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(HS) The Tale of Two Slayers

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5/29/2011 21:02:10   

The Tale of Two Slayers:

Before my story begins, I shall present to you a key so that everything shall be more clear. I, monkeyman4241995, otherwise to be called M in this story, am simply an outside observer. Anything I have to add to the story will be in my signature green, Tahoma, centered font.

Anything that is left aligned and in orange font, like this, will be through the eyes of Slayer M, who will serve as the Villain of the story. Yes, I start as Slayer M, but that doesn't last....

Finally, anything that is right aligned and in this shade of purple will be the other side of the story, Slayeress M. She will serve as the main heroine of the tale....

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5/29/2011 21:03:18   


The story of the Slayers starts on a completely separate planet, known commonly as Lore. My name is M, but my rather... harsh actions on Lore gained me the title of Slayer. So, I am most commonly referred to as Slayer M.

Long, long ago, my heart was shattered, leaving me alone in the world with nothing to my name. In a moment of weakness, my heart opened itself to darkness, and that's where it all began. Darkness completely consumed my being, and I became one of the most potentially dangerous beings to ever grace Lore's face. I spent years... decades... centuries... thousands of years in solitude, amassing more dark power by the day. How I gained the title of 'Slayer' exactly was through my dark acts when this power was channeled. To keep from using too much of it up, I only used it when needed. And when it was needed was whenever I felt another being who was amassing more power than I. I assassinated many a being, including Alteon, Sepulchure and his Master, Valoth, Carnax, and even the Devourer himself. People saw me as neither a hero nor a villain; not a hero since I was still looking to consume the world in darkness, but not a villain since I defeated some of the biggest threats Lore had ever seen. The next one on my hit list would be the one that changed everything....

Drakath was large and in charge. Gravelyn was in charge of the Shadowscythe now, but she was of no threat to my plans whatsoever and she was actually able to help in the fight against Drakath. Alteon's successor was simply named Alteon II, but nobody ever paid much attention to the numeral after, and just called him Alteon. He was greatly wounded from the war against Chaos, and Gravelyn's forces were aiding him.

Swordhaven's forces were too few, and the Shadowscythe's were spread too far. Drakath clearly had the upper hand. Now was when I would make my move and get rid of the Champion of Chaos once and for all. But before I could... a strange force of the Gods swept over me. I was conscious of everything that was happening, but I could do nothing against it. I was taken to Alteon on his death bed. I was sworn to help his forces in Doomwood, where Darkness was spreading greatly. I was forced into slaying my own troops of darkness, and helped save the forces of good in Doomwood. That act alone planted a seed of goodness in my heart of darkness. The seed became nothing but a nuisance; rewriting my moral codes, draining my power of darkness, and exposing myself to all the pain that led me to turn to darkness in the first place. I could no longer take it, so I threw myself into the world's core, the Core of All Darkness. I let my heart fade into the purest darkness ever to exist, and I faded from the face of Lore, but that seed of light planted from my forced actions remained.

I never looked back to Lore. I never learned if Drakath was defeated. I never learned if Alteon or Gravelyn survived, or if Lore was purged into an everlasting state of Chaos. I never went to learn, and quite frankly, I don't care much for what happened there. I ended up on a new world, in a new body with a new chance to begin. I was completely aware of everything that had happened to get me there. The only thing different about me was that my darkness was linked to Lore's Core. Darkness still resided in me, but the bulk of it was returned to Lore. That seed of light also remained with me. This new planet I found myself on... I know not of its name. And the state I was in at that point would not last long....

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5/29/2011 21:08:33   

Chapter I:

The time while I was whole is very vivid. The first thing that happened was that I was greeted by this boy with a skateboard. He asked me about some device, a... H.A.L.droid, was it? Not knowing anything about it, I turned him away. After about ten minutes of him trying to explain it to me, I was ready to throw him off a cliff. I could feel the darkness coming to my fingertips, but being unarmed and not even aware of what I was wearing, I figured it best to not pick a fight just yet. Eventually, I was able to convince him that I understood him and he left with an accomplished look on his face. When he was out of eyeshot, I made a break for the city, to a little place called Liberty Square.

Upon reaching the Square, I dropped to one knee; the light inside my dark heart was acting up. I managed to use my own darkness and suppress it, and was able to make my collapsing appear to be me simply tripping. The people in this town were so insistent in making sure I was okay. It was sickening to me. I eventually found my way into an alley, where I finally had a chance to look at myself in a broken mirror I found in a dumpster. My head had swollen greatly from the size it was while I was on Lore. My hands and body were about the same, but my legs... they developed into a point where the foot would go. I was wearing a lab coat, which was wavering between black and orange. With a bit of focus, I managed to make it turn orange and stay that way. My eyes glowed a dark red... my skin was pale, almost white... there were two scars running over my left eye... I was wearing red goggles... and my hair... was a mass of flames! I sat there for... a few minutes? An hour? Maybe it was even a full day of me just sitting there taking in the new me I saw in the shards of mirror. Eventually, I managed to compose myself. I was unarmed with a new face on a new planet that was just looking for a new Big Bad....

