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RE: =AE= Pony vs. Pony

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7/21/2020 18:54:43   

Thanks a lot! <3

There's not much of it right now because I'm still taking pictures of items which I'm almost done with. The descriptions are a big piece of work for me, thanks to my OCD, and I'm gonna need help with them. At least they can be saved and long as they're eligible.


If anyone wants to help me with the wiki or has any information about any of the expired Special Shop items, please lend a hoof! Thank you, and good NEIGH!
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8/23/2020 16:17:56   


So I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to lower my cupcake level on purpose until I realized that it had to do with some par formula involving you and your opponent matching a number of orbs by the end of the battle. This might not be entirely accurate since it's such a strange mechanic, but if you beat your opponent with as little orbs as possible and/or your opponent matches a lot of them, your cupcake level will go down. It's very easy to perform the former with an Attack-100% MagiPet. The par may be sensitive to your XP level and cupcake level with your opponents'.

So I had my pony, at XP level 20 and cupcake level 120, battle XP level 1 ponies with the lowest cupcake levels, who are my befriended alts. I fought them with an Attack-100% MagiPet while they had none. My high health and their useless candy orbs would make the battle last so long that I'd be going far under the par. As I mentioned, my cupcake level was at 120, and with it dropping 1 level at a time, I had to do this A LOT to reach the lowest levels, except the first few times before my falling level came more into play, forcing me to do them as long as possible. With enough patience, I was actually able to reach all the way to the bottom (level 0) and see the rankings you can't normally see. The low rankings have been revealed!!


Oh, and your cupcake level will allow you to battle other ponies around that same level. Since no other ponies had levels that low...


But that's not all! I continued underparing to see if my cupcake level would go below 0, and it actually puts it in the negative!


With the ranking changing every 14 cupcake levels, I kept going until I reached when the next (well, previous) ranking would change (at -8). And then this happened:


I literally broke the game. Several texts have vanished and none of the buttons can be clicked or will appear different when you place your cursor over them, except "Get More Sparkle Gems!" and its pop-up's buttons. So you're basically stuck on that broken screen, but that can be fixed easily. If you have a negative cupcake level and refresh the game, it will reset that level back to 0. If it wasn't for that, my pony profile would've been bricked! Of all the bugs I've seen in this game, this is at a new level, so to speak.

Also, did you know that you can select and copy your XP level number on most of the game's screens? On that broken hub screen, although it shows nothing, you can still select where the number of your level was and even copy it. What does it say when you paste it? "999". Wow. If only I could see what the battle screen looks like. I can guess that you need your "Level Up!" button to detour you to a boss for that, but I doubt that'll work either. I really don't want to go through all that again just to find out. The way I had to lower my cupcake level was to finish off my opponent before they finished me, and keeping my eye on the game most of the time was not fun. I probably will since I'm collecting everything I can in the game for my wiki, but I'll do that later before the game shuts down. This whole experience was most of my weekend.

Well, that's all the cupcake level ranks, as well as "Corruptcake"! Here's an accurate cheat sheet featuring all of them!

-8 (Hub menu breaks)
-76 Vanilla
720 Cherry
2134 Lemon
3548 Banana Split
4962 Coconut
6376 Peanut Butter
7790 Strawberry
91104 Marshmallow
105118 Red Velvet
119120 Chocolate
??? Vanilla Cupcake (Shown on loading Pony Page)

See you later, and good NEIGH!!
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11/7/2020 10:59:17   

Hey SuKanzoo
Did you figure out xp levels?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 578
11/14/2020 21:22:02   

Yes, I have: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/pony_vs_pony/images/b/b6/Pony_Vs_Pony_-_Experience_Required_-_All_Levels.png/revision/latest?cb=20201009200516&format=original (If that's what you meant)
I got them with help from my brother, HyperHimes, for helping me collect them. Plus, he got me into the game in the first place.

