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(HS) The Prince Of The OmniBeings!

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6/19/2011 0:41:17   
Watziname WAT

The Prince Of The OmniBeings!
This will be a story based on my character (War Pro2)'s life.
I hope you enjoy! =3
This story is about my fellow characters that play Herosmash.
This story is completely inspired by them.
Also,I dedicate this story to a legendary writer and my friend,Clown The Jester.You rock man!

(Welcome to section 1)

At the dawn of time,the universe was anew.Life was pretty crude,but still good.There were many different races.Nekorians,Earthlings (a race that I find very intresting),Semitanians and many more.And when I say many,I MEAN many.The planets were created by starbursts from the Mother Star (I'll explain this unique thing later in the story).The starbursts created the planets in which we live in.

As the planets were forming,so was an invisible force.The starbursts had created it with the millions of mysterious chemicals that had formed themselves.On the thriving planet of Katraos,the OmniBeings were formed.They were cosmo's of pure power.They had every power from then on created.They staggered as they were formed,already gaining abilities.

Soon,they got on their feet and built amazing creations on their mother planet.It was unknown to other aliens how they had gotton the knowledge.Even the OmniBeing's themselves didn't know.All was peaceful on Katraos.Until...the incident...happened.Yellow creatures sprouted from the ground and killed all life in their sight.The war between the so called ''Hogars'' and OmniBeings.It was when the reign of King Arcano (Universe Year:000000000000800,In Earthen Times:8625 BC) that the great War Pro was born.He gained abilities much faster than the other children,and quickly joined the battlefield only at the age of 1277.

He was the replacement of the passed general,and he guided the OmniBeing's back to awesomeness.They were actually winning,but as we all know,all creatures die eventually,and death was close to War as he was surrounded by Hogars.As their big clubs were about to strike him,his body started glowing sending the repulsive creatures back.Without knowing it,War shouted in a loud voice,''DARK VOIDENCE!'',his body glowed even brighter,and sent a wave of destruction all over the planet,destroying all Hogars.

The people rejoiced and celebrated.War Pro took his place as prince humbly.A dark worry clouded his mind though.He knew that there were many evils out in the rest of the universe,and to the sadness of his people,he said goodbye and went on his quest to destroy evil.
He struck down many evils,met a lot of pretty girls,saved artifacts,met even more pretty girls,brought pride to his homeworld,meeting again lots of pretty girls and also bought a transforming giant ship.(Did I mention that he met even more pretty girls after that)

On the planet,Darkmaru,he fought an ancient evil conqurer named Cronus.As he was about to strike him down,Cronus quickly touched his chest,sending a bright light around him.As the light cleared,there wasn't a heroic War Pro with a quest to destroy all evil,instead,there remained a ruthless warrior of amazing strength,ready to take down the toughest good thing.The universe was at dangerous peril,as War walked away from Cronus,into the sunset to his spaceship,to travel to Earth,where he had heard that the Champion OF Good,Drakkoniss,lived.He laughed a sickening laugh as he thought about what he would do to him.


War travelled through many galaxies while he was going to Earth.Of course,he landed on a few planets on the way,and brutally killed the heros inhabiting them.His reputation waas going down as a hero,and villians were rejoicing,thinking that War had joined them,not knowing that the great Cronos had altered his mind.War finally came upon the galaxy known as the Milky Way,where the supposed-to-be-great-and-lush-planet of Earth.

On his way to it,he passed the ice star known as Pluto,which mystified him,not knowing that the Sun was too far away to heat it.He passed a few planets,including Saturn,Uranus and the monster of a planet,Jupiter,the biggest planet in the galaxy.Jupiter's gravity pull was a bit strong and it lured War's ship down to it.On Jupiter,he met a few scavengers and small-type heros,who were quickly killed,and their puny technology,stolen,to make better weapons out of them to add to the ship,which was a little light on the weapon-sector.

He passed Mars which was rumoured to be home to Martians,a legendary advanced race in robotics.He landed there,just to check if the rumours were true.Alas,they were'nt and it was just a big waste of his time.War thought about destroying Mars as he flew away to Earth.As he closed in on Earth,he saw it's moon,which was slowly rotating around it.He flew past it,and finally,landed on Earth.He landed in a desert,which would be the perfect hiding place for his ship.

The ship made a big hole with it's giant drill and landed in there.War flew out of the enormous hole,activated the ships sheild generators and covered the ship up with lots of sand.After he had done that,he flew towards the city where the legendary Drakkoniss lived,known to the fleshling race named the homo sapians (that means you reader),as Super City.He advanced in it,ignoring the screams of women,the pointing of fingers from the men and the crying of the little children.He searched for the highest building and landed on it.

He amplified his voice and shouted in a booming voice,''BRING ME THE ONE CALLED DRAKKONISS,OR THIS PUNY PLANET WILL SUFFER MY WRATH''.As soon as he had said that,Drakkoniss,and a few of his so called hero friends,teleported there.To explain what happened next very quickly and simply with out the witty dialouges,they started fighting.

The physic named Jae sensed something and penetrated War's mind and searched for his memories.He found the one about Cronus,and quickly got out of his mind.She signalled to the others and told them what happened.They quickly came up with a plan,and used Velmurs awesome peace abilites combined with Drakkoniss's reality bending powers to restore War back.

War had forgotten what had just happened and the little team of brave heros explained what happened,well,acording to Jae's findings anyway.War apologized and requested to join the team.Of course,the team smiled the fight that had just happened,and let him join them.Since then on,War has been helping them defeat major villians.

