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(HS) A Dreadful past

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11/20/2011 19:41:49   
star screamer


"A little bit of this, a touch of that...Oops. He he he he...."

I woke for my first time with a start. There was a man
standing in front of me with a big gleaming smile.
He looked about middle aged, though his skin looked
as if it had been dead for decades. He had pointed teeth,
black hair and orange eyes. He wore a brown coat with
a white undershirt and a bow tie. He had what looked to be a cape hung up
behind him next to a vampire like costume.

"My son!" He laughed, "I can't believe it actually worked."

"Who are you? Where am I? And who am I?" I asked confused.

"Let's see here... I am Star Screamer, this location is classified and
you are my clone." He answered.

"Clone?!" I shouted in a question. "You mean I look like you do?"

"Well almost, but you aren't wearing any clothes." he chuckled.

<Great.> I thought. <My father is a psychopath.>

He smiled as if reading my mind.

"I'm not crazy. Oh wait, YES I AM! HE HE HE HA HA HA!" He laughed.

He then handed me a pure white helmet, a gray cape, and two gloves
with hidden blades, he then pointed to knight armor as if telling me to wear

Moments later I was dressed like some sort of a white knight, he simply smiled
when I asked why I was dressed like that.

"My son, my little Dread Screamer..."

Chapter 1: You could call this bad parenting

I wouldn't say that he was the worst father, even if he was.
He would try to get me to eat harmless animals, and say that
kittens taste just like mints.

"Eat the cat, it's delicious!" He demanded.

"Are you crazy?" I asked, "That's a living breathing animal!"

"Tastes just like mints." He said as he ate the cat whole and alive.

<My 'dad' expects I be just like him, I don't want to eat cats> I thought to myself

After finally giving up about me eating cats he moved onto powers.
He had told me that there was some sort of super hero and
villain outbreak. Apparently clones aren't made with powers,
so he tried something else. God, I can still feel what he had done to me...

He blasted me with a thousand volts of electricity, that had no effect on
me at all. He tried to put me in a giant microwave and I just told him it
would blow my head of so he grabbed one of his minions, shoved him
in the microwave, and let's just say he ended up agreeing with me.

"There must be some way to make you strong like your pa but
how..." He asked.

Then a candle appeared over his head, and I mean literally, guess he abused
dark magic a bit too much.

He then strapped me to a chair and grabbed a really big ray gun and shot me.
Glad all that pain actually gave me something.

A white aura surrounded my hands. As my father laughed he a shot dark magic
ray at me and said: "Your training begins now."

Chapter 2: Training

"What are you doing?!" I asked.

"Training you, what else?"

He blasted more energy at me as I blocked it with some sort of white
magic. His blast still hurt, despite my shield. It was big and black with
a purple aura surrounding it. My energy beam was the opposite of that,
white with a blue aura surrounding it.

As I went flying back he looked... angry... He walked over and slapped me across
the head.

"Your not strong enough!" He shouted, "Focus, not on the blast coming toward you but the

We tried over and over again but it did't work, eventually he blasted a surprise blast while I was eating
my grilled cheese sandwich, surprised I blocked the shot with my energy shield and Star simply laughed.

"You did it!" He cried, "Now we just need to figure out how to get you to do it
in a normal duel, but for now, surprise attacks are good..."

Within two days I started to get curious on what he needed and where
the heck I am. So like a mature person I simply went up to him and asked
instead of snooping.

"So where am I?"

"That you will find out in you last moments, it'll be like: Hey son, remember
the place you trained at? And you'll be like: *Cough *cough...Yeah?
And I will say: It was Alaska- OH DARN IT!" He shouted.

"Alaska? Well explains why there's snow outside."

Star for some reason never let me leave the building, he said that if I left whose to
say I won't get mauled by wild animals, or killed in an avalanche.

"So then what do you need me for?"

"I'M A DEMON SO, CHAOS WHAT ELSE? Well, also if I die I need you to replace me."

"Die? You told me you were a demon."

"That does not mean I cannot be destroyed," he said, "I have a life source
hidden somewhere, have you ever seen pirates of the Caribbean?
Well, it's nothing like that, it's not my heart, it's my energy, and it's not a
chest, it's a cathedral being protected by millions of demon soldiers."


