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=AQW= In the Beginning...

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9/15/2011 22:36:27   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Welcome! Welcome to one of the Creative Corners of AE Forums. Have a need to write something? Need to explain to the world who, what, where, why and how your AQW character came to be? Well, look no further. If you have a beginning to tell, we have a place for you.

A couple of rules to make this easiest to read.

1) One post per person. If you need to post small bits at a time, please just edit your post to continue it. Do not make a new post to add to your story. New major events in AQW will receive a new thread.

2) Please do not comment on the stories in this thread. If you want to comment on the stories, please go =AQW= In the Beginning... discussion.

3) If you choose to suppliment your story with pics, they must follow these guidelines: 400x400 MAX, 100KB MAX, no more then 4 per story.

4) If your story begins to get longer and longer until it is more than just your beginning, you will be asked to create a story thread of your own with its own discussion thread.

Have fun and please...PLEASE remember the rules in both the AE forums and my own L&L rules.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
9/22/2011 11:43:18   

There was once a little kid named Cedric, this little kid had little idea of what he was worth...

It all started during one stormy night, a night, just like this night. Cedric was called by his mom "Cedric! Come down here, I wanna talk to you about something!" she said, Cedric reluctantly went down the stairs, only to be surprised by a visitor, "Cedric, I saw this man passed out on the street, and I couldn't just leave him be." his mom said, "Can you take care of him for me while I go fetch the ingredients for dinner?" Afraid, Cedric went back to his room, closing his eyes, shivering, then suddenly, he heard a voice, it was faint, but it was the voice of a devil, he heard it again, this time, louder. Now, even more scared than before, Cedric hurried to the door, and just as he opened it, he saw the man standing right outside of it. "I mean no harm" said the man. "You lie!" Said Cedric. As he hurriedly made his way out of the house, he saw shadows in the darkness of the street, the man whom his mother saved came out screaming "Hurry back! It is not safe outside! Stay where there is light!" But Cedric didn't listen, he ran, and ran, and ran, until he didn't couldn't see the man anymore. "Ce... d... r..." he heard, then he looked down and saw, what looked to be his mom's upper-body, bleeding all over the place, he fell, he cried, he fainted. Morning came, his mother's corpse was never found,

Not done yet (obviously), but already open to criticism.
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9/22/2011 12:44:23   
AQW Designer of All Things

I'm open to any critism ^.^ First time writing xD

On Mogloween night, in a little town located in the sandseas, a silver haired girl named "Asuka" was born. Her parents were concerned about Asuka's snow-white hair at birth but thought not much of it. Asuka loved to study folkore and mythology in school and reading about the secret society of the paladins in her free time. She was usually picked on for it, but she was the one who had the last laugh when her grades came in. Asuka usually trained with the wooden kantana sword her grandfather gave her, pretending she was in one of those secret society of paladins she read so much about, playing with other children and usually hurting them in the process for getting too rough. During her teenage years. other kids would whisper gossip,lies,secrets all flowing around Asuka's snow white hair. Some called her a gift, while others marked her for pitiful and evil. Asuka was getting better with playing and training with her wooden sword. She was preforming tatics and moves the best warriors in the palace couldn't predict or cope with. She outsmarted them all. "Brain over brawn" she would say with a smirk as she faced the toughest warrior of the palace. The Pharaoh watched her closly as she fougth her rounds with the palace guards and his eyes went wide. "Come here Asuka" he said. "Your challenge is not over yet, my dear girl. Your last opponent will be me." Asuka couldn't believe the words she just heard. She always wanted to fight the Pharaoh and take the kingdom, but she didn't think it would come so soon. "Excus-" she said, cut off by the pharaoh's sword, slashing it towards her without warning. She quickly dodged it. "What was that for?!" she yelled towards him, confused but angry, her red eyes glowing. "I know you're not a human of kind nature, Asuka." he said, smiling while handling his sword. I know you have marked yourself with Gravelyn, the empress of Shadowfall. The crowd went asilent and Asuka said nothing but just glared at him. "You know the law Asuka. We cannot have the alliance of good and evil touch the ancient Sandseas. "I don't care what you think, i'm allowed a voice. An opinion." "Ignorant little girl, you'll harm us all with this choice. And so you must be...Exterminated." While their swords clashed and cuts and scrapes were earn, the pharaoh marked a scar on her right arm. Asuka screamed in pain in fell to her knees. People that knew Asuka in the crowd started to boo the Pharaoh for his actions on scarring her with what they call "The Mark." Just as the Pharaoh was about to strike her down, people started to jump out of the crowd and had an uproar about what to do next. While the Pharaoh and guards were busy calming down the crowds, Asuka escaped the sandsea and journeyed to Shadowfall. There she became a soldier of evil and vowed revenge againest the Pharaoh one day. When she wants to remember her hatered, she looks at The Mark on her right arm.

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9/22/2011 13:51:03   

Birthed in the hollows of an unknown forest, a child, known only as D, came to live in the town known as Swordhaven. He knew not much about his early childhood, nor that the people who he visited day in, day out were not his parents. His life was utter blissful ignorance. The children would cluster round him after he came back from work-at the blacksmith's. They loved him. He'd tell them stories about trolls, dragons and other creatures beyond simple imagination. But he never felt like he belonged. Sometimes he'd lose his temper too easily, and insult the king without given cause. He'd managed to keep his temper under check for the best part of a year.
Though, on an utterly normal night, returning from his job, he found the front door to his 'parent's' house wide open. He crept stealthily to the window, and heard faint voices coming from within.
'Give us the boy!' said a voice, sounding like it was coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
'What are you talking about? We are simple folk, we do not wish to cross high necromancers such as yourselves.'
'Cut the grovelling and take us to the child or we will slit your throat!'
This was too much for D, and he rushed into the house, drawing his blacksmith's hammer and brough it down on the necromancer, who whirled around and shot a blast of shadow out of his hand, freezing D in mid-air. Even through the hood, D could see the necromancer's eyes widen. 'Dunames? Is that you? Son?'
D nearly threw up. This man, this vessel of utter shadow, who threatened his mother and father, was claiming to be his father?
'Who are you?' He snarled, fighting the hold of the shadow. The necromancer drew back his hood.
'You do not recognise me? I am your father!'
'He is my father' D said, flicking his eyes to the quivering man in the corner.
'No, I am. Maybe I can...Remind you.' The Man walked up to him, and touched him on the forehead. Memories flooded back to him, his birth, his time in the woods...Studying necromancy...

