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(HS-clan-based) A DREAMER’s Backstory

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7/6/2011 23:40:32   
A Dreamer

I have a dream. No, I’m not Martin Luther King, I am just an ordinary man, like you. Or at least I used to be.
It all started on an average day, I was on the way home from high school. I was walking by myself today, my girlfriend Aidan (yes that is a girl’s name) was home sick. I was walking by Mr. Dickson’s yard when I was suddenly falling. A trapdoor had opened blow my feet, and I was sucked down. I landed in a small room, I would say around 20 feet by 10. It had white walls and no furniture, with one large window spread across the wall to the right of where I landed.
“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” I said loudly.
“Yes, Dreamer. We have been waiting for you,” Said an anonymous voice over an invisible loud speaker.
“Where am i? What is going on?” I asked, frightened. Then a cloud of fog started appearing from a corner of the room. “What is that!? Am I going to die!?”
“No, Dreamer. Just ccaaaallllmmmmmm dddooowwwwnnnnn…” the voice faded as I fell unconscious.
I woke up in a dark room, with a lot of doctor-looking people surrounding me. I was tied up, and had some wires attached to my forehead. I struggled to get out, but to no avail. “Let me out! I want to go home!” I yelled franticly.
“No, dreamer,” Said o man in a business suit, who looked oddly like my father, though I couldn’t get a good look at his face. . This is your home now.”
“What? Why do you keep calling me dreamer? What is this place? Tell me!” I yelled, in hysterics now. He stepped into the light. Yes, he was my father. “Dad? Why are you… what are you doing here? What is this place?”
“This is the laboratory where you were made. You will find out why I call you Dreamer soon enough, ” Replied my dad. He then put a mask on me, and I fell unconscious again.

I woke up in a cold sweat in my bed. “what a weird dream,” I say to myself as I get dressed. I go downstairs.
“Mornin’, Jason,” my mom says, as she hands me my veggie bacon and eggs (I am a vegetarian). “How did you sleep?”
“I had a freaky dream, I was in this lab-” I reply as I eat my breakfast, but get cut off by my mom.
“You’re going to be late for school, Jason!” She yells at me, shooing me out the door.
I meet up with Aidan half way at her house, with her Twin sister Rowan. “Mornin’, Aidan!” I yell to her as she walks down her driveway. She has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, is 5’ 10’’, and light skinned. I start to have small talk, and some slight flirting, with Rowan and her.
“So how was your sleep? I had this weird dream, where I was in this lab, I fell into this hole right around here,” I say as we pass Mr. Dickson’s yard, “and they kept calling me dreamer, and my dad was there, it was so Creepy.”
My day continued as usual, School was normal, I got detention in Mrs. Kiefer’s class for calling her something inappropriate for mixed company, the usual.
On the walk home today, the same thing happened, and somehow Aidan wasn’t there either again. I had fallen into the hole.

“This again? Why does this keep happening to me?” I exclaim into the white room. I run up and punch the glass as herd as I can, but all I end up doing is hurting my hand.
“Calm down, Dreamer. This will all be explained soon…” Said the voice I now recognize is my dad’s.
“Dad? What is going on? Why does this keep happening?” i ask, but not as crazed as the first time I spoke.
“You are here for tests, Dreamer. We have been watching you. We want you to calm down,” said my father.
“Calm down? You want me to calm down? After what you’ve said, you want me to CALM DOWN?” I yell, in hysterics again. “And these tests? What tests? What are you going to do to me?” just as I finished, the green gas that had knocked me out before started to appear again. “Oh god, not that aggaaaiiiinnnnn...” I fell unconscious.
When I came to, I was back on the table, but untied this time. I jumped up, and franticly searched for a door. I found one about 10 feet to my right, but it was locked. I sighed and looked around, taking a longer look at my prison. It was 20 feet wide by 40 long, with the table I was on hooked up to all these machines in the corner. There were a few desks in the room, each with computers. I turn one on, and I somehow immediately know what the password is. I search the documents for my name, “Jason Lennon” And return a file named “OperationDreamer.TXT,” which I open. Inside it has a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo, until about halfway through the text I see this:
Subject- Jason Lennon (alias)
Operation Info- Subject: AKLS1034 is to live a “Normal life” until age: 16 when Operation goes into effect. Operation Dreamer takes vivid dreaming to a new level. Subject will have complete control over other’s dreams. Effects of Chemicals added to brain will kick in on subject’s 16th birthday. Extra side-effects may take place, such as telekinesis and telepathy.

