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=ED= In The Beginning

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8/12/2011 0:09:42   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Welcome! Welcome to one of the Creative Corners of AE Forums. Have a need to write something? Need to explain to the world who, what, where, why and how your ED character came to be? Well, look no further. If you have a beginning to tell, we have a place for you.

A couple of rules to make this easiest to read.

1) One post per person. If you need to post small bits at a time, please just edit your post to continue it. Do not make a new post to add to your story. New major events in ED will receive a new thread.

2) Please do not comment on the stories in this thread. If you want to comment on the stories, please go =ED= In the Beginning discussion.

3) If you choose to suppliment your story with pics, they must follow these guidelines: 400x400 MAX, 100KB MAX, no more then 4 per story.

Have fun and please...PLEASE remember the rules in both the AE forums and my own L&L rules.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
8/12/2011 4:07:41   

In the beginning... Eukara Vox created this thread topic and i got the 1st post :D


In the beginning, I was playing one of AE's games called AQWorlds when i read the design notes about the new Master Account systems. This looked really cool so i searched further onwards until i heard about AE's new game EpicDuel, since they merged with the company Epic Inventions. So during the first month of the Merge i was able to create my character Wind24! and i bought my 10,000 Varium package and got the bonus special of Founder Duel Master too. And so another techmage legend was born...

During my journey on EDhood i came across many new friends and foe's etc. and PvPed alot. I joined my first faction called The Flame Road, when i was level 5 during my early Beta days. I eventually left them and joined my fellow founder friend Chubbs in his faction called The Heartbreakers, this was when i was about level 20, then i joined a faction called The Black Knights of Chaos, at about level 25 then i was kicked for inactivity. SO many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months later. I met a person called ashtonsdad (some of you may remeber him), this person inspired me to play more and gave me some mega tips on playing ED. Such as doing NPC's (to boost your win ratio ^^) and winning 100+ wins a day, and always going hard. Because of our efforts our faction called BATTLE TESTED managed to earn countles World Dominations and we captured about 2 flags in one go until ashtonsdad disbanded the faction. But even after the faction was disbanded i had the power still in me.

I managed to go into more competitive factions such as, Knights of the Round, The Black Knights of Chaos (rejoined), ED GLADIATORS, Death Syndicate X and The Royals (made up of most of my friends) these faction really gave me a boost and changed me from being a beginner Hero ranked ED player, into the Emperor ranked player i am today. Many of my friends who have inspired me to change builds would be Gran Rey (5 Focus Max Plasma bolts), Xendran (Heal Loop tank :D), Epicness (Strength mage FTW) and many more. And so as i grew up becomming more and more stronger and wiser (became 6 stars), i was able to make new build's of my own and shape shift my class :D. I then took on the role as a Mercenary, using a Max FC build with berserker which seemed to kill fast but lacked the skills of my Tech Mage self, so i switched back. Only to switch into the cunning form of a Bounty Hunter which i am now today.

The End for now....

Pictures :)

Me in my Bounty Hunter form, using the Multi Shot Skill ...... Me in my Tech Mage Form, firing my Energy Bunnyzooka

EDIT: Below your able to delete your own post's, the button is right next to the "Reply" and "edit" button.

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 2
8/30/2011 22:47:08   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED

The Tiger Tale

In the beginning, I was playing AQWorlds/DragonFable, when I found out about AE's newly acquired game: EpicDuel. Excited to play a new game, I created my first character within minutes of the release. Like most, I was confused and didn't know what to do. Slowly finding my way through the game, I met my first friends and joined my first faction (DOOM RUNNERS). Slowly making my way through the levels, I found myself getting stuck near level 20-25. With rarely any credits, and my losses piling, I created a new character and played as a Tech Mage. Having much more fun there than on my original Bounty Hunter account, I stopped playing on it when I reached level 26. Playing more and more as I level higher, I found myself at the level cap in no time yet still learning how to become a better Tech Mage.

While getting to the level cap, I started to work on the EpicDuel Wiki. With help from Ashari and The Doctor (Ood), we managed to complete the Wiki and maintain it. While working on the Wiki, I found myself even more active in EpicDuel, so I decided to stop playing DragonFable and to focus on AQWorlds and EpicDuel. After DOOM RUNNERS disbanded, I joined a friend's faction, The Mercenarys of War. I was only there for a brief time before its disbandment so I decided to join Alliance of the Loreans after. Being in AoTL for awhile, I was getting kinda bored at the level cap as a Tech Mage so I decided to make my third character a Mercenary. Having fun with it and getting a great win record too, I reached level 30 on it. That's when I got bored and changed back to my Tech Mage. Now, obtaining over 1000 wins in AoTL (which was alot for me a that time), the faction honourably disbanded and Eternal Paradise emerged. Being with Eternal Paradise since June 30th, 2010, I am one of its oldest members, along with Arcanis, Marc.S, experta, and our wonder founder, Elf Priest JZaanu. I reached many goals and achievements while in Eternal Paradise, such as becoming a Hero -> Warlord -> Commander, reaching 10,000 wins in EP and most recently, winning my Daily Juggernaut Achievement.

