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=HS= Power Balancing for PvP (updated Feb 9th)

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12/6/2011 14:41:43   
Moooooooooo - se

Hey guys! I'd like a spot for you to discuss your opinions and concerns with powers and strategies in regards to PVP! This thread is specifically targeted at the use of and effectiveness of any particular power in Hero Smash.

Wave 4 Balances:

Many abilities were altered to reduce lag until the combat engine can be optimized to allow for multiple effects within an effect efficiently.

Ice Barrage
-The haste component was removed from the effect. (Mostly to reduce lag but also to limit the amount of damage output from the ability without help from other abilities.)
-Now only applies ice weakness and the amount is increased to 30% from 20%. (because most builds using this ability didn't include other elemental attacks anyway so the added effects were only causing more lag)
-range set to melee (... to require players to do more than just spam the one button and allow for opponents lacking ...of Ice in their build to still be able to fight against this strong power.)

...of the physical
-...of the physical (free) has had it's damage reduction reduced to 90 which will allow 10% of physical damage to still effect the target. The energy regeneration effect has been removed.
-...of the physical (Smash Coin) has had it's damage reduction reduced to 90 which will allow for 10% of the physical damage to still effect the target. The energy regeneration effect has been halved.
-"absorbing physical" changed to "negating physical"

Pony charge
-Pony charge effect has been updated to reduce lag created by multiple resist effects. Cool-down has been increased to 30 seconds, up from 24 seconds. (Cool-down increased to encourage more strategic timing of this ability's use rather than hastened 'on cool-down' use.)

Pandora's Grace
-Pandora's Grace effect has been updated to reduce lag created by multiple resist effects.

Lightning Strike
-Energy costs have been reduced for all ranks by 20% to match energy cost per dps of other member and Smash Coin abilities.

Thunderous Rage
-Energy costs have been reduced for all ranks by 20% to match energy cost per dps of other member and Smash Coin abilities.

-Energy costs have been reduced for all ranks by 20% to match energy cost per dps of other member and Smash Coin abilities.

Dum Luck
-I'm Dum effect has been updated to reduce lag created by multiple critical strike effects.

-Yergenism effect has been updated to reduce lag created by multiple resist effects.

New Super Powers:

Sarin Grenade: Launch a sarin gas grenade at your victim devastating their nervous system reducing all their damage significantly for 10 seconds and dealing moderate poison damage. Requires 450k PvP Score.

Gore: A slashing attack meant to leave your opponent bleeding for 20 seconds or until he passes out. Requires 350k PvP Score.

Hail Storm: Turn the very air around your opponent into a deadly trap launching a fury of shredding ice. Deals heavy ice damage and leaves your opponent bleeding. Requires 350k PvP Score.

Surge: Power courses through your veins over charging your energy resistance and damage as well as healing you for a moderate amount. Requires 50k PvP Score.

Plasma Net: Launch a plasma charged net at your opponent causing energy damage over time and greatly reducing their chance to hit with all attacks for 6 seconds. Requires 125k PvP Score.

Fire Lash: A flaming whip of fire lashes our opponent dealing heavy fire damage and reducing your opponent's ice and mental haste. Requires 125k PvP Score.

Super Atomic Smash: A devastating super power once used to split the side of a mountain, requires a considerable amount of energy to use. Requires 200k PvP Score. (stronger than Atomic Smash)

Wave 3 Balances:

Damage over time effects are now properly affected by resistances.

Fashion Sense
-Beleenified: heal amount increased approximately 30% to match the scale of other legendary abilities.

-duration increased to 10 seconds from 6 seconds.

Gravity Warp
-duration increased to 10 seconds from 6 seconds.

-Tased effect increased to 10 seconds to effect what would have been 5 weapon swings, up from 2 swings.

Fiery Core
-rank 20 now correctly increases fire damage by 120% and tooltip updated to reflect the correct amount.

Toxic Burst
-rank 20 now works properly and it's tooltip and icon display properly .