Anyhoo,THESE are the cronicles of the great Prince Of The OmniBeings,War Pro himself!

(Welcome to section two of my story!)

Chapter One:The Return Of Cronus

Drakkoniss and the rest of the crew were running through town, headed towards Liberty Square.They had finally found out the location of where Inferno would strike next.They were armed with their knowledge of him, their powers and the fact that their greatest ally was coming.They finally arrived, only to find Inferno creating chaos among the city.He was flying high up in the sky with the aid of his giant fiery wings, breathing fire down at the screaming humans.Inferno was a magnificent beast of incredible power.He had black skin and wore large pants without a shirt, showing his large scar on his chest.He had long blonde hair, which was flowing swiftly through the air.
He had stopped breathing fire and was laughing manically, his laughter echoing through the city.He was holding his blade up, casting a shadow through-out their beloved Liberty City.

The team immediately started firing beams of particular elements to him, the effort in vain, as the blasts simply bounced off him, coming back at them.They quickly dodged and flew up towards the Inferno.They knew it would be hard to stall him, as he was in possession of the soul powers of Hikaru, the elite pyro-mancer. Inferno stuck his mighty blade, sending a large wave of fire towards them.Drakkoniss bended reality to simply create a large barrier that stopped the fire.Their mission was clear, to stall the great Inferno until ''he'' arrived.
While they were fighting, a hooded figure was jumping on the tops of buildings, closing in on Liberty Square.He was swift and nimble, landing like a cat and jumping again.While going, memories returned when he had first met Infero.

''This is a city with just weakling super-beings.Why protect them? You have such great power.You are in control of an entire planet full of people like you.So why do you protect these people? What have they ever done for you? Have they even rewarded you once? You are not like the rest.Join me.It would be the right thing to do.Your soul screams evil, so why delay the inevitable? Yes, join me.Together, we shall rule this world.And other worlds too.Why not entire galaxies? I can help you properly master your true form and powers.I can even
restore those earthling parents of yours.I ask you.Are you a true warrior of the darkness? Or are you a softy like those other ''heroes''
They couldn't even touch me.And with your power, no-one would dare rise against us.They would treat us like gods for crying out loud!''

Those words haunted him to this very day.How Inferno had decimated him and run away when he tried to fight him.Now was the time for payback.He suddenly stopped, sending a bit of dust in the hair.He looked up from the building to sight Inferno and his friends, battling to the very death.It was time.Time for a bit of revenge.

He jumped off the building, taking off his long cloak, revealing a teenager.He wore a sleeve-less shirt with a flaming skull on the front, combined with long baggy pants.He fell down, his long black hair flowing.He looked simply up again and suddenly grew two large raven-like demonic wings on his back, ripping a bit of his shirt.The wings quickly spread out.With the aid of gusts of wind he mustered, he flew up towards the battle, summoning his usual sword choice, the dangerous yet powerful Soul Devourer.The sword roared with delight, sighting Inferno, knowing that it would be good to cherish and devour his very soul after his wielder would be done with the fire-bring.

The boy arrived and struck Inferno, right on the shoulder, creating a large cut, sending hissing blood out of it.''That was a warm-up strike'' War said as he backed up a bit, his face frowning with agony and pain, mustered with a lot on anger.Inside him, his black blood boiled.He hated Infernos very guts, and wished to send him to the pits of the Underworld.''Heh, funny really''said Inferno, grinning.''Ironic, the best of friends, going at each other.Oh, and seeing that you got friends to back you up'' he said, looking at the 4 people behind War, ''It's just not fair.I guess I'll just have to even things up a notch'' he said sighing.

A burst of darkness suddenly blasted onto Inferno, sending blood everywhere.His eyes were open wide, his mouth in a large maniac smile.The beam of darkness turned him larger and larger, until he was giant size.''Let's see you take on the fiery wrath of Inferno!'' he shouted with a booming voice, which reeled the band of hero's backwards.He held his left hand upwards, to his shoulder level.It started to glow with a large black aura.Gravity seemed to tighten around the team of five, hurling them down to the earth.As they fell down, the piece of ground beneath them opened up, revealing a pit of flames.

''Oh maaaaan!'' cried Velmur, his crazy shirt flowing through the strong current of air.''I'll fix this''said David, and with a flick of his fingers, gravity went to normal and the pit closed.The force from the current falling was still strong though, and they fell down, creating an enormous crater.They struggled to stand up.Drakkoniss was sure that they had broken a few bones.They crawled up to see Inferno, who was grinning, looking down upon them.He held his sword up, and sent it down towards the hero's.The sword created a giant bit of fire on the tip as it went down.As it was about to crash down, a booming voice suddenly erupted from no-where.

''Inferno! Your specified mission was to only weaken them.Look at them right now.They probably won't be able to cast spells any more.Get back, now! the mysterious voice said.A big alien ship, even bigger than Inferno's giant form came and blasted a green beam at him, sending him down to normal size and beaming him up to the ship.The ship then disappeared in a blur of blue light.

''What in tarnation was that!'' cried Velmur, waving his arms up and down.War turned to them.''Guys, I'd know that voice any-where, and that ship too.That was Cronus, no doubt about it..''he said, his mouth turning into a frown.''I thought that he had died.Seems I thought wrong.And if he's back and has Inferno on his side, don't just expect those two.I know Cronus too well.If he has Inferno on his side, he has a lot of others too''

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