Awhile ago, I stopped playing AQWorlds to focus mainly on EpicDuel. With the slow releases in the past few months, I started to play HeroSmash and enjoyed it much better than I did during its first weeks of release. Balancing EpicDuel and HeroSmash, I found a new game by Tiny Speck that I quickly got addicted to. Luckily, Glitch was in Closed Beta and had short tests lasting only a few days each, so I could still focus on EpicDuel while alternating between Glitch and HeroSmash.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 3
9/10/2011 16:46:12   

Read on the text of this song

In the beginning
Back in two thousand and nine
I didn't know 'bout a P-v-P game
'N I was lame
I once had M-Q
And I once had D-F
Hell, I didn't knew what I was gonna do
But Artix had the news, he said

Let there be B, and there was B
Let there be a, and there was a
Let there be sic, there was sic
Let there be ball, there was ball, ah
Let there be me

And I made a fac
Basicball was born
All across Delta V every bro
Was scared into the grave
And ED-MU got famous
The news feed got great
And in every vid there was an interestin' bit
With a top score on the hits
There was fifteen million fol'wers
Learnin' how to play
And you could hear the fingers tickin
And this is what they had to say

Let there be B, a, sic, ball, ah
Let there be me

One night in a forum called EDR
There was a 42 member activeness
And the topics were good
And the replies were chill
And the poster turned and he said to the crowd

I love you all!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
9/13/2011 18:17:52   

I was born with a glock in my hand. When I got older about 15 years old I killed more people than a war would have for 1000 years. One day i became a bounty hunter, and the death toll increased. I live on in infamy.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
9/22/2011 18:09:21   
One Winged Angel1357

~The Void~

One Winged Angel grew up as a simple kid in the void he was sentence to live in, but as time rolled on he learned of ways of escaping the void and of a rebellion. In couraged by these thoughts of hope he picked up his staff and joined the rebellion. Meeting the man who would run the whole Rebellion, Oz, One Winged Angel learned the ways of the mage from an ally outside the void. After years of training an army Oz led his men from the void to reclaim Delta V.

~The Rebellion~

Once out of the void One Winged Angel was allowed to lead a unit into battle this unit was called Hells Angels, and was formed by the newest recruits to the Rebel army. One Winged Angel led these brave souls into many fights but slowly they died off one by one to the many hazards of Delta V and its Biodome where their main camp was. One night the camp was raided by a pack of Hazards lead by a mighty Electro Hazard. With only six able bodied fighters Angel knew he didn’t stand a chance but he and his second in command, ShadowWraith, stood there ground while the rest of the troopers left with the wounded and left the dead. The Hazards were quick to act they cut off one of his men who was trying to escape and made quick work of him and his wounded partner. With time running out ShadowWraith threw a stun grenade at a second Bio Hazard blocking the path for the other men.

“Cya in the city boss.” Said Shadow as he led the men to safety. Angel, trying to stall as long as possible defeated the stunned hazard with a plasma bolt clearing his path of retreat. Then he ran over towards the other Bio hazard, which was feeding on one of his fallen comrade’s corpse, and shot him in the back of the head. Angel Took the helm off his comrade who died trying to help the wounded men and put in on saying “You will never be forgotten.” He then lit there bodies on fire so he could escape to the city and not worry about there bodies being defiled.

~The City~

Angel got into the city 3 days after the Hazard raid in the biodome, not taking the train was a costly error that he hoped his men didn’t make. After three days without water and entering a city deep into the war Angel risked death or worse, capture. He quickly noticed a green and white flare in the windows of a broken down apartment. The sign of the Hells Angels, he now knew without a doubt at least one of his men made it to the city alive. Angel made his way over to the building at once. Upon entering he was quite surprised by what he saw. ShadowWraith was by the window sharpening his wristblades which was normal but the fact that this rundown building was a lounge surprised Angel. What surprised him even more was the woman behind the counter with the robotic arm.

Not knowing if she was with or against the rebels made Angel hesitant to stick around but the machines in the room told him that he could make a pretty penny just buy putting out a few credits. Angel soon worked himself into trouble he had lost more credits then he had earned plus what he started with. The women, Valestra, had taken notice of Angel and his money problem.” Hand over the money you owe me or your wounded men in the back die.” She said.

“I’ll get you the money but you have to give me some time.” He said.

“You’ve got one day, if you don’t bring me my money then they die.” She said.

