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The Return of Awethur

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6/25/2011 0:36:20   

The Return of Awethur!

Today's event > Valencia and the Awe Set! or Valencia > Visit Grumbulgy > Awe Equipment! > Armor of Awe!

If you have not completed The Tomb of Awethur:

«Scene: Outside of Awethur's tomb»

???: The Blade of Awe is the key, Defender of Battleon. You may go no further. You must first discover the secrets of this tomb.

If you have completed The Tomb of Awethur:

«Scene: Awethur's tomb»

Guardian Spirit: Alright, if you two can draw Awethur back here, we might be able to seal him again.
Zephyros: Riiight... so when did Awethur, the master tactician, become a Dipsey Lemming? He's not going to fall for the same trick twice.
Guardian Spirit: And I suppose you have a better idea?
«You»: Why don't you just send a couple of ghosts with me to partially seal his power so I can exorcise him?
Zephyros and Guardian Spirit: (simultaneously) ...............
Guardian Spirit: Actually, that could work.

«Scene fades to darkness and then returns with a Spirit Stone floating in front of the Spirits.»

Guardian Spirit: That should do it. This stone will act as a channeling device for us. So long as you have it, you can summon us to help you.

«The Stone moves into your backpack.»

«You»: Got it.
Guardian Spirit: You'll want to go west from here. That's where the old kingdom was and the first place Awethur would go.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Forest with trees chopped down.»

    «You»: Whoa! Did Awethur do this?
    Guardian Spirit: Wonderful... it's just like the old days. The years certainly haven't improved Awethur's tastes.
    ????: Is THAT the name of the monster?!

    «Karuna enters.»

    ????: The one who took my child?
    Guardian Spirit: !!!
    «You»: He WHAT??
    Guardian Spirit: Awethur... this is low, even for you.
    «You»: Which way did they go?
    ????: ... west. They went west.
    «You»: Alright. Don't worry, miss...
    ????: Karuna.
    «You»: Karuna. We'll get your child back.
    Karuna: I'm going with you.
    Guardian Spirit: Out of the question! This is far too dangerous for-
    Karuna: HE HAS MY DAUGHTER! And if you think I'm just going to sit here and wait while you--
    !!!: RAWR!!!
    «You»: Uh, I think we've got other trouble right now.
  • Fight!???: What have you done?!
    «You»: What have I done? I just got here! Here, those two can vouch for me!
    Karuna: -what do you expect to do, twiddle my thumbs while you two-
    ???: No, you are too dangerous to trust.
    «You»: And here we go again...
  • Fight!«You»: Great, now I have forest guardians attacking me. I guess I have Awethur to thank for that too.
    Karuna: I swear, if he's hurt ONE hair on my little girl's head--

    «Scene goes to black and then fades in ruins, where Awethur has Mara tied up.»

    Awethur: Well my dear, now that I've made the place more homey, let's see if the stories about your kind are true.
    Mara: *whimper*
    Awethur: I'll have none of that from you. You'll be making my army and restoring me to power. If you can't do that, then you're of no use to me.
    Mara: So you'll let me go?
    Awethur: Oh no. I'm afraid you mistook me for somebody nice. I assure you, I'm nothing of the sort.
    Mara: *doublewhimper*

    «Scene: Back at the de-forested forest»

    Guardian Spirit: -- it simply is not safe for --
    «You»: We're getting nowhere arguing and Awethur's getting farther away while you two bicker!
    Karuna: Right... we'll argue while we walk.
    Guardian Spirit: Agreed.
    «You»: This is going to be a loooong quest...

    Many hours, and much arguing, later...

    «Scene: On a cliff overlooking the ruins of the Old Kingdom»

    «You»: Alright, that's the place.
    Guardian Spirit: How can you tell?
    «You»: Trust me, I've had a lot of practice with this kind of tracking. The bad guy tends to be where his path of destruction stops.

      «If you are a Guardian»

      Guardian Spirit: Huh, maybe you are a Guardian after all. Karuna, you stay here while-
      «If you are not a Guardian»

      Guardian Spirit: Huh, maybe you have the makings of a Guardian after all. Karuna, you stay here while-
    «You»: Oh no, not this again--

    «Scene: In the ruins, Undead surrounding Mara.»

    Awethur: Hehehehe... Well my dear, you've certainly proven yourself useful. These will make a fine start army, though you clearly need practice before your next big project.
    Mara: Can I go now?
    Awethur: No. You'd best get comfortable, because you'll be staying here for a long time.
    Mara: *whimper*
    Awethur: Now, my new minions, go and make sure we don't get any unexpected visitors!

