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Index of Mecha Heads

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8/19/2011 1:18:36   

Mecha Heads

The following is a list of Mecha Heads that are able to be purchased. Due to the fact that it requires some reformatting, it will take some time to make this Index complete. Fell free to PM me for any corrections or missing informations in order to make this Index complete. Thank you!

*Thanks to tflo and all those who contributed.*

Items in black have no pedia entry.
Items in this color are Star Captain only.
Items in this color require Nova Gems to purchase.
Items in this color are Star Captain only & require Nova Gems to purchase.
Items in this color are part of a promotional offer, and must be obtained via actions outside of the game.
(Rare) - means the item has been removed from the game OR soon to be removed.
(Scaled) means that the item scales up to a certain level with you.
(Scaled - SC) means that the item scales up to a certain level with you only if you're SC.

< Message edited by Selutu -- 8/24/2011 12:28:44 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
8/19/2011 1:28:45   

Level 1
A-Head of Schedule (Scaled)
Black Cat Mask (Rare)
Black Cat Std 3010 (Rare) (Scaled)
Cat Mask (Rare)
Cypher Head
Dragon's Secret (Scaled)
Dragonhelm (Scaled)
Exo Skel Head
Gift Box 3011 (Rare)
Gift Box 3012 (Rare)
Ice Crystal Storm (Rare) (Scaled)
Omni Hawk Helm
Pizza Chef
Pizza on my head
Pumpkin Mask (Rare)
Roasted Helm (Rare)(Scaled)
Rock N Roll Skull Mask
SC Staredown
Skull Mask (Rare)
Volatile Pumpkin Mask (Rare)
Wicked Witch Mask (Rare)
Witch Mask (Rare)

Level 2
Splattered Mask (Rare)
Star Striker Head
Wolf's Head

Level 3
Love Shanty (Rare)
Rock Skull
SC Phaser Eyes
Splattered Visage (Rare)
Syr Head
Uncle (Rare)

Level 4
Cabin Boy's Swashbuckler (Rare)
Hyper Helmet M4
Luscious Lips (Rare)
Smilie Face

Level 5
Alpha Wolf Head
Blue Wolf Head
Dr. Cardiac
Farmer Pilgrim (Rare)
Frankenbrain 59 (Rare) (Scaled)
Holiday Present (Rare)
Kringler 08, The (Rare)
Kringler, The (Rare)
Police Head
Salvaged Shadowscythe Head

Level 6
EC Dispenser (Rare)
Energy Flux
Flash Bomb
Missile Mouth
New Year Googles (Rare)
Reaper's Lens -6 (Rare)
Sailor Boneyface (Rare)
Scanner Blade
Scanner Pulse
Sniegapika Volley -6 (Rare)
Tiny Bulk Blast
Firework Viewer 6D(Rare)

Level 7
Bun Hair
Crazy Hair
Deckhand's Swashbuckler (Rare)
Hero Hair
Falcon Hair
SC Sniper Staredown
Shako of Frost
Eggstatic C-7 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-7 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-7 (Rare)
Pony Hair
Wild Hair

Level 8
Big Smilie Face
Eagle Stare (Rare)
Hull Piercer (Rare)
Hyper Helmet M8
New Year Warhead (Rare)
Quartz Skull
Trick or Treat Cat (Rare)
Trick or Treat Gourd (Rare)
Trick or Treat Hag (Rare)
Trick or Treat Skull (Rare)

Level 9
Egghead (Rare)
Korin's Absurd Bag (Rare)
Salvaged Foul Clabomba
Scary Mask (Rare)
Scary Visage (Rare)
St. Patrick's Head O'9 (Rare)
Super Luscious Lips (Rare)
Talkin' Boneyface (Rare)
Valoth's Epic Temper (Rare)

Level 10
Insecro-Hawk SLV10 (Scaled)
Frankenbrain 1014 (Rare) (Scaled)
Gatling Shell (Rare)
Grazed Metal Head v.10
Korin's Odd Bag (Rare)
Mean Boneyface (Rare)
Metal Head v.10 (Rare)
New Year RoboFlash (Rare)
Precision Shadowscythe Head
SC Beam Gazer

< Message edited by Peachii -- 2/10/2013 7:37:33 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
8/20/2011 6:20:53   