Will be updated. Watch this space!
Oh, and open to criticism.

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9/22/2011 13:55:36   
Ty Lee

Prologue, a look into the past.

To the east of the main continent of lore lies Seria a small island.
The island and its inhabitants primarily live in solitude from the rest of the world
on the island, except for the occasional merchants. It is a peacefull island with
friendly inhabitants in which everyone knows one and another.
On this island Ty Lee lives. Going to school and playing with her friends.

One day Ty Lee and her friends walk around the town after school. She notices a couple
of men leaving the local antique store. She walks inside the store and asks the shop
owner if their are any new items for sale. She tells Ty Lee that the men that just
left just sold her some new items. Going trough the items she finds a crimson coloured
necklace. She decides to buy it and she and her friends leave the store.

Ty Lee and her friends have all gotten home and have gone to sleep. Suddenly a large
storm starts. Woken by the sound of thunder Ty Lee goes to her window. She looks up
to the sky and sees a weird shape taking form in the sky. It appears to be a huge
dragon. The dragon shouts at the inhabitants of the island stating that they have
doomed themselves for stealing the items that it guarded. The dragon claims itself
as the guardian of cursed items from around the world and that it was awakened by
the fact that the items were stolen.

The dragon lands on the island and start burning down the entire island looking to
retrieve the cursed items and punish the islanders. Ty Lee goes outside and runs
around the streets trying to find her friends. She is stopped by another inhabitant
telling her that she needs to go to the docks for evacuation. She doesnt want to go
but is forced by the inhabitant to go. As she makes her way to the docks the dragon
flies over them and burns the entire docks.

The dragons lands before her. She tries to reason with the dragon saying that the
inhabitants of this island never leave so it is impossible for them to have stolen
the items. The dragon looks at her neck and finds one of the cursed items around it.
The dragon asks how she got that item. She says that a couple of merchants brought it
in. She tries to reason with the dragon saying that they did not know that the items
were cursed. The dragon asks of Ty Lee to give the artifact to him. As he takes back
the item the dragon states that she and she alone shall be spared to exact revenge
on those who have wronged her. However the rest of the island shall pay its debt in
death. Ty Lee tries to reason with the dragon again however as she starts the dragon
sweeps with its tail knocking Ty Lee onconsious into the water.

Ty Lee wakes up somewhere that doesnt appear the island of Seria. On the horizon she
still sees a small amount of smoke reaching for the skies. She is filled with feelings
of pain. She swears to herself that she shall take revenge on the merchants who
caused this catastrophy. Knowing that the dragon took pity on her she is filled with
more anger and also promises that she will keeping getting more powerfull untill
nobody takes pity on her anymore.

To gain more power she needs to find someone who is willing to train her. After walking
for 2 days and 2 nights she ends up in the small village of Battleon. However as soon
as she arrives she collapses from the long journey.

She finds herself waking up in some kind of combat academy. As she wakes up a man
comes into the room. She quickle asks where she is. The man responds saying that
this is indeed an academy for training fighters. She asks if she is allowed to train
here with the rest of the students. He asks: For what reason do you want to train?
She simply responds: I want to get stronger so that i can exact revenge on those who
have wronged me. After hearing this the man declines to train her however she is
allowed to stay here for as long as she wants.

Seeing as nobody sees to want to help her she decides to take matters into her own
hands. She waits untill it is night then steals the necessary equipment and leaves.
After walking for a bit she hears a couple of villagers talking about an undead army
near the gates of Swordhaven. She asks the villagers where swordhaven is. The villagers
ask her why she would want to go to such a dangerous place but eventually tell her the
way to Swordhaven. She heads to Swordhaven in the hope of finding the power she needs.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
9/22/2011 15:10:39   

Our story begins in the Land of Dragonfable, with a Noble hero by the name of Morthus Hellsbane.

This hero was the bravest in Lore, and Defended Oaklore keep against all who may try and take it from invaders. The seasons went by with all sorts of enemies bombarding the gates of the great keep. Skeletons, Slimes, Elementals, Oaklore had it all, but always pulled through will help from Morthus. The days came and went, until one fateful event in history changed his world forever. The Rise of the Magma Dragon. Akilroth.

As the days passed, and the tales of whole towns burned to a cinder over-night, Morthus and various warriors came together to combat this threat. Many times they came close to stopping the mighty beast, but they missed it all the same. One night however, a warrior managed to sneak upon the Dragon. Morthus Hellsbane. He had taken the Frozen Claymore, a weapon of un-imagonable Ice Power, and intended to use it to slay the terrifying beast. The battle was long and fierce, but in the end Morthus came out on top. The Victory was not all glorious, as Morthus had taken a Mortally threatening wound to his side. Things did not look good.

The following day, Morthus' Wife and Son stood by his side, as Great Clerics gathered to Heal and restore the fallen Hero. They tried long and hard to repair the wound, but none of it was successful. The following morning, and unlikely Moglin came to offer a solution. Zorbak. He suggested that Morthus' soul be transferred into a suit of armour, thus keeping him alive in the form of an ethereal spirit. No one knew of any alternatives, so they had to agree. The ritual of seperating Mind from Body had begun. The Blue Pyre that was Morthus was seen floating into the air, as it was placed into Death Knight armour. The only one availalble that would accept Ghostly forms. A few moments passed until the Armour began to show 2 Light blue orbs through the visor for eyes. Morthus re-awoke, inside a new form to which he had to get used to. His 8 year old son looked into his Father's eyes blankly. This boy was Caspian, and would aspire to do great things.

