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Absolix Falling: Salvation!

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8/5/2011 21:21:47   

Absolix Falling: Salvation!

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » General Herous' Tower » 15: Absol-ution Saga » 0: Absolix Falling

«Scene: The Scar, inside Absolix's Spire.»

Ryuusei: What have you learned from your attempt?
Absolix: That ruling the world is not at all desirable. That people are complicated. That I have much to learn. That there is no future in villainy....
Ryuusei: Very good, my son. It took me many years and being utterly abandoned by the god I served to learn what you have gained in less than one.
Absolix: I.... chose the wrong purpose.
Ryuusei: You did. But it is not the mistakes we make in life that ultimately matter. Instead, it is what we learn from them.
Absolix: So what do I do now?
Ryuusei: You have learned much, but you still have much to learn. I will send you away to school off of Lore.
Ryuusei: You look like an adult, and you even think like one, but you need to have a real childhood...
Absolix: Yes, Father.

«Ryuusei raises his staff and in a flash, Absolix vanishes.»


«Scene: Granemor from afar. The Void Moon glows red as Tentei enters. The Scene then zooms in on the Moon. New Scene: The Moon, surrounded by a red aura. Scene zooms in on Absolix. A bright star labeled "teacher" enters.»

teacher: Why did you run away, Absolix?
Absolix: I could not abide the ignorance of your other pupils, my Teacher. I meant no disrespect to you. I am sorry if you felt as though I did.
teacher: You must continue to focus on building your patience, my student. Do not let frustration and anger rule your thoughts.
Absolix: I left so that my frustration would not TURN into anger. I plan on returning to the School shortly. But your lessons have led me to a conclusion that I must address.
teacher: I am curious. What is it that you have come back to your place of origin to accomplish at this time?
Absolix: I have learned much under your tutelage. I have learned enough to realize that my father must be punished for all he has done and all he intends to do.
teacher: You would be breaking a number of laws by punishing someone for crimes they have not yet committed. Just because you know such things does not mean you should act on them.
Absolix: I have seen what happens both if I do act on what I've seen and if I do NOT. The preferred outcome follows from me ACTING.
teacher: I cannot stop you, but please promise me that you will proceed with caution and reevaluate the future constantly as you go.
Absolix: I promise you, my Teacher. Now, I need to go.

«Scene zooms out as Absolix flies off. New Scene: Granemor as before. «You» enter.»

«You»: Hello again, Tentei. It's been a while!
Tentei: Thank you for meeting me, «You». There is something very... dangerous that I need your help with.
«You»: That sounds a bit ominous. Whatever it is, though, you can count on me.
Tentei: That is good to hear. Perhaps I will ask you for more help later when I journey to save a village from Mogleevils.
«You»: WHAT is a Mogleevil?!?
Tentei: Don't worry about them now. Did you notice the moon on your way here?
«You»: What about the-- Oh. It's got some ind of red aura around it!
Tentei: Yes. I felt his arrival even before his uncreation energies began colliding with the cosmic rays bombarding the moon.
«You»: Whose arrival?
Tentei: ABSOLIX... the Uncreated.
«You»: Oh my. He's been gone so long. Why do you think he's come back?
Tentei: I can only begin to guess. But you and I are perhaps the best equipped to find out and-- deal with him if need be.
«You»: Look-- The glow is disappearing!

«The red aura around the moon fades.»

«You»: That can only mean one thing. Absolix has left the moon. He must be flying back to Lore right now.
«You»: We need to get to the center of the Scar, to Absolix's spire!
???: (off-Scene) You're right.

«Visia enters.»

Visia: Let's go.
«You»: Visia! This will be pretty dangerous, especially without your shaper powers.
Visia: I still understand No Man's Land and Absolix more than nearly anyone else on Lore. I need to go with you.
«You»: Okay. Let's watch each other's backs.
  • Battle with the help of Visia!
  • Battle with the help of Tentei!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:
      5 BATTLES: Random Shapers/Mutants (see below)
      Full heal after the second and fourth battles
    «Scene: The Scar. Scene zooms in on Absolix's flying in.»

    Absolix: You... and you... and you... The memories are deep but they have risen to the surface quickly.
    Absolix: I have seen so much in the past year that your planetbound minds would probably not be able to survive an influx of my memories.
    «You»: Now that's not nice... How do you know that I wouldn't be just fine with zooming around the galaxy on a starship? ........
    Visia: Didn't your father send you away to school?
    Absolix: He did. He is, in fact, why I have come back.
    Tentei: Wherever you go, trouble will follow. We are here to protect the people of Lore. You must leave now-- Go back to where you belong. Someplace far from here.
    Absolix: No. Not until I am done.
    «You»: Absolix, Lore just isn't MADE for having creatures made of pure Uncreation walking around. If you make a simple mistake you could accidentally DELETE an entire town!
    Absolix: I said NO, I will not leave. Must I make myself clearer?

