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(HS)Unity Super Hunter

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7/12/2011 8:47:38   

Part 1:The Hunter!

Unity was born on the Top of Mount Everest as he was born there it was cold and he was trained by he's father Destro to become a Super Hunter they flew to the Planet Matrakaositos to get the Funity Bloodline after they got it the Planet Matrakaositos was attacked by Kevin LoringStar it was half destroyed but Kevin was defeated by Destro but Destro used full of his power at the last of Destro's breath he said "Your mother is a Ci..Hu....!" after that Unity left the Planet Matrakaositos with the Funity Bloodline they got back to Earth but in a Different place on Super City he trained and became a successful Super Hunter he met a friend his name is Velmur he was the God of Peace and Unity was assigned to protect the citizens of Super City by Velmur when he was guarding the Smash Academy the robbers arrived to steal the potions of Omnicity but the robbers got one potion of Omnicity they drunk half of it they grown powers of the Omni's and the powers was so strong that it destroyed the robbers and Clown the Jester was created and War Pro was also created they are destined to become Arch-enemy's but a hero will stp them he is called Drakkoniss the leader of the Drakkonnian Alliance.

Part 2:Dragon's Arise!

Velmur was walking down the mountain after getting some Peace Berries when Unity was walking to the mountain they sensed strong powers coming and they flew to the sky to see if there is and they saw Clown Jr. with his father Clown The Jester Unity said "Why are you disturbing the Dragon Peace Forest,Clown!?" Clown replied "We are here to get the Peace Berries." After that the Dragon Peace Forest shined and a Dark Dragon rise with full strength it attacked them Clown Jr. was pushed by the Dark Dragon and Clown The Jester hit the Dark Dragon with his Chaos Eyes the Dark Dragon was destroyed by Clown The Jester Unity and Velmur secretly that it pushed Clown to its Lair secret Dimension of Chaos with his son Clown Jr. War and Unity talked about a man named Zen Xyun Faux he is the leader of Sol War said "He was the Hero of our ancestors and the strongest hero ever known in Super City." Unity replied "So he was that strong?I need to get stronger!" War said to Unity "That's all what you think about?Strength?Even if yo got the Funity Bloodline?" Unity said "Well It is kind of strong." War said "So let's go training?" Unity said "Yeah!" they go to L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N to get some criminals to get they found an interesting criminal and he had an high record too his name is Ra he is using Guns to kill his enemies they accepted the missions to get Ra.

Part 3:Unity?

Unity was training at the forest after that he sensed anger he became a Red Dragon he saw a Golden Eagle that was stealing the Egg of Martial's after he saw the Golden Eagle he attacked it by a long ranged Fire Shot with extreme speed it burned the half wing of the eagle.War used his Contact powers to say to Unity that "Hey!Your late we will catch Ra now!"
Unity observed the Golden Eagle before going to War.When he teleported to War they saw a Ra with his 1 wing busted and his 1 wing active he became a Red Dragon again so he thought that Ra is the Golden Eagle he battled earlier but he didn't mind it and he catch'd Ra and he succeeded doing that.They bought Ra to L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N the Sheriff Duncan said "Good Job guys!".Unity wondered 2 things that he should need a car and a lair to become a true Super Hunter.He saw a car called Beep and he was planning to build a base
from his Funity energy with War's Omni energy that it would create a mix of bloods but there is a risk that may happen one of them can have the Chaos blood.They tried to build the base with they're energy Unity got some of the Chaos energy and War didn't get anything after successfully building the base.Unity searched for Ra with Beep.Unity used his Book of Smashers to see Ra's record he saw Ra was the wife of Des and the rest of it was blank and he has 1 son named Unity.Unity wondered who Unity it was so he kept searching for Ra.

Part 4:Hunter's License

Before a Super Hunter can go to far places he needs a Hunter License it can only be get to the Hunter Tournament on Super City Unity is joining the tournament and 3 other contestants they're names are "Kanyu" "Demon" and "Exodus" Kanyu was defeated by Unity and Demon was defeated by Exodus the final face off is set and Unity defeated Exodus.Unity was waiting for his Hunter's License after he got it he was invited to Olidifion City by Sir Lloyd to leaand the the techniques of the Funity's.First is Increase it increases all your attacks after using it the last is Ultimate power it's only used by the Strongest Funity that has never been discovered and Unity thanked Sir Lloyd for teaching him after that Unity searched for Ra he found Ra on his father's grave talking to it Unity said "Hey! What are you doing at my father's grave!?" Ra said "I'm your mother and a former City Hunter"
Unity said "How?" Ra said "Yes i am your mother" Unity go to Beep and go to his best friend War he said to War "My mother is alive" War said "Then ask her to help you become a better Hunter!" Unity said "OK I'll try".

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7/14/2011 5:53:13   

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7/15/2011 22:20:48   

Chapter 4:Hunter's of Elementals

Part 1:Nova Von Huntera

Ra,Unity and War was searching for the Professional Hunter's to stop Ancient Darkness for his plan to destroy the world.When they was walking down the mountain they saw a little girl named Nova Von Huntera Unity said "Hey little girl care to come with us?" Nova replied "Why? and my name is Nova Von Huntera" Unity said "We are searching for Professional hunters to stop Ancient Darkness." Nova said "I'll join you." they arrived at Chaos Forest where Clown The Jester and his son lived.Unity and the team flew extremely fast when they stepped on Chaos Forest but Unity became a Fire Dragon and Clown The Jester sensed it and Clown directly flew to Unity up to the sky and said "What are you doing at my territory?' Unity breath Chaos fire to Clown The Jester and his son Clown Jr. arrived and punched Nova with his fist Nova used snapped and used his daggers to kill Clown Jr. but it regenerated and Clown The Jester said "Son come back to our lair!" so Clown Jr. come back to the lair and watched the fight between them War said "Unity leave this to me!" and War successfully made Clown surrender and get back on his lair Unity became human again and they continued on searching for the 9 hunters.

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