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RE: =HS= Power Balancing for PvP (updated Feb 9th)

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1/14/2012 18:26:14   

The new changes would be fine, if there was a limit on legendary powers per build. People still equip powers like Torreado, Pony Charge, Fashion Sense and Pandora's Grace into 1 build. It's overpowered compared to builds of people who choose not to use multiple legendary powers. In 1vs1, it's almost impossible to be able to beat a set like that, especially if they spawn first.
DF MQ  Post #: 126
1/16/2012 15:11:00   

The only legendary power that should be dubuffed is that ice barrage. It cause so much lag to a match and barely gives other players a chance to even do anything.
Post #: 127
1/16/2012 23:18:58   
Sir Night

So it seems that Pony Charge, already one of the most overpowered legendary powers in the game, has been buffed even more to protect from DoTs. Fascinating.

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Post #: 128
1/16/2012 23:34:17   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

This is why I generally avoid Battle Royale, 3vs3 team battles and 1vs1. I don't stand a chance against a full Legendary Powers build without spamming heal moves so the 3vs3 is out since healing lowers team score. Healing doesn't give me the power to match the healing outputs of those builds so no 1vs1 either. Royale isn't that bad but I generally have to tag team someone else to get kills and once again lack the power to get kills for winning. That leaves Power Defense where if you can kill the other guys on the Power Node fast enough your team will get more points than them. I don't need to outdamage them, just last long enough for them to die with help of my teammates while still gaining points needed to win by still standing on the Node. There really only is one good way to play and that is spam Legendary Powers. If you're not lvl 20 or have the medals for them then too bad. You get nothing. Sadly that seems to be the accepted rule of HS PvP and not likely to change any time soon.

Edit: The only reason I really touch PvP is because PvP tokens give such an easy way to get good rep points. Get 2 heals and 2 Heal over Time skills plus an energy regen and you'll be getting a Medal each time you do Battle Royale or Power Defense(not too sure about the PvP Token formula but getting medals seem to increase Tokens earned).

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 129
1/16/2012 23:59:49   
Sir Night

Now that I think about it, if the staff reads these threads they probably see me talking about limiting legendary powers and think that I'm some noob who is only whining because I can't win. I should probably clarify that I'm not really complaining for myself. I have almost all of the legendary powers, including Pony Charge, and I'm even on the list of top ten PvPers. But I do usually try to play fair and limit myself to maybe 1 or 2 legendary powers at a time, and I hate to see someone come in and take a cheap win with some invincibility build.

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Post #: 130
1/17/2012 4:37:03   

long time no see guys (doomus)
Can u give me stuff that i missed out such as the led powers, and have i missed out any op builds so i can stay away with em
DF  Post #: 131
1/17/2012 15:25:49   

I'm just amazed how powerful ice barrage is when you have the right build for it, one guy I saw easily killed an entire team on his own, using ice barrage with the right skills it could rival someone who uses mental powers with super intellect, and I noticed the most common setup those people who use ice barrage though I won't expose it would be mean to them.

This probably makes getting tokens or medals even more difficult .

EDIT: I've made a theory that could work against these people who use ice barrage, using ice guard and ...of ice would heal you, and after they nearly wear off use the darkness to lower their hit chance of successfully landing a ice barrage, then possibly add gravity warp to slow them down and increase the cool down rate in order to use ice guard and ...of ice again then repeat.

I haven't tested this because i don't have enough tokens and no bag space left to see if this actually works or not.

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Post #: 132
1/17/2012 21:20:54   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

@arch I just spam Episkea, Minor Regen, Mol. Recon, and Vampire Bite with Warrior Spirit so I can at least avoid dying within 2 seconds of fighting some lvl 20s. The only way I can manage to live long enough to be any good for Power Defense yet sadly the heal spam build is frowned upon by some players. :/
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 133
1/18/2012 20:18:34   

ok one iv gone a weeks time cuase of my new job...and i come back and i hear of many ppl usen ice barage...wth is with that..you need 35 or 20 vet defenders...sooo i know thiers not a lot of ppl when i last played...two im not impressed with those new super power skills so far....sounds like buffed powers of things like lead head or flashlight...