Several years passed, until Caspian was the ripe age of 18. And he began to have thoughts. He had these thoughts the past few years, and came to a conclusion. This was not the ideal choice, but he had no options which would be as effective. Caspian had to travel to a place that knew of necromancy, but not of his raids upon the Necropolis and the outcast of Noxus. There were Myths of a place...a realm that existed of all other times of Lore. If there was a slim chance that he could gain the skills to get his Father a body back, then he'd take it.

Caspian set upon opening a Portal with help from Warlic. It took a few months to fully stabalize, but it was safe to use eventually. Still, that didnt stop a few Void spawn crossing over and having to be beaten back to where they came. When the time arose, Caspian said his farewells and stepped through the portal. He vowed to stay there until he had mastered the ways of Necromancy, and the application of it to his Father's enprisonment. To fully achieve what he set out to do. Caspian had to become a Death Knight. The Determination would push him forward, the anger at Akilroth would vanquish any who got in his way. With both Virtue and Vengeance in his soul. He was torn between 2 morales. Pure of Heart, or Corrupt to the end.

To be Continued...
DF AQW  Post #: 6
9/22/2011 15:54:43   
Armour X

Armour "x" The Beginning..

I am the stray soul that occupies the armour of deceased warriors, I am drawn to those who had regrets.. something left, "undone" before they fell, by possessing said armour I inherit the skills, the prowess, even the form of these warriors, but, I also inherit their ambitions, their memories. My sole mission is to fulfil the ambitions of warrior "X", what they were unable to achieve before confronted with their own mortality. Once achieved, my soul is forcefully removed from the vessel and I must venture once more, to occupy a new shell. In time I acquired the title "The dreaded soul, Armour X". I am neither pure nor tainted, I am, who they were. That is where my story beings...

The dreaded soul (Chapter 1)

I found myself lurking the baron wastelands of a post-war battlefield, so many distressed souls, so many cries. The call to a vessel is never left to chance, but is decided by excessive level of regret and the sheer will of the soul crying out. As I scoured the field, I felt intense spiritual pressure surrounding the deceased remains of a soldier, left lying dead center of the battlefield, as I approached the corpse the force grew in strength, it felt as though I was being summoned towards it, against my own will. I could sense the thoughts, the desires, the will of the spirit, all in an overwhelming influx of spiritual transference*. I knew this soul could not be ignored, and so, it was decided, the new vessel in which I would infuse my soul, to carry its burden, its unfinished work, its purpose. Preparations were complete and I began to embed my soul into the core of the corpse, (where the heart is located), the process progressed and muscle began to bind to my bones, flesh scaled down the entirety of my body and finally, I was physically "human" again. At this point my mind was a blank canvas waiting to be consumed by information. Shortly after, memories began to flood my mind, sudden memories of Japan, my entire family, my lifes work, "How did I end up a soldier for the Japanese army?" one of the many questions yet to be answered. As time drew on more information swarmed my mind, where I grew up, my childhood, dreams and fears. Moments passed and I began to experience intense hatred, hatred for a currently faceless effigy, "who is this man", "why do I hate him", I wanted to kill this man but did not know why. I pondered.... hours had passed, in what felt like an eternity, sometime soon after, the faceless image was given features, emotions were made clearer, and thus my purpose was soon realised, I knew everything, I felt everything, tears began to stream down my face as I fell to my knees, weak. I drove my clenched fist into the ground and roared "Watashi wa kazoku no ada o utsudarou", with an echo that would unsettle mountains. I gathered the will to rise to my feet, the mission had begun, I had become the once footsoldier of the Japanese army, Ryuuji Saori.

*Spiritual Transference= The forceful exchange of information from one spirit to another
Chapter 2


Sunset, the sky was painted a dominant blood red, leaving me feeling somewhat unsettled and “on-edge” but, unwavering, I continued to pursue my objectives. A long road awaited me and hours had past since I infused my being in this vessel, yet, fragments of memory still escaped me, concerning where I was and where I was going but, I had a faint idea. I sought a man by the name of “Kenji”, a blacksmith specializing in armoury, currently inhabiting a rural village at the base of the mountain. According to received data, “kenji” was a childhood friend I grew up with many years ago, I hoped that he would hold some of the missing pieces to the many holes in my memory.

I took a moment to observe my surroundings, the landscape was mountainous and the air was thin, indicating that I was presently at high altitude, it would take at least a full day to reach the bottom, and so sparing little time, I continued to explore the field. I had already covered a few miles and managed to escape the terrain of the battlefield, the smell had shifted, It was no longer the remains of decrepit rotting corpses that swarmed my nasal passages , but the smell of earth and natural wildlife, it was welcoming. The road ahead was a rocky downhill slope that wrapped around the body of the mountain, the silence and lack of movement could convince one that they were part of a living picture...I continued progressing down the path that seemed endless, as I spiralled down the waist of the mountain.

Time drew on, the sun had long retreated and the moon had appeared in its place to illuminate the sky with a powerful lunar glow. Being a soul in a possessed state means, compared to the ordinary human, we are far more resilient to fatigue, our senses are sharper and the entirety of our actions relies on soul essence. The stronger the soul the more they can achieve, but like humans, we souls must rest, failure to do so results in depletion of our power. The absence of essence causes the forceful ejection from vessel “x” and destroyed as a result, due to the lack of energy required to sustain existence. Ultimately, possession taxes a certain minimum of essence to keep souls stable (both mentally and physically) and synchronized with vessel “x”, and death welcomes those souls who don't respect their limits.

Three quarters of the way down the mountain, a hazy figure came into vision, appearing in the distance, I couldn't decipher who, or what it was, instinct caused me to grip the hilt of my blade in anticipation of a hostile encounter. The figure continued to advance with a zombie-like pattern to it's movements, left-to right, right-left, with shallow breaths, I watched vigilantly. Eventually, the figure came to a halt, dead in the moonlight, the light completely consumed all darkness surrounding the entity, revealing what appeared to be an American soldier. I loosened my grip on the hilt and took a moment to observe.

