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(HS) The Revanchist

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7/11/2011 10:43:22   

The Revanchist
This HS story was created by Celestin. I would like to thank AE for allowing me to post this
here and for making such great games! May include references to other real players but
also includes fictional characters. Story not yet rated.

This story will be different from the traditional story template for it will be divided into 2
or 3 different sections. I hope the readers enjoy my story because I have or at least i will work really
hard on this. Oh and if anybodies wondering, yes this story takes place after Comedy and Tragedy.

1. The dog in my story looks like my current avatar
Here's the discussion thread: The Revanchist Discussion

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7/11/2011 12:24:05   

The Revanchist: Chronicles of the last Kishan

Chapter 1: Super City?
Only a mile away. I was getting closer. As I kept walking I imagined the beauty of my destination,
for I had heard such rumors of the glory of Super City and how it was filled with courageous
heroes who always protected the city and its inhabitants from whatever evil that had appeared
from the mysterious Skull Deep. The Heroes themselves had their own lair to plan,train and hang
out called Herospire. There was one thing that troubled me though, I had heard that Super City
recently had some trouble with a Clown of some sorts that was a leader of a
gang or something like that. I didn't know all the details since I was sure those great heroes I had
heard so much about could handle a mere gang ......but I stopped walking when I bumped into a
wall and looked around.......I had no idea what on Earth I was looking at!

Ugh, I must have gotten bad directions from those Hillbillies I asked, Hmph, I knew I should've checked
their minds to make sure. Ugh, me and my morals",
I hadn't found Super City
but what I had found was some sort of ruins of what seemed to be a large city. I examined the area until I found
one thing, a sign, and on the sign I read the big letters.......... Super City?! "How could this be
possible?! This can't possibly be Super City! Every single person I asked told me how i would marvel at the wonder of
Super City! I mean for Gods sake I asked a whole town's worth of people!They couldn't all have been lying to
me! Or could they? No that cant be it something must've happened here
". I decided to walk in and
the more I looked around the more I regretted it. This place was absolutely horrifying, it was so barren and....
and....and.. and lonely.

What happened to all the people who lived here?! Where could they have gone? Did
they all leave and move somewhere else? No this city was huge, all those people couldn't have just left so
easily. I decided to get a better view of the area. I summoned my wings and started flying and as I surveyed the
area I saw something, what was it? An ant? No...no not an ant,it was a person! I flew down and Saw her, she
was a brunette who was laid down on her back and was having trouble breathing from the looks of it. As i
walked towards her I saw that she was clenching her eyes rather firmly I might add. As I got to her I noticed she
looked terribly injured and that if I don't do something right now she might not make it. I told her to open her eyes
and she, being so surprised to hear a voice, did what she was told. She saw me and she told me "Wh-who
are you?".
I told her "Im a hero", she seemed to be relieved and told me something, "M-my son!
You have to help him! When my husband died, he told me to protect our child! You have to help him there still might be
hope for him!".
As i heard those words something inside of me clicked, "Of course ma'am Ill see what i can do!"

