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King Malinius Returns!

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8/5/2011 21:20:35   
Oh Bother.

King Malinius Returns!

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » King Malinius Returns!

«Scene: Warlic's Shop»

Warlic: «You», I am glad you are curious about good King Malinius! Many only care about finding his Ring.
Warlic: As you may know, the Ring of Malinius was forged by the High Elves of Greenguard and given to King Malinius to aid him in his battle against the Centocor warlord Krathan.
Warlic: The Ring helped Malinius drive Krathan's army back to the Northlands, and saved his kingdom, but during the battle Malinius perished.
Warlic: Malinius's body was cremated, and his Ring was buried in stone, its whereabouts unknown.
Warlic: Legend has it, the High Elves of Greenguard put a blessing upon the King's remains. One day, he was to return from beyond the grave and reclaim his kingdom.
Warlic: To this end, the ashes of King Malinius were sealed in an urn and left with an immortal keeper who would watch over them in the depths of a volcano in the Fire Fields.
Warlic: I have detected some signs that point to the King's return, but there is a problem:
Warlic: Malinius's kingdom declined not long after he saved it from the Centocor invasion, and it was eventually absorbed into King Alteon's lands.
Warlic: If Malinius returns to find his kingdom long gone, his anger may present a danger to all of us, especially considering he is likely to possess great powers.
Warlic: To help prevent destruction, I think it wise to find his urn before he resurrects so that we can properly introduce him to this new world.
«You»: That sounds like a good plan, Warlic. Just point me in the direction of the volcano!
  • Go!
    «You»: There it is-- Gabbro Peak!
    «You»: Hmmm... What is that whistling sound?? *looks up*
    «You»: :O Fireballs!!

      Great Balls of Fire!
      Can you dodge the chunks of molten volcanic rock?
        Level 0-24: 55
        Level 25-44: 64
        Level 45-64: 72
        Level 65-84: 81
        Level 85-104: 90
        Level 105+: 91
      Stat Used: Dexterity

    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

    «If you failed or failed in Defying your roll, you take 50 damage, and:»

    You have been scorched!

    «You»: Urk.
    «You»: I'd better train up my DEX when I have the chance.

    «Continues below.»
    «If you succeeded or succeeded in Defying your roll, a gigantic chunk of molten volcanic rock passes behind you.»

    «You»: Woot! All that DEX training sure paid off! I'll have to thank Lanceler & Grimweld!

    «Continues below.»
    «You»: But FIRST-- Time to go get some dead guy!
    «Scene: The interior of a volcano, where the Urn is. Asher enters.»

    Asher: Ahhhh... Hello, hello. It's been a while since I've had any visitors. I'm Asher. You didn't happen to bring some lemonade with you, eh?
    «You»: Oh my-- I wish I had. I wasn't expecting a friendly Moglin to be the guard of the king's ashes.
    Asher: Right. Probably expecting a giant Salamander or a dragon or something. No, I'm afraid that the original guard of the king's ashes is long gone.
    Asher: The Elves recalled all of their forces back to Greenguard a while back. They needed all of the help the could get in their war with the Orcs and Humans.
    Asher: I guess they didn't remember good King Malinius's remains. Ah well... I did, at least. I was old Mal's personal healer. Lot of good I did him on the battlefield that day, though.
    «You»: What happened to him that day wasn't your fault. Not everything can be healed, even by a Moglin.
    «You»: So, I'm here because the Archmage Warlic thinks Malinius is about to be resurrected, and if that happens and he sees that his kingdom is gone, he might--
    Asher: Ohhhhh-- My. Indeed. He did have quite a temper. He will need to be carefully brought into this new world or he may, for lack of a better word, FREAK.
    «You»: Can I take the Urn back to Battleon, then?
    Asher: Surely. However, the High Elves may have protected the good King's remains in other ways. I wouldn't be surprised if--

    «The Scene shakes. The ground splits in three as the background turns red.»

    Asher: -- there was some kind of trap. O_O

    «The part of the ground holding Asher and the Urn fall into fire.»

    «You»: Asher!!!!
    «You»: ............ *whistles* ........... Sorry, Warlic, but I looked everywhere and couldn't find the Urn...

    «Asher comes up with the Urn, but now green instead of black.»

    «You»: Asher-- Is that you?
    Asher: Oh my, yes it is. Seems my little tumble knocked off the soot I was covered with. I feel so clean!
    «You»: Are you okay?
    Asher: I'm fine, friend. Here, you may take the Urn. Just promise to protect it, okay?
    «You»: I promise. Where will you go?
    Asher: I'll be going on vacation. Someplace with a cool breeze by the ocean.
    «You»: That sounds reasonable.
    Asher: Good luck to you!
  • Leave
    «You»: Not far yet and I'll be back in Battleon.
    «You»: Hmm-- What was that??