The soldier didn't appear to be...human, the bone structure was weak, remnants of muscle and flesh scattered across the body of the corpse-like soldier and the face showed lack of reason, understanding and emotion. The build indicated the soldier was male, a footsoldier for the American army. He stood, looking in awe, as he gazed deep into distance, I detected a thirst for blood and it was overwhelming my senses. The soldiers eyes then focused down, towards me, I sensed approaching danger and so I tightened my grip on the hilt of my blade once more and prepared to take stance. Without warning, the soldier withdrew his broadsword, tarnished, from the brown scabbard attached to his waist. I prepared to engage him in battle...

He charged towards me, silent and poker faced, his sword held above his head, “A vertical strike” I thought, confidently and prepared to evade right to deliver a counter-strike, the soldier reached point-blank range and swung his sword in a downwards diagonal motion, “What?!” I said in confusion, barely escaping the width of the slash, I managed to barrel roll out of range of the attack and the soldiers sword pierced the ground with a deep dent that would easily had decapitated me, had it made contact. I quickly regained composure and lifted my sword of the ground laying next to me before dashing towards him.

I lunged forward into the air towards the soldier with my sword pressed close against my waist, he struggled to release his sword from the ground so I'd take the opportunity to strike him down, near, nearer....finally within range, experience-data (information received from the primary brain) dictated I aim for his lower vertebrae in an attempt disable him and so I excelled forward to deliver the strike, but in a single moment, he turned with his sword released to parry my attack, deflecting my sword and forcing me 10 feet into the air, I flew through the air, equilibrium out of balance, just for a moment... “What incredible strength!. Prolonging this fight would put me at a large dis-advantage, I must end this soon”, I thought, fearing the raw power of the unknown enemy. I regained my balance with a somersault, landing with my feet dragging four meters along the ground, I stood, panting... the enemy mobilized releasing a demonic roar as he charged towards me, relentlessly. I was not yet fully in-synch with this body or mind and was finding it difficult to move in the way most appropriate for battle, and finding useful information from this mind, under pressure, became exceedingly difficult, I released a large portion of my essence into the vessel allowing me to gain enhanced movements, a route I was hoping to avoid, but options at this point were limited.

The soldier, with a double handed grip, dragged his sword along the ground leaving a trail of debris behind him, the blade dividing the very air as it travelled towards me, if it made contact, the possibility of survival was non-existent, I had to evade at all costs. He swung his sword vertically with ferocious force, an attack intended to destroy anything and everything in range, but I felt the motion... My body, enhanced, reacted, and in an instant, I had vanished from my position, the enemy, in a state of confusion, frantically searched for my presence, “Behind you” I whispered in such close proximity, I could hear the pulse drumming from the back of the soldiers neck. Time seemed to slow as the enemy began to turn, but his fate was sealed. Expending the majority of my remaining essence, I unleashed a swift flurry of attacks, 1, 28, 104, 460.... the sound of the soldiers cries were being drowned out by the sound of my sword penetrating armour and marrow. I dealt exactly 1000 blows, Ryuuji's....my favourite number.

With rapid but precise attacks...I had tore through every vital point in the human body, I sheathed my sword with certainty that this fight was over, a few moments later the soldiers torso fell to the ground, his limbs scattered and the ground dyed crimson red. This fight was over, but I was left wondering.... “What was that? Why did it attack me?, A rejected soul? Perhaps...” I felt extremely weak due to overextension and dropped down to one knee, feeling, “drained” but I had no time to dwell as my remaining essence was approaching critical levels. I required rest but sensed I was close to my destination, and so, I decided to complete my journey to the village, resting once there.

I raised my head and lifted my knee of the ground, as I looked into the distance, I could see smoke which appeared to be coming from a village, I had almost reached my destination, coming that much closer to meeting the old friend who possessed the answers I required....I was one step closer to completing my mission. The sun was peeking behind the mountains, “The beginning of a new day”.


Soul essence- A source of energy for souls and humans alike, unlike humans, soul depletion, consequently results in death (being is absorbed by the earth) as souls require certain amount of energy to keep themselves in existence. If such an occurrence were to happen to a soul currently engaged in possession, it would result in forceful removal from the vessel, as possession, much like a souls existence, requires a minimum level of ones essence to remain engaged and stable.

Rejected Soul- A soul that forcefully attempts to possess a disapproving vessel, results are often chaotic causing a number of dis-functionalities during the synchronization process, such as; lack of physical development, feral rage and primal understanding, in some instances, exceptionally powerful souls can even induce insanity. Vessel “x” refuses co-operation with the intruding spirit and rejects all attempts at possession. Ultimately, the stronger entity will eventually wins the conflict, but this is a very unpleasant process for both beings, often more so for imposing souls as earthbound spirits are well-known to corrupt their vessels before a complete possession, thus preventing a soul from acting against the intended will of the vessels original pilot.

Souls vs Spirits- Are not to be confused, both are considered to be separate entities born and bound by separate laws, but are able to communicate with each other once specific conditions are met.

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9/22/2011 21:02:03   

I am not sure if this is to be critiqued, so know that I wrote this in a few different sittings, and I have not even spellchecked yet. The story itself is in two parts, one being the beginning of events that lead to Deo's beginning, and the other being the very beginning to Deo's story itself, as in coordinance with events that have already happened in AQW history.

Before Chaos, there was a definitive line between Good and Evil. This line kept the world in balance, in harmony with the universe that surrounds it. Though, there will always be those who would try to upset this order. A long time ago, before the world as you know it now existed, in the reign of King (Dmitrius); The world's people were at war within themselves, a looming shadow of a threat at hand. The people of Shadowfallus, the great Kingdom of Evil, were being led into battle with all of the surrounding nations under the hand of the most vile and power-mad leader the world had ever known. The evil Lord Fortinbras was the second son in the line of kings, brother to Marcellus. The old Lord of Shadowfallus had taken his two sons on a journey, many years back, now, to the lands of Akiba. Perhaps he was drawn in from the stories of the succession of power from the old legends of the Yokai,Fortinbras did the unthinkable. The young man struck down his father and elder brother, in the most cruel of ways. Perhaps, he was just truly despicable at heart. Fortibras took the crown of his father, and led the world into the darkest age it had ever seen.