Level 11
Black Cat Ltd 3010 (Rare)(Scaled)
Caster Blaster (Rare)
EC Dispenser SE (Rare)
Korin's Crinkly Bag (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.11
Rift N-11 (Rare)
Searing Blast (Rare)
Shepherd Pilgrim (Rare)
Strange Beam (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Hat (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Kepi (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Lid (Rare)

Level 12
Big Bulk Blast
Dire Circuit (Rare)
Flame Tounge
Gas Mask
Incredible Scanner Blade
Incredible Scanner Pulse
Laser Eyes
Lightning (Rare)
Mist Raven
Mizzerollo (Rare)
New Year Googles SE (Rare)
Reaper's Lens -12 (Rare)
Sniegapika Volley -12 (Rare)
Swarm, The
Vision Portal

Level 13
Cabin Boy Boneyface (Rare)
Crystal Skull
Eggstatic C-13 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-13 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-13 (Rare)
Frightful Mask (Rare)
Frightful Visage (Rare)
Hyper Helmet M13
Large Smilie Face
Marvelous Phoenix (Rare)
Matey's Swashbuckler (Rare)
Oily Bun Hair
Oily Crazy Hair
Oily Falcon Hair
Oily Hero Hair
Oily Pony Hair
Oily Wild Hair
Trick or Treat Crone (Rare)
Trick or Treat Grim (Rare)
Trick or Treat Housecat (Rare)
Trick or Treat Squash (Rare)
Ytterbium Laser 1013nm (Rare)

Level 14
Greater Luscious Lips (Rare)
New Year Warhead SE (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.14
Shako of Hoarfrost
Yammerin' Boneyface (Rare)

Level 15
Amazing Scanner Blade
Amazing Scanner Pulse
Bolt Head
Frankenbrain 1519 (Rare) (Scaled)
Intimidating Bulk Blast
Love Shanty 09 (Rare)
Love Stings (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face (Rare)
Firework Viewer 15D(Rare)

Level 16
Great Uncle (Rare)
Korin's Ridiculous Bag (Rare)
Korin's Silly Bag (Rare)
New Year Googles DLX (Rare)
New Year RoboFlash SE (Rare)
Salvaged Rancid Clabomba
Steel Sensor Disruptor (Rare)
Sturdy Gatling Shell (Rare)
Valoth's Epic Anger (Rare)

Level 17
EC Dispenser LE (Rare)
Gatherer Pilgrim (Rare)
Huge Smilie Face
Korin's Crunchy Bag (Rare)
Rift N-17 (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face II (Rare)
Shock Head
Spoiled Egghead (Rare)

Level 18
Cap'n's Swashbuckler (Rare)
Diamond Skull
Geist E.S.P.
Hyper Helmet M18
New Year Warhead DLX (Rare)
Reaper's Lens -18 (Rare)
Sniegapika Volley -18 (Rare)
Strong Lightning (Rare)
Trick or Treat Alleycat (Rare)
Trick or Treat Deathmask (Rare)
Trick or Treat Pumpkin (Rare)
Trick or Treat Witch (Rare)

Level 19
Eggstatic C-19 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-19 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-19 (Rare)
Grazed Metal Head v.19
Metal Head v.19 (Rare)
OddBeam (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.19
Shadow Blight (Rare)
Shadow Purge (Rare)
Shoutin' Boneyface (Rare)
Sleek Bun Hair
Sleek Crazy Hair
Sleek Falcon Hair
Sleek Hero Hair
Sleek Pony Hair
Sleek Wild Hair
St. Patrick's Head O'19 (Rare)
Ultra Luscious Lips (Rare)

Level 20
Bullet Tooth
Crane Master N-20
Deadly Orboret
Evil Oni
Flak Bomb
Frankenbrain 2024 (Rare) (Scaled)
Insecro-Hawk SLV20 (Scaled)
Magical Caster Blaster (Rare)
Mizzerollo SE (Rare)
Morbid Circuit (Rare)
Mr. Z's Noggin
New Year RoboFlash DLX (Rare)
Psychic Blast
Psychic Force
Shrapnel Breath
Smoldering Sugegasa
Spawn Missile
Spit Fire
Telepathy Scan

< Message edited by Peachii -- 6/9/2013 10:36:13 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
8/20/2011 6:47:59   

