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(HS) Two Evils...

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5/27/2011 17:31:22   

Commentary Thread; please do not post in this thread, but in the Commentary Thread.

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5/27/2011 17:42:24   

Chapter #0.5...

"But.. but how... Why..."

"It's all for the good of Super City."

"Explain how? Explain how this is for the 'good' of Super City!?"

"We aren't good, nor bad... We aren't chaos, nor order... We go by our own rules... And by our, I mean my."

"And what are your rules?"

"I'd rather not disclose that information. Rather, I'll tell you our current goal. We aim to make this city a better place. Considering your the only one who has an inkling of a chance to put a halt to our plans, you must be dealt with..."

"But, wa-"

Darkness ensued...

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5/28/2011 7:00:05   

Chapter #1 - A Man of Sneaky Dealings...

Defiant's short, brown hair shone in the beaming hot sun, as the water ran smoothly down the river, glimmering. People walked past him, going about their daily lives, while Defiant was taking a well deserved break from taking down criminals and villains all day. The HeroSpire officials had been planning something which required all heroes to work together and more importantly, work extremely hard to accomplish. Rest was needed and recently the villains had been hiding in their dark corners, unsure of their plans.

As a dedicated fighter of evil, Defiant didn't want to take time off. If a villain showed his face, Defiant would jump into action and take him down. He enjoyed it; fighting and helping people while you do it. One of the greatest ironic pleasures, he believed. Enjoying combat wasn't the usual for heroes, it was something maybe frowned upon, but if it was combat to deliver justice, what's so bad about it?

Standing up, Defiant walked for a short while to Liberty Street, and then onto the Main Street and finally Market Street. The Theatre had been booming with business the past week, but today was different. Nobody was outside the Theatre; in fact, barely anybody was in Market Street at all. One or two people moving quite quickly through the street, but that was it. Defiant looked around and something caught his eye.

By a dark alleyway, a small shopping stand had been set up. Behind it, a man in a suit. He wore a mask which seemed to replicate whatever the face underneath was doing. A small, white jetpack on his back and nothing in his hands. On the small stand, a sign with “The Dealer”. All in all, a very dark looking situation was in front of him.

Walking over there wasn't exactly a pleasing thought, but it was action – something Defiant hadn't experienced all day. As he reached the stall, the masked man stared at Defiant (or at least, it seemed like he did).

“Sir.” The masked man said, his voice very quiet and creepy.

“Uhh, hello? Who are you, and... what are you doing here?”

“That depends. Who are you?”

“Uhh, you don't know me? I'm Defiant...”

“Then my business is none of yours.”

“How come?”

“You haven't heard of me for a reason, Hero. Leave me be.”

“How about, I sort this little operation out?” Defiant unsheathed a small Tomahawk from his belt; he didn't intend to chop this shady character's head off, he just wanted to trip him up and handcuff him!

“You could try.” The mask made a wicked smile, before 'The Dealer' took a step back into the shadows and seemed to disappear. The stand fell down to the ground in a pile of dust, leaving Defiant very confused at to what just went on.

“But, he was just there... Villains get weirder by the day.” Defiant stood there, puzzled. Someone like that could be a major threat; what was the masked man doing, who was he? It was all too evil for Defiant to pass off. He had to find him.

Meanwhile, over at the Super City Bank...

“Hand it over now!” She called to the bank robber, who was wearing a balaclava and holding a safe.

“HAHA! You'd be lucky!” Jae could just about make the words out of the muffled speech; the balaclava obviously wasn't a very well made one if the robber couldn't spit out his arrogant, evil words before taking other peoples possessions.

She quickly jumped up and flew forward, diving towards the robber with incredible speed. Before he knew it, he was on the floor with his hands behind his back and handcuffs tightly gripped around them.

“I told you to hand it over.” With a massive grin, she grabbed the villain and flew to HeroSpire, adding another villain to the already packed jailhouse.

“Good job, Jae. Keep up the work. But, remember to rest... You know our plans to invade SkullDeep.” The person speaking was the HeroSpire council manager... Every week a meeting was held to discuss certain subjects; Leon Cheen was the official decision maker, like a judge.

“Yes, Leon, I know. We have time on our hands; our heroes have been keeping the villains in their lairs for now. We just need to perfect a few things.”

“Don't get too cocky; we don't know what they could be planning. We still have to find another way in; it's not like they won't notice a hundred heroes diving through the 20 feet thick ground to try and attack them.”

“Don't worry, we have a certain hero for that. Well, you know Defiant? He has a hammer.”

“What's so good about a hammer..?”

“Well, when it comes to it, you'll see. Anyway, I better be off. In fact, I could do with seeing Defiant...”

“Be on your way then. Farewell for now.” With a quick wave, Jae was off to find Defiant. Where could he be... Jae thought to herself.

An hour later

Jae was now sat down outside Scamps Groceries. She was eating an apple, nourishing herself after she had been flying around Super City for the past hour looking for Defiant with no hint of finding him. Luck had shone down from above though; Defiant was flying past Market Street at that moment.