The Good King Dmitrius was too soft, from the alliance of peace that existed among his people and the people of Shadowfallus. Lord Fortinbras quickly took the Good King's lands, with hardly any resistance. The line of Good and Evil was quickly diminishing, and the people of the lands were easily succumbing to the will of Lord Dmitrius. Except, for one small little village in the Etherstorm Wildlands. The people of the Wild had no leader, and did not stray into any of the surrounding populations. They believed in peace, and would not accept an "alliance" with any faction of morality. The people were in tune with the world, sharing their strength with the forces of Nature, instead of Mana. After relentless assaults from the surrounding lands of Battleon and Darkovia, the people of the Wildlands were finally starting to accept that they may truly be alone in their struggle, with no hope of victory in the end. They saw in their minds, visions of the people of Lore, slaves under the law of Fortinbras. This is when the Necrotic Blade of Doom came into play. A small boy from the Wildlands came across the weapon while wandering the wooded areas surrounding his village, on his way to speak to his mother on behalf of his father, who was steadily holding the forces of Shadowfallus at bay with his warriors. The boy was paralyzed, in awe of this mysterious sword that lay upon the ground. The sword pulsed, almost as if alive, and a voice resounded in the child's head. It told him of the fall of Shadowfallus, and his own plans for the world, which was now crumbling. It was in this moment, that the sword overtook the mind of the child, and what was born from the depths of darkness, was the man who came to be known as Sepulchure. Sepulchure, as if he were a paragon of hell, rose his hand and brought upon the land, the bodies of the dead, as if they had been granted new life. The undead and darkness itself was at his command, and the voice of the mysterious sword was silent. Sepulchure and his undead army left the Wildlands in a smoldering "wasteland", and he began his march to Shadowfall to take his "rightful" place as the Lord of Darkness. In what seemed like moments, Sepulchure's undead armies laid to waste all of Fortinbras loyal people and warriors in every village they passed through. People looked to Sepulchure as a beacon of hope, not knowing of his past and his destruction of his own home.

Fortinbras stood atop his castle, looking down upon the hundreds of thousands of undead, with this crimson knight in the center, as if to lead them. The knight swung his cursed sword, and walked into a hole of seemingnly...nothingness, utter darkness. Before he realized what had happend, Fortibras looked down to see that he had just been run through. Who knows what he thought of in his final moments, as he fell from the castle tower. But his time of Evil had ended. This mysterious knight, in command of the undead, was now the Lord of Shadowfallus. In his reign, Sepulchure raised a dragon of the undead, and rested his empire, now known simply as Shadowfall, upon the back of this creature, forever remaining a looming presence of evil, high in the clouds, looking down upon Lore. Peace was restored, seemingly. The Good King passed on, his son Tamascus succeded his throne, and in another tale, a knight named Alden went on a journey to save the kingdom of Good, and he in turn, succeeded the old King Tabascus' throne, as the new King, wed to the King's daughter, Princess Nadine. For a time, peace remained in the world of Lore, neither Good nor Evil ever growing more powerful than the other, despite the ploy's of that cursed sword in the hands of the new Lord of Darkness, Sepulchure.

During this peaceful time, the Etherstorm Wastelands, formerly a prosperous and functioning land known as the Etherstorm Wildlands, a woman from Swordhaven was being chased by unknown men upon black steeds, apparently cloaked in darkness, across the land of Lore, for they were after the life of her child. This woman, who none recall the name of, was running from the people of Swordhaven, for having committed an unheard of crime. The Good King Alteon, had spent a time with this woman, and together they bore a child, unknown to the King's wife, Nadine. The people believed that a child of infidelity could not exist, a truly dark opinion of such a "good" kingdom of people. The people felt betrayed by the Good King, and his loving wife Nadine took ill from the news of her beloved husband's disloyalty. Chased from her home, this woman took flight upon the forests of Greenguard, seeking any solace she could find. Unfortunately, there was none in sight. Black riders, sent from an unknown source, made themselves known to the woman, and chased her even further from the kingdom she once called home. The people would not help her, no matter where she went, for they believed her a traitor and a home-breaker. The King made this choice! Yet, she alone was suffering the consequences.

The woman wandered upon a shack, of sorts, in the Wastelands. Seeing no horseman in sight, she let down her newborn child, and took the moment to obtain a longly overdue need for rest. She did not hear the riders approach in the night. They burned the already-crumbling shack of an occupance to the ground. The woman was burned alive, and her child lay awake, crying in a surrounding wall of flames. Yulgar, young master of the Battleon Inn and tavern, lay awake that night, pondering upon a dream he been having about a...Moglin? Or a juice? In his head, it was the perfect drink, though he could never get the ingredients quite right. Yet another tale, for another time. As he strode around his home, restless, he heard a faint sound in the distance. He stepped outside, to hear the most unsettling sound he had ever come across. Yulgar rallied some of the Guardians from the neighboring tower, and rode off towards Greenguard. They followed the cries to the bridge to the Wastelands, and crossed into the desolate lands, hesitant of what would be found. They saw the burning mess in the distance, and rushed over to aid whomever was wailing so loudly. Unfortunate, but by the time they had finally arrived, the crying had stopped. They searched through the rubble of the recently burnt down occupance, and low and behold, they found a small child under a broken piece of the structure. The child was only slightly wounded, suffering only minor burns from his coverings, but all-in-all unharmed, having been shielded from the worst of the fire from having the broken wall come crumbling down upon his temporary bedding and coverings.

The child was brought to the town of Battleon, and his fate was to be determinned there. No one here knew of what had happened with the Good King Alteon and this child's mother. An old Guardian, soon to relinquish his position among his bretheren at the Guardian Tower, offered to take the child as his own, having spent his entire life in servitude to the ways of the Guardians. It had been settled, and before long, all was quiet again. As the child grew, the old man had come to see that this child was not...fully human. His appearance was that of a man, but his eyes were a dark violet, unlike any color he had ever come across on a human man. His hair was a sleek white, almost as if it reflected the light upon it, similar to the hair of the Elven people. His physical abilities were on-par with that of an elf, though his appearance was small and human-like. The boy was naturally adept at any weapon training the old man had him partake upon, and his speed and swiftness on his feet were almost astonishing. The old man thought to suggest the life of Knighthood, to the boy. Then, all on Lore was changed that very next day, moreso than it had ever been before. The apparent peace would diminish, and the line of Good and Evil would become almost transparent. The boy left his old master, wearing his own green garbs, known to the people of Mystcroft, where the old man had hailed from. He would become the Hero that the world needed.