Angel walked over to ShadowWraith to see if he had any credits.” Sorry boss I spent all my credits to get her to let me hide the men in the back room.” ShadowWraith said. So Angel walked out the door into the street, where he saw two thugs waiting across the street. “I told you he went into the lounge.” Said the first thug.

“Well he’s here now lets go get our bounty for taking him down.” Said the second thug.

~The Duel~

“Ok this isn’t good I’ve got two thugs out to kill me for reasons I don’t even know and my staff is inside as a promise to pay back valestra.” Thought Angel. As the thugs closed in Angle saw that right past them was a board full of wanted posters and he in on that board. The thugs kept getting closer pulling out swords as they walked across the street. Then Angel heard something he couldn’t figure what it was until he saw it was a girl on a hoverbike. She pulled one arm off the bike and with her wrist blades she sliced right through the first thugs back. Angel saw this was an opening for him; he ran up kicked the second thug away and picked up the sword of the fallen thug. Back in the void Angel had learned how to use a sword as did everyone else in the rebel army. Angel waited until the thug charged him to make a move. With the thug about ten feet away Angel raised his sword to counter the thugs. The thug slashed and Angel countered the hit but was then hit by a kick to the side of his knee, knocking him to the ground.

Angel now on the ground with an unfamiliar weapon seemed out of luck, until he heard the hoverbike once more. Angel just had to hold his ground for a few seconds, so he kicked the thug in the shins then quickly got to his feet. Angel slashed at the thug who quickly blocked the shot. Angel knew he had to keep the thug in about the same spot so he kept striking without letting up. Seeing the hoverbike heading straight for the thug and Angel did send a shock down his spine, he quickly stepped out of the way while keeping the thug in range. With only a few seconds to spare Angel struck the knee of the thug and the women drove past defeating the second thug and drove off to who knows where. Angels picked the pockets of the thug saying “Stealing stolen money isn’t really stealing its more like liberating.” Then walked over to the board and ripped his poster down.

~The End~

Angel handed the credits to valestra and walked over to ShadowWraith, “We’re leaving.”

“But what about the men?” Shadow said

“Leave them they will only be dead wait.” He said

“Fine your orders are final.” Shadow Said.

They left at once to the main point of fighting, The Overlord Facility. They walked around back of the building where the thugs had come from where they found two hoverbikes. “We will use these to get there.” Angel said.

“Where?” Asked Shadow.

“You’ll know it when you see it.” Replied Angel.

They headed to the Overlord Facility and stopped about a mile away from all the fighting and about half a mile from the Rebel army’s main camp. They left there bikes at the top of the hill and walked towards the main camp, once there Angel requested an immediate conference with Oz. “Oz im taking leave of the army and so is ShadowWraith we see no point in continueing this war in our current state.” Said Angel.

“Fine then Angel you will be welcome upon your return.” Said Oz. As Angel and Shadow walked away from all the fighting a shot rang out, Angel dropped to his knees then in an instant he and Shadow both shot the man next to the tent. “You can call yourself a fighter when you don’t have to use dirty tricks.” Angel walked away from the battlefield with the image of the girl who saved him now bleeding on the ground outside of the tent.

~The End of Part1~

~The Return~

After a year out in the junkyard crawler ShadowWraith and One Winged Angel felt it was time to return. The war had raged on in many places with many loses for both sides, and I, not being one for losing, was ready to step up and lead once more. “Shadow go get some new requites its time to return our work to the world.”

“Got you Angel. Now where do you want to meet up?” Asked Shadow,

“Let’s meet up at the resting place of Her.” I replied.

At dawn Shadow left toward the ports on his marauder bike while I stayed behind to dress my scars, find my helm and collect my gear. Once ready I found my hoverbike and left toward the coordinates that Commander Troy sent me the night before.

~The War~

After about an hour of silence I heard shots ring out. I stopped to look around and saw nothing until I looked up and saw a mortar heading my way. “Hell, they know where I am but where are they?” I quickly got back onto my bike and rocketed away. At once I noticed something was off where was the explosion, where was the flying dirt, where was my blood? I looked behind me to see a horrifying sight, it wasn’t a mortar it was a missile. I drew my pistol and quickly aimed and shot at the missile, but to no a vile my bullets where useless to stop this metal monster. Over the horizon I saw the battlefield so I got a bright idea, why not crash the missile into the Legion forces. I rode down the hill into the battle and starting shooting Legion mercenaries to clear my path. 1….2…3 I had my path starting to clear up when the Exiles starting shooting at the missile. “Stop firing. Please stop firing.” Angel pleaded at the men as he drove past. But it was hopeless one of the Exiles shot the sweet spot on the missile causing it to explode and killing many exile troopers and sending Angel flying off of his bike into the fighting.

