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10/23/2011 21:56:44   


Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Travel South » Seekrat » 7: Cat-Astrophe

We defeated the Terrible Twelve, but in the confusion, ElBhe has been captured! Can we finish off the Terrible Twelve and save ElBhe before it's too late?

«Scene: Dark Jungle»

«You»: I have to find ElBhe fast. Who knows what those villains have done with him?

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

See below for jungle monster encounter list.

«You»: This place is so disorienting... I can't even tell where I am, anymore.
«You»: It's times like these I wish my Travel Map was more geographically accurate.
«You»: ElBhe... I hope you're okay!

«Scene: Another part of the Jungle, where the Terrible Twelve are.»

Seekrat: How could you have lost? My plans for revenge on «You» are ruined!
Seekrat: What if he should follow you all? My plans involving Barrius will be ruined, too!
ElBhe: You hired the worst villains in the history of Lore. Did you really think you'd win?
ElBhe: This plan was the worst idea since Agent Smith.
Tyranna: As obnoxious as he is, I find it difficult to tell a kewte wittle kitty to shut up.
ElBhe: ... did you just baby-talk at me?
Terrestria: I know, right? You just wanna snuggle him and...
ElBhe: Mehehe. See? I told you, worm-woman. No lady can resist my charms.
Terrestria: ... ugh. Come to think of it, I don't even know why I said something like that...
ElBhe: I'll have to market this talent of mine, somehow. Maybe as a line of body sprays for men.
ElBhe: Shadowkitten body spray. Because the shadowkittens make the wimminz go "dawwwww."
Seekrat: SILENCE! I didn't give you permission to speak!
Tubthumper: Who put YOU in charge, anyways? Your plan failed! Obviously, as the greatest villain here...
Fear Drake: Put a sock in it. You're not fit to lead anything. I'm far more experienced.
Terrestria: Hold on. I already rule an entire race. I should be in charge here.
Captain Munch: Ye rule over little worms, missie. I'll never be ruled over by some land-lubbing worm princess!
Queen Hybee: Shut up, you baffoons! You're giving me such a HEADAAAAAAAAACHE!
Twig: You guys are being mean. I'm gonna have ice cweam!

«Twig runs off-Scene, presumably to have "ice cweam."»

Stragath: This is ridiculous!! I can't believe I ever decided to work with all of you imbeciles!
MetalFace: You're one to talk!! Why don't you just shut up and go back to Heck where you belong!

«Scene zooms in on ElBhe.»

ElBhe: ....... booooooooorrred.

«Algern leans down to look at ElBhe.»

Algern: It seems that now is a good time to leave, shadowcat.

«Algern uses his sword to slice off ElBhe's restraining rope as the remaining "Terrible Ten" continue to squabble.»

Captain Munch: Now listen here, mateys! If we don't all stick together--
Doc Sawbones: Grrr... I'm too old for this s---

«Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Another part of the Dark Jungle, where «You» are.»

«You»: Still no sign of him, but I have to keep looking, for ElBhe's sake!

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

See below for jungle monster encounter list.

«You»: Nothing. Oh ElBhe... the poor little thing's probably terrified. I'll bet they're torturing him!
«You»: They're probably dangling a fish in front of his face and not letting him eat it as I speak!

«Scene: Another part of the Dark Jungle, where ElBhe and Algern are.»

ElBhe: Lovely day, isn't it? Or at least I assume it is. The sun doesn't tend to reach through the treetops.
ElBhe: I guess it's better than Darkovia, at least. With that creepy moon hovering overhead, even during the day!
Algern: I did not release you to make small talk, ElBhe.
ElBhe: You want me to talk to Barrius about letting you back into the order. Do you really think he'll allow that?
Algern: I have no desire to rejoin the order. I wish to combat him and prove that I was right all along: darkness alone is far stronger than shadow.
ElBhe: He won't likely oblige. He doesn't fight anyone he considers weak.
ElBhe: And you forever labeled yourself as weak when you refused to go through with the ceremony.
Algern: Why would I allow myself to become possessed by some monstrous beast when I have enough power on my own?
ElBhe: Hey now. Your one chance to even speak to Barrius relies on getting this 'monstrous beast' getting permission for you.

««You» enter.»

«You»: ElBhe! There you are... and you're not being tortured?
ElBhe: No one's soulless enough to torture me. Or if they are, it's probably my fault. My hunger gets the best of me sometimes.
«You»: ... right, well... what are you doing out here, and with one of the Terrible Twelve in tow?
Algern: Do not pin me up with those fools.
ElBhe: Algern released me. The rest of the Terrible Twelve was too busy bickering over their loss to notice.
ElBhe: We'd better get out of here fast. The ladies in that group were starting to get a little too interested in me.
«You»: Well, uh... thanks? C'mon, ElBhe, we're leaving.
Algern: You cannot take him. I have my own plans, and they require his help.
«You»: Then it appears we are at an impasse.
Algern: Indeed. And unfortunately for you, I cannot let you walk away without a fight........... Minions!!
  • Fight!

  • Fight Algern! (Challenge Battle)

    Dialogue continues below.

  • Do Not Fight Algern

    Algern: I shall waste no more time on you. My target is Barrius.
    «You»: Who is Barrius?
    ElBhe: My owner. I am Barrius's shadow self.
    «You»: Oh, okay. Wait, you have an owner? Where has he been all this time, anyways?

    «Algern turns.»

    Algern: Wait.... I sense him.... has he gone to their hideout after all?

    «Algern leaves.»

    «You»: ... did he just forget we were here?
    ElBhe: Apparently. Let's hope he keeps forgetting, «You».
    Terrible 12 Part 2A

    Shop Weapons:
  • Flying Fish 1200
  • Flying Fish 3200
  • Flying Fish G52
  • Flying Fish 7200
  • Flying Fish Z92
  • Flying Fish 11200
  • Flying Fish G132
  • Flying Fish G150

    Shop Armors:
  • Algern's Carapace
  • Algern's Versatile Carapace
  • Algern's Carapace
  • Algern's Carapace
  • Algern's Versatile Carapace
  • Algern's Carapace
  • Algern's Carapace
  • Algern's Carapace

    Shop Misc:
  • Scented ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • Aromal ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • PunGent ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • Aromatic ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • Heady ShadowKitten Body Spray Z
  • Redolent ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • FraGrant ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • Odoriferous ShadowKitten Body Spray
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Shop update thanks to AVA.

    Random Jungle Monsters
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