The world of Lore, it was once a peaceful land full of a cultured and wide-range of people from all races, coexisting in harmony with one another. This was until the man named Drakath appeared. Drakath killed the leader of the ShadowScythe, and cursed the King of Swordhaven, a fine-fitting beginning to the Chaos he would begin to unleash upon the innocent people of the world. As time progressed, Drakath began to enslave a group of followers under his power, calling them his very own, "Lords of Chaos", ultimately using them as pawns to individually spread havok and turmoil across the lands. The world was in peril, and though the ambigous forces of Good and Evil proposed an alliance for the greater cause, they were powerless in their efforts to keep Drakath's minions at bay. The world seemed to have no hope, plagued by the darkness and fear of Drakath. Just when all seemed lost, and people could no longer look to the sky with vigilence in their hearts and minds, a mysterious stranger cloaked in green appeared in the land of Mobius, as if out of nowhere. He single-handedly battled his way through the hoardes of beasts that were destroying this land, and struck down the infamous Hydra without a single hesitation. The first of Drakath's pawns appeared, enraged that his "Chaos Beast" pet had been slain, in such a display of courage and valor. The mysterious stranger was as an icon of hope for the people, yet try as he may, he was powerless to overcome this...staff, seemingly also controlled by Drakath's Chaotic powers. The stranger's fate looked grim, and in a final display of his courage, he upturned a mirror from the wall, just as the "Chaos Lord" blasted his spell of "Inversion", in an attempt to bring this stranger under the same curse plaguing the people of Mobius. The mirror shattered as the spell was, astonishingly, reflected upon its caster. After the smoke had cleared, the "Lord of Chaos" was no more, having had his own magic turned against him, thus breaking the curse upon the people of this land. The mysterious stranger had become the hero of these people, as they wept tears of joy and asked theman his name. His name, was

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9/22/2011 21:48:58   

There was once a alien that was named Perfect Dark Sniper, he was named that because when he was born, there was a single dark ship in the sky in the shape of a perfect sniper that was dark. He was not born in Lore, but rather in Mechquest. He was always told not to play with time machines and mecha armors. But when he was told not to do something, he always did it. His parents were always watching him untill they left to go fight the Shadowsythe. This was his chance. He found one of the Mecha armors and shot it at the time machine, there was a massive blast and he could only see white. This is where the Time Warp happened, and it shot him way into the future into Lore. He was dead from the accident. But like most things in Lore, dead do not stay dead Sculpture found him and revived him, as having a Mecha Suited body guard is hard to get past. Unlike other undead, Sniper was given a second life, to serve Sculpture for all eternity, to be part of his elite force. This was how Swordhaven fell to the undead, a single full powered blast completly destroyed the walls and the army was in. Sniper was the general of the force. He was given orders not to be in Swordhaven, for no one could know about the elite force except Sculpture and only him. Not even Gravelyn knew. Right before Drakath destroyed Sculpture, they where given one last order, hide and let everyone do the work, while staying in the shadows. This elite force still exists, waiting for the right time to take Drakath down. For when Drakath dies his life source would be redirected back into Sculpture, and he will live again, to finish what he and his army began. If you look in the right place you can see me, lurking in the shadows. You will never find the elite force unless we want to be found. We are you greatest fear, your darkest dream. So watch out, you never know where we are...

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“The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”
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This a fictional background of my in-game character. This was the back0story that I submitted to my old clan back in 2009. So this story is nearly three years old so please excuse some of the grammar mistakes because I want to keep this story in the first and original form in which I first wrote it. (In the exception of some minor mistakes, I changed my character's name into only his initials throughout the story. This story brings back so many memories. Enjoy!

Deep under the Earth's crust, there was a world that a few visit in the afterlife. And its like the world that stands above, this world had civilization too. But down here it was sightly different. Like the world above, there are peoples that are ruling down here. The ruler of this wrecked world was the one and only Lord Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hades ruled this world with his beloving wife Queen Terror. And Hades also had one son which he hates, his son name was D. of the Dead he was a 12 yr old kid. Hades hate D. cause he always wishes to have a chance in the world above. Death of course never got the chance to live in the world above because he was borned down here in the underworld. The one and only reason Hades hasn't banished D. from his dark sanctuary is because of the disapproval of his wife

After a year or so of life down here. Paladins has find their way into the underworld with the help of the blue mage Warlic. The army of paladins were led by the the greatest paladin of all time Artix von Krieger. So the Dead and the Light bringers were battling each other. Even known there was much more undead knights and berserkers they were simply outmatch. And that when Hades himself joined the war. He was pushing the paladins back but he even couldnt hold these paladins back forever. And then Queen Terror helped Hades fighting side by side. They forced the paladins into retreating. But unfortunely Artix made one more great call to the Light and his axe started to grow brighter than ever and with that he thrusted it forward. The great axe missed Hades but slashed Queen Terror though the crest and she instantly turned into golden and vanished forever. Hades lunged to where the golden dust vanished and shouted with all his Breath of Fury, now wanting to kill Artix more than ever for the loss of his wife. But it was too late Artix ran for the portal that warlic had lefted for him. Hades shouted at his army to stop him, but all Artix did was grinned and stepped though the portal and was gone.

A week later, Hades finally pulled himself together and he actually grinned a very evil looking smile. He knew what will make him feel better he can take this out on his son, with his wife gone he'll will ne allowed to make all the decisions.