Chapter 4
I sat in shock. My 16th birthday was in a week. Just as I finished some of the scientists from last time came in, along with my father.
“Dad? What is this?” I asked, trembling.
“Oh god. Guards!” yelled my dad. I immediately ran for the door, and shoved past the scientists, who were obviously all brains and no brawn. The security was the opposite though, and caught me before I had gotten 30 feet from the room, and brought me back.
“So, you saw the operation information, huh? Well, you would’ve found out sooner or later anyways. Goodnight, Dreamer,” Said my dad, and then he put that mask on my mouth again.
I woke up on a bed, but not my own. I was in a purple room, with a king-sized bed in the middle, and the most comfortable blankets ever. It seemed to be a normal bedroom, with a desk, bed, dresser, computer, and closet. There was a surveillance camera in the corner, and the door was locked. I lolled around in there for days, playing on the computer (which was monitored, I found out) and read books on the nook I found in the desk. It was 2 days until my birthday when my dad came in to visit.

Chapter 5
“Hello, Dreamer. We need to run some tests on you now. Can you come with me?” asked my dad. I remembered the guards, and figured that they could just make me, so I went with him.
We arrived in the room with the computers and table. “What do you want me to do? And does it involve that K.O. mask of yours?” I ask, referring to the mask he uses to knock me out.
He smirks. “No, and we need you to imagine the most creative creature you can. You have 30 seconds to think. Go.” He takes out his stopwatch as he says this, and starts it as he finishes talking.
My mind is racing, I want to impress him for some reason. After the 30 seconds is up, I say, “A purple platypus with a unicorn horn, 2 heads, goat horns, a turtle shell, and a forked tongue.”
“Impressive. Now what is 14226472+2625214?” asks my father.
“16851686” I say immediately, and am completely taken off guard.
“7724374527 x 2352?” asked my father, who seemed like he was about to spew about a lot of math at me.
“1816772887104.” I reply, slightly prepared to answer, but still taken aback.
“Find x. 25255x=120946195.”
“This side effect seems to have taken place early…” says my father, taking notes.
“What side effect?” I ask, still bewildered by this testing.
“The enhanced mental ability, you think a lot faster and are much more creative than others.” Replies my father. He then finishes his notes and says, “Well, that’s all. You will be finding a surprise in your room when you return.

Chapter 6
When I walked in my room, I found that a new bed had been added, and there was someone in the middle of the room, dancing to Lady Gaga. “Who are you?” I ask the girl.
She turns around, and blushes. “You never saw that…Oh, and I’m Kali, what’s your name?” she says. Now that I get a good look at her, she is around 5’10”, lean, has near-black hair, reddish-brown eyes, and pale skin. “She is really pretty” i think.
“Jason… and agreed, I didn’t...” I smirk, and then walk over to the computer to turn the music off. “Did they tell you what you’re here for?” I ask.
“No, did they tell you? All they did was blind-fold me and ask me to sniff something, and I said ‘Strawberries’ and licked my lips, so they stuck me in here.” She replied.
“Oh…that’s weird. Is your birthday coming up soon?” I ask, wondering what that means. “Mine is in 2 days.”
“Yeah, exactly 1 week from now, I’m turning 16. How do you know that?” she asks, sounding bewildered.
“Well, don’t freak out or anything, but you are going to have something happen to you on your birthday, you are going to get some sort of powers. I am going to be able to control dreams, and possibly be a telepath. And apparently I have enhanced brainpower already, they just proved I am a super math nerd. I don’t know what powers you are going to have, though, that is extremely vague.” I say, pondering the test she had still.
“Really?” she says. “What is 1+1?” she asks.
“11.” I say.
“OMG, YOU ARE A GENIOUS.” She yells, and we both laugh. “So powers, huh? Wow, I always know I was different, with my pale skin. Everyone thinks I am an albino, even though I’m not, and both my parents are really tan.” She says.
“Weird… I wonder wh-” Then it clicks. She is a vampire!