Level 21
Beard Fist G-21
Behemoth Helm(Rare)
Black Cat Pro 3010 (Rare)(Scaled)
Deckhand Boneyface (Rare)
Dimitri's Eye
Giant Smilie Face
Good Great-Uncle (Rare)
Grand Uncle (Rare)
Great-Grand Uncle (Rare)
Harvest Pilgrim (Rare)
Horrific Mask (Rare)
Horrific Visage (Rare)
Scary Harionago
Shadow Witch Face III
Spectacular Phoenix (Rare)
Straw Hat S
Ytterbium Laser 1021nm (Rare)
Firework Viewer 21D(Rare)

Level 22
Bat Head
Evil Sam Rye HDNSC22
Evil Sam Rye HDSC22
Korin's Irrational Bag (Rare)
Korin's Strange Bag (Rare)
Power Scanner Blade
Power Scanner Pulse
Storm Head
Temperamental Bulk Blast
Univora N-22
Univora G-22
Univora S-22
Vivi's Birthday Fedora (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Panama (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Topper (Rare)

Level 23
Brassy Gong
Buccaneer's Swashbuckler (Rare)
Crane Master C-23
Crane Master G-23
Data Cell G-23
Disc Driver C-23
Energy Cannonball
Gridlocker N-23
Korin's Crazy Bag (Rare)
Monkeys Uncle (Rare)
Mr. Z's Noggin LE
Nasty Boneyface (Rare)
Reaper's Lens -23 (Rare)
Salvaged Stinking Clabomba
Shako of Ice
Sniegapika Volley -23 (Rare)
Tiger Roar 2300dB
Trick or Treat Beldame (Rare)
Trick or Treat Cucurbit (Rare)
Trick or Treat Death's-Head (Rare)
Trick or Treat Tomcat (Rare)
Valoth's Epic Rage (Rare)

Level 24
Beard Fist N-24
Dimitri's Look
Eggstatic C-24 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-24 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-24 (Rare)
Gold Sensor Disruptor (Rare)
Grand Lightning (Rare)
Love Smarts (Rare)
New Year Googles Ultra (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.24
Shiny Bun Hair
Shiny Crazy Hair
Shiny Falcon Hair
Shiny Hero Hair
Shiny Pony Hair
Shiny Wild Hair
Terrifying Mask (Rare)
Terrifying Visage (Rare)
Thunder Head
Tough Gatling Shell (Rare)

Level 25
Addled Egghead (Rare)
Barbarian Skull (Rare)
Beard Fist C-25
Breath of Fire
Crane Master N-25
Doom Harvester Masque
Doom Harvester Visage
Enraged Bulk Blast
Frankenbrain 2529 (Rare) (Scaled)
Hollerin' Boneyface (Rare)
Laser Gazer (Rare)
Mr. Z's Noggin DLX
Raging Bulk Blast (Rare)
Serpent Captain (Rare)
Super Scanner Blade
Super Scanner Pulse
Terrible Bulk Blast
Ultra Scanner Blade
Ultra Scanner Pulse

Level 26
Bosun Boneyface (Rare)
Breath of Death
EC Dispenser XL (Rare)
Evil Sam Rye HDNSC26
Evil Sam Rye HDSC26
New Year Warhead Ultra (Rare)
Reaper Pilgrim (Rare)
Rift N-26 (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face IV (Rare)
Special Luscious Lips (Rare)
Straw Hat M
Wicked Oni

Level 27
Beard Fist G-27
Conjuring Caster Blaster (Rare)
Disc Driver C-27
Fiery Sugegasa
Flak Bomb H3
Flak NovaBomb H3
Flak StarBomb H3
Grazed Metal Head v.27
Gridlocker N-27
Large Energy Cannonball
Metal Head v.27 (Rare)
Psychic Blast C3
Psychic NovaBlast C3
Psychic StarBlast C3
Spit Fire D3
Spit NovaFire D3
Spit StarFire D3
Univora N-27
Univora G-27
Univora S-27
Unusual Beam (Rare)

Level 28
Barbarian Cranium (Rare)
Bat Beacon
Crane Master G-28
Doom Harvester Cachet
Doom Harvester Guise
Frightening Harionago
Grim Circuit (Rare)
Hyped-Up Bulk Blast
Hyper Bulk Blast
Hyperion Scanner Blade
Hyperion Scanner Pulse
Korin's Ludicrous Bag (Rare)
Korin's Weird Bag (Rare)
Laser Amazer (Rare)
Mizzerollo XL (Rare)
New Year RoboFlash Ultra (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.28
Serpent Commander (Rare)
Trick or Treat Grimalkin (Rare)
Trick or Treat J'OL (Rare)
Trick or Treat Reaper (Rare)
Trick or Treat Virago (Rare)
Web Walker Head