Later I decided to test more of my abilities on some of
the training dummies, Star did suggest people but I said no.

<This guy's insane.> I thought as I blew a dummies head to bits,
<I really should get the heck out of this place, but how?>

Chapter 3: The escape

I walked towards the main entrance/exit.

“Aww… Don’t want your daddy…”

Metal bars slammed in front of me almost crushing my legs with their mass power.

“Don’t defy me boy, my power is ten times stronger than yours will ever be.” He told me.

“You’re a freak…”

“A freak? Sure I might be a freak but I am also more intelligent than you as well.”

“I am a clone, how can you be more intelligent, we are equal except for our strength and I’m not crazy.”

“You see, cloning is never perfect, you weren’t made with my intelligence, just my looks.”

Dark magic appeared around Star Screamer’s hands. He gave me an evil glance, then that look turned to sadness, then anger. He blasted at me but I ducked, right then and there, I looked like
that movie called the Matrix that Star had showed me. I slid between his legs and then ran to the vault where Star kept his weapons, I took a bag and all that I could carry he bolted out the room
as fast as Sonic the hedgehog. I ran down a long hallway, it was tainted silver and had no windows, no alternate routes, just one door at the end of the hallway, and it was my ticket out of here.

While running I heard a load roar, it sounded like a million lions were sitting next to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I glanced back, then heard a rumble and thumped to the floor.

“Have you met Cuddles yet?” Star’s voice echoed over the intercom, “No? Stick around.”

It looked like a monster, it was brown, had the antlers of a moose, the mouth of a barracuda, eyes like a lizard, and it was huge, roughly ten feet tall. It had muscular legs and looked as if it
wanted to rip me apart. It probably did too.

“What the ‘ell is this thing?”

“GROOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!” It screeched.

I jumped in the air, but it was too tall, I simply bashed into his thick skin. It bit at me, I quickly dodged his attempt. It then leapt at me but didn’t get far enough. Cuddles sniffed the air sat down and wagged it’s dog like tail.

“Good boy… just let me get pass…”


It charged, but not at me, at the door. Lucky too there were these Cyclopes like creatures waiting for me, only bit smaller then Cuddles.

<What is Star doing up here?> I thought.

As Cuddles munched on the Cyclopes I made my escape. It was snowing. I had never felt snow before because Star kept me inside at all times. It was as white as an old man’s beard.

<Beautiful…> I thought.

I decided that I needed to stop fantasizing or Star would for sure catch me. I looked behind me, sure enough Star was standing at the busted door. He wore the vampire outfit I saw earlier, it had a black vest overtop of a white undershirt and had a black hood. Under the hood he wore a bleached skull that seemed to belong to a human. He also wore his blood red cape. His eyes seemed to glow as he looked at me with those frightening orange eyes.
Chapter 4: Civilization

I traveled for months. By the time I finally found living breathing humans, I seemed to have grown a dark black beard underneath my helmet. The human’s that I found were grateful to let me stay there for a little while. I ejected my blades from my glove and started cutting. I had dark hair like Star Screamer and had dead skin like him. Though instead of cruel orange eyes I had pitch black ones, which freaked me out even more when I looked into the mirror. The people of the village were kind and showed me around town. It was a small fishing town next to a large frozen lake with many holes in it. I asked what they were and they laughed at me.

<Had I made a joke?> I asked myself in thought.

They explained that they made the holes for finding food such as lobster and fish.

<Very convenient.> I thought.

Later on they brought me to a large temple. They explained that it was called the temple of the Ingiru people who were the ancestors of the villagers.

“It isn’t much now but back then it was beautiful” They would say.

They told me it was technology far better than modern day. It was all powered by orbs that were protected by the beast known as Kahli May. They showed me a beautiful painting of the beast and may I say it looked outstanding; it was completely made of rock, had blue gems all over it and had many designs on it. I asked if I could enter the temple but they said it was too dangerous now with all the traps, yetis, grave robbers, and archeologists with really big guns.

“Excuse me.” I asked Huway.

Huway was old, and knew everything there is to know about well, pretty much everything.
He wore a brown felt coat and had a long white beard much like the snow.

“Yes, young traveler?”

