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Index of Starship Items

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10/5/2011 15:38:20   
Legendary AK!!!

This is to help people see what starship items are available to them, hopefully more gaps will be filled in as updates arise.
If you see and errors, have comments, or updates please PM me about it.

*Thanks to Vampire Fexy and all others who helped with the original index!*

Items in this color next to them are Nova Gem only.
(Rare) means that the item has been removed from the game or soon to be removed.

3010 GEARS Games Bronze Trophy (Rare)
3010 GEARS Games Gold Trophy (Rare)
3010 GEARS Games Silver Trophy (Rare)
3011 Confetti Cannon (Rare)
3011 GEARS Games Bronze Trophy(Rare)
3011 GEARS Games Gold Trophy (Rare)
3011 GEARS Games Silver Trophy (Rare)
3012 GEARS Games Bronze Trophy (Rare)
3012 GEARS Games Gold Trophy (Rare)
3012 GEARS Games Silver Trophy (Rare)
3012 Confetti Cannon (Rare)
3012 Turkey (Rare)
4th Birthday Cake (Rare)
5th Birthday Cake (Rare)

Adjustable Bed
Angry Evil Jim Groupie Action Figure (Rare)
Anniversary Cake (Rare)
Anniversary Cake 3009 (Rare)
Antique Movie Projector (Rare)
April Fools Sound System (Rare)
Art Museum Lobby Print
Arthurian Shield (Rare)
Arthurian Trophy (Rare)
Assault Mecha
Asteroid Photograph (Rare)
Asteroid Souvenier (Rare)
Attack Turkey
Awesome Pumpkin (Rare)

Bender ManaCaster
Beronn Skull (Rare)
Big Lucky Warrior Action Figure (Rare)
Birthday Balloons (Rare)
Birthday Banner (Rare)
Birthday Presents (Rare)
bladeshock's Art 1 (Rare)
bladeshock's Art 2 (Rare)
Blue Chickee (Rare)
Blue XII Rune Circle (Rare)
Bomber of Justice's Art (Rare)
Bomber of Justice's Art1 (Rare)
Bomber of Justice's Art2 (Rare)
Braddock Steele Arcade Machine
Brain on Slug Graffiti (Rare)
Brain Slug Graffiti (Rare)
Bronze GEARS Games Trophy (Rare)
Bronze Valor Plaque (Rare)

Cactus (Rare)
Cake from a Portal (Rare)
Candleabra (Rare)
Candy Cauldron (Rare)
Candy Stash (Rare)
Cauldron (Rare)
Chairman P Action Figure (Rare)
Chef Commemorative Poster 3011 (Rare)
Chickencow Graffiti (Rare)
Clover Rug (Rare)
Cobweb (Rare)
Coffee Maker
Comfy Coffin (Rare)
Computer Desk
Conflicted Snowman
Corner Cobweb (Rare)
Crimzon5's Art (Rare)
Crystal Floor Lamp (Rare)
Crystal Lighting Fixture (Rare)
Crystal Table (Rare)
Cursed Video Tape (Rare)
Curved Couch

Dance Poster (Rare)
darklordpilien's Art (Rare)
Decorative Trapdoor (Rare)
Dining Room Table
dragonie_em's Art (Rare)
Dragon Hearth
Dragyron Actionfigure (Rare)
DrDOT's Art (Rare)
Drippy Candle (Rare)
Dusty Skeleton (Rare)

Eagle Action Figure (Rare)
Ebil Games
EbilCorp EC04 Action Figure (Rare)
EbilCorp EC05 Action Figure (Rare)
EbilCorp War Portal (Rare)
EC01 Actionfigure (Rare)
EC02 Actionfigure (Rare)
EC03 Actionfigure (Rare)
Eddie Mask (Rare)
Egg-Static Transmitter (Rare)
Electric Cornucopia (Rare)
Eliminator50's Art (Rare)
Evil Smile Graffiti (Rare)
Evil Jim Graffiti (Rare)
Evil Jim "Fire-Motion" Poster (Rare)
Evil Jim - Overkill (Rare)
Evil Jim Poster (Rare)
Evil Jim Poster Portal (Rare)
Evil Jim Skull Boombox (Rare)
Evil Jim...Evil? Graffiti (Rare)
Evil Robotic Hand (Rare)
Evilcorp Picture