    «The Urn rises from you and begins glowing, moving toward the waterfall in the background.»

    «You»: The Urn-- What could it be doing--?

    «The Urn passes through a purple veil and King Malinius returns in its place.»

    «You»: K-King Malinius!
    Malinius: Aye! You must be one of my loyal subjects!
    «You»: The Urn itself was magically blessed-- Probably meant to open a portal to the other side once removed from the volcano!
    Malinius: What nonsense do you speak? And-- Why am I floating?!
    «You»: You-- you perished, King. Many years ago. But only after defeating the Centocors and saving your kingdom. However--
    «You»: -- over the ensuing years your lands became part of others. So now, you have been brought back into this world by High Elf magic, but your kingdom is no more.
    Malinius: .................. What?
    «You»: I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of sad news. But your legacy did live on, and now you are back on Lore, and it seems you have brought powers back with you from the beyond.
    Malinius: Everything I built-- Is it all gone?
    «You»: I am sure that the grandchildren of your subjects still know tales of King Malinius. Now, can you come with me? There is someone you should meet and--
    Malinius: No! I answer to no one! I will do what I please!
    «You»: The world has changed since you've been gone. It would be best if--
    Malinius: You heed me not!? Then-- then I summon my watch-beasts!
    «You»: I only want to help y--
    Malinius: Scalebears-- come forth!!

    «Two Scalebears come forth.»

    «You»: Wow-- uh-- Those are quite impressive.
    Malinius: Keep this person away from me while I tend to-- other things.

    «Malinius floats away.»

    «You»: So-- I don't suppose I can convince you two to leave me alone in exchange for some Scalebear Treats, eh?
    Scalebear: *snorffle*
  • Fight!
    «Scene: The ruins of King Malinius's estate.»

    «You»: King Malinius's ancestral estate. All that's left of his old kingdom. He must be here.

    «Scene: Inside.»

    «You»: ................. King?

    «The King floats in.»

    «You»: King, I need you to listen to me and--
    Malinius: It's gone. ALL gone.
    Malinius: Everything I knew, fallen. My kingdom. My people. My...
    Malinius: I will find whoever is responsible, and crush them!
    «You»: That's just it, King-- NO ONE is responsible! Time changes all things. Nothing can stop that--
    Malinius: There is ALWAYS someone who is the cause!! Is it YOU?? Or are you just a simpleton who serves those that took everything away from me!?
    «You»: Wow. So you must really be looking for a fight, then.
    Malinius: You shall have it, then. The wrath of King Malinius!!
  • Battle!
    «Asher enters.»

    Asher: My King!! I thought I might see you here again.
    Malinius: Asher!! My loyal servant! But-- how is it that you are alive??
    Asher: I was always one of the best Mogling healers, my King, so I was able to slow down my own aging quite a bit. I vowed to stay by your side forever, if I could.
    Asher: So, I just saw that you two were fighting. Why would you do that??
    «You»: The King is-- angry. Understandably. But I've been trying to get him to go to Battleon, where he can talk to Warlic. He can help you learn everything you need to know, King.
    Malinius: It is true. My feelings have been clouding my judgment. I returned from the grave, apparently, to find so much time has passed that all I ever knew was gone.
    Asher: Not all, King. Not nearly! You have many great-great-great-grandchildren, and your legend has grown since your demise. You were never forgotten.
    «You»: And there is always room in Lore for more heroes. Elemental Lords know that monsters and tyrants never out and end to their dire plans!
    «You»: A great warrior such as you, King, is more than welcome in any town or city these days.
    Malinius: .......... So, I am needed, then? What say you, kind Asher?
    Asher: I say let's get on with your new life, King!
    Malinius Returns

    Shop Weapons:
  • Noble Axe of Malinius Z
  • Stately Axe of Malinius
  • Guardian Venerable Axe of Malinius
  • August Axe of Malinius
  • Magnificent Axe of Malinius
  • Regal Axe of Malinius
  • Guardian Majestic Axe of Malinius

    Shop Spells:
  • Summon Malinius I
  • Guardian Summon Malinius II
  • Summon Malinius III
  • Summon Malinius IV
  • Summon Malinius V Z
  • Summon Malinius VI
  • Guardian Summon Malinius VII
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Monsters thanks to In Media Res. Location update thanks to stratuscone.

    Random forest monsters

    Random hills monsters

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