I focused my mind to listen and see if there were any stable minds nearby and I couldn't find anything, wait,wait
I heard something. Someone was praying to God! Praying to help him and his mother He must be her son! His words
got louder as I neared a pile of rubble, I used my telekinesis to try to lift the rubble, it was heavy, it must have been
a huge building! Still I wouldn't give up. "rrrrrrrrraaa!" I screamed as I finally lifted everything and i found a body!
It was a boy only a few years younger than me and he was unconscious, but I could hear him! Then suddenly he heard
me and told me "Help me." while he was still unconscous,but how?Wait a minute this boy must be a telepath! His powers
are still very undeveloped though,and it seems they only truly work when he's asleep. I carried the boy to his mother
and when she saw him her eyes widened, "Thank you! Thank you so much! I can never repay you for this!", " Dont
worry ma'am I wouldn't dare ask you for payment".
All of a sudden the boy woke up and
he started crying at the sight of his mother. The mother told him " Its ok son, all the pain is finally over". I started
thinking pain? What happened? I need to find out what happened! I asked her" Ma'am what happened here?" and she told
me, " You mean you don't know? I-im sorry but i cant tell you, I want to put that all that behind me.", "I
woman's mind though, still not yet I have to help these people first. All of a sudden the woman broke into a cough. I had to help
her. "Ma'am i could help you with your injuries","No please help my boy first", "I'm sorry
but I have to help you first or else this boy will live alone with no parents"
, the woman was speechless. After some
thought she nodded her head and I examined her injuries and discovered she had suffered a stroke, it seemed she had
a sudden spike in her blood pressure from the stress of losing her entire family and thinking she was going to die, she also had
major breathing trouble in her lungs, probably from some kind of fire that had burned down these buildings. Using my powers I
strengthened and slightly enlarged her lungs to allow her to breath easier, but that was the easy part though, I had never
treated a stroke before so I had to be careful. I was going to have to reboot her brain functions so she could return to
her medical state prior to this disaster. I gave her a drug to make her pass out and rebooted her brain functions. Although it
would take time due to my inexperience in human strokes for her brain functions to be fully rebooted. She probably wouldn't
wake up for several days though, the minimum being three days and the maximum being a week. Now time to work on the
boy, it seemed he had already passed out a while ago so I didn't have to drug him. Once I examined his injuries I discovered
he only had a concussion and would suffer from fatigue, and considering what heprobably went through that was a miracle! I had
already fixed the concussion and given a couple days to rest he would be good as new! He and his mother would probably
wake up around the same time. Now that all that was done I was going to have to stay with these people for a couple of days.
So I took them to one of the few houses still intact and i laid them to rest on the beds. I hoped that soon I could find out
what happened to all the other citizens and heroes........

Chapter 2: Too little,Too late
I had been feeling really guilty because if I had only arrived here sooner I couldv'e done something about what happened here.
Of course I'm not so sure I could've stopped whatever caused this but I at least could've helped the civillians. No matter it's my own
fault for taking my time to get here, I had put to much confidence in those so called heroes to defend this city and now there isn't
any city left to defend. Well now I have to focus on whatever I can do for any more survivors I can found in the whats left of the city.
It had been an entire day since I saved those poor people and I had been using my powers to ensure they slept well ,
but that was only a simple feat compared to flying around that HUGE city and focusing my mind to listen for other survivors
while maintaining the emotions of both of the two survivors while they slept. Still that only required a little extra effort is all,
although I was starting to think that family I found were the only two survivors from whatever happened here. I had hoped
that theory was wrong but i was starting to doubt myself. Is it possible that every single civillian died? What about the heroes?
Did the villians die too? If so, then how did this all end? The only news that had spread to the rest of the world was that Super
City had been having a bit of trouble lately, but I doubt they all knew the entire city had been destroyed!

Hmm perhaps I should search on land, maybe in one the cities key landmarks, like Aurora Park! I was already there by the time
I had decided and I landed down to get a closer look. Aurora Park, one of the cities most famous landmarks and home of the
statue of Pandora. There was something I wanted to clarify here, I looked and noticed that the park seemed to be the most ravaged
place out of the entire city. I could barely tell it was a park to begin with, but I had memorized a map of the city before I came here
and I knew this was the place. As I looked around I saw something that caught my eye, a piece of Pandora's statue, it was her tiara.
I went over and picked it up and as I examined it I noticed a whole in the ground. It was very large and there were little pieces of
gold everywhere, pieces of Pandora's statue. It was destroyed and the malachite piece that was here i-is gone.

I had heard about a battle that had ensued for the malachite but I thought it only took place in the park, that couldn't have been
what did this to the city,still I have a feeling it had something to do with it. Well I guess thats one piece of the puzzle, but you can't
complete a puzzle with just one piece. I had to keep searching for clues around the city, as I was leaving I noticed a small dog lying
on one of the few benches still intact. How did I never see it there before? I suppose I was so focused on searching for clues I was no
longer searching for sentient minds. When the dog saw me I sensed it had felt a small glimmer of hope. I couldn't leave this poor dog
on its own to starve. I had never tried to telepathically communicate with a a being that wasn't human before, the reason I never tried
was because it was supposed to come to you naturally but it never came to me. I suppose there is a first time for everything though.
Communicating with animals were considered a great feat in the telepathic community, so I decided to try to communicate with the dog. I tried to focus on to the dogs mind but it wasn't working , then the dog noticed how i was concentrating and walked over to me. I still couldn't reach the dogs mind until It looked at me and I looked into its eyes and all of a sudden I understood. "Hello, who are you?" I couldn't believe it, it no not it, she talked to me.I had actually accomplished what so few telepaths could do for the first time! "Hello, my name is Celestin and I would like to give you a home." "Oh goody! I've never had a real home before and I thought I never would after all that had happened." " Umm if you don't mind me asking what exactly did happen?" "Oh? You mean you don't know?" "No I don't but I want to find out", "Hmm, Ok! But only after you take me to this home you've been talking about!". I sighed. "Fine but wait you never told me your name." "Oh don't be silly! I don't have a name!"