“Do you know anyway to mass civilization?”

“There is a city, south from here, many people like you live there.”

“What’s the cities name?”

“They call it: ‘Super city’. Once you get there head to Liberty square and meet with my friend Artikiller.”
“Thank you sir.”

Chapter 5: Not Super city

I Traveled south just as Huway said. I didn’t find Super city for hours. Even when I got there I still had to get out of this really deep hole I had fallen into, which happened to have a city in it.

What’s your business white one?”

“I’m looking for the one called Artikiller…”

All the people in the city stopped, then laughed.

“You’re funny kid, what’s your name?”

“They call me, the Dread Screamer.”

He gasped, “You mean like…. Star…. Screamer….”


Some of the people ran others pulled out their weapons.
I punched a man named Luigi DaVinci so hard in the face that he broke his mechanical eye and oil oozed out of it. I knocked down most of the villains easily, but others not so easy. They dog piled me, one by one they piled on. I burst. Literally. All the people went flying in the air.

“Now, I’m going to ask this once.” I said, “Where am I?”

“You’re in Skulldeep kid.” Said a man in purple and green, “Name’s Trivial, used to work for your father.”

I looked at him then punched him in the face. I hated my father, any friends of him can’t be anywhere near me or I might be in trouble.

“I *coughs… have no regrets…” he moaned.

“You’re not dead, idiot.” I told him.

He got to his feet and ran like hell.

Skulldeep was a ginormous piece of land, in fact, it wasn’t just one land. The mainland wasn’t as big as the others though. It was easy to travel between the lands because of the villain’s ways of
transportation. They traveled by hover cars, teleporters, basically anything they could get their hands on or make. I laid low because I knew for sure that people heard I was there. It was hard not beating every single villain there to a pulp, but I managed to get through it.

“Excuse me, sir.” Said a ginormous villain, then he punched me in the face.

“Who are you!?”

“You are in hell white man, and I am the devil.”

“No, I met the devil already.” I said then I punched him in the gut.

The man was abnormally fat and was Chinese. He wore a sumo wrestlers diaper but his was black. Choking, he grabs me by the neck and chucks me off the edge. Without him noticing, I had stuck my sword in the rock and began to climb. When I finally got up I jumped in the air landed on his head then punched him a couple times, jumped of and watched him collapse to the ground.

“Pathetic.” I said spitting at his fallen body, “Anyone else want some?”

Minutes after my fight with Mr. Lard butt, I found a teleporter and set it to get me out of there, sadly it did not take me to Super city, but instead, a floating one.

Chapter 6: The floating paradise

The city was beautiful, it was surround it with some sort of diamond like crystal, the streets were tainted silver and there were people flying around everywhere.
There was a lady wearing purple with a big wrecking ball trailing behind her. I thought it could be more villains but obviously I had my doubts.

"Hello there young one." said a kind voice.

The source of the voice was a man with gray and blue armor and had gray wings. He wore a helmet with a gray base and had red spikes.

"Who are you, where am I?" I asked.

"You are in HeroSpire, and to answer your next question I am Drakkoniss, champion of good."

"Drakkoniss.... that sounds... familiar..."

Star had spoke of many people, there was one called Clown the Jester, another was Gray Silhouette, there were lots, and one of them had been Drakkoniss.

"So you have heard of me?"

"I think... Do you know Star Screamer?"

"Star Screamer? Boy I know that psychopath, works with Clown he does."

"Clown also sounds familiar."

"So why are you asking? Do you know him?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"So how do you know that psycho?"

"I am his clone..."

"Clone!" He shouted as he pulled out his energy sword.

"Do not be alarmed, I am nothing like him."

He seemed unsure if he should trust me or not, but I couldn't blame him.
Chapter 7: A day in the life of Star

"Has my sexy new outfit come in the mail yet?"

"Over here sir..." said a demon warrior.

He led him to his lab and grabbed Stars new outfit.
A purple trench coat with a green undershirt, black hood
and lime coloured tie.

"Now this," He paused "is sexy."

Star glanced in the corner of his eye to see a sword.

"I see my collectors addition demonic sword has arrived!"