New Super Powers:
-Require 50k or 75k score, more super powers to come!

...of Fire: absorbs fire damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of Ice: absorbs ice damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of Poison: absorbs poison damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of Radiation: absorbs radiation damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of Energy: absorbs energy damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of the Mind: absorbs mental damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of Shadows: absorbs shadow damage, and increases energy regeneration.
...of the Physical: absorbs physical damage, and increases energy regeneration.

Wave 2 Balances:

Reality Rend
-The Insanity Effect has been split into two separate effects: Insanity(dot) and Insane(mental resistance debuff)
-Insanity Dot now matches the energy cost to damage ratio of other dot effects.
-The New Insane effect has it's duration set to 8 seconds to reduce the time in which an opponent can be debuffed

Siphon Life
-damage and healing slightly increased to match energy cost per damage scale of most abilities

-Horrified (dot) increased to match energy cost per damage of most abilities

-Immolated (dot) increased to match energy cost per damage of most abilities

Fiery Core
-Tooltip updated to display the correct information for the level 20 version of the spell.

Minor Regeneration & Regeneration
-Regenerating effects now share the same duration and have had their healing increased to match the mana cost ratio of other healing effects.

-Venom (dot) increased to match energy cost per damage of most abilities

-Energy cost removed

Uncanny Focus
-Energy cost removed

New PvP Powers:

-Resist Shadow damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds. The only obvious solution to those eerie shadows of the night!

Lead Head
-Resist Mental damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds. Warning, may permanently thicken your skull.

-Resist Energy damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds. Being a lightning rod never felt so good!

Ice Guard
-Resist Ice damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds. You form an organic shield of blubber to protect from ice damage.

Fire Guard
-Resist Fire damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds... because of your fireproof undies.

Gas Mask
-Resist Radiation damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds. Never inhale radioactive fumes... or poisonous fumes... or any fumes for that matter!

-Resist Poison damage by 60% and moderately increase energy regeneration for 25 seconds. No matter the poison, you always seem to have an antidote handy.

Atomic Smash
-A devastating super power once used to split the side of a mountain, requires a considerable amount of energy to use.

-Rank1 -All Radiation damaged is increased by 70% for 10 seconds from your inhuman ability to mutate.
-Rank2 -Heal yourself for a moderate amount from your inhuman ability to mutate. All Radiation damaged is increased by 70% for 10 seconds.

-Inflicting a radiation sickness upon your foes you sap their energy and deal damage over 15 seconds.

Wave 1 Balances:

Shadow Embrace
-Shadow Haste reduced to 20 from 60.
-Duraton increased to 20 from 15.
-cooldown increased to 40 seconds from 30 seconds.

Vampire Bite
-duration increased to 10 seconds from 8 seconds. The damage and healing are the same but are split amoung 5 ticks instead of 4 ticks.

-Attack Power debuff reduced to 20% from 30%.

Phase Shift
-Physical Haste debuff reduced to 50% from 90%.
-Duration increased to 10 seconds from 8 seconds.

Death Touch
-Cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds.
-Range reduced to melee
-Death's Hand (DOT effect) has had it's damage reduced.

-Hit Chance debuff reduced to 25% from 50%.

Flaming Fury
-Now has an average damage component as well as it's buff and debuff effects.

Solar Ray
-Ice Attack Power Debuff increased to 60% from 30%.

-Shadow debuff added to the effect.

-Cooldown increased to 35 seconds from 15 seconds.

Warrior's Spirit
-Physical Attack Power Buff reduced to 20% from 30%.
-Physical Haste Buff reduced to 20% from 30%.

