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The Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful Aftermath

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7/1/2011 22:08:12   

Mostly Harmful Aftermath

Travel Map > Bizarre Flecks > Find out! > 7: Aftermath

In the mind-bending Conclusion of Bizarre Flecks 2: Mostly Harmful, you learned that Dhows has a dark history with Atlas Maxwell, and that he has leveraged that history to gain Maxwell's help in an audacious plan to kill the Annunaki Avatar who are also primal Avatar of the Elemental Lords themselves!

Valiantly, the heroes of Lore struggled to prevent this, but unable to overcome and stem the tide of the strange creatures Dhows had led his copy of Falerin to create, the heroes of Lore FAILED!

But one battle, no matter how massive, does not decide a war. And... regardless of the strange twists and turns that Dhows's incredibly confusing story has taken, one thing remains clear. This is War!

All is not over for the Chosen of Lore.

Indeed, they are just getting started...

«Scene: The Void?»

«You»: Falerin? Are you here? Abode said I could find you... Whoa...
«You»: What is this place? Looks a lot like a dizzying version of the Void.
Falerin: Yes. I am right here. Do not be alarmed if I shift through my forms as we talk. I am just getting used to the peculiarities of each piece of myself.
Falerin: As to this place...
Falerin: It's some sort of map of the omniverse, dealie. Lets you search for things and open real portals to... well-- anywhere. Anywhen, too, I think, but I dunno that I wanna try that.
«You»: That was remarkably intelligible, almost understandable.
«You»: Are you alright?
Falerin: What? Yes, of course... Why do you ask...?
«You»: You usually interject technical names, jargon, and other unintelligible gibberish.

«Falerin transforms into Fal.»

Falerin: Really? Well okay... if you like...
Falerin: This is a temporospatial claudication nexus coupled with... er... a virtualized Scandshire-class planetarium and um... deific horizon expanders.
Falerin: Is that better?
«You»: ...
«You»: Falerin... who is Tholeon Webb?

«Fal transforms into Kid Falerin.»

Falerin: ...
Falerin: Where did you hear that name?
«You»: The strange dreams keep happening...
Falerin: Webb is Dhows. Or more accurately Dhows is Webb... I think he took the Webb disguise first. Both are fake. Given how much time tampering the man's nature allows it is hard to say...
«You»: I gathered that much... what did he do?

«Kid Falerin transforms into Rude Falerin.»

Falerin: He sent some kids on a wild goose chase through Caelestian history.
Falerin: But his real goal was to alter time so that Eldron was never born.
Falerin: Normally Gods are immune to that sort of thing, but Webb saw that the events that were altered changed the timeline at pivotal points.
Falerin: They mad it so my own Portfolio and that of several other deities was altered in the process. The pantheon itself was entirely restructured... Much of Caelestia was destroyed.
«You»: And to think we bought his current disguise... You stopped him and made him leave, obviously. Eldron is still here... How did you do that...?
Falerin: We didn't... the same hero got wise to Dhows and undid his changes and then as a whole the pantheon banished him from Caelestia.
Falerin: One of the few cases of unanimity in the pantheon.
«You»: Why doesn't the Lorian pantheon do the same thing? I gather it's much smaller than the Caelestian pantheon, getting consensus should be easier...

«Rude Falerin transforms into Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™.»

Falerin: No! That would be a supersized mess! Dhows is far too tied to events on this Lore.
Falerin: Abjuration will force an extradimensional being back into its home reality.
Falerin: He could be banished from just this time by use of an abjuration maybe but that would take a God willing to directly act against him.
«You»: A local? Could it be someone whose hand was freed to act against him personally...?
Falerin: Well, yes, I suppose, but where could we find someone like that, though...?
«You»: You! He killed you and then manipulated the pieces. I think that qualifies as freeing your hand...

«Super-strong Ultra Mega Falerin Man™ transforms into Rude Falerin.»

Falerin: Isn't that a bit uncharacteristic for me...
«You»: No. I do not think so. That man... or whatever he is... assaulted you. Once you decimated a whole Brilhado army just for the threat of it...
«You»: One thing though... Eldron said you did not act against him before of the danger to Lore. If he could have been abjured without danger why did you not do this before?
Falerin: Hmm... I am afraid I cannot fully remember my reasoning... but I suspect it had something to do with the problem of access...
Falerin: I would have to get very close to Dhows and take him by surprise if I were to pull off an abjuration.
«You»: Well then Webb has just made another mistake... Can you act like... er... yourself?

«Rude Falerin transforms back into Falerin.»

Falerin: Uhm... What are you getting at?
«You»: It's simple, really. You take the place of this "Ardendor" fool he has following him around... And when the opportunity arises you strike...
Falerin: How diabolical... and also simple enough that it just might work... Yes... I can act, boy can I.
«You»: When the time comes... Dhows is going down...
Falerin: There is just one thing. I need to figure out something sufficiently definitive of the "man" to substitute as a true name. Dhows definitely is a lie. It would not work.
«You»: So you get very close and watch and wait. That will also let you get close enough to see what he is up to with Maxwell and your splinter. Now what if your analog returns before then?
Falerin: Hmm... if he returns and I see him first, I will eliminate the problem... In the meantime I will have Abode keep looking for him so we hedge our bets.
Falerin: At least thanks to you we now have a plan.

«Scene fades.»

Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

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