted you! You were like a father to me!" Aerith angrily retorted, thunder bellowing in the distance.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do!" Ultima solemnly replied.

"You LIED to me for FIFTEEN YEARS!" Aerith roared as lightning struck the ground between them.

Aerith, clearly surprised by this sudden display of his inner power, slowly looks himself over as he has electricity crackling around his palms, yet he feels no pain. He goes and picks up a massive nearby statue, lifts it over his head, and places it back down with ease.

"You... You have the strength of a true Zenith, the lineage of warriors from my father to his father and so on..." said Ultima.

"So what, my destiny has now been chosen and determined by the lineage of the father who never had the stones to tell me he was my actual father?!? Go Figure." Aerith angrily remarked, storming out of the Temple of the Seers.

"He even has his mother's eyes...." Ultima dreamingly stated.

...Temptation is the beast that can tear down, or build up greatness...

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Part Two: Training

Two Years Later

Aerith, now 17, spent most of the time after his conflict with Ultima in the snowcapped Eldrin Mountains, honing his battle skills, and sparing with the Yetis that lived there.

Today was the beginning of the Cryoz Games, where all of the great Eldrin warriors, from the Yetis to the Glaciei Warriors, to even the barbaric Frigdin Trolls meet every 10,000 years to fight in gladitorial matches to prove their worth. Aerith had been training for this since he first met the Yetis, because the winner of the games will recieve the coveted Cryoz Orb, a long dormant magical orb that was seen to have lost it's power back in the great Siege of Olympium by Bangrog the Conqueror. Now it is used as a simple trophy given to the winner of the Games.

First up against Aerith was Jaesid, a slim, young Glaciei Warrior who was rumored to be the son of a Seer. His entire body seemed to glow with focus as he set into his battle position. While Aerith was in a situation like this for the first time, Jaesid had an aura that suggested he was born to fight.

With nervousness slowly taking over his body, Aerith's mind began to race, drifting towards other things and not focusing on the coming match. As he walked into the ring, his brain was a frenzy of distractions.

"Why did I agree to this?"

"He easily has 20 pounds on me!"

"Son of a Seer? If he can see the future how am I supposed to hit him?"

"I'm not sure this leather armor can protect me from a sword..."

"Shouldn't we have shields?"

"What was in that soup Ulgo cooked?"

"AERITH!" Fred, the Ice Master yelled, snapping Aerith back into focus. "Get your Head in the game!"

" Yes sir, it's just, are you sure this is fair?"

"Nothing in the Cryoz Games is fair. It's how you surmount challenges that proves worth." said the always-sagacious Fred. "Now get in there!"

As the battle bell rings to start the match, both Aerith and Jaesid slowly circle around the ring, scanning each other for potential weak spots, neither one making an offensive move. Sword steady, Aerith sees an opening in Jaesid's armor right underneath the rib area. He goes for the strike, faster than lightning, but somehow, with a blindingly quick flick of the wrist, Jaesid blocks Aerith's attack, sidesteps to flank him, and slices upward, cutting into Aerith's cheek.

Not used to seeing his own blood, Aerith, makes an involuntary break in focus. Seizing upon the opportunity, Jaesid quickly lunges at Aerith, sword aimed directly for his heart. Snapping back into focus, Aerith quickly jumps over Jaesid, somersaulting in the air, and, while upside down slides his blade along the back of Jaesid's left leg, creating a deep gash in his calf. Jaesid, pain surging through his entire body, falls hard to the ground and clutches his leg, sweat and blood running down it. A Loud mass of "Boos" came from the Glaciei warriors, obviously outraged at the embarrassment Aerith was starting to give them.

While Jaesid took a quick break to wrap up his leg, Fred motioned Aerith over to where he was sitting.

"You gotta stay focused! If you keep freaking out at every little thing, he's gunna take your head off!" Fred scolded.

"But Fred, Jaesid can see what I'm gunna do before I'm gunna do it! I can't fight my future!"

"Aerith, the future is always changing, you and only you can control your future."

Great, another one of his Ultra Wise teachings... , thought Aerith.

After Jaesid was done wrapping up his leg, both fighters took back up his position. Jaesid's rage was burning in his eyes like wildfire, bloodlust filling his thoughts. Aerith was more focused than ever, slowly becoming more comfortable in the arena. This time, Jaesid made the first attempt to strike, with a slash at Aerith's knee. Aerith hopped over the blade and landed on it with one foot, using to other to squarely kick Jaesid in the chin, sending flying a few feet.

Getting back up, Jaesid's face was contorting with anger, his attacks becoming sloppier and sloppier. He rushed Aerith with a frenzy of blows, each one deflected with a well timed block, with only a few actually connecting. They began trading blows, each fighter becoming more and more fatigued with every block or strike, neither one gaining any visible upper hand.

Then as Aerith came at Jaesid, preparing to do an uppercut slash, he saw that Jaesid was preparing to block it, and changed his direction at the last second, turning it into a horizontal slash at Jaesid's stomach, carving through his armor and cutting his stomach.