Chapter 7
“Why.” I say, finishing my sentence, making it seem like I tripped up in my speech.
“Yeah, weird, right? Anyways, I’ve had a long day, I’m gonna go to sleep.” She replies, and then proceeds to jump into bed, still in her day clothes. I crawl into my bed and try to sleep, but just keep wondering what they did to her to make her like this…
The next day I woke to see her gone. “Kali? You there?” No response. I just decide she is gone, so I grab the breakfast that was placed on the table, there was room on the tray for 2 dishes but it was empty, and scarf it down, oddly hungry.
An hour later she came in, seeming a bit tired, but overall alive. “Hey there sleepyhead! When did you get up?” she said. “I’ve been up for hours!”
“Around an hour ago, where were you?” I reply, genuinely curious.
“Down doing these tests for the people, some really weird ones, too. Like, they asked me to estimate how heavy this one thing was, and after said around 5 pounds, they all started writing fast. Then they asked me to estimate how far away this sound was, and said like 10 feet, and they seemed just as shocked. They blindfolded me, though, so I don’t know the real measurements.” She replies, talking fast. She seemed like a little kid who had too many pixie sticks.
After I analyze the tests she had done, I conclude that the thing she had sniffed was blood, and that these things were a lot heavier and it was much farther than 10 feet. I decide to play dumb for a bit longer. “Huh, weird. Anyways have you seen this barking cat video? It’s really crazy, he’s like ‘arf arf arf!’ until he turns around and sees his owner, then he fades to a ‘meow’… it’s pretty funny…” I continue messing around all day, until we realize it’s really late, around 2:45 AM, then we go to bed. When I wake up, I hear “Blood… kittens… blood… kittens…” and I look over at Kali, who is still asleep and realize it’s her voice. As I get closer, I see her mouth isn’t moving, and it doesn’t sound like normal talking… then I remember… it’s my birthday!

Chapter 8
Wow… It seemed so weird to me. I could hear every thought within 50 feet, even the people through the steel walls of my prison. Then I remembered that he said minor telekinesis was possible, so I attempted to lift my computer’s mouse, and succeeded with ease… I could get used to this. I then attempted to penetrate Kali’s dream…
I was in a dark house, and Kali was in her underwear directly in front of me, but she seemed around 8 years old, sneaking down the hall. I decided to follow her, and it didn’t seem that she had noticed me. She eventually reached a door at the end of this hallway… I could hear screaming on the other side. She said, “Mom? You there? Daddy?” no response, but the screaming sounded like it had been suddenly muffled, and then stopped… she opened the door.
I saw a man dressed in black, wearing a ski mask and gloves, with a knife in a woman’s back that looked similar to Kali, but with green eyes. I saw a bleeding man’s body, this one had Kali’s eyes, but they seemed blank. The man turned and saw us, mumbled something obscene, grabbed a sack off the floor and ran.
“MOM! DAD! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOooooooooo...!” We faded out as she ran to her parents, and my vision swirled. I woke up on the floor, I guess I fell when i entered her dream, and Kali was up in a cold sweat. She noticed I was on the floor next to her.
“Uhh, hey, Jason… What’s up?” She was still trembling, though seemed mostly recovered.
I decided not to tell her what I saw. “Nothing… you were screaming, and when you jumped up, I fell… Were you having a nightmare or something?”
“Yeah, but it was nothing... how was your sleep?” she asks, recovered completely by now.
“Good…good… oh, it’s my birthday today, too. I hope they send some cake in for me with breakfast.” I chuckle, getting up, while Kali gets changed out of yesterday’s clothes, and I do the same.
Once we are done, someone comes in with breakfast and actually DOES have cake for me. “Happy birthday, Dreamer. Also, we need to test the extent of your abilities, if when you’re done you will come with me, please.”
I scarf down my breakfast with Kali, finally giving her a bite of my cake after constant badgering, and then leave to see what I can do, feeling extremely nervous.

Chapter 9
As I walked down the hallway, I caught so many jumbled thoughts, racing from all the “genius” scientists, and it gave me a headache. “Is there any way to turn this off?” I ask.
“Yes, just concentrate hard on it, and you can push it away so that you don’t hear it, and then just bring it back at will.” Replied the scientist. I immediately tried it, and it worked!
“Is there any way to just focus on one person’s thoughts, instead of everyone’s?” I ask in anticipation.
“Yes, but before I teach you that you will need to prove yourself responsible enough to use it.” The scientist replied as we arrived to a door. He opened it, and I followed him in, to find a strange area before me.
There was random small objects strewn across the floor and some weights in the corner., it was around 50’ by 100’ with an around 30’ ceiling. There was a glass window around 15 feet up on one end, and no doubt there were observers behind it. There was also a desk in the corner, a computer, and pencil and paper in the other corner.
“Okay, Dreamer, based on our surveillance we know that at least 3 of your powers are in fact working. We want you to pick up a wad of as many of these items as you an at once, and then throw them.” the scientist said.
I immediately tried to lift one, and it flew way higher than I thought, so I grabbed a second. I started straining after 30 items, and threw them all around 2o feet to my left. “Is that good?” I asked, feeling impressed with myself.
The scientist replied, “It is okay, great for your first try. Now come over here, we need to test your dream invasion capabilities.”