“DEF! DEFIANT!” Defiant looked down, saw Jae and stopped flying, dropping slowly to the ground.

“Hey Jae, what's up?”

“Oh, I needed to speak to you. Well, have you seen that shady guy called, uhh.... The Dealer? I saw him yesterday; but he disappeared from thin air. I think I need to investigate further.”

“Yes, I just saw him earlier! I was speaking to him, and he just... vanished. I think he's a villain; he should be in SkullDeep!”

“Def... Don't tell me your thinking that we should-”

“Invade SkullDeep? Yep, I am.”

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5/29/2011 8:07:38   

Chapter 2 - A SkullDeep Cave

“HAAAAAAA!” Defiant threw his hammer up in the sky, caught it and slammed it down in the ground. In his other hand, he held Jae's hand, and before he knew it the hammer was pushing through the dirt, taking them right down to SkullDeep. It wasn't always this much of a pain; villains had 'secret' teleporter pads all over the city, which would take them to SkullDeep in a flash. But, once people had discovered the teleporters and hacked into the consoles, the villains had to break them and only left a few, ultra-hidden ones left. No heroes know of the positions of the remaining few ones.

The spot he had chose to 'dig' down was far enough away from the main area of SkullDeep, it took them to a small cave hidden in the back of the SkullDeep area; unknown even by the villains, or so Defiant thought. Seconds later, they had arrived. In a small cave, dimly illuminated by the lights from the main city under a mile away. Something was strange though.

“What's that noise?” A small, barely noticeable laugh was heard from behind them. Defiant spun around to see the mysterious dealer, leaning agaist the back of the cave, with a glass of wine in his hands. He took a sip and stepped forward.

“I thought you would just leave me. But, alas, here you are. Care for some wine?” He took another sip before putting the glass down on the floor.

“We don't want wine. Who are you?” Defiant eyes were burning with rage, while the mysterious man's mask was smiling.

“Calm down, hero. I do not mean harm, I am The Dealer.”

“Dealer? Dealer of what?” Jae asked, her voice calm and soothing.

“Uhh, my services aren't your business.”

“Oh, it will be our business.” Defiant pulled the Tomahawk out again, this time he wanted to do much more than trip him up.

“They are none of yours. No sharp hatchet will scare me.”

“Oh yeah?” Defiant jumped up and threw the Tomahawk, aiming for The Dealer's chest, but he just bent backwards, dodging the Tomahawk which impaled nothing but the rock. The Dealer grabbed the Tomahawk and slid it in his pocket, but left no bulge.

“Wait... Where did that Tomahawk go? There's no bulge in your pocket?”

“My pocket is a transportation system, you could say it's one of the few remaining teleporter pads left.”


“Fine. I am The Dealer, an evil service provider. I supply villains with their every need, whether it be weapons, minions or even permenant residence, I am available for all of this, and whatever more.”

“Oh, so that's it? Well, we're going to have to sort this out aren't we!” Defiant readied himself for a fight, with nothing but his fists he couldn't do any serious damage, but he was skilled enough to make it hurt. And, he had Jae alongside him. He looked towards her, she nodded and then they looked at The Dealer.

“Why so violent, friends? We can all sit down, relax, share a glass of wine... Discuss what we should do about this situation.”

“Or we could put you in jail and continue cleaning up the SkullDeep scum, like you?” Defiant was smirking now, he had The Dealer in a good position. No escape, a comrade to help him, and a secret entrance to SkullDeep.

“I would rather not spend the rest of my days in a dark jail, my good sir and... beautiful madame,” A quick wink was imposed into the mask. Jae looked at The Dealer in disgust.

“Rather, I will continue my services among the villains. I will have you know however, I do not wish destruction or world domination. This is my livelihood, and I enjoy it. Whatever the villain does with the items I have provided is his or her choice.”

“Grrr..” Defiant flew towards the villain, but he had gone. Jae let out a scream. Defiant span round, seeing a knife by her neck and The Dealer's mask smiling wickedly as he held it to her neck.

“I'm not going to kill her. But, be warned, I jump easily. If I get scared by, I don't know, sudden movement, I might slip.”

“Let her go!” With passion burning throughout his body, Defiant had to do something, but what? Then, he saw a small wink from Jae. He remembered she has telekenetic powers! Suddenly, the knife flew backwards, barely missing The Dealer's head and dropping out the cave.

“Hah! You think I didn't see that coming?” The Dealer kicked the back of Jae's leg, causing her to fall over. He then laughed.

“Don't let him go! He'll tell the SkullDeep officials!” Flying forward, Defiant aimed his fist right for The Dealer's head. Unfotunately, The Dealer had jumped out of the cave, into the unknown realm which was the underground city of SkullDeep. The words 'for a price' echoed through the small cave.

“NO! No, no, no!” Defiant slammed his fist into the ground. The Dealer would tell all the villains; the secret entrance would be blocked and they would prepare to invade HeroSpire. This might of started a war! Defiant remembered Jae, and turned around. She was on the floor, gasping.