So he can't see the future, he was reading my mind, and then blocking my hits!, Aerith realized.

Using that to his advantage, Aerith proceded to rush at Jaesid with a blinding fury of attacks, but slightly changing each one at the last second, leaving him unable to defend himself. The tide of the battle quickly changed, with Aerith gaining the upper hand, and Jaesid becoming almost unable to fight.

In the middle of Aerith's barrage, Jaesid executed a lucky block, and both combatants locked blades, neither one willing to back away from the other. After a few seconds, Aerith gained some leverage, and threw both swords to the ground, and came up with a devastating uppercut that audibly shattered Jaesid's lower jaw. Victory was instantly given to Aerith, while Jaesid lay on the ground, unconscious.

The rest of Aerith's battles he won with relative ease, from the fire hurling giant Ignyr, to the chameleon-like Dark Elf Caecus, to the ice ogre Shrenken. Even though he had only about 2 years battle experience, he managed to fight his way all the way up to the final round, where he had to fight the Three headed cyclops, named Arges, Brontes, and Sterops. It was known for once defeating an entire army of Glaciei and Ignus Warriors by themselves. The creature was about 10 times taller than Aerith, easily discouraging him. However, he promised Fred he would never back down from a fight, so he marched into the arena.


The huge, custom built arena that was made to fit the Cyclops wreaked of the blood and sweat of past victims, the poor servants were still cleaning up the last contender off the stands. Aerith was scared down to his very core, and wanted nothing more than to run out of there, all limbs still intact. He turned to look at Fred, who gave him a look of complete confidence, and stepped into the ring.




Each step of the Cyclops shook the arena just a little more as he walked to the enormous ring.


The Cyclops bloodcurling roar definitely intimdated and startled Aerith. I hope my armor is covering up my pants..., Aerith worried. Each one of the Cyclops' revolting heads looked menacingly at Aerith. It then raised up an arm and slammed it on the groun where Aerith was standing, not even waiting for the battle bell. Aerith quickly rolled out of the way, trying to calculate where the beast's weak spots were. The Cyclops tried to stomp on top of Aerith, but Aerith rolled out of the way again, and swiped at the Cyclops' heel, cutting it, and causing it to moan in pain and anger. The Cyclops swatted at Aerith, knocking him away a good 50 feet. I really, really need to get better armor next time, thought Aerith, clutching a broken rib.

The Cyclops, with it's middle head's eye glowing red with anger, shot a beam of fire from it's eye, attempting to fry Aerith. Aerith ran away from the path of the flames, and stabbed the Cyclops in the top of the foot, causing it to scream in agony and look at its' bleeding foot, eye still shooting fire. The fire burned the Cyclops' foot, making him scream even more. Not the sharpest weapon in the armory, Aerith thought, with a chuckle. The Cyclops, in a fit of intense rage, grabbed Aerith, with the intention of eating him. While tilting Aerith over it's mouth, Aerith used his sword to chop off 3 of the Cyclops' 4 fingers, causing it to scream once more in pain, and drop Aerith. While fallling, Aerith landed on the Cyclops' middle head, and stabbed it in the eye. He then jumped to the other two heads, and did the same, while the Cyclops spun around blindly trying to grab Aerith with its one good hand. After stabbing the third head's eye, Aerith jumped down, and watch the Cyclops spin around madly, screaming and growling and moaning from the pain, until it fell and blacked out from trauma.


As usual with the winner of the Cryoz Games, a gigantic Victory Ceremony was held in the Snio Temple after the games, except this was the first time a Zenith had won the games. exotic dancers from the Islands of Saravksa, fire spitting trolls accompanied by phoenixes, and more amazing talents all were there showing off in celebration of Aerith, the Victor.



The bell to start the giving of the Cryoz Orb rang, it's enchanting and regal sound resonating through the entire temple, calling everyone inside to attention.

"Here Marks A Momentous Day!" bellowed Fred, the honorary Master of Ceremonies (and Ice, as he liked to say). "For the first time in Eons, a Zenith Warrior, one who not many had any faith would last the first round, has mercilessly beaten the atrocious Argos and his brothers in battle!"

"Oh come on Fred, it isn't that big a deal." Aerith sheepishly replied.

"Nonsense! You will be known as the Eldrin Mountains' greatest warrior, and perhaps even Olympium's greatest warrior for the next Ten Thousand Years!" Fred proudly exclaimed.

I couldn't agree more.... thought a mysterious stranger in the back of the Temple.

"And now, Aerith, I present to you, as a symbol of your great achievements, the CRYOZ ORB!" Fred emphatically yelled, his energy clearly spreading into the spectators like a virus.

Aerith, as much as he wanted he seem a stone cold warrior, couldn't stop the smile that streched across his face as he reached for the Orb. However, when he touch the orb, he heard a slight hum, and watched in utter amazement, as the orb lit up with a brilliantly blue glow, brighter than even Olympium's cleanest oceans. Suddenly, a gust of icy wind shot out of the orb and encircled Aerith, pushing away Fred and the closest spectators. The spectators all watched this in a mix of awe, confusion and terror.