It was as bid as himself in human form and twice as strong in demon!
The blade was a reddish purple with a black hilt that had a black skull on it.
It glowed a black aura, like Star did and could dish out black magic like him as well.


"Oh and I still haven't gotten paid since last century so could you write me
a pay check I'll be back to work."

"Oh here!" He said as he gave the money to him and then disintegrated it and his
hand into black ashes.

"Oops... heh... heh.... heh... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!"

"Anyone else didn't get paid? he asked the rest of his demonic minions.

"No, no we're good!"

"I insist..." He said blasting all but one with dark magic destroying them.

The last one whimpered.

"You," He shouted, "actually you do a good job so here."

"Really? You're not gonna... kill me?"

"Why would I do that?"

The demon took the money and ran. In the distance you could hear
an explosion.

"So maybe I lied!" He laughed. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
Chapter 8: The end draws near

"What is wrong?" Drakkoniss asked.

"He is coming..." I answered


"Star Screamer... he comes, not to kill you... but me... and a lot of innocent lives will be lost..."

"We have to stop him!"

"How? There is only one way to kill him..."

"I know, but we can at least repel him."

That was the best we could do. We rounded up heroes by the dozen, some villains even wanted to help.
We had to protect the city at any cost. Me and Drakkoniss waited at herospire and the rest departed.
Some were sent to Overlook, the main meeting place for any hero or villain, some were at mainstreet, the
main place of shopping, and where the police department is located. Others were at market street protecting the movie theater
and other stores. The rest were all over the town like Liberty, the park, fairgrounds, Corporal, and even those run down apartments.

"How do we know when Star is attacking?" I asked.

"If anyone knows anything about Star Screamer, It's that mob called the Reapers. He owns it."
Chapter 9: The end draws near part 2

"This is it..." Drakkoniss whispered.

"So what's the plan," I asked, "We sneak in and look for information or do we just storm the place?"

"I was thinking a more subtle approach..."

The mob was located near that run down part of town called Trader town, but not inside,
but hell, it was still terrible. There was a big volcano in the middle of the block, and off to the side, was the head building.
It was an old casino, it used to have flashy lights and amazing shapes but were replaced with dark purple ones with even darker shapes...
The bar had rat poison in it, and the lottery machines... they were replaced with deactivated nukes and covered in bear traps...
But that was only the first floor... they had patrols all over the place, if you show any emotion, or use powers, they'll shoot.

"I'm not sure about this..." I said.

"Don't worry," he said, "What could possibly go wrong?"

"Lot's of things..." I muttered under my breathe.

When we got to the head office there was a Green man in the desk.

"Star Screamer!" He shouted, "Uhhh, here's your order for your son!"

It was a white jacket with a white hood and many, many weapons...

"Don't worry, I'm not Star Screamer." I said.

"Then your his clone! He said he wanted the armor as a gift before he came and beat the living..."

"Who's this?" asked a woman.

"Nothing that concerns you boss!" the green man answered.

"Tell me, or I'll have my sweetie bake you in the oven then feed you to that Crocodile, got it Gregen?"

"It's Dread Screamer!" he said.

"And you let him in here? You ignorant little dope!" she screamed, "And look who's with him! Drakkoniss!"

"I'm sorry!" he said as he ran off.

"Hi there!" she said.

"Who are you" I asked.

"Name's Sonyatix, I'm very good friends with your daddy."

She was as pale skinned as Star, had red hair and was wearing some sort of weird outfit that had grenades that looked like Smashmas
ornaments and had a purple mask on and under her mask was a heart tattoo.

"What's wrong honey? Never seen a demon girl before?"

"Tell me everything you know about Star's invasion plan. We need whens, whys, wheres, whats and hows."

"Try again next week, I am too busy planning for Star's arrival tomorrow..."

"But that'll be too late!"

"Tough luck!" She laughed as she pulled out a gun.

"Now I would suggest scurrying along if you know what's good for ya'!"

Guards appeared at all sides of the room, most of them had powers so even if we could take her down the guards would
just take us down with her. We had no choice but to calmly leave the building.

We had too much to plan, Star was coming and all we got was when. We don't know where in the city but we have to be ready, I just hope it won't
be too late.
Chapter 10: The end draws near part 3

We should have seen it. Star didn't have to start in a certain location, he just took it all out at once.
A black dome encased Super city, all powers faded and in the center... Star Screamer...