:edit: soo i looked at the new super powers....they are pony's that last longer and can be easyly looped to last for ever...the mana heal is kinda cool as the ticks for them seem to be faster then say like war spirt, i feel if it can be that easy to loop it...the mana cost should be higher....if it is going to be changed so it cant be as easy to loop it slightly raise the mana to 50-60 and the cooldown to around 30-50 secs

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AQW  Post #: 134
1/19/2012 3:44:58   

combine the physical defence skill from the super power shop with some hots like vamp bite and the minor reconstruction=pwnage
DF  Post #: 135
1/19/2012 15:39:21   

i know im bringing backa dead topic...but they should really limit L.powers as they hinder creativty and you will see a lot of the same thing...iv gotten past my phase with usen 3 or more L.powers and just now down to two

one for attack and one for mana heal :l
AQW  Post #: 136
1/19/2012 15:57:43   

2-3 powers would be fine.


AQW  Post #: 137
1/19/2012 17:05:47   

3 is to much, 2 is almost pushing it (depends on the two L.powers you use) 1 is uber fair
AQW  Post #: 138
1/20/2012 5:38:15   

1 isn't ok. Really atleast 2.


AQW  Post #: 139
1/21/2012 3:22:25   

soo i noticed eye boil got a slight Dot buff like no more then 5-10 Dot more then it had last time which was 40-55 if i do recall

and with the fieryi core buffing all fire damge at 120% includeing fire DoTs....i did some math it came to 121 to 150 or so...but when i combie the two powers in game...i come up with 180-230 DoT....either my math is wrong or the codeing is messed up on that
AQW  Post #: 140
1/21/2012 9:44:22   

Can someone pls tell me how to get legendary powers
Post #: 141
1/21/2012 10:14:16   

Hey, Link, do you know exactly how many ticks Chudling Rash's energy DoT and normal ones are? Personally, I think someone should set up a record, and have the ammount of hits every DoT is good for somewhere. The wiki doesn't do it, and things like that are not known commonly, so you'd have to actually buy the power first to find out, which could be a waste of money in some cases, because you are already using a DoT that does less dmg per tick, but does more of them, and more total damage overall because of it, for example. Things like these are important for making the perfect build.

Also, what cooldown does the Shadow Slice attack thing have?

I disagree, Croc. I say if there is a limit in place eventually, it should be two legendary powers at once. It would be better if certain combinations were banned, though, as apposed to a limit altogether. That way someone could use Eye Boil and Fashion Sense, for example, without being able to use Toreado, Fashion Sense, Pony Charge, Pandora's Grace, and Warrior Spirit in combination. Banning certain combos would make the players more happy than limiting the versetility of builds by making only 1 or 2 of them usable at once, and is still codeable, too. I mean, the list would need to be fair, and not ban combos just for being good at all (rather than nerfing some powers to make supremely cheap combos impossible, but leaving the powers useful overall), and it would need to be somewhat constantly updated when there is a new combination that makes you invincible discovered, but still... And possibly only effecting PvP, too. That would be more difficult to code, judging on what I think I know of the engine, but still theoretically possible. There would most likely be glitches when that is first implemented, but meh.

Oh, so true, Mallet. Healing sadly is frowned upon, and even I who have been staying out of PvP lately noticed the horrible rise of people spamming/having 3+ legendary powers in their build. Made Power Defence annoying to grind then, and I guess it is worse now, let alone Battle Royale, which I still have yet to be able to get one more Soldier of Fortune on... I want Chudling Rash. T_T (lol)

I'm actually level 20 with quite a few legendary powers myself, though I refuse to use Pony Rush both because of howw cheap it is, and because I dislike using powers stated to be magical, yet I see the problem. I, for one do not look from some high throne, down upon those below me who have yet to attain the status of "Major Legenday Power Owner", but look at this event with sadness in my heart, knowing the irritation and pain such things have caused so many. Oh, what a world that the common man is unable to put up a fight against the titans that confound them, struggling up a slick incline, trying for all their worth to attain dominance, but miserably outclassed all the same. What great pity; What great sadness there is. Woe unto they who revel in the bloodshed that do not feel the pity of others, for yea, soon, and end should come, and great shall be the day it cometh!