Aerith, hands stuck to the Cryoz Orb, began to see several visions of those who wielded the Orb before it had seemingly gone dormant. various battle scenes played out in his head, until the last one, which stuck out the most. a figure, one that looked much like Aerith and his father Ultima, was close to the orb saying some kind of ancient incantation. After the end, the stranger gave the orb a set of specific instructions.

"You shall goto Sleep tonight,
return only when the Zenith fights.
He shall learn of your storied past,
And then finish his destined task."

Aerith then opened his eyes, gasping for air, quickly spinning his head around him to see what had happened. The entire audience was still looking at him in shock, and then he got a look at his hands. They were frozen solid, but slowly reverting back to their original form. Even more startling, the Cryoz Orb was gone.

"Kid, I dunno how you did it, but you reawakened a long dormant magical orb, caused a mini blizzard in the middle of this temple, and absorbed the entire orb into your body, all before I could finish my dinner." Fred nonchalantly remarked.

"Wow, I feel great! I thought being a Zenith was great, but this is really COOL!" Aerith jokingly cheered.

"You may have intense power, but if you make another Ice pun, I'll personally kick you in the face." Fred sternly commented.

"If only Ultima could see me now,.." Aerith reflected. He instantly felt a strange warmth against the back of his neck, going all the way down his spine.

"Im pretty sure he'd be quite proud of you, son." the mysterious stranger stepped up and said, eyes glowing as bright as the Sun.


...All power can be corrupted, overcoming it is the true test...

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Part Three: Eye Of The Storm

"Dad? Wha- How did you find me?" Aerith stuttered, still overcome with shock.

"Word travels fast of a Zenith Warrior fighting in the Cryoz games, considering there are only 3 of us left." Ultima jokingly replied.

"3..? Nevermind, why are you here? Is something wrong back in the Kingdom?"

"No, nothing's wrong, I just came down to see how my son was doing. I realized that you needed to blow off some steam after our last talk, I just hadn't realized it'd take you 2 years!" Ultima gaily commented.

"So what now, are you going to force me to come back to the kingdom and live out some life you have already set out for me?" Aerith responded, anger once again slowly flowing through him, as old wounds were opened back up again.

Once again with that temper, that's going to get him in trouble one day... Fred thought to himself.

"Son, I have no intention to force you to do anything, I just want you to realize that what the Seers of Eternal predicted is slowly coming true. You have gained significant power since you left, your mastery of lightning and storms has improved, and now you have slain the great 3-headed cyclops and gained the Cryoz orb, an orb that, may I remind you, you awakened and absorbed into your body, giving you even greater power, and the power to control blizzards and snow!" Ultima persuadingly prodded.

"Who are they to decide what my destiny is? Why can't I control my own life!" Aerith angrily demanded.

"Son, I know it's hard to accept that your life has been chosen for you before your birth. however, your destiny is just a broad outline of the greatness you will achieve, the little details are all up to you." Ultima wisely advised, worried he may lose his son again.

The old man does have a point, and it's not just on his crown... Aerith reflected.

"Alright Father, I shall go back with you to the kingdom to train and hone my skills as a Zenith warrior. However, mark my words, If there is one demand made of me that I don't agree with, I'm leaving and finding my own path." Aerith decisively declared.

"Well then, we'll start our travel back to the Castle in the morning, you're going to want a lot of sleep before your first day of training!" Ultima gallantly exclaimed.


5 Years Later

Today is Aerith's 22nd birthday, and it's also one of his final tests before he can become a full fledged General for Ultima's army. In the Past 5 years, Aerith has been training his sword fighting, hand to hand battling, and archery skills with Ultima and his brother Gavesti, and has also been dabbling in control of the elements with Traum, the Head Scientist in Olympium. He also has grown several inches taller since his bout with the Cyclops, toned up his muscles, and has even grown a few more hairs on his chin.

"My son, you have grown much these past few years, and have become one of the strongest warriors I have seen in this court in a long while. I am more than proud to claim you as heir to the throne of Olympium. But first, you must go through one final test. THE GAUNTLET!" Ultima emphatically bellowed, sounding like a king at a gladiator match.

"Father, what is this Gauntlet?" Aerith asked, concern forming in his brow.

"The Gauntlet is a 5 mile stretch through the Labryinth of Lost Souls, a near inescapable maze if you are one of the damned, cursed to live there for the rest of eternity for their crimes against Olympium. They walk freely among the Labryinth, only allowed to fight when the Gauntlet starts, a true test of a warriors ability to combat any attack." Ultima informed Aerith, whose gaze and composure was completely focused on the task at hand.

"Sounds easy enough, when do I go down there?" Aerith asked.

"You are starting the Gauntlet in 5 minutes, I hope you have picked out the weapons you want to use." Ultima said, hoping Aerith won't be too foolish and start to get prideful in his abilities.

" I need no weapons, I will use my bare hands and the skills I have acquired from Traum!" Aerith gallantly boasted, much to Ultima's dismay.

His pride will be the death of him someday... Ultima worried.