Angel awoke to the unfriendly sight of 5 blasters and 3 swords pointed at him. Fearing the worst Angel removed his helm, and disarmed himself making him as vulnerable as possible hoping that he would not be shot. Quickly his pistol was kicked away from him and his staff was taken up by one of his “captures”. “Where are you taking me?” Angel asked.

“To Commander Troy of the 4th Exile battalion.” One of the troopers said.

“That’s just perfect,” said Angel, “I was supposed to meet him so you made my job easier”.

“Supposed to meet him? Who are you?” The trooper asked.

“One Winged Angel of the Hells Angels unit of the Exile army.” Angel answered.

“You lying dog everyone knows Hells Angels was wiped out in the Biodome.” Said the trooper.

“We were not wiped out six of us were injured and left for dead in Fortune City and 10 died in the Biodome, while ShadowWraith and I left the army shortly after that.” Angel said angrily.

“Shut up and enter the tent, we are here.” Said the trooper.

~The Mission~

I walk into the tent as instructed by the troopers and I am welcomed by two more guards, these two with much stronger weapons with them, most of which I had never seen, and behind a desk is the familiar face of Troy with the even more familiar face of a panda on his desk. “Troy it’s good to see you but why did you force me here?” I asked.

“Angel we needed someone to test a new weapon for us and Oz told me you were coming to meet him so I stalled your trip, with Oz’s Ok that is,” Replied Troy.

“What kind of weapon Troy,” I said, “you know I’m only good with a pistol and staff.”

“It is a long range highly accurate cannon codenamed “Rebel”.” Troy said.

“Let me see this toy of yours because I know you I won’t be leaving this camp without the cannon.” I retorted.

After Troy handed over the Rebel and all of my gear he told me that Oz would give me my next mission. So off I went from the Exile secret weapons compound near the old Varium mine to the Overlord Facility to meet Oz. On my way there I found some trashed Vendbots to practice shooting and to dope my aim. I lie down and pick up the Rebel, pulling the sights to my eye; I focus on the end sight and lining that up with my target. “Breath, relax, slowly pull the trigger.” I tell myself. The shoot goes off and misses the Vendbot but blows a huge chunk of dirt and rocks flying. “Jesus! Troy you tricky bastard, I should of fired it before I left.” I exclaimed. I took five more shoots emptying the clip of Rebel and then reloaded the weapon with only some problems but with a full clip and sights doped I resumed my trip to Oz. Two days later I made it to Oz’s Tent set up outside of the Overlord Facility. There I was greeted by Oz and given my mission, “Angel I know your unit suffered great loses before you went on leave.” said Oz.

“Oz my unit was almost completely destroyed all that made it out of the Biodome was me and ShadowWraith the rest died either in the Biodome or in Valestra’s backroom.” I said

“I have it on good word that you sent Shadow out to find some new recruits is that correct?” inquired Oz.

“Yes sir that is correct, but a bunch of green fighters and two vets one of which is wounded and has troubles in hand to hand combat what do you expect us to do?” asked Angel.

“I expect you to play bodyguard to some of the high priority units we have in the field.” said Oz.

“What has changed that the high priority units now require more protection then their squad mates?” asked Angel.

“Reaver, that’s what has changed.” said Oz

“Reaver? Sir what is Reaver?” asked Angel.

“Reaver is a man that is single handily decimating our high priority units. We only have this Intel because one of the members of his last unit died five minutes after we got there.” replied Oz.

“So let me get this right you want my unit to protect our best outfitted units from a man who can take more than the best we have to offer.” Angel said.

“No I want You to use Rebel to dispatch of Reaver while he destroys the unit you are guarding and if you do your job well there will be minimal lose.” commanded Oz.

“Sir, you’re sending my unit on a suicide mission and you expect me to sit back and try to stop Reaver while I watch my comrades die.” said Angel.

“Yes I am, now that you understand your mission you will be on your way.” said Oz.


Angel made his way to the resting place of his would be assassin resting every few hours to treat his wounds and drink a health booster to stave off death for a bit longer. After a two day trip Angel got to the meeting point to find ShadowWraith with six men behind him. Shadow walked away from the men to great Angel. “Hello Angel. These are all of the men I could find that are willing to join the war.” Shadow said.

“Are any of these men able to fight they all look very green to me.” stated Angel.

“Only one knew how to fight when he was recruited but I have been training them in group tactics while waiting for your arrival.” replied Shadow.

“Who is the man who could hold his own when you found him?” Angel asked.

“I said he could fight I never said he could hold his own but you’re looking for masterroy.” Shadow replied.

“You take masterroy and teach him how to lead a squad of six men because I will need you by my side for this mission.” commanded Angel.

