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Zargon Arrives

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7/16/2011 1:38:23   

Zargon Arrives

Location: Zargon Wormhole Saga -> Soluna?
Objective: Congratulations! You successfully reached Zargon through Char's wormhole!
Requirements: None
Release Date: July 18, 2011

Enemies: (Fight random Shadowscythe enemies)
  • Rebuilt Geekatron
  • Bloodhound
  • Centaur
  • Shadow E1
  • Shadow E2
  • Shadow E3
  • Hover Bug
  • ShS Devastator
  • Decimator
  • ShS Jawseph
  • ShS Insecromancer

  • Arachnid
  • Dean Warlic
  • Sys-Zero
  • Char
  • Starstorm
  • Dr. Benner

    Char: Dean Warlic?
    Dean Warlic: Hello, Char. Please, come in.
    Dean Warlic: I'm afraid exploring the latest wormholemay have to wait. Zargon's evacuation is taking all of our available resources.
    Char: That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
    Char: The wormhole has stabilized and... well, just look at the readings.
    Dean Warlic: This is... Zargon?
    Char: Not just Zargon, but Zargon from four days ago.
    Char: Zargon from before whatever happened happened!
    Char: We can go back before Zargon destabilized! We can stop it!
    Char: We can find out what happened and stop it before it even happens!
    Dean Warlic: Even if it means destroying the universe to do it?
    Char: The Pratchett T.o.T Chrono Theorem states tha tevery choice bifurcates the time stream and-
    Dean Warlic: Char...
    Dean Warlic: That theorem deals with unobserved time. What you're proposing is potentially very dangerous.
    Dean Warlic: By stopping the events on Zargon we create a paradox, the results of which... could collapse time itself.
    Dean Warlic: ...
    Dean Warlic: However....
    Dean Warlic: Chronal theory is hardly an exact science.
    Dean Warlic: I will discuss this further with the Queenadent.
    Dean Warlic: If there is a chance to save Zargon, even a slim one, we should do our best not to waste it.

    Later, on your ship.

    Dean Warlic: <Character Name>, Sys Zero, you should be arriving at the end of the wormhole shortly.
    Dean Warlic: As per the Queenadent's orders, you are to observe and assess the situation on Zargon.
    Dean Warlic: Be very careful and avoid getting involved in events, if possible. We have no idea what effect this may have on time itself.
    Dean Warlic: Once we have the information, we'll devise a plan that will cause the least change of a chronal paradox.
    Sys-Zero: Control, this is Sys-Zero! We've got a full scale Shadowscythe invasion here! ...Control? ...Come in!
    Sys-Zero: Blast! Long range communications ae all down and we have incoming! They know we're here!
    Sys-Zero: <Character>, get your mech ready. I'm going to try to punch through the line and get to Zargon. Just keep them off the ship!
    Sys-Zero: Heh, So much for not getting involved...

    After completing 90% of the Voyage.

    <Character>: I think I see a Geekatron up ahead. Zargon must have sent help! Wait, what is it...
  • Retreat
  • Oh no!

    If you pick Oh no!, fight Rebuilt Geekatron.

    After defeating Geekatron
    Sys-Zero: There's no end to these ShadowScythe! They're all over us! I don't know how we're going to get out of this one.

    Sys-Zero: Galactimech, this is Sys-Zero and <Character>, Thanks for the-
    Arachnid: <Character>?, Hey, welcome to the party! Hope you brought the potato salad!
    Sys-Zero: Who is this? Where's Starstorm?
    Arachnid: Hey, easy there. Starstorm's just using her powers to take care of things planetside. I'm Parker Peterson...
    Arachnid: ... but you can call me The Hero Formerly Known As Your Friendly Neighborhood Astounding Arachnid.
    Arachnid: <Character> helped me out after my brain got washed and spun-dried when Boltavolt stole our powers.
    Arachnid: I volunteered to pilot a standard mech to defend Zargon. I mean, what else was I going to do? Musical theater?
    Arachnid: Turns out I was good at it, even without powers. Now I get to pilot Galactimech so Starstorm can do more good.
    Arachnid: By the way, you guys are fast! I didn't even think that distress call made it out.
    Sys-Zero: Er... something like that.
    Arachnid: Follow me down to the planet. I've gotta recharge and we can both watch each other's backs.
    Starstorm: ..No, I'm fine, though thank you for asking. I'll be back at base as soon as I mop up here.
    Starstorm: Dr. Benner? Could you fill in <Character> on what's going on?
    Dr. Benner: Of course. Hello again, <Character>! And, Sys-Zero, is it? I'm Dr. Bryce Benner...
    Dr. Benner:...formerly The Incredulous Bulk. Welcome back to Zargon! I was afraid our message didn't make it past the Jamming Field.
    Sys-Zero: About that...
    Dr. Benner: <Character>, you were a great help last time! Well, it's Dr. Boltavolt again. I'm afraid. He's allied himself with the Shadowscythe!
    Dr. Benner: He's even stole some of Starstorm's Geekatron technology, and is using it against us!
    Dr. Benner: Boltavolt has been a problem before, but... somehow this is unlike him.
    Sys-Zero: Why? What - because he hates the Shadowscythe?
    Dr. Benner: No, I mean - he hasn't tried to gloat yet. Usually he would have posted something on his blog by now.
    Sys-Zero: ...He ...has... a blog??
    Dr. Benner: Oh his evil plans, yes. It's Horrible! Except for the Universo incident, he's generally not a very effective supervillain.
    Dr. Benner: We've been trying to find his new hidden lab since Universo failed. So far, there's no sign of it.
    Sys-Zero: Dr. Benner, <Character> and I will do whatever we can to help.
    Dr. Benner: Of course. I'll keep you both apprised of any developments regarding the situation. And thank you.
    To Be Continues
  • End Quest

    Rewards Shop:

    Missing enemies thanks to Denolth!

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