Elastic Kick
-Energy Cost slightly reduced

Elastic Fists
-Energy Cost Slightly reduced


< Message edited by Dumoose -- 2/9/2012 16:26:17 >
Post #: 1
12/6/2011 15:18:41   

Hmm not bad, Sad to know that my Darkness got Nerfed awell as Irradiate in PvP but at least people Like Tally and Doomus Stun's got Dramatically Nerfed :D Good job HS, now next is to Nerf Mental powers, Such as Reality Rend and Super Intellect two shotting is not fair at all, Don't ask "Oh they Can't Nerf SI because It's an SC Move" They can since they nerfed Irradiate and Phase Shift. Anyway once again, Good job HS, your making PvP a little more Balanced.

< Message edited by AwesomeRogue69 -- 12/6/2011 15:19:32 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
12/6/2011 15:18:58   

balancing powers for pvp is ok but,
-Cooldown increased to 35 seconds from 15 seconds.
is a 20 sec increase and it ruins the move.
but it not just for pvp u know.we do other things in herosmash,and in a boss fight or vs a emeny with high health a 20 sec cool down mess up the way,one use there power. i do get it may need a little balancing in pvp beaucse i have it and it a little stort yes but once again, it effect how i play the game not just pvp which is optional.

The 15 second cooldown for a 5 second stun leaves a 10 second window for a player to react on his own, in a perfect scenario, although no game is ever played perfectly. The new cooldown allows for a player to use the stun per situation to gain an advantage without a base 30% control over the opponent. The original cooldown was already very powerful in a pve environment and was already being reviewed. ~ Dumoose

< Message edited by Dumoose -- 12/6/2011 16:24:18 >
Post #: 3
12/6/2011 15:26:18   

@Japanmonte I believe Stupefacio's Nerf is fair since originally The 15 sec cool-down was abused by using The "Infinite Stun" Set, which consist of Bash and Stupe, plus 3 other haste booster, making you a sitting Duck for the entire match. Also please note The Originally, Bash, a SC power mind you, paled in comparison with Stupe since of the 15 Sec cool-down difference plus It's Stun was a second longer, and that Stupe has a 100% hit chance, while bash has a Normal one.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
12/6/2011 15:33:41   

Great Stupefacio and Warrior's Spirit are useless now. Thanks Dumoose. -.-"

Warrior's Spirit already has a built in energy regeneration that rivals the Uncanny Focus ability. Considering that only five powers can be chosen, using Warrior's Spirit instead of another energy regeneration power not only gives the player a solid source of energy, they get a boost to their physical stats. The buff allows for a wide range of power combinations considering physical haste effects all physical powers, including most heals, as well as your auto attack speed. ~Dumoose

Whoops! Sorry for that I tought that you lowered the buff % not regeneration %.

The energy regeneration effect on Warrior's Spirit was not changed ~Dumoose

< Message edited by Dumoose -- 12/7/2011 11:57:48 >


AQW  Post #: 5
12/6/2011 15:52:01   

i understand what you are saying but, as citirinas(the comment after you) who agree with me, they are useless.as both superfacio and warrior spirit were good moves now they can not be used.it not balancing them it make move that everyone hates because they did not get them useless.and the "Infinite Stun" Set you speak about was not use by everyone. it ok for some pvp balancing but as u said it for a match when i'm saying is pvp is a optional thing in herosmash.And changing move we use for fighting in the game is not balancing the game it remove moves from the game. which does nothing but make anger people in the balancing thing happy. You don't see aqw going balancing class that are rare(superfacio is a harry potter move that rare and warrior sprit was going to be rare idk if it is,as nothing from death area that they said would go rare really hen rare.) and making them useless cause some kids on the message board said he think it cheap.YOu get what i mean
Post #: 6
12/6/2011 16:10:41   

I hope the changes to most of these are only applied in PvP, as it would make solo-ing much harder normally. And seeing as PvP (at this point) is optional it wouldn't really be fair to those who do not like PvP.

The main problem that I've heard is that there Is no way to resist attacks of certain types, my suggestion would be a "enhancement" system that focuses less on stats and more on bonus abilities. (such as a armor giving a stun resistance, weapons making your auto-attack a certain element, etc.) However I have not played PvP so I really don't know how well this idea would work out, or how hard it would be to code.