"If that's your choice, then so be it. Let the Gauntlet begin!" Ultima cried.


As Aerith slowly made his way through the Gauntlet, he began to become increasingly paranoid, he already fought 3 trolls, a shadow ghoul, and burned down a rogue druid. Now, Aerith would freak out at even the smallest, most insignifican sounds, from a rat enjoying dinner, to water dripping to the floor. Every single one of Aerith's senses seemed to betray him, from his hearing, to his sense of smell, flooding his nose with the smell of rotting flesh, to even his sight, hallucinations filling his brain, the entire corridor spinning as a person with knives for teeth slowly walked towards him, sharpening each deadly tooth.

Wait, Mouth of Knives? That's no hallucination, that's real! Aerith realized.

"So you've seen through my relatively elaborate ruse, now let me introduce myself. My name is Dacian, not that it will matter much to you in a few minutes." Dacian sharply said towards a stumbling Aerith, who was still getting used to the after effects of Dacian's hallucinogenic abilities.

"You see, about 40 years ago, your father, the allmighty king, sentenced me here because I decided to make some slight alterations to my mouth and test them out on some young children and their families. He said the senseless murder of 65 innocents is too terrible for execution, so I've been placed in this hell hole! But now I shall repay the favor by mangling his Golden Son. HAHAHAHA!" Dacian evilly cackled as he slowly lumbered towards Aerith, who was weakly trying to set himself into a fighting stance.

"I would ask you if you wanted any last words, but I not that k-URK!" Dacian cried out in pain as he found an arrow lodged into his throat.

As Dacian fell to the ground, a puddle of his blood quickly growing out from his neck, Aerith looked over to see what criminal had saved him, probably just for the glory of killing him themselves. To his surprise, Aerith was staring at a tall, dark haired man dressed in full leather clothes, with cloth pants, and light armor covering his torso, longbow still in hand. For reasons he couldn't define, he felt some kind of connection to the stranger.

"Hey kid, the name's Mendax. Don't worry, I'm not here to kill you, I'm here to help." The stranger said, his smooth voice easily persuading Aerith to continue listening.

"Help me? Aren't you all bloodthirsty criminals?" Aerith snapped back.

"Not I, I'm actually a victim of a frame job by Gavesti as payback for sleeping with his wife. We all make mistakes, but i'm hoping you can help me clear my name." Mendax replied.

"Gavesti? A frame job? Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, that man can have quite a rage. Wouldn't have thought him to sink so low." Aerith reflected.

"Neither had I, but I've learned now to never take someone at face value." Mendax commented, making his way towards Aerith to help him up from the ground, his mind becoming more clear.

"You did save my life just now, so I believe I should be able to help you clear your name. But you'll have to help me get out of this Labyrinth so I can pass this test."

"Okay then. When we get to the end, I'll give you the instructions on how to help." Mendax replied, a slight smirk coming across his face at the thought of freedom.


After a few hours of wandering the Labryinth, and fighting off many other criminals, including a cult of Fire Spitters, Mendax and Aerith finally reached the door leading to the exit of the Labryinth, both breathing a sigh of relief.

"Okay Aerith, we've gotten this far, and I've helped you, now all I need is for you to help me." Mendax stated.

"Yes, I'm very thankful for your help, and I'll help you to the best of my abilities." Aerith assured him.

"Okay, if I do get out of here, Gavesti will look for the quickest excuse to kill me, out of rage. The only way I'd be able to get out of here is if you fetch me my Helmet of Persuasion, a Horned Helmet I used on the battlefield to non violently remove the will to fight from apposing warriors. If you can get me that helm, I should be able to persuade Gavesti to not kill me and be able to get him to confess my innocence to Ultima." Mendax pleaded.

"Yes, my friend, I will fetch your Helm with the utmost haste!" Aerith emphatically replied as he ran out of the door to the courtyard in Olympium.

"Yes, please hurry, I can hardly wait..." Mendax said to himself, his smirk growing wider.

...Keep your friends close, and your enemies in punching range...

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Part Four: Consquences

The scene around the grand hall was one of jubilee, a grand party had overtakken the hall, with most of Olympium's best and classiest partying up to the Bard's music. However, this was no regular social, this was a Rite of Passage celebration to commerate Aerith's success through the Gauntlet, and to celebrate his new promotion to General of Ultima's Great Olympium Army. However, not everyone was enjoying the festivities.

"Have you seen my son, Uron?" Ultima asked.

"No, your Highness, there has been no sight of him, he may be off strolling the castle." Uron, Ultima's Master Weaponer, replied.

"Of course, that boy would be one to wander off from his own party."

"Well, your highness, he is your son. You used to adventure a lot in your youth, if my memory serves me right."

"True, true..."

Silently skulking around the castle, trying not to alert any guards, Aerith edged his way to the Royal Armory, hoping to retrieve Mendax's Helm of Persuasion, without arousing any suspicion. So far, he made it to the Armory's Golden Doors without too much trouble, when he hit a snag... The doors could only be open using a certain spell. Luckily, some of his training including having a basic knowledge of spells and potions, in case him or his platoon faced Warlocks, so he had access to the royal spellbooks.