    «Scene: Edge of the forest.»

    «You»: Alright, we know they're here, we just don't know where.
    Guardian Spirit: You know, things might have changed a little since I died, but we might want to check where the monsters are coming from.
    «You»: WHAT monsters??

    «Undead enter»

    «You»: Oh, THOSE monsters!«You»: Alright, so that's Monsters 0, «You»-- Wait, where'd Karuna go?
    Karuna: MARA!!!
    Guardian Spirit: ... Do I need to say "I told you so?"

    «Scene: The ruins.»

    Mara: Momma...
    Karuna: Stay back, Mara. I won't let him hurt you.
    Awethur: Aww, a mother's love for her child. How sweet.
    Awethur: I hate sweet things.
    Awethur: Let's try for something a bit more bitter.

    «Both Awethur and Karuna raise their hands and conjure magic. The scene turns white and then «You» enter.»

    Awethur: Tch. Haven't you people ever heard of knocking??
    «You»: This ends here, Awethur. I'm giving you a one-way ticket to Nowhere.
    Awethur: Oho? The little wannabe has a sense of humor? You could not hope to match my pow--

    «A spellcircle of binding appears around Arthur, who falls to the ground.»

    Awethur: Argh!

    «The Guardian Spirits appear.»

    Awethur: What!?
    Awethur: YOU! BETRAY ME TWICE?!?!
    «You»: As I said. This ends here.
    Awethur: It will end... for you!!

    «A column of white and blue flame shoots upward around Awethur and he is transformed, his armor turning black and his lance changing into a black sword.»

    «You»: ........... Oh.«You»: And that is why you should exorcise daily!
    Karuna: ... Was that joke really necessary?
    «You»: Yes. Yes it was.
    Guardian Spirit: ..................
    «You»: Wait-- What happened to Mara?
    Karuna: She's just outside.

    «Outside, Mara is talking to Undead she summoned.»

    Mara: ... And you'll be Mr. Bubbles, and you can be Miss Gnomer...
    Undead: *grawr*?
    Mara: No, not 'Miss No-More', Miss Gnomer.

    «Scene: Back in the ruins»

    Karuna: She makes friends so easily.
    «You»: Uh-huh... So I guess you two will be heading home. What about you, spirit?
    Guardian Spirit: Awethur's gone, and so too is my duty. Your friend offered me a place at some museum, I might just take him up on that. It's not every day that a long-dead Guardian can be treated like a scholar.
    «You»: Alright then. Have fun with that. In the meantime I have equipment to claim.
  • The End!
    Awethur Two

    Shop weapons:
  • Royal Blade
  • Royal Blade
  • Guardian Royal Blade
  • Royal Blade
  • Royal Blade
  • Royal Blade
  • Royal Blade

    Shop misc:
  • Spirit Stone (5)
  • Spirit Stone (25)
  • Spirit Stone (45)
  • Spirit Stone (65)
  • Spirit Stone (85)
  • Spirit Stone (105)
  • Spirit Stone (125)
  • Play again!
  • Guardians: Armor of Awe!
      «Scene: The Tomb of Awethur»

      Valencia: Congratulations! Now that the Armor of Awe is cleansed of Awethur's corrupting presence, I can help fit it to you.
      Valencia: We can activate specific powers within the armor to support your fighting style.
      Valencia: The Might Armor can heal you when you take damage, the Deft Armor can heal you when you successfully defend, and the Insightful Armor can heal your mana.
    • Mighty Armour of Awe
    • Deft Armour of Awe
    • Insightful Armour of Awe

      Your choice becomes your new No-Drop Armor. You must have a Guardian Armor to choose an Armor of Awe.

      Valencia: I am now preparing your Armor of Awe, please wait! (Loading!)
      Valencia: Truffle, would you conduct this transaction for me pretty please.
      Valencia: Please wait, while your new equipment is loaded!
      Valencia: Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of an Armor of Awe! Take good care of your armor, it is priceless!

  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Guardian: Become a Guardian and get the Guardian Armor and Guardian Blade, and unlock hundreds of Guardian-only items and quests! You can also quest to transform your Guardian Blade into the fabled Blade of Awe!

    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Location thanks to continue1997. Corrections and dialogue addition thanks to Archlist. Monster list thanks to In Media Res.

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