Chapter 3: Nostalgia
"No! Please, have mercy!No!NO!NOOO!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

"What was that!" I woke up and looked around. "I don't see anything except all
these plants and trees.... wait a minute, plants and trees?!"
The last thing I remembered was deciding to take a nap
after hours of searching the city, but I had fallen asleep on a bed, hadn't I?
There it was again! Someone must be in danger! I had to help them! I made my way out of what was apparently a forest
full of plants and trees the likes of which I had never seen. When I got out I couldn't believe my eyes! I was looking at
beings of many different species.......... in battle. All of them were completely different! Some were reptilian, some amphibian,
some bird-like, and some ................ l-like me. They were Seraphians ......... and they were in battle?! They were all wearing
some golden armor and every mobile creature had a weapon. There were so many dying right in front of me, what was I
supposed to do?! I decided to look into their minds and see what they were thinking. I focused my mind, waiting, until...nothing.
My powers weren't working! I couldn't feel their minds anymore! I had to go! I had to get out of here before...befo-

"Look theres one over there!" I heard a second voice, " He's not wearing any armor! a third voice, "He doesn't even have a weapon!"
"He'll be easy to kill!" "Yeah! lets get him!" "RRRrrraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" They were headed towards me until........ Wait a minute I've seen this before, its another vision of my planet during the war! They can't see me, let alone touch me! They must've been talking about someone else! But how would I wake up? They were getting closer. Then all of a sudden they stopped. They dropped their weapons. What were they doing!? It took me a while to understand until I realized. Wait a second they aren't just any creatures, they're Hellions!
"Oh no they aren't going to do what I think they are....are they? They were breathing deeply .......then they started breathing fire! "Oh my god." I was just standing there then, I was covered in flames. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life.I wanted to scream, I wanted to scream so badly but I couldn't. I couldn't talk at all.My mouth wouldn't
open. I tried to open it. It started opening,slowly.I finally got it open in time for one sound. "AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

I was too afraid to open my eyes until I noticed I wasn't burning anymore. I opened them and took in my surroundings and I realized I
was back in the apartment that I had taken that family to, and there were no scars or even marks. It was another vision, but I hadn't had a vision in years. I thought I had already gotten those visions under control a long time ago. But it seems they're back and worse than ever. None of my past visions had ever been so vivid before, I had never been able to get hurt in my visions before, so why now? I sighed. I just need to get some fresh air, this city must be doing something to me. I walked out of the apartment, made my way out of the Franklin Street Apartments and made my way into the dark night, not bothering to look back.

Chapter 4: Unwanted Survivors
As my eyes easily adjusted to the darkness I felt something touch my leg. "Hmm. What was that?" I looked down and at my feet I saw that dog I had taken to the apartment. I sighed. "You still haven't told me your name you know." I was completely unaware of the tradition humans had in which they name their companions and had to make them do whatever they said. "You really dont know how having a pet works do you." " Whats that supposed to mean anyways?" "You are so clueless. Fine I'll explain it to you, when you have a pet YOU name it, the pet doesn't name itself." "Hmph, well you haven't told me what happened to this city either."
"Ugh I thought you would've forgotten that by now." "It's only been three days!""Well in dog time a lot more time has passed. Ok, fine but I don't know the whole story since at the time I was more interested in staying alive instead of poking around for gossip. After that she told me all she knew about what had happened,
"I see, it's too bad what happened here because i'm not sure the city will ever be the same"..........