Nurtem Otni Amsatnhp!

Instantly, an otherworldly green glow washed over Aerith, and he proceeded to walk straight through the door, instead of opening it, for fear that the sound would alert someone. He then scanned the shelves full of polearms, daggers, swords, staffs, axes, shields, cloaks, and helms, until he found the item he was searching for, a dark hood, made out of some strange kind of metal, with huge, curled, malachite horns.

"Aha! Gavesti will rue the day he framed and imprisoned my friend, Mendax!" Aerith exuberantly exclaimed, to his audience of none.

Aerith quickly gathered the helm, but it in his backpack, and quickly, but silently rushed out of the armory and out to the main yard, where the back entrance to the Labryinth was. Sure enough, Mendax was standing on the inside of the Labryinth, waiting for Aerith to cast the spell that would allow him to leave the horrifying prison.

"I brought you the Helm, Mendax, I can't wait to see the look on Gavesti's face when everyone finds out what he did." Aerith excitedly said to Mendax, while handing him the Helm.

"Yes,... Gavesti will surely be surprised, and you'll get the praise you so richly deserve. I must thank you for liberating me, my dear boy." Mendax replied, barely attempting to hide his smirk.



That loud trumpeting sound was the signal to start the Rite of Passage ceremony, a ceremony that as of right now, Aerith wasn't present for.

"Come on, Mendax! We have to hurry, my promotion is going to start any second now!" Aerith nervously yelled, running full speed in his ceremony attire, trying to get to the ceremony as on time as possible.

"I'm right behind you, Aerith, just keep on running without m, I'll get there." Mendax calmly yelled after him, having no real interest in Aerith's promotion, now that he was free.


"Ladies and Gentlemen! Warriors and Valkyries! I am proud to declare that my son, Aerith, survived, and conquered The Gauntlet in the Labryinth of Lost Souls!"

Massive Fanfare erupted, filling the room with loud yelling and clapping.

"Any words my son?"

"Yes, father, I actually have brought a surprise with me, one for you, and for all of Olympium, but especially for you Gavesti." Aerith confidently declared to a slightly confused audience.

"Let ME introduce, the wrongly imprisoned, but recently liberated, MENDAX!"

A wave of shock hit the entire audience, as they tured towards the suddenly mennacing figure in a huge, emerald-horned helm and midnight black cloak and armor.

"Son, HOW COULD YOU?!? You have brought DOOM to our doorstep?" Ultima angrily snapped at Aerith.

"What, no, it's okay, Mendax is innocent, Gavesti framed him and sent him to the Labryinth, after he slept with his wife..." Aerith confusingly replied.

"Slept? Is that what I said, i'm sorry my boy, i meant to say killed, in cold blood. Then, if I remember correctly, I devoured her soul as well. So much innocence goes great with a little salt, don't you think Brother?"

Brother?... Aerith queried to himself

"YOU ARE NO BROTHER OF MINE MENDAX!" Ultima furiously screamed, charging at him full speed, sword in hand.

"No, No, No, I don't think so." Mendax with a smirk, using the new power his helm gave him to stop Ultima full charge, then send him flying across the hall.

"I've got bigger fish to fry. Gavesti, I told you when i killed your wife that you were next, but you got lucky, with the guards showing up when they did. I've had 47 years to plan this, yet no amount of dreaming can compare to the feeling i have, seeing you cowering in fear." Mendax evily said, slowly edging his way towards Gavesti, who was still cowering on the floor, frozen with fear.

"No, NO! I imprisoned you! I watched the clerics put that unbreakable spell! It's impossible!" Gavesti blubbered.

"Haha, all the years have made you soft. But don't worry, I'm not going to kill you, i'm going to let your fear do it." Mendax evily declared, eyes glowing red and orange, the eery light emanting from his helm."

"Please, No, I'll do anything, I'll give you riches, I'll be your slave, No, NO!, AHHHH!!!!" Gavesti painfully cried as his fears totally took over his body, completely incinerating his soul.

Mendax slowly turned to face Aerith, who was still standing on the throne, frozen with a mix of confusion, anger, and fear.

"You LIED to me?!?" Aerith finally spoke, eyes glowing a brilliant blue, hands emitting a cold fog, with thunder blasting in the distance.


"That'll be Uncle Monster to you, my boy. Better Yet, call me LOKOS, Master of Madness and Fear!" Mendax confidently declared.

"I don't care WHO you are, by the time I'm done with you, everyone will be calling you Deceased!" Aerith angrily retorted.

"HAHA! You really think you can defeat me? Hah, I've had hundreds of years of practice as a Zenith, you've barely known about it for a decade! Now If you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to on Earth." Lokos said, turning around to open a huge green portal, and jumped through it.

"Son, whatever he is planning, you must go stop him, I've never heard of this Earth before, but if it has innocents, it is your duty to protect them, seeing as how you're the one who freed him." Ultima weakly declared, while a few clerics tended to his wounds.