“Are you ok, Jae?”

“My leg really hurts, but it'll get better. What's he going to do? Tell everyone about this entrance? It could be the start of a war... Wait... He said something as he jumped out of the cave... Something about... for a price?” Defiant thought for a second.

“For a price? This guy... if we pay him, he could give us his word not to tell!”

“Ok, Def, what good is his word? And he only services villains, considering what we tried to do to him, our chances aren't good...”

“It doesn't matter, we have to try and find him!”

“So, we're going on another chase for the same guy? The moment he sees us he'll disappear!”

“Jae, you know what he could do. We have to stop him from telling the villains, no matter what... No matter what...”

Meanwhile, in HeroSpire...

“Your heroes have made a fatal error. They have angered me.”

“My heroes? No, my wannabes. I am using them, nothing more.”

“You are aware of the secret entrace, I assume?”

“What secret entrance?

“The villains have no idea of it.” He explained where the entrance was, and the cave position.

“Then I shall use this information well. Here is your reward.” The man held a dagger, engraved with patterns.

“The legendary dagger of Areona? Reward doesn't do it justice... Thank you, sir.”

“Oh, no need for thanks. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Jonathan.”

“Indeed it was. I should get out before this little meeting gets crashed.”


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6/7/2011 14:06:52   

Chapter 3 - Sneaky Going Ons

“How could you be so reckless, you fools! I did NOT give you permission to attack SkullDeep!”

“We didn't! We had to sort this guy out; he's up to no good!”

“No, that is not good enough. You have committed a crime against the HeroSpire Court! Heroes and trainees are not allowed to attack villains unless they have clearly committed an offence or been authorized to!”

“Sir, you realize we done what we though is best-”

“NO, Jae! I will not tolerate this. I, HeroSpire council manager, hereby declare Defiant and Jae are too have all flying abilities and weaponry taken away. Your hero status has been withdrawn until further notice. You could have caused serious damage to HeroSpire.” The council manager, Everon, drew a sack from his pocket, unfolded it and held it open. Jae and Defiant took their armor off and dropped it all in the sack.

“Wait, Sir, where are the items disappearing to?”

“A place you will not be able to get them. I don't want to see you here again.”

An hour later...

Defiant was reading the most recent newspaper; a quick announcement posted all over SuperCity that Defiant and Jae are not heroes anymore because they have commited crimes to the HeroSpirian court.

“What happened, Jae...”

“Well, apparently, our rash actions have threatened the HeroSpire council and general community. The Dealer could have alerted SkullDeep of the secret entrance we found. Therefore, we have no place to invade in future and they might have taken it as an act of war.”

“Ok, thanks for explaining that. Now, we have to do something.”

“Like what? They probably have sealed that entrance off and set up guards everywhere to make sure it does't happen in future.”

“We have to rally the heroes and invade SkullDeep before they invade us.”

“I'm sorry, Def, but I refuse... It'll be way too noticeable and the fact we're now technically not heroes anymore means they won't listen to us.”

“Then we will go back to Everon and-”

“No, Defiant. If there is war between SkullDeep and HeroSpire, so be it, they will give us our powers back so we can help. As of now, however, they don't need us and Everon was extremely angry. It's better just to wait.”

“I can't wait, it's not like me. And hey, it doesn't matter that he took our gear...” Quickly, he jumped into the air, coming down with a roar. Slowly, Defiants fingernails turned into sharp, deadly claws. His skin was slowly turning orange and two great fangs sprouted in his mouth. A few black stripes appeared over his face as his t-shirt ripped off.

He had turned into a man and a tiger hybrid, one of his most cherished abilities. While in the hybrid form, he still had all intelligence he did as a human, but with the raw instincts and brute force of a tiger. Using the tiger form enough had enabled him clear, albeit slightly loud, human speech.

“Now what?”

“Uhh, well, I'm not sure... I was just trying to prove a point...”

Back in HeroSpire...

“Heroes, our comrades have made a huge mistake. Without any permission, they attacked SkullDeep. However, they did have their use. A secret entrance to SkullDeep, home of the villains, has been discovered!” A loud cheer was created by the two hundred or so heroes at this meeting.

“Ok, ok. It's been something we have been searching for since, well, ever! This map has all the information you will need. I plan an invasion, properly co-ordinated by me, before SkullDeep invade us. Copies of the map will be distrubuted at the end of this meeting. Learn the map information and prepare for tomorrow, I expect you all here. Operation SNAM is in progress!”

“What does SNAM mean?” A hero shouted from the crowd.

“Skull- not any more, of course!” Cheers were heard from all around. 10 or so minutes later, the crowd had mostly cleared and Everon would laughing to himself.

“The plan is in motion... Heheheh..” Everon walked off, chuckling to himself.

Hours later...

“Thank you, Everon. I will set up an army on this entrance, capture the heroes and SuperCity will soon be ours. Your co-operation has been most useful.”

“You're not forgetting my reward, are you?”

“Of course not. Now, leave me.”

“As you wish.”
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