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Tomb of Awethur

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6/23/2011 22:46:24   

The Tomb of Awethur!

Today's event > Valencia and the Awe Set! or Valencia > Visit Grumbulgy > Awe Equipment! > Tomb of Awe!

If you have not completed the Blade of Awe:

Valencia: Hi there, «You». Sorry, but I really need an artifact enthusiast here. Though maybe if you completed the Stonewrit and the Blade of Awe...

If you have completed the Blade of Awe:

«Scene: Visiting Valencia Privately.»

Valencia: «You»! Just the adventurer I wanted to see! You got my message?
«You»: Kinda. It had a bit of a clash with a wild Windzard. Thought it might have been from you though.
«You»: I don't know anyone else who uses hearts like that, and one of the leftover scraps did say "Awe"... Is this about the Awe weapons?
Valencia: Close. I found the tomb of the legendary King Awethur, the original owner of the Awe weapons!
«You»: Awethur? That guy from children's bedtime stories?
Valencia: Well... yeah, but also the one who saved his kingdom with the help of the still legendary Blade of Awe, and the fabled Armor of Awe.
Valencia: It's said that he was entombed with wealth beyond imagination and the very armor he defended his lands with...
Valencia: ... andmaybeadeadlycurse.
«You»: What was that last part?
Valencia: ... The Armor of Awe? *smiles sweetly* I'll let you have it if you help me get the treasure.
«You»: Well, I DO like a good armor.
Valencia: Then it's settled! I'll meet you at the lake south of Stonerule.

«Valencia leaves.»

«You»: ... I hate it when they do that.
  • Go!

      2 BATTLES - Consists of Forest creatures see list below.
      Full Heal

      Forest monster check!
      Can you get further into the forest without being set upon by monsters??
      Difficulty: 51
      Stat Used: Luck

    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

      «If you have less than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Forest monster check!
        You lack the «» SP to defy the fickle will of the dice.
        Difficulty: 51
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Next

      «If you have more than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Forest Monster Check!
        By an effort of will you can spend «» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
        Difficulty: 51
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Yes
      • No
    «If you failed or failed to Defy or chose not to Defy your roll, you face two more monsters and continue below. If you succeeded or succeeded in Defying your roll, you continue below.»

    Valencia: Hey there! What kept you?
    «You»: Well I might have been here sooner if you'd told me where on the lake we were meeting.
    Valencia: Details, details. Are you ready to risk life and limb for our treasure liberation expedition?
    «You»: Do I have a choice?
    Valencia: Nope. I need your help to get in.
    «You»: I beg your pardon?
    Valencia: Well, according to the inscriptions outside the tomb, only a true Guardian of the order can open the door to the catacombs.
    «You»: Why a Guardian?
    Valencia: Probably some magical gobbledegook associated with them. Might have to do with why they can use equipment that other Adventurers can't.
    Valencia: But even if you're not, hey, there's got to be some wiggle room for anyone carrying the Blade of Awe, right?
    «You»: Hmm... maybe.
    Valencia: So what are you waiting for? You have a tomb to open, and it's just over that rise! Shoo, shoo!
  • Go!

    «Scene: A mountain. «You» come in next to a heap of rock and boulder.»

    «You»: Alright. Valencia said this was the place, but where's the-

    «The rock disappears and the entrance to the Tomb is revealed where it stood previously.»

    «You»: Well, guess that answers my question.
    «You»: ... Me? And do you have to yell like that?
    ???: Who are you that you deserve entry here? Speak, or suffer. Though the way was made by those who are dead, they keep it still.
    ???: Those who are not worthy will suffer the same fate.
  • Declare Yourself!
      «You» I am «You», Defender of Battleon, holder of the Blade of Awe, hero of countless wars!

      «The bouncing barrier in the gateway melts away.»

      ???: The Blade is the key, but tread softly, Defender of Battleon. The dead shall not welcome you as I do.
    • Enter!

      «Continues below.»
  • Call its Bluff!
      «You»: I am no one to be trifled with. Now open the doors or I'll force them open!

      «A Giant Chimera magically appears, coming out of the top of the gateway.»

      ???: Your skill is impressive, young one, but you cannot breach my doors with force alone.

      «The heap of rock and boulder reappears.»

      «You» I am «You», Defender of Battleon, holder of the Blade of Awe, hero of countless wars!

      «The heap of rock and boulder disappears, and the bouncing barrier in the gateway melts away.»

      ???: The Blade is the key, but tread softly, Defender of Battleon. The dead shall not welcome you as I do.
    • Enter!

      «Continues below.»
    «Scene: The Tomb of Awethur»

    «You»: Wow! There's enough treasure in here to keep me in mastercrafted equipment for life!

    «Two Guardian Spirits appear.»

    ???: What ho, my brethren! The eternal seal is broken! Now is the moment for which we have prepared! We must protect our charge with our very unlives!
    «You»: *Sigh* I JUST got here too.

    «You»: Whew! Well at least now it's treasure time.
    Valencia: Hold it!!

    «Valencia enters.»

    Valencia: I get the treasure, you get the armor. That was our agreement. I have it in writing.

    «Valencia pulls out a sheet of paper, filled with fine-print. Her signature is on it, but yours isn't.»

    «You»: I never signed that! Look, the space is even blank! And there's so much fine print that I can't even read it!

    «The paper is put away.»

    Valencia: Did you or did you not imply that you were questing for the armor?


    «You»: Well, I DO like a good armor.

    «End Flashback.»

    «You»: Well, yes, but-
    Valencia: You said it, it's in writing, it's settled. The treasure is mine.
    «You»: ... Crafty little she-devil...
    Valencia: Aw, I didn't know you cared.
    «You»: This better be worth all that gold I just gave up.
    ???: AT LAST! My wretched confinement is at an end!