ShadowWraith took masterroy off to the side to teach him basic leadership skills and how to think on his feet in combat, both of which had saved Shadows life in combat. Angel turned to the remaining five men and addressed them about the mission that lay ahead of them. “Men our mission is to protect a unit that is carrying mining equipment to the old Varium mine. If these men can get the mine running again we can use it to finally get ahead in this war. For this mission you will be under the command of masterroy while ShadowWraith and I conduct covert ops to sabotage the enemy troops that will try to slow the miners’ progress. Do you understand your role in this mission men?” said Angel.

“Yes Sir.” replied the troopers.

After four hour Shadow came back with Roy and reported that he was ready to lead the men on a simple body guarding mission. “Angel this isn’t as simple as you tell the men it will be is it?” Shadow asked.

“Sorry Shadow but you are right most of these men will probably die on this mission.” said Angel sadly.

“Ok then what is our real mission because you said you needed me for covert ops.” Shadow said.

“Our real mission is to take out Reaver, a man who single handily takes down Exile elite forces units.” Said Angel

“What makes you think he will attack our mining team?” Shadow Asked.

“It’s not really a mining team the mining team is already at the mines this unit moving the equipment is made up of the best Exile forces Oz could put together so it is the perfect bait for Reaver.” Angel said.

“Ok if our elite units can’t take him down how are we supposed to take down Reaver.” Shadow asked.

“Troy gave me a prototype weapon to take down Reaver it is a long range highly accurate cannon called “Rebel”.” Angel said.

After that Shadow was shown the weapon and was told his job as the eyes for Angel and was given a flare pistol and he was to fire it when Reaver started his attack and was told to blend in with the “miners” so that his men did not notice him.


After a night of rest Angel’s unit left to meet up with the unit they would be protecting, but in the middle of the night Shadow left to join the miners so that Angel’s plan could go into effect. Angel stayed with his men until they entered the pass that would lead them to the mine. Angel went up the hillside on his hoverbike away from his men but never more than 250 yards, well within the affective range of Rebel. On the third day of the trip the unit entered a very narrow part of the pass, which they now figured out was a dried up riverbed because they were having the first rainstorm in a year on Delta V, this was where Angel was sure that Reaver would strike so he dropped in closer to the unit for a better look at the men and he also created a Plasma lightning storm that hit both sides of the pass so the men could see better. When the men were halfway through the narrowed pass Shadows flare went up into the stormy skies. Angel immediately dismounted his hoverbike and readied Rebel for use. Channeling the lightning to strike on the ridge now the troops so he could make out the men Angel started looking for Reaver. Angel saw the dead bodies of four men three of which were from his unit. Then Angel saw Reaver, he was fighting with one of the Elite troopers, Angel lined up his shot on Reaver but right when Angel was about to fire Reaver dispatched of the Exile with his odd claws then moved impossibly fast behind another Exile dispatching him then to the next Exile and so on until only a handful of Exile were left. The next victim of Reaver would be Shadow but learning from the tactics of Reaver Shadow had quickly deployed his doppelganger which was struck down by Reaver and dissolved to nothing then in the moment of confusion Shadow struck back against Reaver engaging him in Claw to Claw combat. While they were fighting Angel kept trying to line up a shot but they were just too quick. Angel focused all of his energy onto the Reaver and unleashed a giant lightning strike which stunned both Shadow and Reaver with its power in this moment Angel lined up his shot on Reaver and fired.

~Final Words~

The shot made direct contact with Reaver’s chest but when the smoke cleared at the bottom of the creator was Reaver standing unharmed. Angel quickly left off the remaining four shots at Reaver, after the first three shoots Reaver was still in the ever deepening creator but after the fourth Reaver was gone. With this Angel thought Reaver was dead so he stood up and headed back towards his bike. As Angel walked toward his bike out of the corner of his he saw four parallel lines moving toward him at incredibly speed. Instantly Angel know that Reaver was coming toward him and he did the first thing he could think to do, back flip out of the path of the claws with any luck Reaver would run himself off the ledge into the pass. While in the air Angel saw the lines change direction toward his bike which was sliced into four pieces then there stood Reaver and Angel could get a good look at him. Reaver was what looked like a mutation had taken over his being causing his flesh to merge with his armor and claws. In some places Reaver’s armor was completely under the mutated skin and his veins could be seen running along his claws to parts of which looked to be completely made of human flesh and bone but even they were as sharp of the rest of the claws. Angel armed himself with his Staff in one hand and a short sword in the other to match the two handed style of Reaver. Reaver charged Angel and slashed at him with both claws. Angel jabbed Reaver’s chest with an assimilation attack to knock him back. As Reaver stumbled backwards Angel charged him with his sword and staff. Reaver blocked the rush and knocked Angel’s staff into the pass. Shadow, seeing the staff of Angel fly into the air rushed up the side of the pass and when he reached the top he dug his claws into the ledge to force him to land on his feet. Reaver flipped over Angel wrapping his claws around his head and threw him at Shadow who was rushing towards the fight. Shadow dived into the air throwing a stun grenade and EMP at Reaver and them shooting them with the Flare gun and his blaster causing a massive explosion of fire and electricity. As Shadow soared over Angel in the air he caught his body, then he rolled over in the air so that Angel would land on top of him. Shadow got up turned to Angel and said “Sorry I wasn’t faster.” Before walking over to were Reaver lay. On approach to Reaver Shadow saw Reaver’s claws moving so he pulled out his pistol and shot Reaver four times in the chest. “Thank y-you.” Reaver said with his dyeing breathes.