That's all I have to say about this, good luck finding a agreeable balance.

As awesome as it is that you have found ways to solo bosses, that event was never intended. Please do not post in regards to a nerf effecting your ability to solo any particular boss because the ability to do so is actually considered a broken aspect of the game. As for your question, all changes effect all combat encounters be it PvP or PvE. We do realize that certain element types cannot be resisted effectively and the new powers (to be implemented Friday) will address this issue. ~Dumoose

< Message edited by Dumoose -- 12/7/2011 12:11:02 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
12/6/2011 16:39:24   

Aww man the only skill i have is warriors spirit and now its 20% worse :(
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
12/6/2011 17:27:25   

AQW Epic  Post #: 9
12/6/2011 17:29:31   


Hugs and kisses,

~ Antithesis <3
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
12/6/2011 17:34:29   

Oh, I think we'll just have to see about that, Anti... I like this realease. Very nice choices on the buffs and debuffs, for the most part.
DF  Post #: 11
12/6/2011 17:42:26   

no they are applied to every day fighting. And agree soloing is a lot more harder not with some off the balancing
Post #: 12
12/6/2011 17:42:54   

I'd agree to a nerf on stupefacio, but 15 to 35 sec. cooldown on a move that's rare doesn't seem right. It all just seems like too much.

I guess I'll be alright, though =P

Also, Warrior Spirit was perfectly fine the way it was. And to get rid of the "infinite stun" build, they only needed to add 5 seconds to stupefacio's cooldown.
There were always ways to get around those things before.

Edit: I also agree with RonaldInsanity about Shadow Embrace. I don't think it's something that's taken advantage of.

< Message edited by Tally -- 12/6/2011 21:56:10 >
DF MQ  Post #: 13
12/6/2011 17:55:32   

Tally, they also nerfed Shadow Embrace :\ We will discuss your set next time I am online.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
12/6/2011 18:02:18   

Hey Dumoose! Just asking, but I think this seems pretty fair about making powers equal, but I have a suggestion: For PVP is it possible for Artix Entertainment to create NEW powers for pvp or use suggested powers from the 30 days suggestion thingy. I think it'd be cool to show off new powers and powers other players have created. that would be insanely awesome!

< Message edited by Alvarez0430 -- 12/6/2011 21:05:00 >
Post #: 15
12/6/2011 18:05:09   

I really wish they could code it so that these nerfs only applied to PvP.

Because that Stupefacio nerf just kills most of my soloing builds....
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 16
12/6/2011 18:52:55   


Hm...I think the staff made a great choice concerning the skills they rebalanced, for the most part anyways.

Although I'm glad that they nerfed stupefacio, as the 'infinite stun' build was the only build I couldn't properly defend
myself against, I think they might have gone a bit overboard with the cooldown.

35 seconds. In PvP, that is a lot of time.
I think that a 25-30 second cooldown would've been more agreeable than 35.
Although I don't use stuns, so that won't quite affect me as it might stun users...

Still, I worry for them because I like to be fair, and the large cooldown might've ruined their entire build.
But whatever, it's the staff's choice what gets rebalanced and what doesn't.

I had already found a way to gain an advantage over people using Death Touch, so the rebalance wasn't really
necessary for me. Still, good job, I suppose.

Warrior's Spirit, on the other hand...well, wow. I think the skill was fine as it was and didn't really need to be rebalanced.
Of course, like Dumoose said in someone's post, it's still a very good move when you consider how it improves energy
regenaration as well, but I didn't really see a need for it to change.

