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6/25/2011 17:04:43   
More than a Game


Quest Location:
Engineering -> Gravlax -> Missions -> FARGATE
Quest Given From: Gravlax


Gravlax: Bunja renak, friend! You have come to me at a perfect time. I have just discovered a perplexing new energy signature. I first noticed it on the planet Symiphid in the Deltron system.
Gravlax: At first I thought it represented a black hole on the surface of the planet, but then the energy burst disappeared. It began appearing fairly regularly, however, and I was able to cross-reference the readings.
Gravlax: I found a number of similar signatures that I had discounted because of their irregularity. They all seem connected, however, and appear and reappear in patterns, even though separated by great distances.
Gravlax: Can you go to Symiphid and see if you can find what's creating these energy bursts? I'm so excited to find out, so try to come back alive, okay?? Glabbus jibly!
  • To Symiphid!
  • Back

    «Scene: The LSS Alteon flying through space. New Scene: Engineering Deck.»

    Gravlax: So, «You», Zorboz ran a few new calculations and there is something else you might need to know for this mission...
    «You»: Spill it, little robot... I don't have all day.
    Zorboz: Rude fleshling. You know, all I've been trying to do is help keep all of you alive out there, and all I get in return is disrespect.
    «You»: Well, I-- I'm sorry, Zorboz. I never knew you felt that way.
    «You»: I thought you had a tough titanium skin, and not tin foil skin that could be hurt by a few words.
    Gravlax: Ha! *snort*
    Zorboz: 01001111010100100100110001011001*!!!! That did it! I think I just won't tell you the very, very important information you need to know for this mission!
    «You»: Okay, okay, Zorboz-- I'm sorry. It's just that it gets a little stressful being the go-to hero for all of the WarpForce's important missions.
    «You»: Sometimes I just need to blow off some steam, and, well, you are just an easy target for verbal attacks.
    «You»: Not to mention, you namesake Zorbak on Lore is not known for his selflessness and good intentions.
    Zorboz: ........ That is understandable, given the fleshling propensity for lacking emotional control. I suppose I can forgive you just enough to help you preserve your life on this mission.
    Zorboz: So, here is what my calculations revealed: Whatever the source of Gravlax's energy signature, it has been in existence for at least 500 million years.
    Zorboz: Whatever you will encounter will be very old, very advanced, and therefore very dangerous. You may want to pack an extra pair of underwear.
    «You»: ................
    «You»: Thank you for that, Zorboz. I think I'm going to go to Symiphid now.
    Zorboz: I'd like to come with you. This promises to be an interesting mission.
    «You»: Great! You should probably pack an extra pair of underwear, TOO, then-- Oh, wait. You don't wear underwear. Or even pants. Because you're a robot.
    Zorboz: ......... I will ignore that comment.
  • Go!

    «Scene: The LSS Alteon flying through space. Your WarpFighter exits. New Scene: The interior of your WarpFighter.»

    «You»: Alteon, this is «You» reporting. Zorboz and I are on final approach to Symiphid now...
    Zorboz: I will have you know that I am not very good with turbulence...
    «You»: Okay-- I will try to hit as many air pockets as possible, then.
    Zorboz: Thank y-- Wait a!! grrrrrr...

    «Scene: Planet Symiphid as your WarpFighter approaches. New Scene: A forested, mountainous part of planet Symiphid.»

    Zorboz: Multiple life signs detected.
    «You»: Including the abundant plant life? I don't see anything dangerous...
    Zorboz: Right. Switching to read heat signatures--
    «You»: It's daytime, and it's warm here. That won't help us.
    Zorboz: ......... Motion detector activated. Several large objects are approaching!
    «You»: You have a computer for a brain. You should have gotten there faster than that.
    Zorboz: Just following my programming. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say.
    ???: GRRAAAAHHH!!!
  • Battle with Zorboz's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES: 1 Skkree, 1 Malzar
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES: 1 Space Leech, 1 Niv
      Full Heal

    «Scene: A part of the forested mountains with the FarGate.»

    «You»: What is THAT?
    Zorboz: I can only guess at this point. It looks like a huge picture frame. Very intricate design. All of those runes around the sides of it.
    «You»: Picture frame?!?
    Zorboz: It's a ROUGH guess.
    «You»: It looks to me like it's meant to be some kind of a door... or gateway... but there's no reason for it to be out in the middle of nowhere like this.
    «You»: ....................
    «You»: Zorboz, go touch it while I stand back here and keep an eye out for danger.
    Zorboz: Good idea!

    «Zorboz goes to the FarGate and touches it. Fire explodes out of it.»

    «You»: Did you see something come out of it!?!
    Zorboz: No! I was too busy running away from that giant column of fire that just blasted out of it!!
    «You»: We need to find out what came out of this thing. It must be some kind of-- teleporter, maybe?
    Zorboz: Possibly. But it could be a weapon. It almost friend my circuitry.
    «You»: You were a few feet away from it and you're not dead. I doubt it's a weapon. Follow me-- We need to find out what came through.
  • Go!