~The Mine~

When Shadow got back down the hill he told the men the real point of their mission and how the lightning storm was created by Angel before they got to work on the dead and wounded. After many hours of treated the wounded and burning the dead the survivors of Reaver’s assault picked up Angel’s staff and walked up the hill to pay respects to their hero. The others brought up the empty crate there were carrying as the decoy mining gear to rest Angel on. Once Angel was rested on the crate Shadow put Angel’s sword by his side and put his staff in his hands. Once both of Angel’s hands were on the staff lighting started to arc across his entire body. After two minutes the lightning stopped and Angel opened his eyes and rolled off of the crate and looked at his men. “What the hell!” “How are you still alive?” said the men.

“I was floating in nothing and I could see the mutation from Reaver all around me as well as all of our fallen comrades from all of his raids then I felt a sudden surge of power and I started moving to the only point of darkness in that horrible place and I woke up.” replied Angel.

“Well that answers that we have to move out to the mine now.” Shadow commanded.

Without any questions from anyone the men packed up and moved the mining gear to the mine. Once there the men unloaded the gear while Angel went for a walk through the old mine with Shadow. On the lower levels on the mine Angel and Shadow find a destroyed down and head through it, on the other side of the door is the reactor that powers the mine. Angel noticed that the Varium core of the reactor is dead and grabs a new Varium core from the wall. He jumps down into the reactor and uses Plasma Bolt to remove the old core and places the new Varium core in the reactor. A sudden burst of energy over takes Angel before he is launched across the room. “Are you ok?” Shadow asked.

“I’m better then ok Shadow I feel a new power surging through me in fact.” Angel says as he launches a fireball across the room. “I’m going to enjoy these new powers.”

~The End of part 2~

AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 6
9/25/2011 6:52:37   

Mirion crouched down, hiding himself behind the boulder. He could hear the shrill cries of the insects and the fearsome roars of other beasts. With slow, deliberate movements, he crept forward to peer through the tangle of nettle vines. The merchant was there, just like his current employer had said. He was distracted, talking to someone on his communicator. Mirion grinned. This was almost too easy.

Reaching for his belt, Mirion felt for an EMP Grenade. He drew back his arm, ready to lob it at his target. The device emitted a low buzz as it was activated.

Mirion froze when the man turned at the mild noise. Mirion immediately slid back into the shadows, preventing himself from being detected. Convinced that it was only the cry of a bug, he continued his conversation.

The grenade flew in a perfect arc, colliding with the bald man. It exploded with a flash of blue, draining the man of his energy. He collapsed to the ground. Mirion strode over to him casually, binding and gagging him and tossing him onto the hoverbike.

“C’mon, let’s go meet the boss. Don’t know why you’re on the list, but a job’s a job.”

Mirion started the engine with a flourish, causing the vehicle to levitate. Jumping on board, Mirion started his journey back to Fortune City.


Mirion stepped into Outpost 12, the quarters of the infamous Administrator 12. Through bribery, subterfuge and sabotage, he had received his current rank under Baelius. The Administrator was flanked by two City Guards, who used to be the protectors of the city, but were now nothing but petty thugs hired by Administrator 12 to enforce his rule over the citizens.

Unceremoniously dragging Dargo, the merchant he had been employed to capture, Mirion brought out his Credit Pass. In current times, people rarely carry Credits in the form of coins in fear of theft.

“Load it up, 12,” Mirion said. “I got the man you asked.”

“Very impressive indeed,” Administrator 12 spoke silkily. “Guards, seize him!”

“What’s your deal here? Let me go!” Mirion demanded, struggling against his captors. His eyes widened when he saw Dargo being freed. “You set me up!”

“Yes,” Administrator 12 sneered. “It was a test, to see if you are worthy of serving Baelius.”

Mirion’s heart sank when he heard the Overlord’s name. He was shoved into a cell, after being robbed of his weapons and his Credits.

“What does Baelius want with me?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” said the City Guards, chuckling to themselves.

