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Planet 51

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7/29/2011 5:21:19   

Planet 51

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> Star Map -> Planet 51

Locations Available:

Missions Available:
  • Coliseum Fight!
  • Coliseum Race
  • New Challenge!
  • Another Challenge?

    Shops Available:
  • OC Shop
  • OC NG Shop
  • Contender Shop
  • Contender NG Shop
  • Grand Champion Shop
  • Grand Champion NG Shop
  • Colosseum Challenge OC Chips
  • Colosseum Challenge Arms
  • Colosseum Challenge E-blades
  • Voidwalker Challenge Mecha

  • Droid
  • Korin
  • Prof. Beaumont

    Intro Cutscene

    Prof. Beaumont: Hello, <Character>, and welcome to Planet 51. I am pleased to announce our ultimate weapon.
    Prof. Beaumont: This weapon is capable of completely annihilating the Shadowscythe army. It only needs to be placed near the planet in question.
    Prof. Beaumont: The weapon uses technology to create wormholes. You don't even have to shoot it at the target. Just enter the coordinates.
    Prof. Beaumont: Once there, the weapon will annihilate everything within a 20,000 mile radius.
    Prof. Beaumont: We've never really tested it full scale but it appears to incinerate everything and then teleport the affected areas to some location.
    Prof. Beaumont: How about we take a look at it? Beaufort! Beatrice! Bring the device!!!

    Prof. Beaumont's assistants slips the device, it fell off and an explosion occurs

    Prof. Beaumont: OH NO!!! EVERYONE GET READY FOR A...
    Prof. Beaumont: Oh no....

    On Planet 51

    If you haven't reached Rank 5:
    Droid: Are you a water balloon?
  • Shop
      Droid: You're welcome to buy what you can.
  • Talk
      Droid: I don't want to talk to you.
    After reaching Rank 5:
    Droid: You're not dead yet? That's surprising.
  • Talk
      Droid: I'm surprised you're not dead yet. I thought you were just another weakling.
      Droid: Ha! I say that like there have been others. It's only been you though. How did a chump like you get stuck here?
      Droid: You know what? I don't really care. The only reason I waste time on you is because, well, what else is there to do?
      Droid: Shouldn't you be fighting now? Can you lost this time so I don't have to see you again?
    After reaching Rank 10:
    Droid: There's no way you'll last much longer.
  • Talk
      Droid: Are you still talking?
      Droid: Well if you must blab, your fighting is a little better than I expected.
      Droid: Honestly I thought you would die in round 2. So kudos to you for beating that expectation.
      Droid: Not like it means anything. There's no way you can become Grand Champion.
      Droid: Alright, water balloon. I'm tired of talking. Get out of here and do something.
    After reaching Rank 15:
    Droid: One more go. Impressive. But futile.
  • Talk
      Droid: Incredible! You might just do it! You're only one away!
      Droid: That said, I'm betting money against you. There's no way you can beat this last guy.
      Droid: The thought of it is just ridiculous! Get out of here and lose already!


    1: Fodder
    2: Whelp
    3: Worm
    4: Scrapper
    5: Scavenger
    6: Rat
    7: Pit Dog
    8: Animal
    9: Brawler
    10: Contender
    11: Warrior
    12: Crusher
    13: Pulverizer
    14: Myrmidon
    15: Eliminator
    16: Annihilator
    17: Death Dealer
    18: Gladiator
    19: Champion
    20: Grand Champion


    (After you've obtained the rank of "Grand Champion":)
    Korin: Great Job!

  • Shop
    Korin: You're welcome to buy what you can.

  • Talk
    Korin: What would you like to know?
  • Who are you?
    Korin: That's a good question. I'm not really sure.
    Korin: I'm sure you were expecting a more in-depth response but you'll have to settle for this.
    Korin: Toothpicks make horrible support beams for large wooden structures.
  • Where are we?
    Korin: Well that planet that just blew up was Planet 51.
    Korin: Once I saw your ship, I decided to isolate you and entertain myself.
    Korin: What?! How am I a jerk? I could've let you die.
    Korin: That's gratitude for you... I bring you here and you call me a jerk...
    Korin: Well you look okay to me.
    Korin: Anyways, I made all of this because I was bored. You're quite the entertainer.
    Korin: Yes indeed. I'll have to keep my eye on you...
  • What happened?
    Korin: I'm not really sure. Well, I am kind of sure.
    Korin: I got created in the explosion of the planet. How it happened is neither here nor there.
    Korin: I don't really know what you want me to tell you.
    Korin: However, I require cake now. For it is my birthday. Ketchup icing please.

    New Challenge?

    (After completing the challenge:)
    Droid: Excellent work carbon unit.