Now that I'm talking, I mind as well write my update, starting with: I also went out of my way to figure what happens when you trigger Corruptcake with the "Level Up!" button: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/pony_vs_pony/images/8/86/Pony_Vs_Pony_-_Game_-_Pony_Hub_Screen_%28Broken_with_Level_Up_Button%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20201008035605&format=original
You can actually click the button, and the result was quite surprising: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/pony_vs_pony/images/7/7b/Pony_Vs_Pony_-_Game_-_Pony_Hub_Screen_%28Broken_After_Clicking_Level_Up_Button%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20201008035628&format=original

I call that glitch "Corruptcake Corer". What I did to do that was complete sludge even though it wasn't. I discovered a totally different glitch when I reached cupcake level -8 with the "Level Up!" button. That other glitch triggers like this: You must reach enough XP to level up, then enter the boss selection screen, exit it while it's showing the boss you just unlocked, then beat a non-boss pony. Doing this will suddenly level you up. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/pony_vs_pony/images/6/60/Pony_Vs_Pony_-_Battle_Board_-_Level_Up_%28After_Beating_a_Non-Boss%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20201115013933&format=original It stored the level-up mechanic from the selected boss you must beat to level up and will trigger on the next opponent you beat. I discovered that glitch in the worst possible way. Happening on the last beaten opponent before I entered the broken the hub menu, I couldn't see what it looks like with that button since I just leveled up to make it go away. I assumed that the game wouldn't let you see the broken screen with that button as long as it was out, so I thought of triggering Corruptcake again, but also while I got enough XP to level up while I lowered my cupcake level down to -8 at the same time. Though I was satisfied with the results, when I later learned that what happened before was actually because of "Level Up Storage" just ticked me off. Knowing that all that careful mathing to trigger Corruptcake Corer was unnecessary made me want to punch, or should I say buck, something. But with that all sorted out and recorded, I won't have to go through all that again.

With all that I've hoarded, I have a few things left to get. Sadly, I'm so exhausted and slacking on them since they're just notes to write, and by now, I've written loads of other notes throughout my hoarding. I've still got time left and I'll get them done. I'm just so burned out for doing this for the past 10 months. It's not like I'll be able to collect every little thing in this game, thanks to the now unobtainable Special Shop items, but still, collecting everything I can before the game potentially dies has been my goal, and it's right in front of me.

Not to mention, the game's starting to break. The play page (the screen with the pony holding the big "Play!" button) is now gone. Going to that link will now redirect you to the game page. The Facebook bar on the game page is gone as well. There's a month and a half of this game, and every other Flash game, left before they potentially vanish completely.

Oh, and if you want to play this game before then and want to level up faster, here's the friend code for my main pony account: 259987-A8F1
Sorry for not adding that a while ago.

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11/18/2020 8:46:15   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

It has been a long time since I played this, love to see people still involved! :)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 580
12/1/2020 19:42:53   

Okay, I just got a friend in the game who's pony wears now unobtainable Special Shop items: The Spider/Witch Hat and Dress, and Druid Hood.

Can that person, and any other people with items like those if you have any, please do me a favor and send me the largest pictures of all of the unobtainable Special Shop items they have, both on their own and equipped on their pony (with nothing else on), along with their names and descriptions? Please make sure that you use the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard, and get the pictures enlarged by zooming in with your browser and don't stretch them out. I'm sorry for this demand, but the game's likely gonna die next month and that would really help support it. Thank you! <3

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12/25/2020 17:02:04   


Pony Vs Pony will very likely die after this week due to Flash's End of Life! This is your last chance to play it!
Post #: 582
12/31/2020 12:02:43   


It's almost over for Pony Vs Pony and all of Flash.
Post #: 583
1/18/2021 9:50:28   

Hey, SuKanzoo good news still a way to play PVP!

Download this:
"click" open
copy and paste this URL
and, away you go!
of course, you have to re-enter your login details (seems to save afterward)
but you should be fine unless you're doing weird stuff online
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 584
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