Level 29
Behemoth Masque (Rare)
Brawny Bullhead
Changing Gong
Crane Master C-29
Data Cell G-29
Dimitri's Glare
Huge Energy Cannonball
Korin's Wild Bag (Rare)
Magnificent Phoenix (Rare)
Tiger Roar 2900dB
Ytterbium Laser 1029nm (Rare)
Firework Viewer 29D(Rare)

Level 30
Beard Fist N-30
Bloodcurdling Mask (Rare)
Bloodcurdling Visage (Rare)
Eagle Stare (Rare)
Flak Bomb H4
Flak NovaBomb H4
Flak StarBomb H4 (Rare)
Frankenbrain 3034 (Rare) (Scaled)
Insecro-Hawk SLV30 (Scaled)
Love Hurts (Rare)
Mega Scanner Blade
Mega Scanner Pulse
Psychic Blast C4
Psychic NovaBlast C4
Psychic StarBlast C4
Salvaged Reeking Clabomba
ShS Trog HDN30
Spit Fire D4
Spit NovaFire D4
Spit StarFire D4
Supernova Scanner Blade
Supernova Scanner Pulse
Superstar Scanner Blade
Superstar Scanner Pulse

< Message edited by Peachii -- 6/9/2013 10:35:12 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
8/20/2011 6:52:38   

Level 31
Black Cat Ultra 3010 (Rare)(Scaled)
Burly Bullhead
Matey Boneyface (Rare)
St. Patrick's Head O'31 (Rare)
Straw Hat L
Univora N-31
Univora G-31
Univora S-31
Valoth's Epic Ire (Rare)

Level 32
Crane Master N-32
Eggstatic C-32 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-32 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-32 (Rare)
Evil Sam Rye HDNSC32
Evil Sam Rye HDSC32
Fearsome Oni
Mighty Lightning (Rare)
Reaper's Lens -32 (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face SI (Rare)
Shako of Glaciers
Sniegapika Volley -32 (Rare)

Level 33
Beefy Bullhead
Brawny Gatling Shell (Rare)
Breath of Death V33
Disc Driver C-33
EC Dispenser DLX (Rare)
Flak Bomb H5
Flak NovaBomb H5
Flak StarBomb H5
Gridlocker N-33
Peculiar Beam (Rare)
Psychic Blast C5
Psychic NovaBlast C5
Psychic StarBlast C5
Rotten Egghead (Rare)
Scorching Sugegasa
Spit Fire D5
Spit NovaFire D5
Spit StarFire D5
Wizard Caster Blaster (Rare)

Level 34
Beard Fist G-34
Crane Master C-34
Dimitri's Stare
Korin's Bizzare Bag (Rare)
Marvelous Scanner Blade
Marvelous Scanner Pulse
Rift N-34 (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face V (Rare)
Terrifying Harionago
Tiger Roar 3400dB
Vivi's Birthday Bowler (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Bucket (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Capuche (Rare)
Yelliin' Boneyface (Rare)

Level 35
Beard Fist C-35
Clamorous Gong
Data Cell G-35
Fabulous Phoenix (Rare)
Fabulous Scanner Blade
Fabulous Scanner Pulse
Frankenbrain 3539 (Rare) (Scaled)
Gentleman's Punk (Scaled)
Grisly Circuit (Rare)
Insecro-Hawk SLV35 (Scaled)
Korin's Bonkers Bag (Rare)
Mizzerollo LE (Rare)
Steamy Breath
Univora G-35
Univora N-35
Univora S-35

Level 36
Beard Fist N-36
Grazed Metal Head v.36
Ill-Tempered Boneyface (Rare)
Metal Head v.36 (Rare)
Mighty Scanner Blade
Mighty Scanner Pulse
Pharma Mask v.36
Reaper's Lens -36 (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face SII (Rare)
Sniegapika Volley -36 (Rare)
Straw Hat XL