Chapter 10
I followed the scientist, who introduced himself as Dr. Arilla, but to call him Ari. Ari led me back out of the auditorium and into a room directly across the hall, where there was a room similar to mine, but this only had one bed, no other furniture.
He lied down on the bed, and then said, “Dreamer, I will need you to attempt to penetrate my dream, and control it. We need to have a base of how well you can if not met with resistance. Go.” He then put on a mask, and was asleep within a few seconds. I attempted to enter his mind, and was immediately in. My vision began to swirl…
I was in a large white room, or a plane really, as I could not see the walls. Everything was white. I attempted to look for Ari, and he appeared before me.
“Well done, Dreamer. Now create something, anything you want.” He said after his appearance.
I concentrated on making an apple to appear, and immediately one popped in my hand. “Ha! That’s awesome!” I say, and then begin conjuring a lot of other things. I create a pool in the ground next to me, a swimsuit and towel on a rack next to it, and a floating-bed thing. I then imagine the swimsuit on me, and then it is there. I then try to create a lot of people into that pool, and there they are! But I recognize a lot of these people…there is my second grade teacher, Mrs. Ellis! And my classmate from 3rd grade, Vishnu!
“Why do I recognize these people?” I ask Ari, who is looking amazed, and when I look into his mind, he is wondering why I can create so much so quickly.
“Oh, it’s because you cannot create new people when you want, unless as you imagine them you think of every aspect of their personality and appearance, and if you leave something out, then that part of them will be random or nonexistent. Try to create a new creature, but not a human yet, they are a bit too complicated to try yet,” he said.
I tried to create a cat, then. It would be a very flamboyant male cat, lovable and fluffy. He would also be a small cat, about 6 months old, and have orange fur with black stripes, with green eyes. He is to be named Iggy.
When the cat appeared, he was immediately all over me, rubbing on my legs and wanting me to pet him. I picked him up in my arms and stroked him. “Is this good? His name is Iggy,” I say, petting him, as he purrs like a motorboat. I hear him think, “Wow, that is actually really detailed thinking for a first timer.”
“Yes, but you should try it some more. Go on, create another cat, maybe try to make it related to this one,” he says, genuinely wanting me to try.
I immediately go to work, still stroking Iggy. He will be a 3-year-old version of Iggy, but be a bit less “Please pet me!” and more “I dare you to touch me,” plus be lazier. He will be named Tiger.
After I am done, the new cat appears in front of me, and Ari decides he wants to pet this one, but it gives him a death-stare and walks off, and create a cat bed and litter box around 10 feet from where we are, and Tiger goes inside the cat bed and falls asleep.
“What did you do to that cat?” He asks, feeling grateful to still have his hand.
“I made him not like to be pet. Want me to make another that wants you to pet him?” I ask, chuckling a bit.
“Yes please...” he says, feeling grateful but embarrassed, so I laugh a bit harder and create a small black cat that acts like Iggy, but is named Dax, and loves Ari especially. After I’m done, the cat immediately starts rubbing against Ari’s legs and he picks it up, stroking it. “Thanks…” he says, loving it at an abnormal level. “You’re done here. If you like your creations, you can store them in your memory, you have an abnormally large one for that purpose.”
I leave, still chuckling a bit from his love for that cat. I yell, “His name is Dax, by the way!” as I leave his dream.
When I get back, into the real world, I am on the floor with a headache, and Ari is awake next to me. “Alright, now that we have tested your creation skills and that you actually CAN enter dreams, we need to test your ability to penetrate minds when met with resistance. Go ahead, try to penetrate my thoughts.”
I concentrate on Ari’s mind, which I find does have a sort of imaginary wall in front of it. I push harder and harder on my temples as I concentrate on destroying his wall. I finally break it, and hear the thought, “-on’t think he can do thi- oh, hello, Dreamer. I guess you can do this. Well, I need you to leave my mind, please. And by the way, now you do know how to focus on one mind, instead of hearing everyone’s thoughts.” And then I felt a wall fly at me at 100 miles per hour, this one made of titanium instead of the clay from before.
I was winded for a second, not expecting it, and then got up off the floor and walked with Ari to my room again. I kept wondering if Kali would make the connection between me being beside her bed and my dream entering powers.