"Awww come on now, Dread," he said, "You really want to play hide and seek?"

He blasted black magic at herospire and the whole thing just fell. So many heroes... lost.
He then went to skulldeep and blasted the supports and the thing collapsed and villains
ran to the teleporters.

"Stop!" I shouted at him from the entrance to skulldeep.

"There you are..." He blasted through the hole and grabbed me by the neck. "HA HA HA!"

"How... how do your powers work?" I asked.

"DUH! I am a demon! The only powers that don't work here are my regeneration powers!"

That gave me an idea. I then slowly raised my hand and shot my white magic in his face.

"ARGH!" he yelped as I slipped out of his hands and ran.

"Come on now don't run away!"

I ran to Drakkoniss who had been helping others get to safety.

"Dread, you're the only one who can stop him!" he shouted.

"You know, it's kinda boring when there's so much city to destroy, but only one of me so..."

Demons by the thousands came from down under and started chasing off civilians and smashers.

"Look at them all!" he shouted, "Makes you think..." he started, "Makes you think about how much evil in the world there is, Eh?"
he laughed, "I mean seriously! You save so many people, who end up being bad in their final moments!"

He was right, but I didn't care. He stood on top of overlook tower.

<I need to find a way up there without being seen...> I thought.

As Star blasted more and more people with darkness and more and more demons feasted on smashers, I scaled
the closest building I could see and jumped across them, hiding from Star. And then, I had the perfect spot.
I jumped, landing on his back and slashed him in the face a few times with my hidden blades. He wailed as I did so and dropped his
sword. Going in for a final strike his hand turned into some sort of emerald, and then, he whacked me in the face
sending me flying off of him. I laid there, as more and more innocent people died.

"I have seen this," he laughed, "You`re lucky that this is not where your final moments will be!"

Then, Drakkoniss came and punched him in the face.

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star screamer

Chapter 11: Interrogation

We were in the newly destroyed police department, now with the ability to hold Star’s magic!

But, I didn’t think we needed too, he seemed to just sit in the interrogation room and smile.

“Why do you want to kill me?” I asked.

“Kill you? No, no, no, no, you don’t understand, I just wanted your attention.”

“Well you sure as hell got it!”

“Hey, watch your language boy.”

“I am not your boy!”

“Ooh denial, I love this stage.”

I sighed trying to hold in my anger, “You killed millions of innocent people, just to get to me? What can you possibly hope to achieve?”

“I want to see the dark side of you. Don’t act like you’re a hero like Drakkoniss over there! Cause you’re not.”

I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him in the air. My skin turned pitch black and my eyes let out misty purple smoke.

“See? It wasn’t hard; all you got to do is have the right motivation!”

I slammed him against the glass and if it wasn’t reinforced, it would be smashed to pieces instead of being cracked.

“Ho ho ho, heh heh heh…” the psycho demon laughed as I tormented him more.

“Do you want to know why I’m not worried of dying? Cause I won’t.”

I slammed him back in the chair and began to walk away when he said: “Oh and by the way I have about 30 living doctors tied up in Main Street east and Drakkoniss tied up on Main Street west… Make your pick… HE HA HA HA!”

"How'd you get Drakkoniss?"

"Well, powers are still shut off, demons probably already got him."
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star screamer

Chapter 12: Rescue

I made the first mistake. I left Star in the interrogation chamber alone, no guards, no police, no smashers, nothing.
But it was for a good cause, Drakkoniss was a good hero.

I made it towards where he was. Overlook, hanging from a gargoyle, he was powerless. The rope that held him was this black
strange change, probably black magic. On another gargoyle on another building was something that I didn't expect. A cage
of doctors, there must have been about ten in there.

What could I have done? Save one person who can save lives? Or save ten
people that can save lives?

I noticed something... an explosive. It held the chain that had Drakkoniss, if I saved the doctors, Drakkoniss would be
killed without his powers... Another explosive held the cage of doctors.

In the distance, I saw my chance. A device that was creating the dome. I sprinted for it. Since I had magic instead of powers I could make it.
I sent a beam of white energy to destroy the machine. It did the trick, in a fiery explosion the dome disappeared and the heroes and villain overcame the demons
and Reapers. When Drakkoniss was free he flew to the other building and saved the doctors.

