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Your turning point in ED?

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10/17/2011 9:57:04   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

What was your main turning point in ED? For example, maybe a new weapon or bot or simply a new build that was successful. What one thing, or things, in ED drastically changed the way you play for the better? Mine would be a bot. When i used a focus build with a BH it really felt like i'd opened up a new world of possibilites as it was the first time i'd used a bot and to be honest prior to buying one, i really put off the idea as i did not see it as something i would use a lot. (It was about a week from hearing about it, until i decided to buy one, but i cannot remember who said i should buy one, if you're reading this, thank you!)

So you get the idea now. Which item, build etc whatever it maybe changed the way the play, how did it benefit and have you kept using this item or build?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
10/17/2011 10:05:25   

My most amazing turning point in ed was when in beta stage i was going to quit then i meet DAX in a fight. That player made me think i am also a good player and can own a powerful player also.Second thing was when one friend suggest me a build after the new update of field medic and it work out best for me now also i am using that build.

Thank you~~
AQW Epic  Post #: 2
10/17/2011 10:29:31   
Fay Beeee

Mine was also in Beta, when it suddenly clicked what I was doing.
I think most of the Beta players will know I used to wing it. I had no strategy. Just went it fighting (and talking lol ) I still do sometimes. But I never go more than one move ahead.


Epic  Post #: 3
10/17/2011 12:15:29   

I stop being loyal to TM class , i think that was the best thing i ever did for my char


Epic  Post #: 4
10/17/2011 13:34:43   

Turning point?Level 30.I was a noob till half of lvl 30(didnt know how def and res worked).
Epic  Post #: 5
10/17/2011 19:00:10   

When I discovered the power of Malf and Deadly Aim. Or earlier with Hybrid Armor( Thought that was useless lvl 12, before I just spammed BB) Oh and support builds.
Epic  Post #: 6
10/17/2011 19:02:21   
One Winged Angel1357

lv 24 was my turning point once i found a great set of weapons(including one of the few Aux's in early Beta) My builds just came to life getting me a nice ratio and even allowing me to beat some Founders

I still use pretty much the same build to this day i just have to keep tweaking it because of balance updates
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
10/17/2011 19:04:28   

When I got my first varium package ever. I got the Beta Blades and started actually thinking about my build.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/17/2011 19:07:28   
Chosen 0ne

AHHH, allright... This is gonna make me feel terrible remembering the times.

*BOOM* level 25!

Here i am, lvl 25!

Time to get armor.

I decide on bio trooper energy.

15k credits gone.

I had to sell everything for it!

Then, the new armor for non variums came out, I thought it would be rare, so I sold bio trooper for it.

25, at the time, was the HARDEST thing ever.

I went against people with 2 things, armor, and a mjolnir.

I finaly get a gun.

I accidently sell it.

I get an aux.

Sell that for a gun.

Sell that gun for an aux.

Do that proccess 1 more time.


$10.00 package.

Buy reacter sword.

Buy desert blaster.

Buy warrier armor.

Fix my win record.

My win record was 1k wins, and 3k loses!

2 THOUSAND MORE LOSES THAN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I then NPC'D for 8 months.

Got more var, got an imperial ACP.

Got more var again 3 months lator, got Frostwraith.

Again, i got cupids bane.

Then i got egzooka.

Somewhere along here i got my gamma bot.

Gammabot is my turning point, 5 focus rocks!


DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
10/17/2011 19:11:48   

When I reached lvl cap and become a varium user
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 10
10/17/2011 19:21:36   

I don't know. Since The first day (founder, note the avatar) I've been thinking and thinking on builds and whatnot.
Honestly, though, my real turning point now is cyber hunter. The class is absolutely amazing, to say the least. Hard to use, but definitely awesome.
Otherwise, I'd say the Str bounty hunter.
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
10/17/2011 20:02:34   

When I quit in December because it became useless and the community was shot to hell at that point after the forum merge. Forum merge made me quit...
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 12
10/17/2011 20:04:48   
Chosen 0ne

^The forum merge made a lot of good people quit.

It was a STUPID mistake.

Font size edited. Please don't use a font size bigger than 3. ~Mecha

< Message edited by Mecha Mario -- 10/17/2011 21:49:22 >
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 13
10/17/2011 20:06:19   

I agree, I liked the classic php 3 better.

We're the Mesopotamians Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
10/17/2011 20:09:16   
Chosen 0ne

erm, what? lol. That thing at the bottom you wrote seems irrelevent,

^BEHOLD, THE OLD FORUMS! Its down but oh well.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 15
10/17/2011 20:14:42   

When I hit All time 1v1 champion, I asked myself "what did it get me, what did I actually win and what was the point".

The answer was obvious then and it's just as obvious now so, I gave up competing and started playing for fun.

I never regret the decision and I actually enjoy playing now more then ever. Play for fun, play when you feel like it, play for the joy of playing and nothing will bother you any more. That realization was my turning point, the weapon that changed my life was knowledge.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
10/17/2011 20:19:00   

When I met the people that are pretty much famous. Don't know where I'd be today without Xendran. XD

Probably just another senseless noob in the crowd that doesn't have a good intelligible balance thought whatsoever.
AQ MQ  Post #: 17
10/17/2011 20:50:01   

probably being really active and getting into more faction related gaming.
mostly when i joined Control Alt Death in mid January of 2011 was my turning point from average player to active pro player :D
AQW Epic  Post #: 18
10/17/2011 21:00:00   

When I first join, I turned pro. =)
Joking. =P

Um... it's gotta be when I got Founder amour, everything really changed from there.
Got into Lords, met alot of amazing players, Snake King, epicness, sk900, zira, raf & so on. We dominated.
Then I joined Legit (Still my faction, even though I'm retired) Met Angels, still the best player in ED & the rest of the Legit crew & we.. yep Dominated.
From meeting all these players, also Fay & Sparticus* (How could I forget?!) & such, I became a all-time 1v1 player, rank 11, before I retired.

Now I'm just Legend. =P

< Message edited by LambO -- 10/17/2011 21:45:46 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 19
10/17/2011 21:43:40   

^ Yes you are.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
10/17/2011 21:46:41   

Hehe Sparticus. xD How could I forget about you & fay?!?
Good ol' Beta times..
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 21
10/17/2011 21:58:26   

Actually, my turning point came when I watched xendran's video on saving energy...
DF Epic  Post #: 22
10/17/2011 23:12:26   

when i suddenly remembered ed, and came back for the first time since before the alpha testing days... I had so much to do, it was basically like joining a new game.
Post #: 23
10/18/2011 5:26:17   

They day I met Xendran. He disliked me but it was an honour because he's the best tech mage that this game has ever seen. He was and still is an inspiration. He is one of the people I looked up to in Epicduel, but nowadays, I play less now mainly due to the degrading fun and variety in terms of gameplay, due to horrible balance issues and because of the lack of frequent updates. I am glad to have Xendran on my buddy list now, but it's a shame that both of us play this game a lot less now for various seasons. Regardless of how everything stands now, I will always remember him as that mage who always had that staff I wished I had (Azrael) :3.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
10/18/2011 6:41:55   

mine was when i became an all timer in juggernaut.. despite the fact that i wasnt active during the time that the juggernaut mode was released (i quit around april to june), i was able to make it on the all time juggernaut within the month of september.. it really wasnt easy and there were times that i did want to give up.. and im very happy that i didnt, i just kept on going despite the odds..

< Message edited by chrisraine -- 10/18/2011 6:43:24 >


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