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Capt. Krunch

- The Krunch Diaries Entry 1 -

The Tale of a Cereal Killer

They amuse me, all of them; the people of this world they call delta V. There like children, strutting about trying to pretend their something their not. It has been several years since I was that child. Smothered in my fathers armor as I pretended to be a warrior as mighty as he stood. His lessons forever burned into my memories. How he would have laughed at all these lifeforms, parading about from war to war. He too would have found amusement in how they think their power rivals any. I can still here his voice; "Strength is all that matters in this world son. Everything else is just an illusion for the weak". The power most of them possess pails in comparison to him in his prime. Or me for that matter. It was my fathers teachings that have made me the warrior I am today. His lessons, his test, I hated it all at the time. But years have granted me wisdom. I see now why he did all those things. If only I knew then what I know now. He would be proud to see what his son has become.

I remember his battles, how he made me watch from afar. Afterwards he would test me to be certain I was paying attention. Asking me questions, wanting explinations on why I think he did what he did. Yes, he bread me for war. Most of all, I remember my first battle. I was a pale image of a warrior. When I look back on it now, I was like a puppy. Scared of everything, but willing to do as my master commanded. "Are you afraid?" he asked me. I looked at his eyes and nodded. *This will be the last time you will feel fear." He said it as if it was more then a statement; almost like it was a command. As if I was no longer able to feel that emotion. That was when he gave it to me. "Take this." he said while handing me a mask. It was a menacing jesters mask with an evil grin. How foolish I was to question him as to why he was handing a mask before my battle. "This is not a mask." he told me. "This is your true face. This is the last thing your enemies will see before they meet there end. Behind this is a shadow of your former self. All your fear, all you anger; happyness. Those emotions can no longer be read on your face. This is who you are, who you will be from now on. A captain in my army." Thus Capt. Krunch was born. It was on that day that I took my first life. The one I defeated fell quickly. I could see the fear in his eyes as I approached him in my armor, grining at him with my new face. It was in that momment that I knew I would kill him. My father was a genius. When your enemy can not see your face, they can't gage your humanity. I scared him becuase he didn't know what to make of me. He could not tell if I was fearfull or eager. The thought of not knowing what he was up against, that is what lost him the battle. The most interesting thing of that day I can recall, was that I liked it.

Now at days, my face has not changed. Though I no longer ware it to hide my emotions as I once did. Fear, anger, sadness or joy take your pick. I lost the ability to feel this long ago. Ever since my first kill, blood and glory is all that I seek. Atleast it was for alittle while. The villian I am today was forged through greater hardships then what I have written this day. Some lessons I learned in a more... unorthidoxed fashion. In retrospect, I suppose I could have been more accomidating to my father. I use to think he was a difficult man. Now I know he was only a complex one. He wanted his name to last through the ages. He wanted to be a warlord that none could rival. And he wanted me at his side, an aier to take his throne of omnipotency when he steped down. Now I am to step from his shadow. I am to achieve all that he could not! An impossible task. He was strong, he was a god! And yet.... it is still sad how his story came to conclusion. I am his reflection when I look in the mirror. When I finally fall, will it be as he did? I pray that I am saved from such dower fate. Even his blood still stains my armor.

Entry 2

I was no longer a child, many moons had passed since that first battle. Yet still there I stood, not quite a man, but no longer that mushy ball of clay that my father wanted to mold. Perhaps one could say his sculpture was half complete. Up till that point in my life, I was my fathers lacky. I did as commanded, without question of any sort. My father was the leader of the legion army by this point. His word was law. That was all that mattered as far as I was concearned. All that I had learned tuaght me to know better then to question his motives. He had only to speak, and I would see it done. By this time, many had fallen by my hands. In my fathers army, I was his greatest assasin. It would seem that I was sent to succeed in orders that others had failed in. Or, in other cases, matters so critical that my father intrusted them to no one else but me. I swelled in the ranks of my fathers army. I was respected as well as feared by my peers. Perhaps it was my face that frightend them. Since my first battle, I have never been seen in public without my face. Even to myself, when I wasn't wearing it; the man I saw in the mirror was a stranger to me. Not the boy I remembered, but a man I never knew. It wasn't untill I met her that all these things began to change.

She was younger then I was at the time. Not by much, maybe several solar cycles. I suppose that would translate to two or three human years. The first time I laid eyes on her, something came over me. I cant describe the emotion. It had been many years since I felt anything other then the satisfaction of victory. Up untill that point, I had thought my father managed to make me incapable of feeling anything. But something about her made me feel... I'm not sure even to this day what we would call it, yet there she was; in the slums of barrens outpost. She was being herrassed by these two legion soldiers. I watched for some time untill one of them struck her in the back of her head. As she fell to her knees something came over me. I didnt even think before I attacked them both. One of them noticed me and ran off. The other levitated helplessly in the air with my hand gripping at his throut. Then, I felt someones arms wrapping gently around my waist. "Let him go please. I think he's learned his lesson." Her words floated on air like a leaf falling from a tree. I released the legionaire from my grasp. He crawled to his feet and ran off in terror. I looked to her meeting her eyes with my own. "Thank you." she said while kissing my hand. "My name is Eliza."