  • Replay Fights?
    Droid: Well done completing the challenge. You may choose which enemy you would like to face again.

  • Shop
    Droid: Select a reward for all your efforts.

  • Talk
    Droid: Please state your query.
  • What was this for?
    Droid: You were chosen to participate because of your past exploits.
    Droid: The organizer wanted to see how much you have grown and if you were strong enough for what is massing on the edge of the quadrant.
    Droid: Since you beat what he created for you, you now stand a chance.
  • Who organized this?
    Droid: Someone who you have not met yet. I'm sure you will eventually.
    Droid: He is not someone that you should provoke though.
    Droid: What I am able to tell you is that he was able to create from nothing the beings you fought.
    Droid: If he's concerned that you might not be ready that should should tell you something.
  • So what now?
    Droid: What do you mean?
    Droid: You won. You may select any rewards that the benefactor has provided.
    Droid: I'm not going to tell you anything more no matter how much you keep asking.
    Droid: I'm super serious. Go pick up your rewards.

    Another Challenge?

    (As you progress through the challenges:)
    Droid: You again? You're really going to try again?
    Droid: You're doing well. Keep at it.
    Droid: Look who's doing well!
    Droid: You're up to the last one already? Well...that's impressive.

    Droid: Excellent work carbon unit.

  • Replay Fights
    Droid: Really? You're going to try them again? Alright, go for it. I'm not going to stop you.

  • Shop
    Droid: Select a reward for all your efforts. How you survived it is beyond me.

  • Talk
    Droid: Please state your query.
  • This again?
    Droid: Yes, this again. You're acting as if I know what's going on here.
    Droid: I just do what he asks. I don't ask questions why, mainly because I enjoy not being deactivated.
    Droid: Hopefully you at least had fun. I enjoyed watching you get blown up a few times.
  • Is he here?
    Droid: Ashendal? No. Well, that's not entirely true.
    Droid: He's always partly here. I'm not sure how it works, mainly because I'm not programmed to understand Quantum Mechanics.
    Droid: I believe it has something to do with the fact he can exist in multiple dimensions at once.
    Droid: If I had a brain it would probably give me a headache. Luckily I'm not programmed to think about it or to have a brain.
  • So what now?
    Droid: I didn't have an answer for you last time. Why would that have changed?
    Droid: You won again, even though you probably weren't supposed to. He altered a few mecha for your time and trouble.
    Droid: I don't really have anything else to say.
    Droid: I'm really serious. Go pick up the rewards if you want them.

  • Info on Next Fight
    (One of the following, based on how many fights have been completed)
    Droid: Your first battle is against Deeps.
    Droid: For this battle you'll need to out damage him.
    Droid: His damage is going to increase every turn, so try and keep up.
    Droid: He doesn't have a damage limit. Do you?

    Droid: Your next battle is against the Lazer Chicken.
    Droid: This guy now has upgraded shielding.
    Droid: Any Laser or Ballistic type attacks will HEAL him so be careful.
    Droid: If you only have those damage types...you might need a new mecha.

    Droid: Your next battle is against The Rock.
    Droid: Each turn he's going to lower your resistance to stuns.
    Droid: DON'T let him get you to 0 Immobility or below or you WILL regret it.
    Droid: Just a friendly warning. Take it or leave it.

    Droid: Your next battle is against Chompeh.
    Droid: He's got a major temper so you'll need to watch out.
    Droid: Every few turns he deals a lot of damage.
    Droid: You might want to have some way to mitigate that.

    Droid: Your next battle is against Silver.
    Droid: This one is...unique.
    Droid: I don't want to spoil the surprise though.
    Droid: Go ahead and smack him around. It'll be fun.

    Droid: Your next battle is against Clink Clank the Tank.
    Droid: She has a large amount of armor and each turn it'll increase.
    Droid: When she maxes out though she will blow holes in your mecha.
    Droid: Make sure to have a plan for that when she reaches max stacks.

    Droid: Your next battle is against Diabolo.
    Droid: This guy has a problem with taking damage.
    Droid: A lot of your damage is just going to be healed off.
    Droid: Don't look at me for answers to this one.

    Droid: Your next battle is against Crawly.
    Droid: His damage is going to increase every turn.
    Droid: The bad part is yours is going to decrease every turn.
    Droid: Have fun with that!

    Droid: Your next battle is against Ook Ook.
    Droid: Every turn he's going to get a random effect.
    Droid: Also, yes, you're going to get a negative one.
    Droid: It's random and you can only hope you'll get lucky.

    Droid: Your final battle is against The Dark One.
    Droid: This guy is mean. By mean, I'm talking really mean.
    Droid: The most you can hope to do is try not to get booped.
    Droid: Seriously, try not to get booped. I mean it.

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