Family Urn (Rare)
Fancy Fridge
Firework Command Arcade Machine (Rare)
Fire Hearth
Fireplace (Rare)
Fireworks Command Arcade Machine
Fish Bowl
Flipped Snowman
Flying Broom
Forgotten Tree
Formorri's Art (Rare)
forumlogin's Art (Rare)
Frostvale Snow Globe (Rare)
Frostval Wreath (Rare)T
Frosty the Snow Mecha (Rare)
Fruturistic couch

Galacimech Battle Arcade
GEARS 3008 Plaque (Rare)
GEARS 3008 Yearbook (Rare)
GEARS 3009 Plaque (Rare)
GEARS 3009 Yearbook (Rare)
GEARS 3011 Plaque (Rare)
GEARS 3011 Yearbook (Rare)
GEARS 3012 Plaque (Rare)
GEARS 3012 Yearbook (Rare)
GEARS Floor Logo
GEARS Wall Logo
Giant Turkey Leg (Rare)
Giirantu's Art (Rare)
Gold GEARS Games Trophy (Rare)
Gold Valor Plaque (Rare)
Golden Katana Action Figure (Rare)
Golden Nubertron Action Figure (Rare)
Gramophone (Rare)
Grey XII Rune Circle (Rare)

Hai Thar Graffiti (Rare)
Hanging Chains (Rare)
Hanging Skeleton (Rare)
Hi-Fi System
Holiday Feast (Rare)
Holiday Guerilla Tree (Rare)
Holiday Lights
Holiday Tree (Rare)
Horseshoes (Rare)
Hover Scythe Actionfigure (Rare)

I Heart Evil Jim Graffiti (Rare)
Ice Box
Ice Harvester Action Figure (Rare)

J6 Mask (Rare)
Jack O'Lantern - Evil (Rare)
Jack O Lantern - Mad (Rare)
Jack O' Lantern - Manic (Rare)
Jack O'Lantern - Nice (Rare)
Jack O' Lantern - Sneer (Rare)
Jack O' Lantern - Ugh (Rare)
Jemini Hologram (Rare)
Journey to the Sun Galactimecha
Journey to the Sun Starship
Juke Box

kaibinlore's Art (Rare)
kaibinlore's Art (2) (Rare)

Lagos Intro Cutscene (Rare)
Large Aquarium
Lava Candleabra
Lava Lamp
Leave Zorbo Graffiti (Rare)
Longhorn Skull (Rare)
Lord Zombie's Art (Rare)
lordkaho's Art 1 (Rare)
lordkaho's Art 2 (Rare)
Love Radio (Rare)
Lucky Clover (Rare)
Lucky Radio (Rare)

Martino Dreadnought(Rare)
Mana-Sconza (Rare)
Mana-Obra (Rare)
Me + Evil Jim Graffiti (Rare)
Mecha Trophy (Rare)
Mecharoni Picture
Mechferatu Action Figure (Rare)
MechGuin Action Figure (Rare)
Medical Chair
Medium Aquarium
Melts Faces Graffiti (Rare)
Mocha Cola Machine
Mog Mask (Rare)
Mounted Turkey (Rare)
Mounted Turkey Leg (Rare)
Musical Pumpkin (Rare)
Mutant Turkey Action Figure 3011 (Rare)
Mwktstorm's Art (Rare)
My Own Magmar (Rare)
Mysterious Ranger's Art (Rare)
Mystraven Banner (Rare)
Mystraven Carpet (Rare)
Mystraven Logo
Mystraven Pedestal (Rare)
Mystraven Picture

neodiabolus's Art (Rare)
Newbatron AnniV 3010 Action Figure (Rare)
Non-Posable Chickee - Pink (Rare)
notagoodname's Art (Rare)

Ocean Picture
Odessa and Kringle Picture
Off-Planet Tombstone (Rare)
OverFiend Pumpkin (Rare)