As we kept walking we made our way into a barely lit alley, we were still walking when some trash cans fell by themsleves.
"Good going you idiot! Now we don't have the element of surprise!" "At least we still have the element of pie!" "You're right we
can still do this!Now hand me the shishkabob!" "Are you going to stab him with it?" "No! I'm hungry you idiot! Now hand me the
banana!" "Are you still hungry?" "No, im going to stab him with it you idiot!" "Oh, ok!" They kept talking like that for several minutes until I got annoyed. "Excuse me but it seems you people are survivors of this disaster, although I think you people
may have have suffered from brain damage."
"What are you talking about? There's nothing wrong with our heads, and we are not survivors, we are members #20,657 and #20,658 of the Chaos Carnival! Also known as Jumbo and Dumbo and we are to kill you! Now get for our pie of chaos attack!" I sighed. Apparently these are some of those wackos the dog had been telling me about.Im not in the mood to play around so I'll end this quick. "Get ready to die!......from laughter!" He and his partner starting throwing pies at eachother.It was something I might've found amusing on another day but not today. I quickly levitated both of them and throwed them back and forth between the alley's brick walls .......several times. "Ok I think they're good." I throwed them on the floor and told them something before they drifted into unconsciousness. "Alright so tell me more about this Chaos Carnival of yours."

Chapter 5: Annoying Clowns

I just walked out of a room after interrogating those two clowns and I was exhausted. The dog appeared out of nowhere next to me
and I could tell she wanted to know how it went. "Sooooooo... how did it go? Did you get any useful information from them?" Answering her was pointless but I did it anyways. "Ughh, it was horrible! All they did was talk a bunch of nonsense! And it lasted for three hours! And they kept talking about how one day the elephants would rise up and take over,I mean in my opinion I always thought it would be the Giraffes who took over, I mean, Ahem!...what are we talking about? Right, right moving on..... anyways the only real information I got out of them is that the clown is dead but they have a new leader, although they commented on how it wouldn't be the same without clown. Oh well, the chaos carnival doesn't seem to be as big a threat as it used to be so my top priority now is to rebuild the city ..... on my own ..... this is gonna take a while." It had been about two weeks since I came to the city and I had already found a lot more survivors, about fifty, and I had been cramming them in the "Franklin St.
Apartments" until I rebuilt their homes. I had still been having those visions but I learned not to get seen in them or else it wouldn't be
pretty. I decided to go searching for more survivors- which had sort of become a daily chore- and as I was walking through an alley I sensed a couple of people nearby. "Alright what do you want? You don't have to hide you know." " Dangit! He saw us! Alright, we're from the chaos carnival and we came to kill you and get members #20,657 and #20,658 back!" Ugh more clowns...... how annoying. I'm gonna have to go a bit rough on them. "Hmm... is that so? Well lets see what you've got." "Alright guys you heard him! Lets get him!" About 30 clowns started charging at me. It was a good thing I came prepared.

"Doppelganger Mirage!" All of a sudden all the clowns started stabbing each other with knives. I had cast an illusion to make every single clown was surrounded by clones of me. Obviously they would've started attcking me after that. I then sat down on an old chair and let the magic unfold.......

After several minutes of them stabbing eachother I grew bored so I lifted the knives out of the hands of those still standing and plunged it deep into their bodies. They all fainted but were still alive. "Hmph, they should've known that this would happen ..... I almost feel sorry for them. Oh well, they're still alive." I started walking away when I got stabbed in the back
by a clown! "What! Oh no, this one had been watching from a distance!" Just then a dog appeared out of nowhere and clawed the clown's face! It was the dog that I had found at the park! The clown fell out cold and I asked her something.
"Where did you come from!?I mean you popped out of nowhere!" "Yeah, there are a few things I forgot to tell you...... you see I was once Pandora's dog and well everyone knows how she sacrificed herself to save us all but
before left me she gave me a very small portion of her power's so I could survive on my own. Of course im nowhere near as powerful as she was but my powers include a rapid healing factor, enhanced sense, elongated claws and fangs, and teleportation. The only reason I never told you was because I wanted to live a normal life as a normal dog but I guess thats just impossible."
I replied her. "Hmm .... good to know so did Pandora ever give you a name?" "Actually she did but I have a new name now, you can call me Cheshire."

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