Up the tall tall tower in the last room down the end of the hall. D. was sitting on his bed stunned of what the paladin had done. And then suddenly his door bursted open. Death expecting another paladin was surpised that his father was the one that was at the door. Hades pointed his dark staff straight at D. and yelled that he must now leave and before D. could give a answer to his father, Hades had casted a powerful dark magic on D.
After D. had vanished Hades shouted "Lets see how long you last in the World of Lore.” He taunted and then laughed hard and evilly.

D. wake up in the middle of the forest near the Town of Battleon and saw his surroundings, it was much more exciting then the underworld to D. But the things that had happened in tower came back to him. He then changed his name to D.T. for the memories of his mother and walked towards the town of Battleon searching for a purpose of LIfe...

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9/22/2011 22:45:50   

It was cold, and dark. I felt the press of my hands against my freezing skin, desperate to warm myself. I dared not open my eyes, for fear of what I shall see. But I could not be blind my whole life, and so I tentatively opened my eyes. What I saw in that single moment blinded me. It blinded me with truth and knowledge, but also with deceit and lies and everything in between; from the creation of the universe to the end of all things, I had seen it all. How I came to be, all the great pasts, presents, and futures mattered little compared to what I had seen, and now know. The only thing that was not imparted to me was the place where I had seen what I now dub as the Truth of all Things. Perhaps it is not meant to be discovered, and only meant to be shown to a select few. Perhaps it is the sign that a God has died, and I must take his place. Either way, it does not concern me, only that events must run their course.

Five years have passed since I have last seen the Truth. I have become neither mortal or god. Something in between, or entirely new I am not sure. My grip on what is real and what is not is slowly slipping from the grasp of my consciousness. I only know events that will happen, and have already happened. Over the five years I have been outlawed and abandoned, and yet been praised and risen as a hero. These things have no meaning to me anymore. Only that events must run their course.

So it is with that thought in mind that I casually fix my cuffs and adjust the spiked arm guards attached to my person. The black mask that is now my face, blue, blinded eyes that stare menacingly and the red horns atop my head make for quite a fearsome look. I take a small sip of the coffee gripped tightly in my hands as I stand on the cliff. It should be almost time now.
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11/3/2011 3:05:46   

Once I was a little girl living with my terrible family. For them, I'm only their slave. I never recieve any love from them. No one cares me.
On my 18th birthday, someone arrives... A beautiful lady wearing a beautiful cloth. She whispers to me "You want to see everyone here die, right?"
I whisper back to her "Yes".
She smiles at me. Then she turns back, and raising her hand.
Suddenly, a thick black mist covered the house, My mother screams for a little moment.
After the mist fades, I see no one, except the lady.
I ask her "where's my parents?".
"I destroy their bodies and souls." She answers.
I smile.
She asks me "Would you like to come with me?"
I answer her "Of course, my lady".
Then I live with her. She taught me everything she knows, She made me strong, and she give me the thing i never recieve..."love".

7 years later....

A group of people appeared in front of our house. They called themselves "Slayers of Lightatia".
They say they are here to slay my lady and me.
As I told you before,my lady made me strong. So I joined the battle.

My lady made me strong....but I'm not strong enough to beat them.
My lady was killed.I barely escaped.

My heart is now filled with sadness and anger. From that day, I have only one aim, "Vengeance"
I spent every moment for improving my power. I become stronger, and stronger....

On my 28th birthday, The time finally comes.

I knew I'm strong enough. It's the time for my revenge.
I sent letters to every Slayers of Lightatia, Telling them "I'm ready".
They will think that the letter means "I'm ready to die.".

But the real meaning of the letter is "I'm ready to kill you.".

They find me from the address on the letter, which is my plan.

A few moment later, Slayers of lightatia arrive.

And the battle started.

I'm not weak anymore....Now, I'm stronger than before.

So, I won the battle.Most of the slayers died.
I should kill every slayers,but I let them escaped.

Because 3 years ago, when my lady died. They let me escaped.
I just make it fair for them.
And also, they can't beat me.

Because I'm immortal.
I recieved the immortal power during my journey after my revenge success.
Now, I fear no more.I'll do whatever I want.
Don't understand me wrong, I'm not a bad lady.
But I'm not a good lady too.
As I said, "I'll do whatever I want.".

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Orashi Kazayama, Leader of the Kazayama Clan, an elite order of ninja, and Pupil to Thyton. On his path for knowledge power he left home and left his master and closest friend, Thyton with the responsibility of Leading the Kazayama until he returned. He went to Swordhaven to speak to his friend King Alteon to ask him if he could look through the secret archives of Lore, But met Sepulchure and Alteon in there heated battle. Sepulchure saw the prowess and skill in Young Orashi's skill even persuaded him to join the faction of EVIL and was given a choice to follow the path of good or evil. he chose the path of Evil and is now the Champion of Evil.

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I was born in Rome, my father was a great man, with great desires. But, soon he passed away on a war. I Was only 15 when he died, at that time I told my self that when I grow up I will be like him.
After hard training I soon became the mitgiest warrior in my home town, as my father. But I wanted more, I needed more. I soon herd rumors about some chaos lord, that have poisoned Aleoth and killed Selpucher! I decided that if I will kill that chaos lord, I will obtain the power that I want! So did my story begin.
After a long gurney, I finally came to a town named Battleon. I was a stranger, but the people leveeing in the town treated me friendly, almost if I was there brother. Soon my first task begun. The first chaos lord appeared in the area! I hunted him down and faced him with my sword! (How stupid it was of me), I thought that I was stronger then him, but, if it wasn't for the help of the other warriors I would be dead!
After not defeating the first chaos lord by my self, I started a research of the most powerfully beings in the lore, I crossed appon Selpuchers daughter and sweard to fight by her side until my death. But my true goal was to find a demon. Rumor told that the demon has a great power, and if you prove that you are a strong warrior, hi will award you with power.
I searched the caves in citadel for the demon, I slaw many of his monsters, it almost killed me in those caves. The aura there was very strong, it was hard to breath and fight. But at last I founded the demon, when I came close to him, I field scary power in side of my, the demon looked in my eyes and then I realized that in the first time I am scared. He asked me about my wish. I told him that my wish is power. He started laughing after which he touched my blade and it magically started glowing red. The demon explained that know every time I will kill some one, the blade will take its soul and grow in power. I rushed out from the caves and felt the power of the blade.
The chaos lords where coming and coming, but all of them where defeated. Then came the real test. A new enemy appeared in lor, he called him self paladin slayer. He was unstoppable, it taken mighty warriors to combine there strength to defeat the monster, after that war with undead I became friend with Artix, Warlick and many other great warriors in battleon. Only there my yeas opened, I finally saw that power that I search for is here, the power is in all of us when we combine our strength. I changed my ways of living, know I fight mighty warriors only with my friends. But I feel the darkness in my blade, its almost like it treys to eat my soul more and more.
I asked warlick for a advise on how to destroy such evil blade. He advice me to read one book of mighty Valkeryis, in which stated that Only they can destroy blade with demonic power, and those who will find them will be awarded with a mighty blade. So know my quest begins for searching down the blade of valkeryis.
my char page.
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3/27/2012 20:02:06   