"Sir Aerith, please take this sword before you go!" Uron yelled, while tossing Aerith a large broadsword, emblazoned with a A. Once the Sword landed in Aerith's hands, the metal glowed golden, and the sword crackled with electricity.

"Thanks Uron, well, here goes nothing!" Aerith said, jumping into the ominous green portal, that disappeared as soon as he jumped in.

"I sure do hope that Aerith is ready..." Uron reflected.

"Let's hope, that for the sake of Olympium, and this place called Earth, that he is." Ultima solemnly replied.

...All great swords must first be crafted in fire...

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Part 5: Arrival

Hmm... Perhaps this particular smasher could provide just the amount of distraction I need,... Yes, Earth could use some more laughter anyways... Lokos said, as he set his master plan into motion.


After what seemed like mere seconds, Aerith finally reached the end of the portal, at about 1,000 feet in the sky, much to his chagrin.

My luck just keeps getting worse... Aerith gloomily reflected, plummeting towards Earth.


Aerith landed down in a seemingly empty field, creating a massive crater in his wake.

Woah... I'm not dead? Is this one of those Zenith perks? Wait, second, how come those trees are so small?

As Aerith looks down, his face lights up in amazement.

Holy ChickenHorse! I can Fly!

ZAP! A strange, green ray zaps Aerith, and he falls back down to the ground, temporarily weakened.

What happened? I can't fly anymore. What was that?

As Aerith looks around, trying to find what hit him, he sees it. The source of the Anti-Flyinginator ray, was a Purple and black robotic exoskeleton, adorned with green wires, with a maniacal pilot sitting in, a goofy, yet evil, grin across his face.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA! A sack of stolen money, And a new Smasher to pummel! It's like Flag Day all over again!" The crazy purple man yelled, sounding oddly robotic through the suit's speakers.

"I have no idea who you are, or why you're here, but I just got those flying powers, and I want them back NOW!" Aerith screamed, as he took his battle position.

"You think you can defeat me, Mr. Purple, with a crusty old sword, and some fisticuffs? You must be one of the craziest smashers around!" Mr. Purple cockily replied, still feeling great from his recent heist.

"I might not be able to beat you, but I'll be returning that money you stole." Aerith replied, sword readied at his foe.

"Well, we can't have you threatening to take my rent, so I'll give you a choice." Mr. Purple said, reaching out a mechanical arm towards the nearest cowering bystander. "You can either stop me from taking this money, or you can try to save this wonderful woman from what would most certaintly be a painful, and messy death." Mr. Purple said, a sadistic smile forming across his face.

I can't let that madman get away with all that stolen money, but then, I also took an oath to protect all innocents...

"Mr. Magenta, let that woman go, and I might let you leave with a few teeth in." Aerith heroically proclaimed.

"As you wish, Smasher..." Mr. Purple evilly said, as he carelessly flings the woman a few hundred feet into the air, far out of sight. "And it's MR. PURPLE!"

"NO!!!" Aerith desperately cried, already failing to protect one citizen, within a few minutes of arriving at the end of the portal.

"HAHAHAHA! I've stolen a heap of cash, caused havoc in a city park, crushed a Smasher's dreams, AND I got to try out the new toy! My day could not get any bett- ZOW! URK!"

A strange, deep red L.A.S.E.R. struck Mr. Purple right in his chest, breaking through the dome on the top of his exoskeleton. As Aerith, and the rest of the people in the park, looked up to see what had caused the L.A.S.E.R., a man donned in knightly armor, with elegant wings, and midnight black shades, floated down towards the battle, with the terrified woman in his arms.

"I believe you lost this, fellow Smasher." the Winged Champion said towards Aerith.

"Umm,... Thanks." Aerith, not knowing who he was, said sheepishly.

"My name is Drakkoniss. On Earth, and through most of the known Universe, I am known as the Champion of Good." Drakkoniss said, introducing him to Aerith, while Mr. Purple was still sorting out what just happened.

"Ah, well, my name is... a work in progress." Aerith replied, not knowing what to pick for a secret identity.

"That's understandable, most new smashers take a few hours to think up of their names. Shall we move on to Mr. Lilac over there?" Drakkoniss sagely answered.

"It's MR. PURPLE! YAHHH!!!" Mr. Purple exclaimed while charging at the two, clearly enraged by the Smashers' failed attempts to remember his name.


Drakkoniss and Aerith unleashed a fury of punches and kicks, quickly and effectively taking out Mr. Purple and his exoskeleton. With Mr. Purple handcuffed and handed over to the authorities, Drakonniss walked over to the exoskeleton and gave Aerith the Malachite Matrix Mr. Purple used to zap his flying power away.

After using it on himself, Aerith stretched out his arms, and flew a few laps around the park before landing to thank Drakkoniss for his assistance.

"Drakkoniss, thank's for your help back there with the rescue, and aprehending of Mr. Fuschia."

"It's all good, Smasher, and good luck on picking that name. Oh, and before I forget, you're going to need a H.A.L. Droid, if you want to get around here at all. Here, you can have mine, I have plenty other ones at my lair."