    «Two Void Golems rise.»

    Absolix: I will leave the three of you so that you might have some SENSE beaten into you...
    Visia: «You», do you and Tentei ind taking point on this one? I'm not sure I'm up to being the tank in this situation...

    «Ryuusei Cartwright enters.»

    «You»: !!! Ryuusei Cartwright!
    Ryuusei: My boy has flown back to his nest, eh? From the current situation I gather he has a bit of aggression to display. I can help you get through these Void Golems.
  • Battle with the help of Visia!
  • Battle with the help of Tentei!
  • Battle with the help of Ryuusei!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:
    Ryuusei: Before what happens next HAPPENS, I would like to apologize. I thought this might be an outcome.
    «You»: But what does he want??
    Ryuusei: ME. He has finally reached a point where he knows that he must confront his maker. He is finally MORAL.
    «You»: What's so bad about that?
    Ryuusei: Now I have to KILL him, so that he may grow beyond the point of morality.
    «You»: .................
    «You»: You are a TERRIBLE dad.
    Ryuusei: TTFN.

    «Ryuusei leaves.»

    Visia: Absolix is finally a MORAL being and Ryuusei wants him DEAD? We need to stop him.
    «You»: Fight Ryuusei to save Absolix? If someone told me I'd be doing this a year ago I would have-- gulped down a barrel of Moglinberry juice.
    «You»: Let's go!

    «Scene: Another part of the Scar.»

    «You»: Ryuusei! NOW where did he go??

    «Ryuusei teleports in, wearing the Salvation armor and wielding a new sword.»

    «You»: What are you wearing!?
    Ryuusei: SALVATION ARMOR. It should give me an edge in a fight with an Uncreated One. Care to help me with a little test run?
    «You»: Sure. But only because you asked so nicely. Get 'im!!
  • Battle with the help of Visia!
  • Battle with the help of Tentei!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:Visia: He's re-forming inside Absolix's tower. We won't be able to get to them in time to stop them--
    «You»: Then all we can do is watch... and wait...

    «Scene: The Scar. Scene zooms in on Absolix's Spire. New Scene: The inside.»

    Absolix: Father. I am pleased you took the initiative to come to me.
    Ryuusei: Son. It's nice to see you again. You haven't graduated from your schooling just yet, though.
    Absolix: Your choice of my school was well made. I learned much. I know there is still more to learn, so I will return, at least for tutoring from my respected Teacher.
    Absolix: The pupils there get ample time for social interaction as well. Which can be enjoyable. However, I am not here to discuss any of that with you.
    Absolix: You must atone for your transgressions.
    Ryuusei: I am sorry to hear you feel that way. I, on the other hand, do not. You see, some of us are BEYOND transgressions. YOU included.
    Absolix: There is no being that is beyond committing amoral deeds. Selfishness is amoral. Using intelligent beings as PAWNS in a game for your own amusement... You should be ashamed.
    Ryuusei: Oh, son, buddy-boy, my sweet child-- You are growing up so fast! TOO fast. What are you waiting for? Take your best shot!
    Absolix: .......... Ask yourself, Father. How can you expect to stay one step ahead in your game of chess with someone who can see the future??
  • Fight!

    «The two fight. The Scene shows the outside, in which the Spire is consumed by darkness and then the fires of the Scar.»

    «You»: Whoa! Absolix's tower is just GONE!!
    Tentei: And Absolix with it, apparently. I not longer sense his uncreation energies...
    Visia: I am not so sure Absolix is gone. Or Ryuusei for that matter. Gone from this location, maybe, but the reaction we just witnessed likely came form their two powers canceling each other out.
    «You»: As opposed to them actually destroying each other. Hmm.
    «You»: But where could they have gone?

    «Scene shows Absolix and Ryuusei fighting in a sphere of fire speeding away from Lore.»
    Absolix Falling

    Shop Armors:
  • Salvation Armor Z I
  • Salvation Armor Z II
  • Salvation Armor G II
  • Salvation Armor A III
  • Salvation Armor G IV
  • Salvation Armor Z V
  • Salvation Armor Z VI

  • Blade of Sacred Purification
  • Blade of Grand Purification
  • Blade of Holy Purification
  • Blade of Consecrated Purification
  • Blade of Glorious Purification
  • Blade of Saintly Purification
  • Blade of Godly Purification
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Random Shapers/Mutants

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