MY character is a crazed-chickencow farmer that is afraid of Sneevils.


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3/27/2012 22:26:03   
Twilly Paladin Zack

There was a boy named Arrow...

He was a lonely peasent, a lowlife, lazy, and all he was good at was Archery. His parents always said, Why do you not help on the
farm? All you do is that cursed Archery, useless boy.

Finally, after years of this so called abuse, at the ageof 14, he ran away from home, but soon he came across a wolf, of which
looked hungry, and slowly, and surely, he took his bow and shot an arrow at it, but not before it bit his leg, and he passed out.

When he awoke, he felt...this power in him, he suddenly felt like running, and so he ran. As he ran, he turned into a wolf, he was shocked at first, but then, he was hungry. He went to the nearest farm, and ate a bunch of chickens, and was satisfied.

He then realized he was a Worgen, or a Human-Wolf Shapeshifter, and he used that power, along with his bow, to fight evil. He
became a Ranger, known as Arrow Flamebow, for he lit his arrows on fire, so they couldnt identify the corpses. He was also known
as Champion of the Worgen, a hero to Humans, and Worgs.
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6/16/2012 20:46:41   
Ramix The Red Ace

Reposting this from the "If you could have a NPC" thread on aqw general discussion as per the instructions of the ArchKnight who locked it:

A powerful Berseker born 25 years before the reign of King Alteon, Ramix the Red was one of the first and only Berserkers to unlock the secrets of Tranquil Fury, a skill that allowed him to store his rage and keep it locked up, allowing him to fight calmly and strategically when needed, or allowing him to unleash all of his bottled up rage at once, turning him into a nigh unstoppable berserk death-machine. Ramix wanted desperately to find another student that could utilize Tranquil Fury, but out of the 2000 apprentices that he had taught, none of them came close. Disheartened and disappointed, Ramix traveled across Lore seeking worthy opponents to vent his fury. Eventually, his travels lead him to the very gates of the underworld, the realm of the Abyss General Miltonius (for he had not yet shifted to the form of Nulgath). He found himself swarmed by an army 300 Dark Makai, after an hour, none were left. After wandering for hours, Ramix came face to face with the Abyss General himself, who praised him for being able to reach him, and proceeded to attack Ramix. With two flicks from his wrist, his blade attacked and defeated Ramix in two strikes. While Ramix was on the verge of death, Miltonius praised him for being one of the only mortals to have ever survived more than one attack, and offered him a choice. Ramix could die and be sent to the underworld, or he could work for him and earn contracts. Ramix had nothing to lose, for life had lost it's meaning to him a hundred battles ago, and everything to gain. The Tranquil Berserker accepted the Abyss General's offer.

Miltonius gave Ramix a job, he would be sent to the deepest reaches of Tercessuinotlim, where the few stray souls that had escaped from the underworld by pure luck had gathered, for every hundred foes he slew out of the one-hundred and eight thousand souls that had gathered there, Ramix would recieve one contract. The Tranquil Berserker fought for what seemed like an eternity to him in a place where the laws of reality held no meaning. He did not sleep, he did not eat, he did not stop, because in this world he was not bound by such needs. When Ramix returned to Miltonius, the Abyss General was legitimately surprised, as he had been expecting his newest minion to either die or earn a single contract, this mere mortal had earned 108. Ramix signed all of them and claimed his reward. Miltonius granted him the power and weaponry of one of his elite minions. Ramix was now ten times as powerful as he was before, and he now possessed unending life, he now wielded two two large katanas that glowed with an aura of power, beside him was a corrupted version of a blade that Ramix had once seen being wielded by a Dragonslayer, this blade allowed Miltonius to communicate with him at any time. The price for this power was that he was now bound to serve Miltonius for either one-hundred and eight thousand years, or until his death. This is a price that Ramix pays happily, as it has given him several enjoyable battles. From that day forward, Ramix spent his life either hunting down any foes that Miltonius asked him to end, or wandering lore, seeking a good duel. Recently, he has begun to duel Taro Blademaster in his free time or share a raspberry smoothie with him. When Dage the Evil was banished by Miltonius, Ramix took it upon himself to slay as much of his undead legion as he could, and his efforts are the reason that Dage is recruiting so many adventurers and souls right now. When the upcoming war begins, Ramix will be on the front lines. This time, he does not intend to give Dage the chance to begin recruiting again.

When in battle, Ramix has three different styles of battle, the first one involves fighting defensively until he can find his enemies weaknesses and exploit them. The second one is his berserker rage, where he merely runs and slashes at 1/8 the speed of light, leaving most of his enemies in ribbons. When he fights at his full strength, he wield the blade that the Abyss General uses to communicate with him, and attacks while leaping through the air, his attacks cause the ground beneath him to quake, and five of these attacks in a row could crumble the Guardian Tower. His ultimate technique consumes an amount of rage equal to the rage he has used up until that point, he swings the tainted blade with such force, that the pure evil that Nulgath infused it with seeps out and annihilates anything weaker than the Guardian tower itself within five yards in the direction he attacks, if he used this technique at it's maximum power, and consumed all his rage, it would be able to destroy Swordhaven Castle.

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