Chapter 11
When I entered our room, I found something I would never forget… Kali changing! “OHGODOHGODOHGODSORRYIWASAGHOHGOD!” I yell, not sure whether to stare or shield my eyes.
Luckily she already had her pants on, and she immediately covered herself, but after that, for around an hour it was kind of awkward. Finally I said “Sorry I walked in on you… but at least you look good.”
“Wow… uh… yay, I-I guess…” In her mind, I could see mixed emotions.
“You’re welcome” I say, and to my amusement she is further confused.
“So, uhh… how was your life at home?” she asks, trying to change the subject. I decide not to mess with her any more.
“Good, I had an average family, or at least I thought I did, a girlfriend, and a few close friends. You?” I say, not thinking about the girlfriend comment.
“YOU have a girlfriend? She must’ve been desperate…” She says, and I can FEEL the jealousy in her.
“Yeah… she’s probably moved on by now, no one knows we’re here, remember?” I say, trying to make her feel better.
“Oh, yeah, I forgot that part… this feels like it’s been forever, us being here. Think we’ll ever get out?” She says, and she brightens up at what I said.
“I don’t know… Depends on your powers, and if they can help us escape. They’ve already trained against mine, as I found out, and probably have made defenses against yours too.” I say, and she immediately thinks, “What if we are in here forever?”
“Do you think anyone else is in here? Others they’ve done things too like us, I mean,” she asks, and she is genuinely curious and hopeful-sounding.
“I’d assume so… But I don’t know where they are, they could even be in rooms next to us… Wait, let me see something…” I say, and then go up to the wall, and try to see if anyone is past it.
I hear, “Will we ever get out?”

Chapter 12
“Hello, this is Jason. Do not panic.” I say into the other’s mind, and of course I feel panic coming from him. “Please, calm yourself, there is nothing to be afraid of. I am a friend, not one of those scientists.” I continue talking, and he is soothed somewhat.
“Who… Who are you? And how are you in my head?” He asks, and I notice a British accent, specifically Liverpudlian.
“There’s someone there!” I say to Kali, and she comes over, and sits next to me.
“What is he saying?” she asks, anxious.
“He is wondering how I am talking to him,” I say to Kali, and to the Brit I say, “I am a mind reader, kind of. I can hear your thoughts and emotions. Is there anyone there with you?”
“Yes, there is a girl named Sasha here, my name is Brighton. Is there anyone with you?” he replies.
“Yes, a girl named Kali. How long have you been in there?” I ask Brighton, and look around for another consciousness, and feel one next to him. I go back to Brighton.
“3 days, Sasha has been here for 5, they’ve done some weird tests on me and Sasha in the past few days, both our birthdays are soon, and we agreed there is some sort of connection, is there?” he asks, and I feel anxiety in him.
“Yes, on your 16th birthday you will gain some sort of powers, for example my Psychic abilities. I believe Kali is a vampire, but I am not sure, it is only her 3rd day here, and her tests do seem to point in that direction.” I say, but suddenly feel like I’ve revealed too much, and add, “But I haven’t told her that she is one yet, as I am not completely sure.”
“Bad idea mate, but it seems you do well on your own. But I can’t tell what it is from my tests, they are all too vague.” He replies, and I suddenly realize my side-thoughts of Kali could’ve drifted over to him.
“Alright, I’m going to talk to Sasha now, explain to her what is going on.” I say, but as I switch over to her I hear, “I’ve been telling her myse-” and he is cut off.
“Hello, this is Jason; I have been talking to your friend. How have they tested you?” I ask, decisively getting straight to the point.
“Uhh, hi, I am Sasha, and they just asked me to lift this one thing and then asked me how much it weighs, then they asked me to cover one eye and read this one eye chart thing, and yeah. It’s all so weird, being here.” She replies, honestly wondering what is going on.
“Alright, I need to talk to the other person in my room, explain to her what is going on,” I say to Sasha, and then to Kali, “there are two people there, a boy named Brighton and a girl named Sasha. One has been here 5 days, one 3, and they both don’t know what is going on, so I explained about the ‘on your birthday powers’ thing.”
“Mkay, at least we aren’t alo- WAIT, DID YOU SAY SASHA?! What’s her last name?!” Kali yells, and I immediately go into Sasha’s mind.
“Hey, Sasha, what is your last name?” I ask her, still a little startled from Kali’s yelling.
“Stryker, why?” She asks, and she is suspicious of my questioning.
“Her last name is Stryker, but how do you kno-” I am cut off by Kali.