Of course, if a level 20 version of it comes out then maybe my opinion on its rebalance might change...
but that's the staff's choice. Still, I think there's a good chance for this to happen since they bothered to
change it in the first place, and are going to be releasing new powers, either way. ;P

I am also very excited for the new powers coming out. New powers = new possiblities for builds...
I also hope that the staff will add a 'change auto attack's element' option soon...
I hope that the new give those people who want elemental builds more options... *looks at Zanathos*
Some elements, such as ice, energy, etc. haven't been given as much attention as some people might like. Lol. xD

Some elements, such as nature/earth, haven't even been added in-game yet(as far as I know), and I'd liken to see that
changed soon...I'd also like to see explosion powers. That would certainly accomodating to me.

Anywho, I'd just like to end this post now by saying:
AQ  Post #: 17
12/6/2011 18:56:29   

Oh wow they really shouldn't be change the powers weren't that good to being with now might as well trash em.You know what should happen if you buy a smashcoin power i think it should be strong and decent cause it's a form of cash.Just saying ._.

< Message edited by kingpriestthe4 -- 12/6/2011 18:57:38 >
Post #: 18
12/6/2011 19:26:29   

I support all except the Shadow Embrace nerf...

Why can haste not be halfed, instead of a bit over-nerfed? 2/3 reduction is a tad overkill, honestly
Of the powers, I think this one was nerfed of its one of two purposes: Haste is dead, at the compensation of 5 seconds protection from Death Touch...And the extra 10 seconds will KILL you with the potential cooldown time(s) of other powers.

So I ask you...Why did you kill a power that is rarely used for pvp? It was only meant for Shadow Protection and Haste in mainly soloing runs.

And out of selfishness...Thank you for killing my Un-Death soloing runs...

< Message edited by RonaldInsanity -- 12/6/2011 21:42:55 >
Post #: 19
12/6/2011 19:29:43   
Blademaster Valu

Nice, the only issue I have is the stupefacio, I own that skill myself but don't you think that's too UNDERPOWERED maybe 20-30 seconds

< Message edited by Blademaster Valu -- 3/25/2012 20:52:34 >
MQ AQW  Post #: 20
12/6/2011 21:03:25   

im rather displeased you nerf such an esstile skill like war spirt....im a bit unhappywith with vamp bite being nerfed but i can work around it...after all i am the top5 mem pvpers

and im still wanting super intel and realitey rend nerfed just a bit....they are the strongest type buffers in game by a land slide

< Message edited by linklink0091 -- 12/6/2011 21:05:12 >
AQW  Post #: 21
12/6/2011 21:05:40   

Nice. I like the changes, I'll have to find a replacement for death touch but hey, its only fair. It was overpowered like stupefacio (really made you a sitting duck for half the match). But I'm not sure I support the smash coin item debuffs. Unless you bribe me with more awesome powers...
Post #: 22
12/6/2011 21:39:11   

Link, that is only because they can beat your abilities. I've seen plenty of other moves that are as, if not more, effective than Super Intellect. And it is an SC Power at level 20, anyways...

Reality Rend, as well, should not be nerfed largely for the reason it misses frequently, rendering it completely useless against dodge-builds. No pun intended.

Don't hate a power just because a combination makes it something other than crappy.


EDIT: It's just my opinion, though. We'll see what Dumoose thinks when I dominate him in PvP. >:D

< Message edited by Antithesis -- 12/6/2011 21:40:10 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
12/6/2011 21:53:46   

im not saying like cut thier heads off when they nerf those powers...like right now super intel increases damge by 100% and crit rate by 50%...it should be at least 20% less..and no i like to lose thank you anti...iv won soo much its nice to lose in a fair game with skills that arnt mainstream....and again anti its not really fair for ANY player who cant live through the first 2 attacks even if your stuned

think about the newbs
AQW  Post #: 24
12/6/2011 21:56:57   
Chatue San

Well, I'm fine with these changes as long as their only implemented within PvP. Otherwise Stupefacio is ruined and Warrior Spirit is sadly nerfed to the point of barely-worth-it-ness. I have cast my vote, and good luck in PvP everyone. C:
~Chatue San
AQW  Post #: 25
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