Paranoid Snowman
Parental Snowman
Personalized Gargoyle Grave (Rare)
Personalized Tombstone (Rare)
Pet Ant (Rare)
Pet Scorpion (Rare)
Pet Worm (Rare)
Pile of Snow (Rare)
pinata_BLASTA's Art (Rare)
Pink Chickee (Rare)
Pirate Flag (Rare)
Pirate Trophy (Rare)
Pizza Clock
Planet Mortis Starmap (Rare)
Planetary Defender
Plasma Charge's Art (Rare)
Plasma Charge's Art (2) (Rare)
Plasma Charge's Art (3) (Rare)
Platinum Mecha Trophy (Rare)
Platinum Nubertron Action Figure (Rare)
Poetry Generator (Rare)
Portal of Sweet Delights (Rare)
Portrait of Odessa
Portrait of Sys-Zero and Nurse Helia
Pot O' Gold (Rare)
Presents! (Rare)
Pumpkin Bright
Pyra's Blast (Rare)

Queenadent (Rare)

Raider Action Figure (Rare)
Rainbow (Rare)
Real Lava Lamp (Rare)
Real Lava Rocket Lamp (Rare)
Reconnaiscythe Action Figure (Rare)
Red Rug
Reissue Sunburst Martino Dreadnought (Rare)
Rikyri's Art (Rare)
Rikyri's Art (2) (Rare)
Roasted Turkey (Rare)
Robo-Chickencow (Rare)
Rocket Lava Lamp
Rockin' Turkey (Rare)
Rocking Moglin (Rare)
Ronoroa Asero's Art (Rare)
RT-Head (Rare)
Runehawk Banner (Rare)
Runehawk Carpet (Rare)
Runehawk Logo
Runehawk Pedestal (Rare)
Runehawk Picture

Santa Zorbo (Rare)
Santa Zorbo Poster (Rare)
Saylor Cutaway (Rare)
Scarecrow (Rare)
Scrap's Delight Arcade Machine (Rare)
Shadowscythe Chair
Sheriff Duncan's Art (Rare)
Short Stool
Silver GEARS Games Trophy (Rare)
Silver Nubertron Action Figure (Rare)
Silver Slayer's Art (Rare)
Silver Valor Plaque (Rare)
Sir Pumpkin (Rare)
Skeleton in a Box! (Rare)
Skull Graffiti (Rare)
SlayR's Art (Rare)
Small Fridge
Smash Face Graffiti (Rare)
Smiley Graffiti (Rare)
Soluna is Jerks Graffiti (Rare)
sparkfire7's Art (Rare)
Spooky Door (Rare)
Standard Bed
Starbuck Graffiti (Rare)
Streamwave's Art (Rare)
Sys Zero Mask (Rare)

Tangled Lights (Rare)
Teddy Bear (Rare)
TerriFi Action Figure
Ticklish Zorbo (Rare)
Toad12345's Art (Rare)
Todd Graffiti (Rare)
Tombstone (Rare)
Traditional Couch
Traditional Turkageddon Hat (Rare)
Train (Rare)
Treasure Map (Rare)
Turkey Travel Poster 3011 (Rare)
Turkageddon Poster (Rare)
Twisted Shadow Roots (Rare)

UltimateWolfking's Art (Rare)
Ultra Jumbo Z-Lushie Cup (Rare)
Unkempt Bed

Vampire Bat Action Figure (Rare)

Wall Morbia
Warlic Underware Graffiti (Rare)
Watching Graffiti (Rare)
Watchman's Art (Rare)
Wolfblade Banner
Wolfblade Carpet (Rare)
Wolfblade Logo
Wolfblade Picture
Wolfblade Pedestal (Rare)
Wood Stove
Wrapped Nubertron Action Figure (Rare)
Wray's Anatomy
Wreath (Rare)

XII Globe (Rare)

Yellow Chickee (Rare)

Z-Lushie Dispenser (Rare)
Zargon Comic Subscription
zeek jone's Art (Rare)
Zeus Suit
Zhark's Art (Rare)
Zombie Action Figure (Rare)
zozozoz's Art (Rare)

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