Chapter 13
“WHAT!?!” I say, amazed. “Wait, your last name is Stryker?” I ask, and chuckle a bit, then get back on topic. “Alright, I guess…” I say, still a little weirded out.
“Hey, Sasha? Uhh, yeah, your sister Kali says hi.” I say, and I immediately feel excitement and disbelief in her.
“Wait, my SISTER is over there? Can I talk to her?” she asks, her mind racing.
I decide to try and connect them, and penetrate both of their minds at once, and try to create a bridge between them. “Alright, your minds are connected, think away!” I say to both of them, and that they do.
I have to serve as support for the bridge between their minds, and must be concentrating on maintaining that bridge to keep it there. Every once in a while I catch a snippet of their conversation, like “Potatoes” or “Waffle”, and even “Cannibalistic turtle.”
After this long-winded conversation was over, I cut off the bridge and said to everyone’s mind, “So… Wanna get out of this prison?”

Chapter 14
“H**L TO THE YES I WANT TO GET OUT!” Brighton says, while we have stunned sentences from the girls.
“Hold on,” I say to everyone, suddenly remembering the possibility. “I’m going to try and see if there’s someone on the other side of our room.” I walk over to the other wall, with my mind probing, and I feel something not quite human... I’d compare his mindset to Sméagol, really. I could feel two forces acting in his mind, and both were a bit garbled, but if I focused on one I could hear it talking about suicide, and the other was dissuading the other from it. It was extremely interesting, and it eventually decided to live.
“We gave Gollum living in the other room, so nothing we could help,” I tell the group. “So, how are we going about this?” We immediately start planning.
Our plotting of the escape plan goes on until late at night, and we are to start in the morning, so we get some sleep, we have a long day ahead of us.

Chapter 15
In the morning, we begin. We woke up in time to make sure we all knew the plan, and then waited. I sensed the guard coming, and cued Kali to start moaning.
“Oooohhhhh… Ugh… I don’t feel so good…” she says, just as our breakfast goes through the door flap.
“What’s wrong? Do you feel sick?” he asks, and opens the door.
He immediately regrets it.
I am standing behind the door, and immediately destroy his unguarded mind with horrifying thoughts for about 10 minutes. “You are nothing… worthless… a murderer… a kidnapper… a mad, mad man… go home… leave... forget about this place… give me your keys… let us go…” these were just some of the things I said. I realized I went too far and stopped to watch him.
He was sweating, looking quite frightened. His thoughts were too jumbled to decipher. After about a minute, he reached a trembling hand into his pocket, and pulled out his keys, and dropped them onto the floor, then walked off slowly.
“Good to go.” I say to the group, and then check the hall. No one. I go to the door next to ours and unlock it, to find them waiting at the door. Brighton looks around 5’ 11’’, a slightly buff build, and had blonde medium length hair. Sasha had pale skin, like Kali, but otherwise was completely different. She had long, curly, reddish-brown hair, around 5’ 9’’, had deep green eyes, and she was extremely thin.
“We need to get moving!” Sasha says, and I point in the direction of the exit (I had probed it from the scientist’s head). While we are running, we eventually run into a cluster of scientists, and they set off an alarm. “Just ½ of a mile to go!” I say, just as we run into a roadblock of guards. There are about 6 of them.
“Sasha! Kali! Attack them!” I yell, since they are the only two with the power of strength, while I destroy one’s mind, and telekinetically throw another.
“What do I do?” Asks Brighton, though immediately gets a response from the guard not being broken down to pieces by Sasha and Kali, and is attacked. I decide Brighton can get this one, and watch Kali and Sasha’s fight. One of the guards was already incapacitated by the time I had turned back, one flying head-first into the wall as I turned around, and one whose neck had just been snapped by Sasha.

