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RE: =AE= Pony vs. Pony

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9/18/2011 7:45:50   
Baron Dante


Wow, beating Sprticus at level 12 with Confuse pet was hard.

Gormans: can I has FC from you? :D
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 51
9/18/2011 8:06:10   

I got the Posi-Bolt pet... it's bugged.



AQW  Post #: 52
9/18/2011 8:07:52   

@Baron: Congrats! Nice win. Did you see +19 is the new best mark? I posted it yesterday.

@OD: Its not how long does it take, its how many battles does it take.

To gain a level you must gain XP = Y*Y*Y where Y = your current level so:

1*1*1 = 1 XP so 1 battle
2*2*2 = 8 XP so 4 battles
3*3*3 = 27 XP so 9 battles

So number of battles to the next level under the following conditions is your level squared.

Assuming you are battling players that are the same level as you each battle since you gain XP by winning a battle and the amount is determined by the level of the opponent so a level 5 opponent gives 5 XP, a level 8 opponent give 8 and so on. If you win every battle and only battle player the exact same level as you, to get to level 12 you would need to do 506 battles. Thats well below the 1700+ battles I've won. Thats because there used to be a level cap so you could only earn sparkle gems(game currency) and no XP for battling while at the cap. To reach level 13 you need to battle a level 12 opponent 144 times and win. The number of wins to level gets increasingly higher and thus more difficult to reach. Its not a matter of time, its just a matter of how many battles. You can choose to do 500 battles in one day or 5, everyone can go their own speed. You can battle for XP endlessly, there is no daily limit currently. You can only earn sparkle gems(game currency) when using battle gems. FTP players are given 50 when they sign up and 5 a day. Upgrades earn you an additional 100 battle gems per day. Mind you, these are only so that you can earn game currency, XP for leveling purposes is free and unlimited, but if you can't buy good pets and cool stuff its not much fun now is it?

Also, as an aside I don't typically work for free. When I run out of battle gems I might be getting XP but I'm not making any money battling. I think it would be wise to just do my 105 battles a day for pay and leave the free battles for after I CAP. No hurry to reach the CAP a few days early but earn less money doing it. Besides, the longer you hold out with your money, the more stuff hits the shops. ;-)

That means 1964 to get to level 20 divided by 105 per day means just under 19 days to CAP but if you average 130 sparkle gems per battle you CAP with 245,7000 sparkle gems to spend. You could earn them in 19 days anyway if you play past the CAP but......

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 53
9/18/2011 9:56:14   


EDIT: Would appreciate if someone can help me decide which looks better!

I like the left version.

@BlueKatz: No one in your friends list who's a high level?


AQW: Nyarlathotep
AQW  Post #: 54
9/18/2011 10:14:13   

was too lazy to add :P

but wait... we can battle friend? :O
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 55
9/18/2011 10:17:35   

Mhm. Open the friends list, it shows everyone you've added, with their level, cupcake level, and a battle button.

EDIT: ...this is considered a Portal Game? O__o

EDIT2: nvm.


Rolith_AE Rolith
@NyarlathotepAQW We're working on how to orginize things right now, but no, PvP isn't considered a portal game.

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AQW  Post #: 56
9/18/2011 15:49:28   

Lots of questions.

Portal game? Why is this thread thrown into the basement of the basement?

Why is it that I hit the battle button 20 times and never get a player over level 6 to battle? Where are all the higher level players?

I have level 12 players on my friends list but my list is 17 pages at the moment and the level 12 players are on pages 7 and 9. Scrolling through my friends list after every battle to find them and challenge them again is a pain. Isn't there a better way to organize friend lists? By level perhaps?

Because of this I find that the only "time effective" battle method is to challenge the boss over and over again. This is very boring. To hit level 20 I need to double my current number of wins. Will I be forced to battle bosses all the way up to level 20 for efficiency sake?

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
9/18/2011 16:04:44   

For the moment the thread fits best here, hence it is moved here for now.
AQ DF  Post #: 58
9/18/2011 16:20:41   

Portal Games Forum rules state:


No Suggestions:
This is a discussion forum, which means that any suggestions, be they for a game or for the forums, do not belong in this board. Please see the Forum-Specific Rules & Complete Forum Index for further information.

The first post in this thread, which was not originally started in the portal games forum, states suggestions are welcome. Clarification please.

