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(HS) The Rocket

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7/14/2011 13:02:54   

The Rocket

My first Herosmash story

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Have Yergen in charge of Death duty

Chapter 2: Wondering around before the rocket hits earth

Chapter 3: Mall City Panic (Herosmash has no Mall)

Chapter 4: The landing

Chapter 5: Yergen!!

Book one complete!

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7/14/2011 13:59:14   

Chapter 1

Have Yergen in charge of death duty

Cysero told Artix that a rocket would hit earth soon very soon. Cysero called Artix,
"Artix we've got a big problem" called Cysero
"What's that? you finally wear clean socks?"
"That would be a problem. But we've got bigger problems. A rocket is going to hit on this earth soon."
"Have you got Yergen in charge of death?"
"Was i suppose to?"
"Yes you did have to"
"Well ill be on my way to Yergen's Movie plex"


Cysero found Yergen outside of Movie mega plex "Hey Yergen can you go keep death not battling the planet"
"Sure thing cy!" said Yergen grinning. "Hehehe he greatest things will happan! PARTY!" Yergen headed to death's trial and took him away from it
"Death you ready to party?" asked Yergen dancing
"Let me see......"
"Come on its fun"
"What about my trial?"
"Ah just leave it" Yergen and Death walked away to the Fair


Cysero was looking through his HalDroid. He got a new message from Yergen. It read.....
"Partying with Death here!" Cysero look at the picture.

"Wow i should let Yergen keep Death away from battling the planet every time" Cysero called Artix
"Here artix i gave you a message"
"Checking it, Wow you should let Yergen keep Death away from battling the planet every time."
"Thats what i said."
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7/14/2011 15:39:53   

Chapter 2

Wondering around before the rocket hits earth

Cysero was walking around in mainstreet, he notice that all stores had a sign hung on there window that told about the rocketship
Cysero asked one of the shop keepers
"Hello, who told you about the rocketship landing?"
"Oh you dont know martial Artix? He the one who told them on the news this morning"
RING!! RING!!, Cysero's Haldroid rang.
"Hey, did you see me on the news this morning? i guessed it you didn't heres the video of it. Bye"
Before Cysero could say bye martial Artix hung up, Cysero clicked play the video
"This is martial artix reporting with news" Said the reporter in the video
"Hello Supercity, a recent report from my pal Cysero just said that there will be a rocketship from space landing soon, very soon"
"Thank you, martial Artix. Back to you bob"
Cysero put his hand on his face
"Martial Artix can't keep secrets" said cysero.


Martial Artix called Yergen to see what's up. Meanwhile at the party yergen's Haldroid rang.
"Wazz up?"
martial Artix heard party music in the background and some shouting
"Did someone get a app on there Haldroid that makes people think theres more people in the party?"
"No, me and death invite death's close friends and i invite my close friends."
"Oh great. How death going"
"Oh he partying. Want to join?"
"Well we are wondering before the rocket comes, So sure!"
"Okay meet as at the fair"


Meanwhile Cysero is at BOOM-ingdales shopping for new weapons to attack the new creatures in the rocket
"Oh hello susan"
"Hey Cy, coming here to buy clean pears of socks?
"Never!! Can i buy the Artillery Buster?"
"Okay that will be 100 Smashcoins"
"Here you go"
Cysero headed to Yercom to buy stuff at the Cool Stuff Shop
"Hey Marty Plumber can i buy the Cyber Tech armor?"
"Sure thing Cy, Thats 500 Smashcoins"
"Here you go"
"Im all ready for the battle!"[/color