    «Scene: Another part of the planet, less mountainous.»

    Zorboz: !!! Something human-sized is approaching!

    «Sk'oauld enters.»

    ???: Stop where you are! Why do you follow me!?
    «You»: Whoa! No need to react like that! We're just trying to find out what's generating a very unique energy signature that seems to span across the galaxy.
    ???: Ahhh. So you have come for the FarGate. I suspected as much. I cannot allow you to gain possession of the FarGate. I am duty bound to defend it with my life!
    «You»: Seriously? The FarGate?
    ???: You must now contend with Sk'oauld, the Gatekeeper!
  • Battle with Zorboz's help!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      1 BATTLE: Sk'ouald
      Full Heal

    Sk'oauld: You are quite a warrior, I must admit.
    «You»: You have to believe me when I say we are NOT trying to steal your FarGate. We are only curious as to what it is.
    Sk'oauld: So you search the worlds for curiosities and artifacts? You and this... bipedal iron rabbit?
    Zorboz: Hey! I resemble that remark!!
    «You»: No, I am a representative of a very large group that travels among the stars in a fleet of ships, called the WarpForce. We're trying to protect planets from a Network that is bent on conquest.
    «You»: So, if you don't mind, can you tell us what the FarGate is and why you have come here using it? I'm guessing it's some kind of teleporter?
    Sk'oauld: Teleporter? I don't quite understand the word. The FarGate-- ALL of the FarGates-- are magical doors that one can walk through to and reach places very far away!
    Sk'oauld: We call the places we explore "worlds," because after many years of travel we have concluded that the FarGates are so far apart that they can ONLY be spaced worlds apart.
    «You»: Wow-- So there are a LOT of these FarGates, and they open doors to different planets! Sounds pretty amazing.
    Zorboz: Sounds like these FarGates are an incredibly advanced technology that can open wormholes-- essentially shortcuts through spacetime--
    Zorboz: -- that result in nearly instantaneous movement across the galaxy. Such travel is only theoretical to us at this point. Even warp power takes an appreciable amount of time to travel under.
    Zorboz: But these FarGates are a level of technology that is on the scale of the most powerful MAGIC. Indeed, an immense amount of mana would be needed to teleport across galactic distances.
    Sk'oauld: Ahh, magic. My people have come across numerous magical artifacts, as well. But the FarGates are definitely NOT magic.
    «You»: Did your people make the FarGates, Sk'oauld?
    Sk'oauld: Oh dear, no! The last invention my people created was the telescope! Everything else we have found by travelling to other worlds using the FarGates.
    «You»: I think we should take a look at another FarGate, on another world. Just to compare. Can you show us how to use this one?
    Sk'oauld: Most definitely. I'll show you, but then I must be on my way.
    Sk'oauld: There are some ruins nearby that contain a very rare jewel, and I must get more of them before this planet's rainy season begins and washes them away. Come!

    «Scene: The FarGate.»

    Sk'ouald: Activating a FarGate is not difficult once you have committed to memory the meanings of all of the runes. They are what you use to determine the world you are to go to.
    «You»: No problem. I have brought along a lot of extra memory, in the form of a bipedal iron rabbit.
    Zorboz: I might have to experience drive failure simply to frustrate you.
    Sk'ouald: So, you want me to activate the FarGate so you can go to a new world?
    «You»: ANY world is fine. As long as I can breathe there.
    Sk'ouald: Okay! I'll show you the proper runes to use to return here first--
    ???: Sk'ouald! That FarGate has been deactivated due to illegal activity.
    Sk'ouald: !!!

    «Sk'ouald leaves.»

    «You»: Wait! Who-- Hmf. If this guy dies before he can show us how to use these FarGates I'm going to be upset.
    Zorboz: What are you waiting for? We might need to keep him alive!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Another part of the planet. «You», Sk'oauld, Zorboz enter after the Mindorian does.»