To be fair, it very well said on the description that they were "better than the earlier powers", which I infer to mean the PvP powers that we had before, Link, so yes, they literally are buffed up versions of those powers.

Also, I am somewhat perplexed at the rise of Ice Barrage, as well... I only have like 6 Defender Veteran medals, and those things take a long time to get... You could get ALL the other (not vet) legendary powers in the time it takes to get 15 of those...

I agree, Link. 2 would be best if you were to do that, for morale, at least. It would leave some cheap combos, but with an increase of Pony Charge's cooldown time, at least it will be better than it is now.


To be fair, Fire as an element needed a serious buff.
DF  Post #: 142
1/21/2012 11:59:23   
Sir Night

Thats actually a bug with DoTs and power ups. I reported it in the bug section, but I do doubt how closely the staff are watching these things anymore.

Banning certain combos would probably be fair, but I doubt that it would ever happen because the very idea of herosmash is that you can put together any combination of powers that you want.
Post #: 143
1/21/2012 18:50:24   

at sir knight i figered it was a problem with the codeing as i previsly stated as i can do 400-600 DoT

ticks for any DoT wither it mana or damge over time DoT happens every 2 secs and you cna easly detirmen how many ticks from how long the effect lasts

chudlings effect lasts 10 secs...soo five ticks for each DoT and mana DoT

shadow slice cooldonw is 15 secs alowing for easy looping of its effects

as for limited the L.powers..2 is kinda pushing it as you can easly make a OP set with just 2, pony isnt cheap as it only lasts 4 secs just feels longer .-.

i personly like to only use 1 L.power...and ice barage is only gaining populaterty as it apears to be the only skills ppl like me use cuase its cooldown is 2 secs and has some nasty effects ...sadly kinda prone to missing as well
AQW  Post #: 144
1/21/2012 20:40:10   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Something need to be done about stuns. In 1vs1 they are fine, but in battles with teams, you will have multiple people focusing full damage on you with no retaliation or healing from you. This is even harder to avoid when one of the other guys is spamming Legendary Skills to take you from full hp to nothing before the stun ends.

Edit: And shorten the ranges of every Legendary Power. It's hard to fight Power Defense when you're being bombarded with Legendary Powers by someone you can't see at all.

< Message edited by The ND Mallet Guy -- 1/21/2012 21:13:09 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 145
1/21/2012 22:37:21   

mallet guy...stuns was already nerfed a month ago...

@dumoose uncanny is stil lat lv 15...why isnt thier a lv 20 version
AQW  Post #: 146
1/23/2012 7:06:21   

Now I don't think that they should limit how many legendary powers you can use in your build. It's just that you have to do a lot to get a power. And there's always a way to overcome legendary powers. Even that 3 legendary power heals build.
AQW  Post #: 147
1/23/2012 14:06:33   

a bit to late, iv already talked with some of the testers and had a group who felted the same way i did, we got them to start working on limiting them as well as nerfing a few of them as well...i also know of a few new super power that will be comen out soon as well

< Message edited by linklink0091 -- 1/23/2012 14:12:44 >
AQW  Post #: 148
1/23/2012 14:43:53   

No, 3 is too much. I use max of 1, and I have no problem with it. People are getting too dependant on them, and just getting as many as they can in their builds. They shouldn't BE the build, they should just be a trump card that makes them unique.
DF MQ  Post #: 149
1/23/2012 15:22:13   

My question would be who doesn't let you to get all 5 in your build? If it lazyness, not our problem. Some people are clearly jelous. I'm kinda tired of this. They release good stuff then nerf it, release something good again and nerf it again.


AQW  Post #: 150
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