When Drakkoniss and I had arrived at the SCPD (Super city police department) Star was gone. In the back of the chamber was a massive hole, created by
one of the demons. We had to stop Star, and there was only one way.
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star screamer

Chapter 13: Siege on the Shadow Fort Part 1

I sneaked out of the Hero Spire barracks whilst everyone was asleep. I knew how to find Star, and I wasn't going to let
anymore people die for me. No more blood on my hands... no more...

I had arrived at Skulldeep I searched for Trivial, if anyone knew where Star was, he would.

"Excuse me... Trivial." I tapped on his shoulder.

"Yeah, what do you want... Oh god it's you I steal have the injury from last time, just don't hurt me!" he pleaded.

He was wearing a green suit and yellow tie. He held a golden can and his ginger hair was a mess. He had a scar which ran down
the right side of his face. He had a scruff of a beard which matched his hair, and of course had a black eye from when
we last met.

"I'm not here to hurt you Ned." I assured him, "I just want answers!"

"Answers about what?" He was playing dumb.

"Don't play stupid with me!" I smashed him into a pillar, "Where's Star hiding!"

"Where else?" he asked, "His Shadow fort in Hell, but you can't get to hell without dying, or else you'll have to find the only portal in the world!"

"Tell where can I find the portal!" I demanded.

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked, "Where the end began!"

I threw him to the ground. "Next time I find you... you're dead." I lied to him.

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star screamer

Chapter 14: Siege on the Shadow Fort Part 2

Thanks to Trivial I knew where to find Star... Where I was first created.

I arrived at the great door of Star's hideout where I found a note.
The note contained rather disappointing news...
"Sorry Dread! But the portals not here! Try Ingiru! If you can't find it...
Just look for the smoke..."

I looked over to the horizon and saw the smoke. I ran towards the smoke and saw the village...
but it was in terror... Star had been here... No doubt. Charred corpses and burned down buildings were everywhere.
I shouted to see if any one was alive.

"You... you should not have come back..." it was the same tribe member that helped me before, he looked fine, thankfully.

"Where's Star!?" I asked.

"Run! He'll kill you! He's still here!" he said.

"Lead me to Ingiru! We can get there before Star and stop him!"

It was to late... A purple beast that resembled a dragon grabbed the man and chucked him in a mountainside.


"Star!" I shouted, "I will stop you! I must!"

"WELL WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!" He sprinted in the direction of Ingiru.

I followed him but when he entered the ruins... It was like he became the shadows. Ingiru was a giant maze, filled with nothing but Yetis and bandits.
There were many gems, but I was not interested. I was almost tempted to take the duel pistols the bandits had but unfortunately, I had no time to pick them

I had finally arrived in the main chamber where a massive stone statue encrusted with rare gems and painted blue and yellow.
When I attempted to walk past him he walked in my path and spoke.

"I know who and what you seek, but know that it will only lead you to vain and peril. As my people once learned."

"Your people died from Star?"

"Yes. Star Screamer was a god who my people had worshiped, we were wrong. He had killed us all when we had prayed to him one night.
He had cursed me to guard his portal. I have no choice but to kill you. He turned me into this beast of stone. Leave now, or die."

"I'm sorry..." I said as I pulled out my due swords, "But thousands of more people will die if I don't stop him."

"Then you must kill me first."

"I'm sorry." I said to him in sorrow.

"Don't be you're doing me a favor." he said as he drew his swords. (no he didn't draw his swords)

I made the first move slashing at his face, strange enough, my blades cut through the stone with imaginable magic. Golden blood dripped from
the stone guardian's face.

"Ahh... it has been long since blood has dripped from my old face..."

"Those blades are legendary... Not meant for killing me, but something much stronger."

"Why would Star give me the tools to destroy him?"

"Perhaps he wants a fair fight. Now back to killing each other." he said swinging his arm, I made a split second move and jumped.
I then slashed at his armed and my blade went straight through. His arm was left on the ground dripping gold.