"Thanks, and if you ever need my help, Drakkoniss, contact me."

"Will Do, Smasher." Drakkoniss replied, getting ready to fly away.


An explosion fires off in the distance, a few miles out from the park. The police rounding up Mr. Purple suddenly become instantly urgent, all piling into their cars, to rush to the scene, to assist the smashers.

"BZZT. BZZT. Drakkoniss, can you read me, there's been an explosion at L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N., and the High Security Prisoners are escaping! There are a few of us Smashers one scene, with about 3 more en route." a voice thorough Drakkoniss' comm link informed.

"I read you Jae, I'm on my way now. Smasher, you escort that Prison Van taking Mr. Purple to a safe house, until this all blows over, we can't have him joining the ranks of any potential escaped crminials."

"Will do, Drakkoniss, and call me ThunderSmite from now on." ThunderSmite replied, proud of his new name.

"ThunderSmite it is then, now get moving!" Drakkoniss ordered, as he prepared to fly off to L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N.

First day here, and Chaos is already erupting... ThunderSmite reflected, as he made his way towards the Prison Van.

...The Winds of Change always blow hardest before the coming storm...

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Part Six: Destruction

As ThunderSmite begins to make his way towards the Prison Van containing Mr. Purple, all of time stops, and an electric blue portal opens right in front of him, with ThunderSmite recognizing a familiar smell of iron and brimstone emanating from it's depths, as an old friend steps out with a huge grin on his face.

"Uron?!? Greetings! How'd you venture to this strange realm called Earth?" ThunderSmite queried.

"Haha, good to see you too Aerith, but I used a new invention of mine to get here, but it's untested, so I'm not sure how long I can stay. In the 4 months you were gone, I've managed to do intensive research on th-" Uron replied.

"4 MONTHS? I was stuck in that portal 4 MONTHS? Who knows all the danger Lokos has caused?!?" ThunderSmite exclaimed worriedly.

"Relax, relax, as I was saying, I've done research into how all of these earthlings got their so-called 'Powers', and I've kept tabs on Earth's major players, and Lokos. I can't vouch for everything he's done, but so far he's caused a little mayhem, and climbed up the ranks among the towns Villains." Uron informed ThunderSmite, much to his dismay.

"I have found that a material called Malachite is what has given these human's their 'Powers' and turned many of them into what they call 'Smashers'. As evident by your previous flying, the Malachite seems to have boosted your already magnificent abilities." Uron added.

"Well that's nice and all, but I'm going to need some kind of costume to wear, if I'm going to fit in with these so-called 'Smashers'." ThunderSmite hastily replied.

"That I have all under control. This costume was made to specifically increase your speed, reaction time, and to protect you from higher damage weapons, such as explosives, and Death Rays,.." Uron informed.

"DEATH RAYS? THEY HAVE DEATH RAYS?" ThunderSmite cut in.

"Yes, a few, but that's not the point, this suit will protect you. These Power Gloves improve your physical strength, and help you channel your electricity, ice, and weather controlling powers." Uron finished.

"Well, it is quite stylish, I must say, but thanks Uron, I'll make you guys proud." ThunderSmite said, while waving goodbye.

"You already have Aerith, you already had." Uron quietly murmured, mostly to himself, as he withdrew back into the portal and disappeared from sight, with time returning back to normal.


ThunderSmite, dressed in his new duds, now continued back to the Prison Van holding Mr. Purple, ready for transport to a safe house, until the prison can be secured.

"ThunderSmite reporting for duty, offficers. I'm here to help with the safe transportation of the prisoner." ThunderSmite informed the officers.

"Good to have a Smasher who can help, with all the chaos going down at L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N." One of the Officers, Officer James replied.

"Hehe, You know I'm just gunna escape, so what's the point of locking me up?" Mr. Purple sneered out at the officers.

"Hey! Shut up prisoner!" One of the officers angrily retorted.

"When I get out of the hell hole, I'm killing you first Officer Jones, then I'm gunna go for that pretty wife of yours, what's her name? Oh right, Kate." Mr. Purple hissed, a malicious smile forming at the corner of his mouth.

ThunderSmite picks up the back of the van, and shakes it up and down, to rough up Mr. Purple a bit, who bounces around the interior of the van, in a fit of pain and slightly comical screams. "You will do nothing of the sort, and I'll make sure you rot in prison every day for your crimes against humanity."

"Heh. Whatever you say, 'Hero'." Mr. Purple retorts sarcastically.

...This is only the Eye of the Storm...

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During Clown the Jester's attack on Super City...

Despite all the chaos going outside, with Clown The Jester on the brink of destroying reality, there was one man in an old abandoned apartment complex on the outskirt of Super City who remained focused on what he considered to be the world's greatest scientific advancement.

"After all these years, I, Dr. John Magnus, have discovered the formula for everlasting life! Once I complete the bonding process, I will have created the one cure for every disease ever!" Dr. Magnus exclaimed, unaware of the incoming stray missile.