Level 37
Disc Driver C-37
Evil Sam Rye HDNSC37
Evil Sam Rye HDSC37
Firework Viewer 37D(Rare)
Gridlocker N-37
Love Mars (Rare)
Salvaged Reeking Clabomba
Valoth's Epic Fury (Rare)
Ytterbium Laser 1037nm (Rare)

Level 38
Crane Master C-38
Crane Master G-38
Crane Master N-38
Eggstatic C-32 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-32 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-32 (Rare)
Powerful Lightning (Rare)
Terrifying Oni

Level 39
Buccaneer Boneyface (Rare)
Dimitri's Gaze
Salvaged Violent Thunderbulb
Shadow Witch Face VI (Rare)
Sorcerous Caster Blaster (Rare)
SSonOS 39
Weird Beam (Rare)
Univora N-39
Univora G-39
Univora S-39

Level 40
Beard Fist C-40
Beard Fist G-40
Beard Fist N-40
Blazing Sugegasa
Breath of Death V40
Burly Gatling Shell (Rare)
Crashing Gong
Deluxe Luscious Lips (Rare)
Frankenbrain 4044 (Rare) (Scaled)
Horrifying Harionago
Insecro-Hawk SLV40 (Scaled)
Korin's Baffling Bag (Rare)
Korin's Preposterous Bag (Rare)
Korin's Wonky Bag (Rare)
Korin's Zany Bag (Rare)
Shadow Witch Face SIII (Rare)
St. Patrick's Head O'40 (Rare)
Terrific Scanner Blade
Terrific Scanner Pulse
Thanks 40 LB
Tiger Roar 4000dB

< Message edited by Peachii -- 6/9/2013 10:33:59 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
8/20/2011 6:54:54   

Level 41
Data Cell G-41
Gruesome Circuit (Rare)
Mizzerollo DLX (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.41
Rift N-41 (Rare)
Splendid Phoenix (Rare)

Level 42
Bawlin' Boneyface (Rare)
Love Wounds (Rare)
Reaper's Lens -42 (Rare)
Sniegapika Volley -42 (Rare)
Valoth's Epic Vitriol (Rare)

Level 43
Dimitri's Glance
Hyper Helmet M43
Univora G-43
Univora S-43
Vivi's Birthday Boater (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Bonnet (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Chapeau (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Shako (Rare)

Level 44
Granger Pilgrim (Rare)
Salvage Fetid Clabomba
Salvaged Tempestuous Thunderbulb
SSonOS 44
Tremendous Lightning (Rare)
Univora N-44
Firework Viewer 44D(Rare)

Level 45
Awesome Scanner Blade
Awesome Scanner Pulse
Barbarian Plate (Rare)
Cantakerous Boneyface (Rare)
Cap'n Boneyface (Rare)
Data Cell G-45
Disc Driver C-45
Eggstatic C-45 (Rare)
Eggstatic G-45 (Rare)
Eggstatic N-45 (Rare)
Enchanter's Caster Blaster (Rare)
Fantastic Scanner Blade
Fantastic Scanner Pulse
Frankenbrain 4549 (Rare) (Scaled)
Glistening Bun Hair
Glistening Crazy Hair
Glistening Falcon Hair
Glistening Hero Hair
Glistening Pony Hair
Glistening Wild Hair
Glorious Phoenix (Rare)
Grazed Metal Head v.45
Gridlocker N-45
Heavy-Duty Gatling Shell (Rare)
Laser Phaze (Rare)
Love Scars (Rare)
Macabre Circuit (Rare)
Magnificent Scanner Blade
Magnificent Scanner Pulse
Metal Head v.0.0 (Rare)
Metal Head v.45 (Rare)
Mizzerollo XLE (Rare)
Mysterious Beam (Rare)
Pharma Mask v.45
Reaper's Lens -45 (Rare)
Rift N-45 (Rare)
Salvaged Repulsive Skull
Serpent Commodore (Rare)
Sniegapika Volley -45 (Rare)
Thanks 45 LB
Thunderin' Boneyface (Rare)
Ytterbium Laser 1045nm (Rare)

Level 46

Level 47
Valoth's Epic Malice (Rare)

Level 48

Level 49

Level 50
Scorching Breath
Shako of Icebergs
Valoth's Epic Wrath (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Busby (Rare)
Vivi's Birthday Stetson (Rare)

< Message edited by Peachii -- 6/9/2013 10:38:07 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
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