Suggestions are welcome. - Elnaith

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 59
9/18/2011 17:10:02   



Rolith_AE Rolith
Oh wow... I'm silly. Everyone's pulling EVERYONE out of the player's random list... It's why you're fighting ponies much faster then you!

^From September 14th.

So two possibilities.

First, Rolith may not have fixed this yet, and there's a LOT more low level than high level ponies.

Second, he did fix it, but it's based on cupcake levels within a certain range of your own, which ponies as low as level 4 can fall into.

As far as the friends list goes, I'd like to see/suggest either a way to organize the order in which your friends show up (by level, by name, by friended date), or an option of which page number you'd like to view.

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AQW  Post #: 60
9/18/2011 18:03:23   

I wonder did anyone make it to level 20 yet?!?!?!
Post #: 61
9/18/2011 18:39:43   

LOL, 13 soon and in 18 days I'll be 20. You seem to be the busiest bee in the hive in that regard. Hard to tell though since I don't have your friend ID.

I'm still waiting for those pet descriptions so I can upgrade if at all possible. The skull and pop tart combo are awesome but I been eyeing that bugged storm cloud too.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 62
9/18/2011 19:21:55   
Shao Kahn

Are the pets the only equipment that does damage? In the special shop I saw the spiralpoint horn, but it looks a lot like the my first horn is there any real difference. And once your number runs out when does it reset? It didn't reset from yesterday.
Post #: 63
9/18/2011 20:38:31   

Are Pets actually really helpful?
Epic  Post #: 64
9/18/2011 20:40:36   

Only some of the pets do damage and none of the other items do anything at all.

Your battle gems should reload +5 each day and if you upgrade you get an additional +100 per upgrade per day.
If you spent all your sparkle gems(game currency) then you have to battle and make more, they don't just refill LOL

At higher levels the confusion pets and the higher damage pets are indispensable. At lower levels its not so important. Get a free pet from the freebee shop and try it out for size.

< Message edited by Sparticus -- 9/18/2011 20:42:04 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 65
9/18/2011 20:48:03   

Finally I've reached Level 20

And the new shop has by far the prettiest dress i would love to get, sad i am so low on gems.
Wonder does those pets do anything "better" then confuse

Now time to sleep...
Post #: 66
9/18/2011 21:20:08   

What do you do to level up so fast?
I swear after level 10, if I tried to go up more then one level in the same day my brain would melt from the repetition.



King Mango Sunbeam 435-6CE3

Post #: 67
9/18/2011 21:24:17   

LOL, don't hurry Lohlaris. There is always going to be someone who goes faster and gets there sooner so take your time and enjoy the game.

See forum inbox please. ~Trog

< Message edited by Trog -- 9/18/2011 22:39:14 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 68
9/18/2011 22:49:44   

Gormans...you deserved a medal or something. How did you get there so quickly? I'm still at lvl.11...x_O
Post #: 69
9/18/2011 23:25:26   
Shao Kahn

This is my favorite AE game... by far... I need to scrape together 10 dollars. I'm only level 6, but I'll keep going. I won't let Happy little cupcake down! :)
Post #: 70
9/18/2011 23:30:24   

Gormans, can you screenshot the shops for us? :F
AQW  Post #: 71
9/18/2011 23:31:33   
Shao Kahn

By the way did all you people pay the 10 dollars in the higher levels? I will eventually, but I hope it doesn't put me way behind...
Post #: 72
9/18/2011 23:33:43   

@Shao Kahn: I payed $10 in Artix Points sometime around level 5.
AQW  Post #: 73
9/18/2011 23:36:57   
Shao Kahn

Will I be way behind if I don't for a while like 2 weeks or so? I'm still gaining xp just wont have very many gems.
Post #: 74
9/18/2011 23:44:34   

Besides gems, the only major advantage to upgrading for you right now would be the Wildberry and Skull pets in the Mustang shop. Wildberry does as much damage per orb as your normal attacks, and the Skulls have the Confuse ability. However, you can get a pet with the Confuse ability in the 15+ shop (not sure about a 100% damage pet). But the better pets aren't necessarily needed if you're going to use boss battles to gain levels, since the bosses are actually somewhat weaker than normal players of the same level.

If you're not worried about gems, I think you can wait. Though a lot can happen in two weeks...

< Message edited by PlanesWalker -- 9/18/2011 23:45:24 >
AQW  Post #: 75
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