    «You»: OH my goodness!! What the heck is THAT?!?
    Mindorian: Sk'oauld, your privileges to use the FarGates have been suspended until further notice.
    Sk'ouald: You Mindorians may think you own the FarGates just because your technology is so advanced you can understand how they work, but you've never fooled my people!
    Sk'ouald: You've been taxing us for using the gates for years. Why would you keep me from using them now?
    Mindorian: You are not allowed to let outsiders use the FarGates. All races who use the FarGates must do so through the Mindorian Alliance. It has been so for thousands of years.
    «You»: Well, I would like to say that Sk'oauld was just being nice to us. We're explorers and only wanted to know a little bit more about the gates. Did your people make them?
    Mindorian: ........ Possibly. The gates are millions of years old. Our race has changed many times over in that time, and much data has been misplaced or lost.
    Mindorian: All we are sure of is that only the Mindorian Alliance is old enough to have invented the FarGates. No other race still exists today that could have done so.
    «You»: Even if WE can't use it, Sk'oauld needs to in order to get back home. So please, just reactivate it for him.
    Mindorian: The Mindorian Alliance are a logical people. We do not respond to emotional please. We DO, however, TRADE.
    «You»: Really? Well, our fleet may have something you need. Name a price for allowing Sk'oauld to go back home.
    Mindorian: We could use some warpcrystals.
    «You»: Great! We have those. They're a rare and valuable commodity for us.
    Mindorian: Excellent. We will only need 22.5 million of them.
    «You»: WHAT O_O
    «You»: Why could you possibly need that many?? We only use a handful to power a giant starship!!
    Mindorian: Hohohoho!! You power starships with warpcrystals?! Amusing! We manufacture toilet paper from them!
    «You»: I hate to say it, but I don't think we have anything of value to trade with you.
    Mindorian: Then unfortunately it seems Sk'oauld will have to live the rest of his days out here.
    «You»: Not really... I could fly him back to his homeworld.
    Sk'oauld: I will not stand for this, Mindorian. Your Alliance has pushed us around for long enough!!
    «You»: Hey, hey, come on-- Let's not--

    «Sk'oauld draws a sword and slashes at the Mindorian.»

    Mindorian: THAT was uncalled for. I would have preferred not to engage in such barbarity, but since you have initiated such activity, I am forced to respond in kind.

    «The Mindorian raises an appendage and blasts Sk'oauld off-Scene.»

    «You»: I think you need to be taught a lesson in humility, bug-eyes...
  • Battle with Zorboz's help!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

      1 BATTLE: Mindorian
      Full Heal

    Zorboz: ........... The Mindorian dropped something. I'm detecting some minor radiation. Hmmm... I believe it might be some kind of REMOTE CONTROL.
    «You»: It LOOKS like a remote control. What could he possibly have used it f-- OH.

    «Scene: FarGate.»

    «You»: It's nice to see you're alive, Sk'oauld!
    Sk'oauld: It's nice to BE alive, friend.
    «You»: We think you may have a way to get back through the FarGate. Try this!

    ««You» toss the remote control at Sk'oauld. The FarGate then bursts into flames again.»

    Sk'oauld: Whew! Well, this little bit of Mindorian technology will certainly come in handy. Maybe one day my people will be advanced enough that the Mindorian Alliance won't be able to push us around.
    «You»: I'm sure you'll get there someday. Good luck!

    «Sk'oauld walks into the FarGate and disappears.»

    Zorboz: He never got around to showing us ow to work the FarGate, did he?
    «You»: .............. Oops.
    Zorboz: I suppose it will be easy enough for us to find more of these and painstakingly translate the runes ourselves over time. I'll let YOU tell Gravlax that, though.

    «Scene: Your WarpFighter flies away from Symiphid and back into the Hangar of the LSS Alteon.»

    *Translates to ORLY
    Mission Debriefing:

    So let me get this straight. You FOUND The source of the strange energy I detected, and it was a highly advanced gateway that leads to other gateways spread across perhaps thousands of planets all throughout the universe. You came into contact with 2 new races, one of which is millions of years old. You helped one get back home through a gate before he could teach you anything practical about the gates and you beat the super-advanced alien to a pulp.

    I think I need to take a little break before I continue with this debriefing...

  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower
  • Exit

    FarGun Z
    Guardian Dual Sword
    Dual Sword Z
    Guardian FarGun
    Dual Sword
    Greater FarGun
    Greater Guardian Dual Sword
    Mythos Clan Armor (45)
    Mythos Clan Armor (65)
    Guardian Mythos Clan Armor
    Mythos Clan Armor Z

    Monster list:

    1 Skkree
    Level 45-64: Skkree (45)
    Level 65-84: Skkree (65)
    Level 85+: Skkree (85)

    1 Malzar
    Level 45-47: Malzar (28)
    Level 48-67: Malzar (48)
    Level 68-87: Malzar (68)
    Level 88+: Malzar (88)

    1 Space Leech
    Level 45-59: Space Leech (40)
    Level 60-79: Space Leech (60)
    Level 80-99: Space Leech (80) NEW!
    Level 100+: Space Leech (100) NEW!

    1 Niv
    Level 45-54: Niv (38)
    Level 55-72: Niv (55)
    Level 73+: Niv (73)

    Level 45-64: Sk'ouald (45)
    Level 65-84: Sk'ouald (65)
    Level 85+: Sk'ouald (85)

    1 Mindorian
    Level 45-64: Mindorian (45)
    Level 65-84: Mindorian (65)
    Level 85+: Mindorian (85)

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodolf and In Media Res
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