"My name is umm...Krunch." Never before had I ever been loss for words like I was on that day. What was it about her that made me this way I wondered. "Your name is Krunch?... Thats unusual." She laughed silently at my struggle to remember my name. "My apologies, I am Capt. Krunch. I am captian of the legion army, unit 7384. We are stationed here at the outpost." She looked at me as if she was confused. "you are a captian in the legion army. Why would you stop to help me. Those were legionaires you attacked. Are they not under your command." She was right. Had that been anyone else being assulted by my fathers men, I doubt I would have gotten involved. I stumbled to think of a reply. "I...I. I dont know why I did what I did. It just seemed like it was my duty to intervine. It didnt feel right, just standing by." I remember how she smiled at my reply. Almost as if shivalry was lost to the world and I was here to restore it. "Well Captian, will you escort me to my villa. I'm certain no one will try that again with you as my escort." She cliged gently to my arm and began to walk guiding me in the direction she wanted to travel in. I remember that day vividly, we spent hours together. It wasn't untill later that evening that we actually went to her home. It was there that she asked me. "Captain, why do you wear this mask? You have not removed it all day." I saw no need to lie to her. "This is not a mask. This is my face. This is who I am, beneath this "mask" as you would call it, there is a man; But it is not who I am." She smiled at me while brushing the hair from her eyes. "Well, maybe one day I will get to meet the man behind the mask." She lifted herself onto her toes and kissed my face on the lips. In that momment, I was conflicted. Something inside me desired that kiss to be on the face beneath the mask, this was all new to me. "Goodnight Captain. Thanks again!" She then ran off into her home.I was left there having experienced something unfamiliar to me.

After that night Eliza and I spent alot of time together. What started out as an innocent friendship, slowly became something more. Over the next 10 cycles, that would be five human years. We grew very fond of one another. It bothered her that I kept her hidden from my father. Something about the possibility of him knowing didn't seem right with me. Even before I uncovered that her family were exile supporters. She even had a cousin who was an officer in the exile army. It was something I knew my father would not tolerate. Our species does not need women to reproduce. However, we are able to procreate for our own pleasures if we so choose. My father saw women as an uneccessary distraction. He himself has never found need to amuse himself in that manner. Though he has never commanded that I exile myself from such desires. I suspect his training foreshadows his opinion on the matter. He speaks of glory and ambition, to persue nothing but greatness. Greatness is achieved through victories. Victories ensure no one will rival your rule. Altimately, he seeks power. And that is what he suggest I must seek. The power that he will leave to me in his wake. It is with this knowledge that I suggested long ago that Eliza and I keep our friendship hidden from our families.

So in secret we continued our friendship. She was unlike any women of any species I have ever met. I dont know what you would call what we had. She said her people called it love. When she told me what that meant I almost laughed. I told that I had no word for such an emotion. I knew only what my father had tought me. I was not educated in this thing they called love. I read the archives of her people. Often when her people were in "love", they were lifelong mates. But her species needed one another to reproduce. That made sense. Eliza and I never mated. How could we be in love? Even by human standars, it made no sense. However, I cannot deny that there was something... more between us. It was Eliza who was the only person I revealed myself to. "Why do you still where that mask infront of me? After all these years, you'd think you would be comfortable around me." "Here we go again." I thought to myself. This was to be another one of many attemps to get me to remove my face. "I've told you why." I replied for the thousanth time. This time when I looked at her, I could tell this was not an ordinary conversation. Her demeaner was different about a familiar topic. "I don't see things the same as you. I know the real you, I know everything about you; Exccept what you look like. That thing on your face, its a mask! Thats not who you are. I just feel after all this time, you should be able to show me your tue self." I didnt know how to respond. For many years I thought my face revealed already. But in her eyes, I've been hiding it from her all along. I could not form words for my defense. Were I raised in her customs, would I have tolerated what she has for so long? I lowered my head in shame and began to unfassen the knot behind my head. "Forgive me for this insult, that I have committed time and time again. I did not look at it through the eyes of a human. How long you have waited, I would see you wait no longer." I lifted my head to her while pulling away my face. I'll never forget the look on her face. As if she had been an old blind women discovering sight for the first time. "This; This is your true face." She said while placing both hands against my cheeks. I remember the sensation, of being touched there. Its something no one has done since I was a child. She kissed me for the first time that night. It pleased me to reveal what she called, my "true face". Even by my fathers standards, none of my enemies will see what lies beneath my face. All they will see is the grin of a warlord. As for Eliza and myself, how our friendship blossomed over the next few months. We were so nieve to think it would last forever.

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