I strolled down the street, looking for a decent weapon. I stopped in this little store called BOOMINGdales. Inside, I found no staves or wands, the very weapons I had become so accustom to on Lore. Instead, there were a small array of swords and axes, and a large array of guns. I picked up a gun it was red and shiny and examined it. Not knowing how it worked, I ran my hand down the machinery, examining its every feature. As I ran my hand by this particularly loose piece on it, it suddenly let out a large blast. The window at the front of the shop shattered. I ducked down, dropping the gun, when an employee dashed from the back room. He began yelling at me, calling me stupid, explaining how I could have killed someone. I explained to him how I didn't know how to work a gun, and he suddenly became very understanding. He explained to me how a gun works and began showing my a wide variety of firearms.

I eventually came past one that I couldn't set down. It was yellow with some tubes running from the handle to the barrel. When the trigger was pulled, it shot flames across the store. The man had an easy sale, and he took me to the register to sell me my new weapon. However when I tried to hand over some of the Gold I still had on me, he refused it. He told me that Gold was of no worth on this planet, but instead there was a currency called 'Fame'. I asked him if he would just let me use the Gold to pay for it. I was determined to keep my new flamethrower. After about fifteen minutes of me attempting to get him to make an exception, he stood stubbornly by his word. I could feel my temper flare. The darkness was returning to my fingertips, and this time I couldn't hold it back. I lifted my hand toward the cashier, chanted a few words, and a rift into the Realm of Darkness appeared at his feet. Tentacles sprung out and wrapped themselves around the man, covering his mouth to stop his screaming. Then, the tentacles yanked downward and carried the man into the darkness, and the rift faded from existence.

I left the store with my new weapon, spinning the 'Open' sign to 'Closed' so that nobody would know what happened there. I continued down the street, new weapon at my side. Pretty soon I came by a bank. The alarms were going off and several robotic insects were crawling into the bank. Knowing that it would be dangerous to use my powers to get what I needed anymore, I decided to join in raiding the bank. I rushed in to find the bugs directing the bank's inhabitants into a back room. I waited in hiding for the bugs to come out, then ran toward the room to rob the people of whatever they had left. I slammed the door open and heard a crunch of metal from right behind the door. I looked to find a crushed Ant-robot. The people emerged from their hiding place in the back corner, cheering and applauding me. I pointed my flamethrower at them, but they assumed I was joking around. The light in my heart surged at the sense of me doing a good deed, so I ran from the room and suppressed it away like I did in Liberty Square.

Suddenly, I heard a scream. A giant red robot with bags of Fame had grabbed on of the people from the room. I asked about what that robot had, and someone told me that he had taken all the Fame in the bank and the top cashier. Knowing I needed the funds a lot more than any robot would, I dashed after it. I chased it up the stairs, through a burning hallway, and onto a balcony. The robot dangled the lady over the edge, threatening to drop her. She had a terrified look in her eye. I shouted at it about how I didn't care if it dropped her, but how it was going to get beat down unless it handed over the money. It suddenly threw the lady at me. I ducked out of the way and she crashed through a window, but I'm pretty sure she was okay. Seeing that as the first action in a fight, I pulled out my flamethrower and pulled the trigger. The robot backed up a bit from the sudden flames. It teetered on the edge of the balcony, but refused to fall. So, I rushed forward and pulled the trigger at it again. This time, the robot was unable to stand its ground and fell backwards, smashing up on the cement below.

The people from the room came outside. They looked from the robot to me and then came up the stairs. The lady, who by now had made her way onto the balcony again, tried to explain how I would have allowed her to die, but the others dismissed that fact din light of what they assumed. They lifted me onto their shoulders, cheering and congratulating me, saying how I saved the bank and the life of one of the workers. The light in me surged again, more powerful this time. I couldn't suppress it very easily, so I did the best I could, shook myself loose from their grasp, and ran for it. I never did get to claim the money I worked so valiantly to steal....

I found myself back in the alleyway where I first saw my new self. Collapsing to the ground, I grabbed my chest and tried to suppress the light again. With every passing second, I could feel myself losing the fight against the light. I sat in agony, wanting nothing more than for the light to go away. I managed to work my way up onto my knees, when it happened. A beam of pure light emerged from my chest. It folded in on itself in two places, forming the shaped of a spider's leg. Then another beam emerged and did the same. Then a third, fourth, fifth, and finally a sixth. I could feel nothing at this point, and I could feel my being getting ripped apart. The six beams suddenly placed their tips on me; one on each shoulder, one on each hip, and one on each side of my ribcage, about midway between my hip and armpit. I was fearful now, not knowing if this was the end of my thousands of years of work. Then the beams, all in unison, pushed against me. From there, I was no longer part of either form.

I was no longer in the realm of existence. I exist now in a realm of my own. I was staring down at what I had become now; two beings sat in the alleyway. One was a being of the deepest darkness, passed out on the ground, a shell of the form I spend my time on the new world in. It was black as a shadow, glowing a deep red with more black flames covering his entire being. The other took the form of a goddess made from the purest of light. She hovered near the wall across from the darkness being. The broken mirror reflecting the radiance of her being all over the alleyway. I existed in neither of them, and yet I am both of them. And this, here and then, is when the tale of the two Slayers begins....
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