Chapter 16
We continued to run down that hallway, having similar encounters to the former, but never reaching the end of the hall. The rest of the group even began to consider there was no end, when we ran into the largest group of guards so far, with over 200 strong. We began to turn around and run the other way, but we ran into another group of guards a similar size to the previous.
“Guys, I think this is the end… It’s been a good run.” Says Brighton as we begin our “remember reach” last stand in the hallway, when the ceiling breaks open, and a lone woman floats down and blasts all the guards away from us.
“Come, my children, with me, I can save you. My name is Achillea.” She says, and though I’m not sure if I can trust her, the others believe it is the only way, so we nod our heads slightly, and she telekinetically picks us up. “Powers?” she asks.
“I’m a telepath, and the rest of us haven’t had their 16th birthdays yet, though I suspect a few of their powers,” I tell her out loud, then proceed telepathically. “Kali, the pale skinned girl, is most likely a vampire, I don’t know about Brighton, he’s the other guy, and Sasha, the tan skinned girl, has super strength and vision. I’d assume you are a telepath, as you’re holding us telekinetically.”
“Yes, your hypothesis is correct… I used to be in that horrid place, but I escaped, though I was a bit more strategic than running down a hallway. But I always rescue anyone from that place that want out, and I always monitor the compound for the word escape... I have a camp of around 40 people with special powers like ours, including some who joined our cause, to have fun, and create as much as chaos as possible. I was one of the first successes. All those before me died, either because of their powers or because they agreed to help those daemons at the compound with their work, and then outlived their usefulness. But we always need new recruits, if you’re interested. If not, I could put you down at the nearest city.”
“One moment,” I tell her, and consult the others, and can sense the other telepath listening in, but tell her the answer anyways. “Yes, we would like to see what your camp is about, and since we’re probably reported missing, maybe even dead, by now, and we could never integrate back into society now, we don’t really have anywhere else to go.”
After a bit of fast flying (I’ve got to learn how to do this) we reach the camp, which seems to be an old carnival of some sort.

Chapter 17
“Welcome to the Chaos Carnival!” Says a man dressed as a clown, wielding a crowbar. “License and registration please?”
“Uhh... what?” I ask.
“HAHAHA! Just kidding, I couldn’t care less about those silly things; the only license you need here is your license to party!” he replies, and then leads us towards the house of mirrors, looking about as dilapidated as the rest of the carnival. “So, for serious this time, what’s your names?” he asks.
“Dreamer is me. This is Kali, Brighton, and Sasha... What’s yours?”
“Clown, Clown the Jester, but most just call me Clownie. Nice to meet ya, Dreamer, What a great name! Sounds a bit crazy to me, but everything seems crazy to me… even me! So, you come from those freakazoids in the white coats?”
“Yeah, But I’m the only one who’s birthday has passed so far, I can enter people’s dreams, read minds, and use minor telekinesis. I find it hard to read your mind though, as everything is so jumbled… I guess that’s the chaos in the chaos carnival!” I honestly couldn’t read his mind.
“I like you, you’re gonna go far, kid! Anywho, I’m getting a bit hungry, let’s eat!” he said, and then we entered the maze of mirrors, which after the second turn turned into a mess hall, and it seemed as if they hollowed out the entire building to be their eatery…
“Are all of the other buildings like this?” I ask, genuinely curious.
“Yes indeedy, the hall of freaks is our bedroom, this is our kitchen, the fun house is our training room, etcetera… it’s really quite clever, and it was all Ol’ Achy over here’s idea!” He says proudly, and Achillea blushes.
So we eat, converse, and then begin training after deciding to stay. I train with Achillea, who also turns out to be a vampire, shape-shifter, and minor telepath, though her telekinetic abilities are outstanding, and Kali joins in after she is realized as a vampire a few days later, as I suspected, and nearly kills Brighton before gaining control.
Sasha and Brighton train with each other, after both are realized. Sasha does have the same powers as I suspected, and Brighton is like the Hulk and Bruce Banner fused perfectly, and can be either at will, though his hulk is 20’ tall and normal skin-colored. It is quite a sight, really.
We train for months, and I excel greatly with Kali (who is now my girlfriend, after much flirting and beating around the bush, we finally made it official), as do Sasha and Brighton. I am even promoted to the top level (the only other level) as a ring master, and now have to leave occasionally for recruiting and such.

And so concludes my (over-detailed) back-story, I hope you all enjoyed this long and winding road, but I could not have done this without a little help from my friends. I imagine I will be a paperback writer again soon, but I must travel across the universe to camp tomorrow, but I will get back on Monday. And now, I’m so tired, so for now I must say, good night.
If you could spot all the Beatles songs in that paragraph I will give you a cookie!

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