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7/15/2011 10:54:11   

Chapter 3

Mall City Panic
Herosmash has no Mall

It was the Afternoon before The landing of the rocketship.
"Well i think got to go Yergen, thanks for the great party."
"Oh anytime before a big problem comes"
Artix left the party and headed for Cysero, Artix found Cysero in the city.
"Hey Cy whats with the panicking in the city"
"Oh there not panicking like screaming running and stuff"
"Hey i thought of something called Yergen and ask he when the new statue of Pandora"
Cysero called Yergen's Haldroid....
"Hey Cy calling to visit the party?"
"Well no, but do you know when the new statue of Pandora will come?"
"Oh that in a week after we're dead. No worries"
"Okay, bye"
Cysero hang up
"Well when's it coming?"
"He just said in a week after were dead"
"Oh that's on Monday"
The streets we're still panicking in horror about the rocketship landing with creatures inside,
Artix and Cysero tryed to come down the people. Some of them put there knees up against there chest,
they we're handing on them and rocking back and fourth. Most of them were Scream and yelling saying
Artix seemed to fly up on top of a building and smile with his clean white shiny teeth,
right away the panicking crowd stopped and looked at Artix . Artix's teeth we're so shiny it blinded the crowd's eyes.
"Everyone don't panic! We're got this covered by battling the creature, Panicking will just make this problem worse."
Meanwhile at Beleen
"I just love making stuff pink!"
Beleen was painting Artix's battle suit for the rocketship battle pink.
"Oh what a lovey color pink"
Beleen move on to the Aurora Park and painted Pandora's statue pink.
"Oh Pandora if you could only see this"
Now you readers know why Artix asked cysero to call Yergen about the new Pandora statue.
I should go to Artix and Cysero and tell them i re-painted there suit's well just Artix's battle suit.

Artix shows his teeth[/color

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7/15/2011 13:10:59   

Chapter 4

The landing

The day came, the rocketship would land soon. Cysero was at Aurora Park,
"We're is Artix?" Ask the mission controller
"Call him through your Haldroid"
Cysero called Artix....
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Heard Cysero
"Hello? Artix?"
"Come quick!!!"
Cysero went to artix who was standing beside a pink suit that Artix wore in battle
"Its pink!"
"Hey why is your hand turning pink?"
"My eye's are burning!"
Cysero called Beleen
"Wow i use this Haldroid alot"
"Pink pink pink" said Beleen
"Beleen you-" before Cysero said anything else beleen said
"I see artix's see and you see that i painted everything pink, Beautiful huh?"
"But were battling the creature that are landing soon"
"Well i guess Artix is going to have to wear pink"
"Ill tell him but hes not going very good with the pink suit, His hand is turning pink"
"Back in AdventureQuestWorlds his hand turned pink too, it Friday the 13th all over again"
"I know, well cya beleen"
Artix was in the corner now holding his knees and rocking back and fourth.
"Your just going to have to wear that suit, okay?"
"Fine...But im not going to like it"
Cysero was in ready for action he was wearing his Cyber Tech Armor with his Artillery Buster,
Artix was wearing his pink Martial Suit and hold his Blinding Light Of Destiny
A minute later the sky turned black and smoke was coming out of a rocketship it landed in the area and the doors opened....

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7/15/2011 13:30:04   

Chapter 5


A minute later the sky turned black and smoke was coming out of a rocketship it landed in the area and the doors opened....
Yergen called
"Hey Artix the rocketship is there i see but i must tell you-" Artix cut Yergen and said
"Yergen ill called you back"
"Wait Artix"
Artix hung up...
Smoke some how came out of the rocket as the doors opened
2 creature wearing black and wearing a black hood came out.
"Hey Cy can you see his face?"
"Who are they"
"I don't know"
"Wait its an UN-DEAD! ATTACK!"
"Wait Artix, no!"
Artix was running up to them, they stopped and looked at what Artix was wearing,
Artix unmasked the creatures, gasps filled the area. The hooded creatures had no skin just bones.
Yergen called again, this time he called Cysero
"Hey Cy i see Artix met Death's parent's"
"Yes 'Parents' "
Cysero gasp , "Im losing air of gasping"
"But why did they come"
"Oh yea they knew, that we knew there was a rocket going to come,
they knew you would put me in charge of Death then,
i would set up a party so they wanted to come"
"Hey Artix those are Death's parents"
Artix hid his axe behind his back and said
"Welcome to planet Earth, follow me to Death"
Cysero followed behind, The group was at the fair in no-time
"PSSTTT Yergen call Death his parents are here" Whispered Cysero
"Oh Death come over here your parents are here"
Death hugged his Mom and dad
"PARTY TIME!" yelled Artix
Everyone danced, Beleen walk in the party and started dancing too!
"Hey everyone" said bellen
Artix ran...
"AAAAHHHH! pink"
"Hehehehe" Laughed Beleen
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