I slashed at all of his arms expecting the same result but I missed each time. He grabbed me with his third arm and tossed me making me almost fall of the edge of a
seemingly endless chasm. I got up and stabbed what seemed to be a good place to stab, instead of in going through him his chest basically exploded revealing
a golden orb.

"Ahh... you... you... are the son of Star Screamer, aren't you? They created you to destroy him..."

"I don't know what you are taking about, I'm just a clone."

"He wiped your memory and recreated you as another person... he should have known it wasn't going to work...
Maybe he did."

"So... then who am I?"

"You are a demon. Indeed the son of him, but he was not aware of your potential ability at the time."

"So... I knew we were different..."

"More than you think. You are a breed of a strange mix. An angel and demon. The angel was tricked of course.
Not a common thing in the supernatural world."

"That... that... it all makes sense now..."

"Indeed. Now finish what you came to do, what you are destined to do. Kill me now!"

"So long, and thanks." I said.

"You're welcome." I then plunged me sword in the orb.

When he died one of two doors opened, what was in the other door didn't concern me. I walked in side to find a portal.
The inside part was purple while the gate was black, I stepped inside the portal to Hell and found myself in front of a massive fortress.

AQW  Post #: 5
10/26/2012 18:12:10   
star screamer

Chapter 15: Enter the Madness

The sky was a bright purple, the trees were a strange red colour mixed with blue.

"You are Welcomed here... My son..."

"Where am I" I asked.

"You are the Pits of Azimoth, more specifically the Realm of madness... Welcome to the mind of the most demented people on Earth, mashed together!

Star Screamer then climbed out of the window but something was... off.
He wore a jesters outfit but also had black eyes... like mine.

Another walked out of the bushes. And another, and another until finally there were millions of Star Screamers surrounding me.
Then came several large beasts that resembled Cuddles... just way bigger.

On top of one was Star, wearing the same jester outfit as the others.

"Ha Ha Ha! You Have arrived at my "Shadow Fort!" but can you win this fight I wonder, let's find out!"

Several of the Star Screamer monsters charged.

I cut one's head off and as it turned to black ash something changed.
I was wearing a black and red suit with a matching cowl, and my swords glew

"Excellent!" Star laughed "I wonder how many more you'll have to end to embrace the full power of my madness?"

I slashed at a couple more as they exploded into black ash. Then some different changes happened, my mind became dark.
Even though they weren't really alive anymore I could't stand killing them, but I had to.

"Ha Ha Ha! I can feel your mind falling into my world!"

I burst through the front door to the fortress, I felt something drawing me to it, something powerful.

I proceeded running up the stairs as the millions of Star Screamer's corrupted beasts chased after me, not wasting time on them
I only killed the one's in front of me, if you could call it killing anyway.
When I got to the top there was a large dark purple orb on an alter.
I looked around, I was surrounded, the beasts got smart and climbed the fort and the giant monsters roared.

Star then hopped off his beast. "Come on, why won't you embrace my cure? My gift?"

"You call madness a gift? More like a curse! These servants, they are all people you gave your gift to aren't they?"

"What a smart little child, but you will be a god! A Lord of Lords!"

"I will never give my sanity up!"

"You act like you have a choice! The longer you are in this realm the more crazy you become! Along with all these dead psycho's you defeat!"

"Then I will destroy this realm, with me in it!" I screamed, I then lunged my sword into Star's belly and he let out
a laugh of pain.
I pulled my sword out and stabbed the orb and the world went white.

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10/26/2012 18:22:14   
star screamer

Chapter 16: Epilogue

I woke up in a white room. I stood out of bed and saw a man.

"Hello Duncan. Please sit."

"Who's Duncan?" I asked.

"My apologies it's you official name we had to write in the Inmate tab."

"Where am I?"

"You are in L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N maximum security prison for the criminally insane."

"I'm not crazy."

"I'm sorry, we also put mass criminals and people who know too much."

"Who are you?"

"I am Doctor Lucien Odd, and I am the master of Cerberus."

"Let me out of here!" I shouted at him.

"You know, you wouldn't exist if it weren't for me. With the help of my son I was able to create a shell for Star Screamer to take."

"You're mad!"

"Indeed, but so are you, sleeping in the middle of the street almost naked."

"When am I getting out of here?"

"When my son gets out."
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