"Imagine all the success I would have! Money, Fame, the Nobel Pr-"


The missile struck the side of the building, destabilizing its already shaky foundation, and causing it to collapse. Dr. Magnus' lab, along with most of the other empty apartments, shook and began to crumble, with Dr. Magnus' immortality formula spilling over his body and facemask, catching on fire with the rest of his lab.

"HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP! IT BURNS!" Dr. Magnus screamed, his bloodcurling shrieks reaching out to an empty street, the fire eventually swallowing his screams, and engulfing his body, with only the sounds of the crackling fire, and sizzling flesh piercing the silence.

After about an hour, Super City Fire Crews finally managed to get to dousing the rubble that was once the apartment complex, after dealing with the Chaos that was downtown Super City. As far as the firefighters knew, no one had been living there for years, and they were there to stop the fire from spreading to other nearby buildings.

"Hey! I think I've got someone over here!" A firefighter yelled, waving for his comrades to assist him in lifting a large piece of rubble off what looked to be a charred corpse.

"What was this man doing here? There's no way he could have survived this, especially with those burns." Said the Fire Chief, as he pitifully looked at the charred mess that was once Dr. Magnus.

"...help...me..." Dr. Magnus weakly whispered.

Three Months Later

"We've tried everything we know to help along your healing process, but we couldn't save your hands and face, Dr. Magnus, I'm sorry." Dr. Blackshock solemnly informed. "I even tried contacting Dr. Goldstein, to see if he had any unorthodox treatments, but not even he could come up with something."

"It's ok, *cough*urk, Dr. Blackshock, The pain from my hands is mostly gone, and I have become used to my new...charred face" replied Dr. Magnus as he stared through the mirror at his Blackened skull, his eyes morphed to a burnt orange, as a result of his unfinished formula spalshing in his face during the fire.

"That's good to hear, Dr. Magnus, but I must get going now, my other patients are waiting. I will check up on you later." Dr. Blackshock said as he rushed out of the door to a L.A.S.E.R. burned patient.

A few hours later, while Dr. Magnus is focused on his Super City Times newspaper, the door to his room silently swings open.

"Who's there? Don't think you can sneak up on me, my senses have been heightened since my accident." Dr. Magnus exclaimed into the mysterious darkness.

"Heh, My apologies, Dr. Magnus, It wasn't my intention to startle you, I was just dropping in to give you my condolences." The mysterious stranger replied, still draped in shadow.

"You didn't answer my question, WHO ARE YOU." Dr. Magnus said, with anger quickly rising through his body.

"I am no one, nothing, nowhere, but at the same time, everyone, everything, every where. I am that which can't be controlled, can't be changed, can't be forseen. I am pure, I am truth, I am Chaos." the mysterious stranger cryptically replied, green horns poking out into the light.

"I have no idea who, or what, you are, but you better tell me what you're here for in 10 seconds, or else I'm calling security." Dr. Magnus said, eyes straining to peer through the darkness to see the identity of his visitor."

"It's as I said, I'm here to offer my condolences. I understand how hard it must be to stand in your position. You were once a bright, young scientist, with the world on your shoulders, about to turn it on its head, then this unfortunate occurence completely changed your destiny forever." The visitor informed.

"Look, I really don't need you to describe the single most terrible occurence in my life. I was there, remember?" Dr. Magnus nervously replied.

"What I was getting at, is why treat this as a weakness, treat this as a strength. but before you go about blaming yourself, think about what happened, and who saved you." The visitor explained.

"Well I was told that the building was hit by a stray missile as a result of the city-wide battle between the Smasher Heroes of Super City, and Clown The Jester, a maniacal Omega-Class Smasher." Dr. Magnus replied.

"Yes, and who saved you from the burning building?" The visitor prodded.

"Well, no one, fire fighters pulled me from the wreckage." Dr. Magnus confusingly answered.

"So you are telling me, out of the hundreds of smashers, several of which can change reality themselves, NONE of them came to save you, even though your predicament was their fault? What kind of heroism is that?" The visitor aggresively replied.

"Yeah, you are right. I'm here looking like a damned freak, and their out there, flying about, acting like they're gods over us men. Who are they to decide who lives, and who dies?" Dr. Magnus angrily realized.

"Well then, perhaps its time for some sort a revolution, don't you think? The time for the normal man has come." The visitor said, his devious smirk hidden by shadows. "Well, I must be leaving you now, keep what I've told you close." The visitor said as he walked out of the room, invisible to everyone else in the hospital.

"How have you been doing today?" Dr. Blackshock said as he entered the room, preparing for his second check up.

"I've been doing fine, same as earlier. Thank you Dr. Blackshock." Dr. Magnus said hurriedly.

"Well then, I guess I'll be going then." Dr. Blackshock said after checking Dr. Magnus' vitals.

After Dr. Blackshock left, Dr. Magnus began concocting a plan, not noticing the black smoke slowing emananting from his hands, choking the life out of the flowers next to his bed.

I will be Super City's savior. I will bring down the tyranical smashers that think they can run our lives.

...The seeds of Chaos have been planted...

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