    «Awe container breaks and screen whites out for a second. When it fades back in we see the armor now possessed by Awethur.»

    ???: My thanks to you, mortal. I thought I'd never get to taste freedom again.
    «You»: Hey! Get out of there! That's MY armor!
    ???: Your armor? HA! This armor only has one wearer, and that's me. I'll let that arrogance slide though. I'm in a forgiving mood right now. Begone, before I am not!

    «King Awethur blasts you with magic and you show a death animation. Awethur then kneels.»

    ???: Tch. The years have not been kind. That was far more taxing than it should have been.
    ???: No matter. I may not be as strong as before, but I can still reclaim what is rightfully mine.

    «Awethur gets up and leaves.»

    Valencia: ... «You»?

    ««You» reappear.»

    «You»: Ok... that could have gone better, but I guess things could be worse.

    «Two more Guardian Spirits appear.»

    ???: Do you have any idea what you've done? You will pay for rereleasing this blight upon this world! We call upon the guardian of this tomb!
    «You»: ... I stand corrected.

    «You»: Hey, can we get back to this later? I'm late for my Exorcise class.

    «Zephyros enters.»

    Zephyros: How interesting.
    «You»: Zephyros!
    Zephyros: You're a Guardian of the Old Kingdom, aren't you? I never really thought about how much styles had changed, but then I never had much to compare the new ones to.
    «You»: THAT'S A GUARDIAN???
    Zephyros: ... You didn't know?
    «You»: Wait, if these are Guardians... can we stop fighting?
    Guardian Spirit: No. You released our charge. That you know of us only makes the gravity of your sin all the worse. Of all people, YOU should have known better!
    «You»: Huh?

    «Zephyros turns around.»

    Zephyros: Well, you are a little green.
    «You»: Oh, and I suppose you know what I did wrong? Who this 'charge' of theirs is?
    Zephyros: Well, yes. But I'd hardly expect YOU to. The Old Kingdom's almost totally unknown to basically everybody. We know bits and pieces, but most of it's just legend.
    Zephyros: Unfortunately there are so many wards here that not even *I* could get through in time to warn you. In fact, I didn't even know she'd suckered you into this until the tomb was breached.
    «You»: Then why'd you insult me?
    Zephyros: Two words: Azamay Ruins.
    «You»: Okay, point taken.

    «Zephyros turns around.»

    Guardian Spirit: I'm sorry, is this crisis getting in the way of your nostalgia? Do I really have to spell it out for you?
    «You»: ... Yes?

    «A picture frame showing King Awethur in a throne is shown.»

    Guardian Spirit: Many years ago, there was a great kingdom, ruled by its king with a fair hand. This king was Awethur the First. All was well until the day his kingdom was invaded.

    «The picture is slid to the left and the army before Awethur is shown.»

    Guardian Spirit: The army was ruthless, and decimated everything that stood in its way. It didn't matter if they it was a local militia or a defenseless village, they were all slaughtered like livestock.
    «You»: I've heard this story! Unable to bear his country's suffering, Awethur had his greatest blacksmiths and mages construct for him incredible armors--
    «You»: -- and incredible weapons with which to defend his kingdom-
    Guardian Spirit: WHO'S telling the story here?
    «You»: Sorry.

    «A new frame with invasion is shown.»

    Guardian Spirit: Awethur took the fight to the invaders. He and the greatest Guardians of the nation went forth and repelled the aggressors.
    Guardian Spirit: But this was not enough for Awethur. He wanted them to suffer as they had made his country suffer and thus led the charge back into their nation.
    Guardian Spirit: To our great regret, we shared his rage and inflicted the same evils on their country that they had inflicted on ours. We Guardians came back shamed, but Awethur came back changed.

    «A new frame with an evil figure with red eyes is shown.»

    Guardian Spirit: Awethur's return marked the end of our kingdom's prosperity.
    Guardian Spirit: He had become a tyrant, who drew great pleasure from tormenting people who aggravated him, his own subjects included.
    Guardian Spirit: We watched and waited in hopes that he would return to the good king we once knew, but he only plunged further into darkness.
    Guardian Spirit: We were forced to seal him within these halls, sacrificing ourselves as his eternal jailkeepers to make sure he never escaped.

    «Scene returns to the tomb.»

    Guardian Spirit: And now, because of you, Awethur is loose again! Our diligence, our sacrifices, all for nothing! We even broke his sword to seal this tomb!
    «You»: Wait, what? You're the ones who scattered the pieces of the Blade of Awe?
    Guardian Spirit: ... You didn't know? *mutters* If that scribe isn't dead by now, I'll kill him myself. YES, we scattered it!
    Guardian Spirit: Awethur's power with it was far too great for us to seal away, so in our first act of defiance we broke his weapons and drew him to this tomb, where it still took all our efforts to confine him.
    Guardian Spirit: By bringing them here, you essentially handed Awethur the tools he needed to escape!
    Zephyros: Nice job fixing it, hero. What's next?
    «You»: We can go after him, of course!!
  • Continued!
    Awethur One

    Shop Weapons:
  • Aristocratic Lance
  • Noble Lance Z
  • Guardian Lordly Lance
  • Noble Lance
  • Baronial Lance
  • Majestic Lance
  • Royal Lance
  • Sovereign Lance
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Guardian: Become a Guardian and get the Guardian Armor and Guardian Blade, and unlock hundreds of Guardian-only items and quests! You can also quest to transform your Guardian Blade into the fabled Blade of Awe!

    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Location thanks to continue1997

    Monster List

    Level 0-20:

    Level 21-40:

    Level 41-60:

    Level 61-80:

    Level 81-100:

    Level 101+:

    Correction thanks to Archlist.

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